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Summary: After breaking out of prison Harry Potter is on the run and getting places fast. Soon enough he finds an island that gives him just what he needs to keep surviving, the speed and strength of a vampire.

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Chapter One: Escape and Islands

Betrayal was something that Harry James Potter was knowledgeable about. He never expected it to happen to his however, and it hurt more than he could have even imagined it would. First he tried to figure out what he had done wrong that made them go against him, After all it had to be his fault right? Then the more he thought about it the more angry he got, I helped them, I destroyed their enemy and they did this to me, why?

You see Harry had basically been a soldier ever since he was in his first year of schooling at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. He hadn't known it at the time of course, he was too stupid. That has changed now and thinking back on it, the manipulation, the headmaster had not only set him up to become friends with Ronald Weasley but also made it so that he would become his tool to protect the immortality stone that was being kept at Hogwarts. In the end he even went against the man that murdered his parents to actually save the stone.

This manipulation grew throughout the years, into second year where Harry saved a young red head that had a crush on him that went by the name of Ginny Weasly. He did this by figuring out the mystery of the Slytherin heir only to find that once again it was Voldemort behind it. The dark lord was a memory that was preserved inside a dairy at the time, and the man had told his huge fifty feet long snake to kill him, only for Harry to kill it and Tom Riddle later.

Third year was by far the best year for the young soldier because he gained a godfather something that ruined some of Dumbledore's plans for him. He found out that this man Sirius Black was framed for having a part in his parents' murder only to later find out from the man himself that it was Peter Pettigrew. Harry had been all too happy that he finally had someone to get him away from his horrid relatives them reality set in, Sirius was an escaped convict he would be chased around the world by those trying to catch him. This was manipulated by Dumbledore who had known about the secret keeper change but sent Sirius to jail anyway. Know that his plans were back on track he didn't have to worry about his little pawn getting any ideas.

Harry's fourth year was one of the worst by far as everything else went. That was the year he was forced to play a part in the Triwizard Tournament that would bring Voldemort back to life. The tournament was dangerous for anyone to take part in and yet he, someone not even of age, was forced to take part. He then faced gruelling challenges and learned so much magic just to allow him to survive, he trained almost day in and day out for the chance on survival and that was what Dumbledore wanted when he made Harry join the tournament, Harry to be forced to learn more and grow stronger without him the headmaster actually having to step in, it worked. In the last challenge of the tournament however he was portkeyed off to a graveyard and a boy his own age was called a spare and killed in front of him. Soon enough he watched as Volemort came back was forced t duel with him, he barely got away with his life.

Nothing good came from fifth year either, as Sirius Black could tell you from beyond the grave. Everyone had turned against Harry believing him insane, no way Voldemort was alive they said, they soon found themselves proved wrong. Harry however was actually going just a bit crazy from having Voldemort in his head, to being rejected by the majority of people that knew him. He once again started to study the defense arts trying to get away from it all. Something pulled him back from burying himself in learning like Dumbledore planned and that was Hermoine Granger. She pulled him out of the funk he was in and got him to train a bunch of other kids in DADA and they even gave themselves the name of Dumbledores Arny. Soon enough however Voldemort learned more about the link that Harry had with him and used it to his advantage, sending him a vision of his godfather getting tortured, harry rushed to help. Dumbledore used this as a chance to get rid of the only fault he found in his plans Sirius. With Sirius dead harry lashed out but still remained loyal to Dumbledore after all he was a old man and made mistakes right?

There was no sixth or seventh year for harry potter as he was pulled into training in well everything. All of his school work was accelerated and he learned all that the school would teach him in just a few months then more so. Muggle fighting was taught, strategy was taught, hell they taught him languages. Anything and everything that may make the tool better, and Harry was still to idiot to it all believing that Dumbledore had his best interests at heart. Soon enough he was put out there to fight, to kill. That's what he did too, and it worked perfectly because as a light side figure he was what kept people going and fighting. All too much because when Harry finished the war he learned what pain meant.

Losing his godfather was heartbreaking and yet once the war was over he had once again been outed by society and the only ones to believe he hadn't gone dark were the DA, mostly Hermoine Granger, that didn't last long however because Dumbledore couldn't allow all his plans to be for not. So Hermoine was killed right in front of Harry as a sign of what would happen to those who followed him. His other supporters went underground and Harry eventually turned himself into the headmaster allowing himself to be put into prison, because he couldn't let anyone else die for him.

So harry was betrayed hurt, there was no end to his sorrow, the people he trusted turned against him and all the people who haven't were now dead. With this is mind he decided that he didn't want to stay in this place where all he did was remember it because of the Demontors he would escape and did.

He had secretly followed in his fathers and godfathers footsteps and become someone who could change into an animal, and no one knew so it would be easy for him to just break out of this hellish place. Quickly he turned into a snake and slipped through the bars, because of the snake that he was tough it was going to be easier on him than it was his godfather to get off the island prison because he was a water snake slipping into the water he tried to decide where to go, then he remembered a place that his godfather had told him off once. It was a island that held magical kind, including a Gringots back and a perfect place for the running wizard because they do not care about what the people there had done before they came there only that they didn't cause any problems once they were there.

It took a day to get there though and he was so tired when he got there that he fell asleep right on the shore of the island luckily someone was nice enough to pick him up. Looking around he moment that he woke up he took notice that someone that found him had just brought him up to safety started him a fire before he or she left, that was nice of them.

Deciding to go to the center were the bank was he ignored the looks that he was getting and quickly went to the bank that was in the middle of the town. Quickly going to one of the tellers he said, "I wish to have my identity confirmed and then transfer my old vaults to a new name before starting any other business."

The goblin came up to his waist but was Harry's height because of the chair that he was sitting in. They all had pointy ears and sharp looking teeth. This one was wearing a Muggle looking suit and had an almost full head of hair. Other than that the only thing that set him apart was his unusual looking skin that had a leathery feel to it but was pale. Well unusual for a human maybe but observing at the other goblins it seemed to be a trait of the race. He used a curt tone that could almost be taken as disrespectful however Harry knew differently. The goblins value money yes but they value time a lot more and speaking fast and clearly was the best way to show them that you respect their time. The answer tat he got back was a sneer but a polite sneer ant the answer, "Of course please come this way."

Quickly enough his identity was conferred and he got right to business, he knew exactly what his vaults held, potter's were heirs of many famous families and they had a lot of money congregated about a billion in U.S dollars. Not only that but he also got all of the money from the families he defeated named all the pureblood families that followed Volemort. So he was rich and quickly enough he had transferred all of his vaults to a new name Harrison Evens Simpson. With that his new name came to be. He quickly thanked the goblins for their quick work and went shopping, not to mention he would need a place to live, even if temporary.

This time when he got outside he took greater notice of the shops and the people around him. The streets were lively and there were kids playing around everywhere. There were broom sticks up in the air but soothing else surprised him about what the kids were playing, Muggle sports. Looking closer at the people around him he took notice that they were, well magical, seemingly using a lot of Muggle products including attire, games, and technology. The feel of the place was happy, comparable to Daigon Alley before the war with Voldemort had started. He felt sad at the thought and quickly got rid of it for the time being, now was not the time for mourning he could do that once he was settled.

First thing was first though and that was getting something vaguely good looking to wear, despite everyone being friendly he could tell that they were still giving him weird looks because of his prison garb. Looking at a close by the Muggle garments shop he grinned and thought, I always preferred Muggle accessories over robes anyway.

Walking into the shop it was apparent that they were up to date in all the Muggle fashions. The shop itself was lined with many clothing racks and in the middle were circular turning racks. First thing was first though find a good looking woman to help you find his new attire, because despite the fact most men know that shopping with a woman was the worst thing you could do, Harry actually liked shopping and never minded shopping with a woman, not to mention they always knew best what looked good.

Looking toward the register he walked up to a blond teenager who looked about a year older than himself, He could tell by the lack of frown lines on her skin. She had blue eyes that had a hue of green and a body that would make many men crazy. Her youthful face shows exactly what she thought when it came to his outfit The girl was obviously very conscience of what people should wear and by the way she was looking at this stripped clothing, she would do anything, even help him shop just to get rid of the thing in here sight.

Harrison once finished stripping up to her asked, "Hi, my name is Harrison Simpson and I was wondering would you mind helping me choose a whole new wardrobe because as you can most likely tell I need it desperately." He finished pointing to himself.

The woman snorted in disgust at the clothing but said, "Of course Hun, we can find some things that would look great on you I'm sure once you get rid of that thing that you are wearing at the moment." The woman smirked a bit at him, obviously joking around a bit and showing she meant no offense by her words.

The raven haired teen chuckled and nodded simply knowing it was true and watched as the woman got out from behind the cash register and started leading him around and making him try on different clothing to see what looked better on him. The outfits were all name brand, he noticed as he tried on different types ranging from jeans to leathers, and cotton to silk. In the end he had over twenty different matching clothing and other things that he liked that went along with the other clothing. Walking out of the store he never felt better. He thanked the woman for all her help profusely, he didn't know what he would have done without her.

Looking around for the next stop he would make he noticed that the other people that were staring at his weird clothing before we're once again staring but for an entirely different reason this time. He was wearing black combat boots, black skinny jeans, and an emerald green silk shirt. He could tell that the looks were different because in a few he saw lust, he snorted a bit.

Next thing he needed to do was to go to a potion and a book store because despite the fact he wasn't a big reader he needed all the advantage he could get before the wizards noticed that he went missing from jail and that meant he would be in need to nutrition potions to get him back to full health.

Walking into the store however something grabbed his attention a book that was on the far wall lined up with others that read ritual. However the moment he laid eyes on it he noticed that it was written in the snake language and he could read every word. It was a weird feeling, nothing like when talking in the snake language that always felt natural, when looking at the writing it was weird that he could see the scribbles turn into legible English. Somehow he knew that his book was the one that he would need ignoring the others around he walked up and grabbed the book before looking around grabbing the potions he needed and quickly paid and left. He needed a place to sleep and stay for a while well he read the book and exercised so that he could get into top shape again.

Walking outside he immediately started looking for a hotel. Noticing on he walked in. The place was simple and done mostly in white and brown, having a almost homey feel to it. The receptionist was in the middle of the room and he quickly walked up and waited for the man to give the typical how may I help you before he got down to business.

Speaking quickly he said, "Yes I would like a room for about a month and possibly longer." The receptionist who looked to be about middle aged and had a slight gray coloring in his hair said in a calm tone, "But of course I will have someone lead the way and the payment in half now and half when you leave, have a nice stay and don't hesitate to let us know if anything is wrong or if we can help you with anything."

Nodding In agreement he quickly spotted the young man that would be leading him to his room, he didn't speak on the way there as he was too caught up in his plans. He decided that he would settle down somewhere in America after he was ready to leave this place. Hopefully somewhere with little to no excitement and he could get some down time. Before he knew it the young usher had him at the door to his room, he nodded politely and gave the man a tip for his troubles.

Walking into the room he noted the warm colors and comfortable looking furniture that was there. A comfort that he had not had it a long time. The floor of his prison wasn't exactly the best place to sleep after all. Before anything else though he knew it was in his best interests to eat something, after all you aren't giving the best food in prison and he hadn't eaten in days. Going into the small fridge that was in the room he choose a ham sandwich and some milk and sat down to the best meal he had in ages.

After that was done and over with he really did want to get started on that book that he bought. Going over the the bed he took out the book and laid down, then he started reading. The subject matter was interesting of course, rituals usually were however there wasn't anything in there that would help him all that much or so he thought until he saw an interesting little thing that would do just what he needed.

Vampirism Ritual

Allows the user the senses, speed, and strength of a vampire without the immortality or the need to drink blood. The main reason why this ritual isn't used and this is the only book that it is in would be because whoever uses this ritual will lose their magical power, and only some people would gain a gift in return. In and of itself it's easy to use all you need is a little bit of the vampire venom and inject it into yourself,once you say the following…

Effectus veneni purificare corpus meum mihi quod volo facere

This means, Purify my body of the poison and make its effects on me what I want.

After you have done this the effects will become gradually over the next week. Remember though that you will no longer have magic, only possibly gain a gift. My warning to you is only to use this if you are completely certain that this is what you want.

Harrison blinked down at the book for a moment before he began thinking over what he had just read. The speed to run away from the people following him. The strength to defend himself if necessary, and the sense to know when they arrived. All of it was exactly what he needed however there was that little thing about losing his magic but upon thinking about it he realized why would he want his magic anymore. All it had done was set him onto a world of heartbreak. Sighing he knew that this was what he was going to do, hopefully this wouldn't rebound on him. For tonight however he would be safe and get a good night's sleep, it had been awhile after all. He could worry about it in the morning.

End Chapter One

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