Where Paths Diverge


The Threehorn scrambled over the sharp, slippery rocks leading up to the entrance to the Great Valley. He glanced behind himself, to ensure nothing was following him, then resumed his rush to safety. He was hurt, and breathing heavily. Dust rising from the earth below was mingling with the wound on his tail, and the pain forced him to stumble every few steps. The attack had been swift; The Sharptooth had come from out of nowhere, and the Threehorn had never expected it. Attacks this close to the Valley were unprecedented. Why would it happen now? Shaking his head, he focused on the task at hand: getting to safety. He wasn't far now; he could see the Valley. He hurled himself through the entrance, panting. Behind, he could hear a roar, but no Sharptooth was in sight.

"Good," he thought, "it can't see me." He began to walk towards the lake, where he knew everyone would gather when the Bright Circle rose. He had to warn them, somehow. The future safety of the Great Valley depended on him.

So begins my latest tale, but before this story begins, a little background: years have passed, and all of the characters have entered the late adolescent stage of life. Ruby and Chomper moved into the Great Valley a while ago, and Fyn (a Fin-Neck, and one of my characters) kept his distance from them for almost a year before becoming acquainted. At this point in their lives, everyone has become good friends, and their lives have begun to settle down. With this story, I'm experimenting with shorter chapters instead of story "parts." Read on, and please review if possible. It's gonna be a wild ride!