Lucy, Happy, and Erza stood behind Gray clad black and crying miserably . Like the rest of the guild, crying miserably. They just lost a member. Nothing had been more devastating than losing Natsu.

Gray was the one who suffered the most, he was the reason for why Natsu was laden within a coffin surrounded by fire lilies. Gray was about to be hit by one of Zeref's dead magic spells, but Natsu took the hit running in front of him. Gray lost his lover. He lost his lover that terrible day. Even worst the funeral was held Valentine's Day, he hoped he could read Natsu a poem he wrote him when they came back. He decided to leave it with Natsu in his coffin along with the proposal ring he was going to give him today too. Everybody had begun to sob, people from Liama Scale and Blue Pegasus even where there.

Gray had begun to read from a paper in front of his lost lover, it wrote:

Wonderful rose colored hair and lips to match, your beautiful.

Stellar magic that made the coldest of all ice melt, your a wonderful Mage.

You had never been in doubt even when times were tough, you had been so strong.

You had shown me what feeling I've always wanted, I love you more than anything.

And with that Gray slipped a golden ring apon Natsu's finger. 'oh how I wish we could have been together forever flame brain' Gray thought as he smiled and cried his heart out