It was a sort of normal day for Austria, piano playing and hanging out with Hungary. And a million other things, liked as a country had never been "normal". He was becoming frustrated too, he thought he was falling for Hungary again. He felt like venting his feelings via piano but he needed a being, possibly a nation? Yes! A fellow nation who would understand him! First to call was Prussia! He could vent out his feelings to him as pay back for killing his patience all the damn time! He rung up the phone but it didn't answer , yet he heard words come from the other side.

"Awesome! West! Your so tight! Ahhh"

Awkward...what about France?

"Ah! Arthur harder! Faster!"

Trumatized for life...what about Russia?

"Alfred! Stop it with the damn foreplay and fuck me already!"

"Ivan, impatient huh?"

Even worst...Taiwan could probably give him advice on women...

"Oh Mai (vietnam), your so sexy~"

GOD LESBIAN NATIONS? Was he the only straight country around? 'Oh I'll try a micro nation!' Sea land seems nice...

"Oh! Kugelmugel! Harder! Please! Ahn-nn"

Someone has heard their daily amount of shouta con... Lichtenstein is nice...and normal... Yeah...

" Big Bruder! Your so good! I want it!"

"You want my what, Lichtenstein?"

"I want you big hot throbbing co-"

He heard more than he needed to... He doesn't know whats worst... Yaoi incest or innocent little Lichtenstein making such vulgar sounds and words and it was incest! You wanna know what? He can just tell her tomorrow, today was just ugh! He vowed to never to call nations for advice again!

Okay, that is the closest thing to sexy my poor little virgin mind could write. Hope you liked it? It was also the closest thing to funny I could write considering I just wrote a death fic ;-; YOU ACCURSED PLOT BUNNIES!