In an ally in Praxus a femme and a mech, both black and white, look at the bundle in the femmes arms.

"I cant believe we're doing this. What kind of creators are we, Barricade!'

"Don't worry, Angel, are son is strong. He will be fine. Silverswift's creation is going to be with him as well.'

Just as he said that ,another couple, also black and white, walked up with their own bundle in their arms.

'Silverswift, SandStar.' Barricade said in greetings. They both nodded their head as response.

"This must be done." said Angel as she walked up to the other femme. Both with their creations in their arms.

"I wish it would be different though. Just because your creation is deaf and mine in blind doesn't mean we should be doing this." Answered the other femme, SandStar.

"They will be fine. Both will always have each oth-'

"How will we know that? They could lose each other or get lost! How will they find each other? "

Barricade stepped forward: Angel has a point"

"Well I have an idea but it is risky."

Silverswift walked up to the two femmes.

"Open their chest plates"he cammanded.

They tensed up at that but did as he said.

Silverswift gently took them in his arms." You know that it is permanent, right" Sandstar said with a doubtful look on her face plates.

"I know. They will not realize they are bonded because of their young age but when they do it will not bother them. They will be the best of friends anybot will ever see'

Silverswift said as he pressed both of the sparkling chests together. In a flash of light causing both creations to wake up from their naps, their sparks reached out to each others. As that happened their creators started to severe the creator-creation bond they shared.

When the light had stopped, both sparklings chests plates had closed once again. Tiny arms started to slowly reach for each others causing their blankets to fall to the ground, revealing two black and white mechlings, one with door wings and not working adios and one with a visor to hide his grey, blind optics.

Silverswift slowly lowered them to the ground. The visored mechlings used feel to find the other. Once together they simultaneously fell into recharge together.

This caused a chuckle from the adults as they put them in a little alcove in the corner that will not be noticed.

"Frag Megatron and his rule not to keep our sparklings"

"Don't worry. Prowl and Jazz will be fine. They have each other."