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Claridina's Revenge

Prologue: Time for Revenge!

Harry Potter, you have now claimed the number one spot on my enemies list. Arresting me, hah! What makes you think Azkaban can hold me forever? Boy, you are such a fool to think that you have stopped me.

You think that I will fall victim to the dementors? Hah! You're even more delusional than I thought! The dementors can't hurt me because I have a gift with them. They actually like me. Why else would I be planning my return? If I didn't have that gift, I'd be begging in my cell like a coward!

Boy, there's a storm coming unlike anything you've ever experienced. I've been locked up in here for years, and every day I despise you more than the last. One day, I will be out of this dungeon that you think I can't escape from. When I'm free, I will terrorize the whole region that you call Europe. Hell, even Voldemort was target practice compared to the world of pain that I will put you through.

You have a family member who has my blood running through her veins. I forged the name Nicholas Ian Wretermoust to cover up for my youngest child being related to you. Also, she's not dead, she is very much alive. You may have even met her at one point; I really don't care right now.

(24 hours later)
See, I told you that you couldn't keep me here forever. With overcrowding being one of your issues, they were forced to let me slip out of your grasp. Now, it is time for me to plan my reign of terror.

Before this is all over, I will kill you, everyone in your family (except my daughter), and all of your friends. You can't stop me this time. I will have my revenge!

AN: This is the sequel to Claridina's Wrath. What you just read are Claridina's thoughts as she is planning her return. This particular prologue takes place during the 5-year gap between Chapters 3 and 4 in Abnormal.