i dont own kenichi, or i would have made the manga in english and be on the fifth season of the anime.

Chapter one- the letter

Kenichi walks down a beaten, run down wooded path. He's angry, he's sad, but most importantly of all for the first time in about two years…he's all alone.

Four months earlier.

Kenichi trained diligently to join Sakaki on a trip to find Miu, he vowed to bring her back with his own two fists or die trying. It had only been a while ago that Silcardo Jenazad interrupted the fight between Shio Sakaki and Akira Hongo, knocking Kenichi out and kidnapping Miu to be his new disciple. Kenichi was striking the post with immense force when he sensed a powerful ki headed to the gates of Ryozanpaku.

The giant gates swung open and out stepped Hongo himself with a large white drape in his arms. He walked to the elder and set it down. The silent God Hand hung his head and pushed up his sunglasses before they slid off his nose. "I'm sorry. I couldn't get to her in time," he said. The elder walked over to the drape and moved a flap to reveal a familiar, lifeless face. Tears weld Kenichi's eye as he whispered her name, "Miu… no." Out of no were the masters felt his ki flare out of control. "MIU!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. He punched the post and broke it in two, kicked one of Akisame's throwing deities and smashed it to pieces, then rammed his fists into the ground until he bled.

Kenichi went absolutely mad, and the masters tried to restrain him, but he continued to thrash violently. Sakaki had to knock him out to subdue him. Truly, this was a side that none of them had ever seen, and it worried them.

The following weeks, when the elder went back out to find Jenazad himself, Kenichi trained harder than ever before. He begged the other masters to help him, but all of them, even Apachai, refused to do so. One month turned to two, then three, then four. Finally, he had enough; he walked into Akisame's work shop as he read a book on neuroscience. "Master Akisame, it's been four months. I want to train again! I'm not strong enough, I want to get stronger!"

"How strong?" Akisame replied.

"As strong as Sakaki, as strong as elder-"

"As strong as Jenazad?"


"Kenichi, I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to be honest because I know when you're lying. Do you want justice or vengeance?"

"I want to avenge Miu!"

"And you didn't answer my question. Your fists have reeked of bloodlust as of late and it worries us all. Until you find out the answer to that question none of us will train you in the least."

"That's not fair!"

"That was a unanimous decision."

Kenichi looked out the door and saw the other masters pretending not to look at them; Kenichi's fist was clenched as he turned to leave. He glared at Akisame over his shoulder. "I hate you all," he hissed as he walked off. The masters were visibly upset, but there was nothing they could do but wait.

The next day, Kenichi packed his backpack and headed out to school early, without saying a word to anyone. We went to the normal hangout of the Shinpaku Alliance and left a letter. He then went to Tanimoto's house in the hopes to find him before he goes off to school. As he got to the corner, he sees the prince himself. "Tanimoto." Natsu stopped in his tracks and curses under his breath. "Hey, Shirahama, sorry for your loss."

"Tanimoto, can I ask you something?"

Later that day.

Tanimoto gets to his chair and sees the Shinpaku Alliance gathered at his seat. Tanimoto curses under his breath again. Niijima approaches him. "Tanimoto, did you know about this?" he hands Natsu the letter. Tanimoto skims it and nods.

Meanwhile at Ryozanpaku, Akisame enters Kenichi's room to wake him for school only to find a letter on his bed.

"Dear Masters,

If you are reading this that means you found it in the trash or on my bed. If it's the former, then I lost my nerve; if it's the latter, then it's already too late to stop me. I miss Miu more than I can bear; I had always hoped that as long as I had all of you, we would be safe from all harm and live happily ever after, but that just doesn't seem to be the case. However brief it was knowing you all, know that I will always have my masters in my heart. Don't try to find me, tell my family that I ran away to find the man that destroyed my life.

Sincerely sorry,

Your number one disciple.

"Oh no!" said Akisame, as he fear for his disciples life, Akisame ran to the door. "Emergency meeting! Kenichi has gone after Jenazad!"

Akisame Koetsuji, Sakaki Shio, Kensei Ma, Shigure Kosaka, and Apachai Hopachai all gathered around. "That little idiot, he's gonna get himself killed!" shouted Sakaki. "What would be the best course of action?" asked Kensei. "We split up and talk to his friends. Sakaki will check the roads, Apachai will check his house. I'll check with his friends, and Shigure can check with the kids from Yomi. He just might turn to a killing fist master, so I'll start headed to the Yamigata Mountains to see if he might have gone there afterward. Kensei, you go talk to Tanimoto first to see if he knows anything, and then go check with Hakubi just to cover our bases," strategized Akisame. "Sounds like a good plan, Akisame," said Kensei. "Okay, Ryozanpaku, split up!" shouted Akisame, and they all go their separate ways.

Kensei reaches Tanimoto just as he stepped out, "Can I have a second of your time youngster?" asked Kensei ma, "master ma. I was just headed over to Ryozanpaku. Kenichi ran away."

"yes, he left us a letter. All of us are worried about him. Akisame even thinks he might turn to the killing fist."

"that's not far off."


"he left a letter for the shinpaku alliance, saying he's running away to find Jenazad. Before school, he paid me a visit. He asked me if I knew if the sage fist was at Yamigata."

"to that damned Ogata? I have to call the rest of the masters. Thank you for your help."

"it's the least I can do after that last time, I wouldn't have said anything if it wasn't for when he walked away. I reached for him and his ki flared up, I've never got that sensation from him before, not even when we fought after his sister got kidnapped."

Ma looked at Tanimoto's eyes and saw the look of worry all over him, "it scared me."

Hours later, all the master's made way for the yamigata mountains at breakneck speed. Suddenly Akisame stopped. "this is no good, we've been searching for hours and still haven't found him." He pulled out his phone and called Sakaki. "anything on your end?" asked Akisame.

"nah, I just got off the phone with ma and Shigure. Every car, bus and train for miles seems to be a dead end."

"even if he had had a few hours on us, we should have found him by now. Something's not right."

"where else could he have gone? All the yomi brats didn't know squat."

"hmm, why would someone who doesn't want to be found tell his friends not to go look for him? Something like that would be implied, maybe there's a clue in the letter he left us."

"Ogata is the only killing fist he knows where to find, he must-"

"oh no!"

"what? You don't think he went to the kuremisago village do you?"

"that disciple is more clever then we gave him credit for if he did. He spoon fed his friends misleading information so we could go the opposite way, maybe that's what he meant by 'it's already too late to stop me.'"

"that damned kid."

"do you think he'll be alright?"

"Akira Hongo is sorrowful for what happened to Miu, he might bring him back. On the other hand he could just as easily kill him to stop the dispute between YAMI and Ryozanpaku."

"stay strong, our disciple."


Kenichi reached the restrictive fence around the village, he attempts to climb it when a dark shadow comes up behind him. "what are you doing here?" he said, kenichi turns around to find Akira Hongo himself. The long haired karate master and his two disciples Seta and Hayami corner kenichi against the fence. "why have you come?" kenichi could feel his body tremble, but he came for a reason. "my masters have refused to train me any longer, they say my fists reek of bloodlust. The only woman I ever loved is dead, I have nothing." He falls to his knees, "nothing but my hatred for the demon fist god!" his two disciples let down their guard as kenichi bows to Akira. "I have run away from Ryozanpaku to take revenge for Miu, please take me as a disciple!"