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Chapter Twenty- Where The Mighty Gather

The sound of beeping medical equipment was heard in the background. The smell of herbal medicine was faint in the air but was over powered by the smell of cheep fabric softener used in the sheets of the beds. Kenichi tried to open his eyes but one of them was covered in bandages. He looked up at the ceiling and a warm sense of peace washed through him.

"That ceiling, I know that ceiling," He said to himself, a tear starting to form in the corner of his eye.

"I'm home."

"And you almost didn't make it here either." Said a voice in the next bed, the curtain dividing the beds was drawn and Kensei Ma was lying in the bed next to Kenichi, wrapped almost from head to toe in bandages.

"Master Ma?! What happened to you?!"

"Well we were asked to take part in the raids against YAMI along with you. Akisame would follow your group to the one shadows compound, and someone else would have to fight Mikumo Kushinada, we all drew straws and I won.

"so you fought Mikumo?"

A satisfied grin came across Kensei's face,

"There are things in this world you can only learn from an older gal." said the leaches master. A drop of sweat formed on the back of Kenichi's head.

Part of me thinks some of those injuries are well earned. Thought Kenichi to himself.

Kenichi reached up and touched his wrapped eye.

"You still have two, don't worry," said Kensei,

"But it was a close one, if Sougetsu and Akisame weren't there in time you'd have to find an eye patch for yourself." He continued.

Kenichi tried to sit up in the bed, but was still in quite a bit of pain,

"Ouch! It's no use." He said, plopping back in bed.

"you shouldn't try getting back up, you took quite the thrashing you know."

"how long have I been asleep?"

"about three days, if you'd like my professional opinion, you need to rest some more."

"okay master."

"and drink the medicine I made you over there. It'll help."

Kenichi looked to his right and saw a tea cup full of the medicine Kensei was talking about, and in one large gulp he drank the disgusting concoction.

"Blah, so will the medicine heal me quicker?" asked Kenichi, rubbing him mouth.

"no, it'll put you asleep for a few days so you don't further aggravate your wounds."

"WHAT!? But I-" mid sentence, Kenichi plopped back into bed and was instantly knocked out.

Three days later, Kenichi awakes from his medically induced slumber, and finds Kensei, Akisame and Miu at his bed side.

"KENICHI!" shouted Miu joyously, hugging Kenichi around the neck. Kenichi hugged her right back,

"I'm so glad you're okay!" she said, unaware that she was smothering him in her breasts.

"Miu, I don't think he can breathe," said the jujitsu master. Miu let Kenichi go, his body went limp and his nose bled.

"Oh no, did I aggravate his wounds?" she asked. Kensei approached with a small cup of medicine,

"Don't worry; my medicine can wake the dead." He said.

Before he could do anything Kenichi sprung back to life,

"YOU'RE NOT GIVING ME ANY MORE MEDICINE!" he exclaimed as he jumped out of bed. "Ow, I'm still in this kind of shape?" he continued.

"It was a close call for a while; you lost a lot of blood along with the fractured bones, the internal injuries, the damage done to your eye, not to mention the concussions and surgery. However you managed to pull through with flying colors," said Akisame giving thumbs up.

"Thank you masters, I think I'm well enough to walk around now. I'd like to take a look at the place," said Kenichi.

Kenichi and Miu walked outside of Akisame's bone setting clinic and looked at Ryozanpaku, it's as if they had never left it. Sakaki was practicing his punches on the post. Apachai was kicking a punching bag and Shigure was playing with Tochumaru who was riding Hane like a horse, saddle and all.

Shigure looked over and saw them,

"Kenichi's…up!" she said, standing and pointing in their direction.

"APAPAPA, Kenichi's alive! Hooray, now Sakaki can go to sleep normally!" cheered Apachai. Sakaki tapped Apachai on the head with his fist.

"DON'T SAY STUFF LIKE THAT, YOU BLOCK HEAD!" he responded angrily, then turned to Kenichi,

"Oy oy, I should be pretty pissed at you for kicking Hongo's ass and sending him to jail. Seeing as how you're trained by me, I guess it could be argued that in a way it was me who kicked his ass, so I'll let it slide," he continued.

"That makes no…sense," said Shigure.

From behind the bushes someone approached, without warning the person attacked Kenichi with a drop kick.

"I found an opening!" she cried. Kenichi blocked with one hand and somehow spun her around to land on her feet.

"All these years of crazy training has conditioned my body to expect anything so unless you're at a very high level, you won't land a-" Kenichi stopped mid sentence and shrieked when he discovered who the assailant was. Though she was taller and more curvaceous he could recognize that angry look in a split second,

"H-h-h-Honoka?!" he continued.

"Idiot big brother, I was supposed to rescue you! why did you have to go and free yourself from captivity! This whole year of training was for nothing now!" She screamed.

That last part made Kenichi freeze,

"t-training?" he repeated.

"Yes," said a voice from the main dojo.

"She was quite distraught after you had ran away so she came here for training. We told her like you, she had to wait until she was 16. That didn't stop her from sneaking some techniques from Apachai and Shigure from time to time. Her goal was to free you from YAMI, but before she got strong enough to do so you freed yourself," said the elder, coming to the door.

"This place still seems in need of repairs," said Kenichi, looking around at the continued dilapidated state of the dojo.

"What happened to the money I sent you guys?" he continued. Sakaki nervously scratched his head,

"Akisame didn't want to use that sort of money on the dojo, so I used it on pachinko and beer." Said the scar-faced karate master.

"that was almost half a million dollars in US currency! Are you saying that you spent it all on gambling and beer?!" shouted Kenichi, Sakaki simply laughed care free.

These guys are as worry free with money as ever. Kenichi thought to himself.

"Father liked the money you sent us," chimed Honoka,

"Every time he opened one of the packages you sent us he'd say 'my son has become a successful man like me'." she continued, mimicking her father's voice and mannerisms to the t.

"Miu, why don't you and Honoka go spar out here while the rest of us have a chat inside?" asked the elder.

The masters sat with three to one side and two at the other, elder at the head and Kenichi in the middle. The elder let out a big sigh and turned his head to an empty mat at the end next to Shigure,

"…Saiga," he said,

"No words can express the sorrow in a parents heart when their child has lost his was so completely," the elder turned to Kenichi, tears formed in the corners of his eyes and a smile became visible.

"However, no words can express the joy in a parents heart when his children find their way back from the darkness." He continued, bowing to Kenichi,

"Thank you, for bringing back Miu and all you've done I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

The masters looked on with smiles and pride, and Kenichi couldn't help but blush.

"Aw shucks." Was all Kenichi could say in response.

"With that out of the way, we have to talk about Jenazad. You took his life," said the elder getting back up.

"yes, I could tell you any kind of excuse but the fact is I killed him. His lifeless body is etched into my memory, when I looked down at what I had done I was torn apart with shame, even more so when I saw the gi that was given to me with so much love by my masters soaked in his blood. I tried washing it off, but I knew that wouldn't change what I had done. I don't expect you to forgive me, and I don't expect you to take me back, but for what it's worth I'm sorry." Said Kenichi, all the masters looked on and soaked in his words.

"You know Kenichi," Kensei said, breaking the silence,

"When I had my duel with my brother, I was ready to let him die in that fire."

"Well," added Sakaki,

"Now that I think about it, I have kicked the shit out of a few people and just left them there, not to mention the guys I buried alive in the desert. Some of them could be dead."

"no…comment." Said Shigure.

"sob, sob, Apachai never killed anyone, but Apachai has given people career ending injuries that devastated families. It haunts Apachai to this very day." Said the Death God of Thai Boxing.

"you already know about me and Shigure's father." Said Akisame.

The elder stayed silent,

"In my youth," he began to say hanging his head,

"I was the leader of YAMI." Everyone in the room was shocked,

"it's not something I'm proud of, and the only other people from those days who'd remember would be Mikumo Kushinada and Sehrul Rahman, but the fact remains. In those days I was responsible for many deaths and unspeakable atrocities that will haunt me for the rest of my days. By the time I realized what a mess I had made of things, the monster I created became almost too powerful to stop. Part of me thinks that Saiga's fall from grace was a sort of reprimand from God for my own sins. I too regret what I have done, but in spite of all we have done, we cannot let you back into Ryozanpaku."

Kenichi felt his heart sink,

"Because in our hearts, you never left," continued the elder.

"We've all done things we regret and wished we could change," said Akisame.

"That's part of being human. The fact you feel remorse and wish to make things right means your heart is in the right place, just don't do it again."

"Just one other thing," added Kensei,

"You're a tad too experienced to be our disciple anymore."

"With that being said," said the elder,

"My son's mat has been empty for quite some time; would you do me the honor of taking his place as a master of Ryozanpaku?"

Kenichi's wounds seemed to melt away as Kenichi's body swelled with excitement and joy, he was extremely touched at the sentiment and tears formed in his eyes.

"It's an honor I don't deserve, but offering me such a thing, it would be rude to turn it down. I accept." he answered, hiding the quiver in his voice.

After the meeting, Kenichi walked over to Miu and Honoka.

"I hope you don't mind, I made a phone call while you were in there." Said Miu, as at the gates of Ryozanpaku came in the Shinpaku Alliance. Siegfried and Rachel Stanly walked in hand-in-hand, Chikage threw up a peace sign, Ethan was carrying his sister's purse, Thor had his enormous arm around Freya and Takeda was in front of them all with Rimi, Seta, and Hayami.

"How shameful, an organization full of fighters and not one Karate user," said Hayami,

"You know, I always thought that." Said Sakaki.

"I think what Hayami is trying to say is we wouldn't mind teaching a karate class or two, now that we have nothing but time." Said Seta.

"What about Kokin and Kajima?" asked Kenichi.

"Those miserable bastards refused their masters requests and remained in Big Lock, what a lack of respect!" said Hayami.

Chikage tugged on Kenichi's shirt,

"Band-aid," she said,

"I surrendered like you told me," she asked, looking at him with her big, child mode eyes.

"Thank you Chikage, I'm glad it went so peacefully with you," answered Shirahama,

"Where's Tanimoto?"

"Nacchi's right here!" answered Honoka, clinging to his arm, much to Hermits disapproval.

"We're in love!" she continued.

"You've made my life a living hell, Kenichi." Growled Tanimoto, shooting a death gaze at his long time rival. Renka charged in after them,

"No you don't! I won't lose to likes of you!" screamed Renka as she grabbed hold of Tanimoto's other arm.

"Let go Renka, I saw him first!" yelled Honoka, pulling Tanimoto away from Renka.

"Look, a YAMI hit man!" shouted Hermit. While everyone's attention was diverted away from him, he broke free from Honoka and Renka and leapt clear out of Ryozanpaku's courtyard.

"Nyaa!" screamed Renka as she chased after him, her cat-like characteristics taking over.

"I see that Renka still has a habit of chasing moving objects." Said Kenichi out loud,


Kenichi looked at his friends and saw Rachel and Siegfried holding hands,

"W-W-W-WHAT?!" he screamed.

"We're engaged! 3" said Rachel, as Siegfried twirled her about like a dancer.

"I have found in her the inspiration of a life time; she is truly the love of my life! The Juliet to my Romeo, Cleopatra to my Mark Anthony, Helen of Troy to my Paris, Isolde to my Tristan!" he sang as they danced about.


"Relax Kenichi," said Rachel, putting her hand on his shoulder,

"Believe it or not, our feelings are true. For the first time in a long time I truly feel happy." said the mistress of Lucha.

"thank you all for coming, I truly feel like I've come home. Where is Niijima, I was hoping to talk to him about something?" asked the young master. Suddenly, a familiar clawed hand grasped his shoulder yet again.

"I've been here the whole time!" he said.

"Didn't you see him in the corner of the clinic?" asked Miu.

"this demon learned to hide his presence," laughed Kenichi nervously,

"I want to talk to you about the future of the Shinpaku Alliance, it's time to truly make it Shinpaku!" he continued.


A place where masters in the practice of martial arts gather. Masters, who have little fondness for the trends that have turned martial arts into sports. people do not regard this place as a dojo, but rather a catalyst for the saving fist way of martial arts.

The karate master, who earned himself the nickname of the 100th dan in street fighting.

Shio Sakaki.

"How am I going to kick Hongo's ass now? I suppose I could break into prison and fight him."

The grim reaper of secret Muay Thai boxing,

Apachai Hopachai.

"APAPAPA! Hello, we have your child hostage."

Master of all Chinese Kenpo,

Kensei Ma.

"I'll be dreaming of Mikumo tonight again."

The warrior philosopher and master of Jujitsu,

Akisame Koetsuji.

"I feel like Kenichi has forgotten something important."

Prodigy of swords and weaponry,

Shigure Kosaka.

"Kenichi can still learn…weapons."

The feather that cuts the wind,

Miu Furinji.

"Kenichi and I can date now, right?"

The invincible superman and elder of the dojo,

Hayato Furinji.

"If you ever want to marry Miu, first you have to defeat me!"

Master of the Gaki style of martial art he claims anyone can lean and former first disciple of Ryozanpaku,

Kenichi Shirahama.

"Ehh?! But I rescued her from captivity!"

And their disciple and Kenichi's little sister,

Honoka Shirahama.

"Hey gramps, stop being mean to my big brother!"

Ryozanpaku has had some troubles with finance and in the past had almost gone bankrupt, however their newest master devised a way to change all that with the help of his friends.

The Shinpaku Alliance,

A fast growing academy for martial arts to help children at risk of becoming delinquents to better focus their energy in a positive way, and to help weak and bullied children to defend themselves.

Leader, co-founder, and all around creepy person known as 'Demon king' and 'water imp',

Haruo Niijima,

"WHAHAHAHA, I have so many strong people as my pawns!"

The illustrious left and undefeated boxing champ,

Takeda Ikki,

"Things are going good with Rimi so far, she makes things…interesting."

The solitary Master of Hard Kenpo,

Natsu Tanimoto,

"It is hard to pick between the two. Why do I still associate with these idiots?"

The cat-like Mistress of Soft Kenpo,

Renka Ma,

"First Miu, now Honoka, will I ever have a competition free relationship?!"

The similarly cat-like mistress of Taekwondo,

Kisara Nanjo,

"I'm still on my honey moon, we come back next month."

The immortal composer,

Hibiki Kugenin,

"The wedding at the Oscar's was a smash hit! I got a contract to do the score for a major American production company, lalalaaa "

Master of combat sumo and champion for the cubby men of the world,

Chiaki Yuma,

"Valkyries, get the chanko ready! It's time to celebrate!"

Mistress of Jojutsu and leader of the Valkyries,

Kaname Kugatachi,

"Don't judge me for liking big guys until you've been held by big, strong arms."

Mistress of Kushinada style Jujitsu,

Chikage Kushinada,

"I've been playing Othello with band-aids sister, she's a monster."

The mistress of Lucha Libre and wife to Siegfried,

Rachel Stanley,

"I got a movie deal because of the show, I'm going to be the center of attention 3"

Silent Master of Kalarippayattu and brother of Rachel,

Ethan Stanley,

Rachel: "I'm taking my brothers turn to speak too3"

The twin Dragon masters of Karate,

Seta and Hayami,

Hayami: "hell yeah! We got a kick ass nickname!"

Seta: "I got top billing, I've got no complaints."

Low level master of Judo,

Ukita Kozo,

"Are you kidding me, I only get one line the whole story?! Wait, low level?"

Mistress of ancient Martial arts,

Rimi Kokorone,

Rimi: "Rimi can't wait to put these pictures on her blog X-D"

Takeda: "H-hey! You said that camera was off!"

Using his place as co-leader of the Shinpaku alliance, Kenichi uses the funds made from disciples to finance Ryozanpaku. In addition, Ryozanpaku will be recognized as a super advanced and selective satellite of the alliance. Only those with the most heart, courage, and conviction will go and become one of history's strongest disciples.

Kenichi stood before the elder in the courtyard of Ryozanpaku,

"So if I ever hope to marry Miu, I have to defeat you?" he asked. All the other masters looked on, as well as Miu and Honoka.

"Try your best Kenichi!" shouted Miu.

"You can do it big brother! Show him what you're made of!" shouted Honoka.

"Very well Kenichi," said the elder as he cocked his hand back.

"Here we go!" the elders hand moved as quickly as lightning. Kenichi trusted his fist at full force to the elder. The two clashed and the shock made a cloud of dust surround them.

As the dust settled, the elders hand was covering Kenichi's fist,

"Paper beats rock." He started calmly. Kenichi felt a bead of sweat form on the back of his head, as did Honoka.

"I thought they were going to fight." said Honoka to Miu.

"The masters of Ryozanpaku aren't allowed to fight one another." Answered Miu.

"w-what?! You mean I could have challenged you to date Miu a long time ago and it would only be a match of rock paper scissors?!" exclaimed Kenichi.

"Did you think that when I said, 'if you ever want to marry Miu, you have to defeat me.' that I meant in a fight? What every gave you that impression?" asked the elder.

" AHHHHHHHH!" Kenichi screamed in frustration,

"Don't think this will be easy, the Elder has never lost in this ether. That's why we never play him," Chimed in Kensei.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kenichi screamed again.

"Now I remember," intruded Akisame,

"Kenichi, did you ever take care of the armed division of YAMI?" asked the Jujitsu master, Kenichi stayed silent as he felt a rabbit run across the field of his mind, only to scream in frustration again as he had forgotten all about them.


The end

For now.

Note from writer

And with this the final chapter of the story is posted. I made a promise to myself that I would finish this story no matter what. I was open to new ideas, but I would stick to my guns as far as plot went.

First off I'd like to thank those of you who read my story, and especially those who commented, you really are the ones who helped mold it.

I don't know if I mentioned this before but this was my first fan fiction, I got the idea to do this story when Miu was kidnapped by Jenazad in the story and I thought, "I wonder if he'll kill her, what would happen?" and this was my interpretation of what I think would happen.

I tried to keep the characters in cannon as well as details in the story accurate, such as food, animals, translations, and units of measurement. (I'm American, we don't really use the metric system.)

I will write a sequel in the future, in the mean time I have the skeleton of a plot so I haven't really written anything down, I also have plans to write a few other fan fic's: two Fairy Tail, one DBZ, and I'm actually working on an origin story about Jenazad that will be rated M, I'm really going to let my hair down with this one. I also posted a challenge on the forum.

I know not everyone agreed with the direction in which the story went, but this was the same Kenichi from the anime/manga. While it would be believable he could kill someone for killing Miu, he couldn't be a killer forever. At his core, Kenichi's just has too much heart.

I also thought of ending it when he killed Jenazad, but what would Kenichi do then? The next logical step up would be Ryozanpaku or YAMI, and YAMI just seemed like the logical choice for an enemy. And with that it was a choice between Kenichi taking over YAMI or him attempting to redeem himself.

Miu being alive was a decision I made early on, in the manga I noticed Saiga's desire to keep Miu safe so I made it look like he was kind of doing something but not really to hint that he was kind of indifferent to it because he already knew Miu was safe.

From the start, after I made the decision to make Saiga the main antagonist, I didn't want Kenichi and the One Shadow to have a healthy, close relationship. Instead I wanted Saiga to be hard on Kenichi, to recognize his strength but to kind detest him for having such a close bond with Miu. Saiga was also to be a warped version of the elder, I don't know if that came across clearly or not.

I left the eternal sunset ambiguous because anything I came up with I didn't feel could do it justice, and this way it has a whole "suitcase from pulp fiction" feel.

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