By Icka! M. Chif

"Absolutely NOT." Hisoka stormed into the JoOhCho's small theatre, an overly large yukata wrapped around his coltish frame. The theatre's primary use was for large presentations, but for today it was living up to it's name. "I refuse to be a part of this... this... "

Unable to find the words, he threw a small bundle of shiny gold cloth at Watari. "You can just keep those!"

Watari pulled the gold material off his head. "You'd rather do it naked?" He asked, idly playing with the elastic band at the top of the metallic briefs.

"No!" Hisoka blushed bright red. "I'd rather not do it at all!"

"Hisoka." Tatsumi pushed his glasses up higher on his face with one hand. "The Earl does many favours for all of us during the course of the year. Acting in a play for the Earl's enjoyment is a small price to pay for all that he does for the JoOhCho."

"You're just saying that because you and Watari are playing Riff Raff and Magenta." The empath retorted.

Tatsumi effectively hid his face by moving his glasses again, muttering something about Watari, fishnets and French maid outfits. Watari just grinned. "Ah, come on Bon. We've got Terazuma and Wakaba-chan playing Brad and Janet, so we don't have to worry about Terazuma transforming. And Konoe offered to play Dr. Scott-"

He trailed off as Tsuzuki entered the room, dressed as Dr. Frank N Furter. Satin black corset, matching underwear, garter belt holding up a pair of fishnets, pearls around his neck, purple eye-liner and ruby red lipstick darkening his mouth. "Ano..." He stumbled a bit in the large high heels on his feet, then caught his balance and held up a riding crop. "Is this really necessary?" He asked, his innocent wide violet eyes at odds with his dominatrix outfit.

Watari and Tatsumi nodded in unison, their mouths tightly shut to prevent themselves from drooling.

Hisoka rolled his eyes. "Oi, Tsuzuki! You've got a run in your fishnets." He deadpanned, a bit more immune to the effect that his partner had on people than their co-workers were.

"Really?" Tsuzuki twisted around, checking his legs. "Oh! Sankyuu Hisoka!" He grinned, then turned his back to them, leaning over to fix his stockings.

There was dead silence for about 3 seconds, then a mad dash for the tissue box emptied out the room. Except for Hisoka, who just stood there with a not-quite triumphant smirk on his face.

Tsuzuki looked up and blinked at the nearly abandoned room. "Did I miss something?"

"Nope." Hisoka grinned. "But I think the play's just been cancelled due to blood loss."

His partner just looked confused.


The blood loss, of course is because the sudden nose bleeds due to the blood flowing to other parts of the body...

-Seems like every time we go see the Rocky Horror Picture Show Show, some sort of fic comes out of it.
In this case, it's 2 weeks late. _