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Blaine blinked in confusion. The street had disappeared, with its dirty pavements, rowdy market sellers and men spoiling for a fight. They had been replaced by a natural smell, Blaine surrounded by trees and feeling a cold breeze that was too unpolluted to be from the 21st century.

Blaine looked down at his ragged clothes. They hadn't changed- they still had the holes and were still made of the same weak material that Mick had teased him about, in the street.

Blaine's feet also felt different. Instead of scratchy concrete slabs, there was grass and dirt and dew. It felt like the last 14 years living poor were forgotten. All that was real was Blaine's new freedom and the trees.

Blaine took a few steps into the forest. He could go anywhere, stay here until he died, and nobody would know where he was. Blaine grinned. Freedom, at last. Another world… one where it didn't matter if all you had for money were a few coins under the mattress.

The grin slowly turned into a frown of realisation. He was in another world. How did he get here? All his family were in Lima. It had been hard there - living was always a daily struggle - but everything he'd ever known was there.

How had he even got here? Where was he? Could he get back home…? He thought of question after question. They took over him, took over his body. His knees hit the ground, and Blaine buried his head in his hands and sobbed.

Kurt made his way downstairs. "Mom?" he called. "Mom, he's left…"

Kurt glanced around the corridor in confusion. All their furniture had disappeared, and in its place were a few slabs of wood that vaguely resembled a table and chairs. Instead of the bright lights that occasionally flickered in the hallway, a few tall candles on the small table were burning. Kurt cautiously pushed open the front door.

To see forest.

This wasn't right. How could he be in a different house? It was impossible. There was no explanation for watching his father drive away and then for him to go downstairs to find himself in a forest. It just didn't make sense.

Kurt took one cautious step into the forest. He looked down, feeling water on his feet, and groaned. He had no shoes – they'd disappeared with the rest of the house.

So now he had an empty house, which somebody could return to at any minute, and a forest, thought which he could wander indefinitely. Barefoot.


Kurt closed his eyes and took a deep breath. This wasn't so different from his life on Lima Hill. After all, his father would only be there two or so times a week and his mother only in body. It would just be like Kurt spending the day with his friends.

Kurt opened his eyes again. There. It wasn't so bad. Kurt could deal with it.

He took a step forward and found himself staring into bright blue eyes.

Blaine pushed himself up from the ground and roughly rubbed his eyes. There was no point in crying; it wasn't going to bring his family here or take him back.

Blaine walked forward, testing the roughness of the ground. He smiled, relaxing and enjoying it. It was much gentler on his feet than the streets of Lima. It was almost soothing, except for the rough pieces of bark scattered here and there on the forest floor.

Blaine had just walked past yet another tree when his arm was caught by someone. Someone with a remarkably strong grip.

"Let me go!" Blaine shouted, trying to twist his head around to bite his captor.

Unfortunately, they were having none of it.

"Stay still!" the other person snapped. "What are you doing in Sherwood Forest?"

"I'm… sorry…?" Blaine asked, bewildered.


"Blaine Anderson."


"Not in the slightest."

"How many moons have you been wandering the forest?"

"One, only." What on earth was a moon? Blaine hoped it meant day. That was quite close to the truth. Or maybe an hour… that would be better. He must have only been here for an hour or so.

"Well, I know a place you'll be looked after for the time being. We can't have a child such as yourself travelling the forest completely alone. Fighting skills? Or are they non-existent?"

"I grew up on the rough side of town. I think I can."

"Good. But- no 'rough side of town' tricks, please. He's the one taking you in, and you'll kindly abide by his rules."

Blaine blinked in astonishment. This woman was possibly the most enigmatic person he'd ever met. "Who is he? For that matter, who are you?"

"The leader? Lord Robert of Locksley, Earl of Huntingdon, otherwise known as Robin Hood. And I am Maid Marian. Can I release you, or will you force me to drag you along to the camp?"

"You can release me," Blaine said. "I'm not a wild animal, despite the fact you're treating me like one."

"Yes, certainly. You might want to hold your tongue around Robin, though. He has the fiercest temper of anyone I know." Marian let go of Blaine's arm and came into full view.

Blaine took a half step back in wonder. The only other person he'd seen dress that extravagantly was that Kurt Hummel who lived on Lima Hill. Marian had long, blonde hair and blue eyes, with very pale skin. She wore a long, flowing blue dress that completely enveloped her body, and wore a long white headdress that covered all of her blonde hair except the fringe and the ends.

Oh yes, she certainly was like Kurt- and Blaine hated Kurt with a passion. The rich boy looked down on all the Andersons, and treated them as if they were stray dogs in the street.

Blaine trudged after Marian through the forest, looking around suspiciously. After all, he'd only just met her, and Marian had grabbed him at the first second. Now he was being expected to trust the woman while she was taking Blaine to somewhere unknown and potentially very dangerous.

Finally, they arrived at a large tightly grouped section of trees, voices coming from inside the circular section.

"Robin?" Marian called. "Robin? I found a boy wandering the forest!"

And on the opposite side of the trees, someone called the exact same words.

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