A large amount of time when Groose was on the surface was spent traveling around Faron Woods, gathering supplies for his "Groosenator." Usually he would grab smaller sticks and trees, breaking them near the base with a weak weapon he found lying around every once in a while; but sometimes, he liked to wander around, finding new, exotic places where he would watch the blue sky...

He woke up quickly, finding himself slightly wet from the dew, the morning sun staining his cheeks a yellow. The pompadour-sporting teen stretched his arms out before stuffing his hands behind his head.

Quietly, the morning sun moved down lower as he stayed there longer, warming his chest, then his stomach, and then his groin and legs. His hand wandered down and scratched his stomach before returning to the place under his head, his eyes closing again.

A smooth shadow glazed over his body, making him shiver slightly. Yellow eyes squinted to see the male standing above him, his Goddess Shield sitting on his back, sandwiching his Master Sword betwixt it and his body. The green tunic was wet, dripping slowly on Groose's pants, another chill creeping through him. His blonde hair swept at a gentle slope into his own face, before pushing it aside. Blue, piercing eyes watched him slowly, wide-spread legs bending at the knees – before he knew it, the smaller body collapsed on top of the red head's.

Spanning hands placed themselves on Link's back, only to pull up and away to see dark red stained on his tanned skin.

Such a peaceful morning could turn around so quickly with this boy close to him.

"He's not a boy... I shouldn't sat that," Groose thought, pulling his body closer for just a moment before, then sitting up. Calmly, he picked Link up and set him down on his stomach.

"May I?" Groose asked gently, holding the hem of his tunic, the chain mail with it.

Link's voice wasn't as deep as his, but he enjoyed the soothing melody that came with his large groan of pain, "Why did you think that I came to find you?" he smiled forcibly.

It took a few very gentle tugs that ripped skin as well as roars from the lion-esque teen beneath him. Blood made his thin, pale shirt stick to his body, making all the contours and muscles visible - yet, sadly, as well as all of the large gashes and raised scars.

Groose's eyes foraged for new information on his muscular body. His shoulders were wide, signaling to him how much he had grown on his journeys; yet his waist was still small, body curving in a way that reminded him of Zelda. His eyes reached Link's gloved hands fiercely gripping at the grass where Groose once laid. A hard grit of his teeth when his hat came off along with tunic and armor, making the red head shiver in his skin.

"What are you doing?" Link asked, his blue eyes glancing up to look, but not being able toseeany farther than his ear.

"Uh..." Groose felt a blush creep onto his face, and his pants grow a little tight, but he pushed himself through the fog of thoughts that kept him from moving for that long, almost infinite, 30 seconds.

Slowly, he peeled away the thin layer to get to the real problem: Scratches, bites and obvious sword cuts that littered his skin as if knives and nails had been forced upon him. What bothered Groose most was the human-like bites and burns on his upper arms and neck.

"My bag," Link's voice interrupted his dark thoughts, bringing him back to the smell of the forest and the sight of Link lying before him, crumpled and damp still. "There's a potion in my bag. Use that."

The pouch was filled with things that he had no clue of what they were for. One slipped onto his hand and when he gripped, it flew, and hit a tree, bouncing off and coming back to him fast and hard. He dropped the tool with an exasperated gasp, waiting for it to attack the nearest tree again.

"Groose..." Link groaned, feeling the blood starting to pool on his lower back, staining his pants as well. The red head panicked a little, reaching into the bag and finally finding a few glass bottles, two normal health potions and one a plus-plus. Four, technically, potions to use, and Groose still thought it wasn't going to be enough.

Breaths caught up to him as he popped the first bottle open with a hard pull, making sure to take Link's green tunic and soak up the blood, and then poured all of the liquid, down to the last drop, onto the large gash that split his back in two.

Link let out a ghastly scream, fingers delving into the soft ground and tearing Mother Earth's poor green hair out of her skin, shriveling it between his fingers. On his back, the pompadour-sporting male watched as the magical fluid was slowly sealing up the wound on his back, new threads of flesh joining together to make a heart-wrenching scar, but only half of it was healed, and there was still the rest of his back to go. Sweating and breathing hard, Link relaxed his hands, rubbing his hands along the ground and soft grass, his face planting on its cheek.

Groose felt overwhelmingly sad for the boy. No - the man. He took out another potion and spread it over the largest wound, gaining a grunt and getting the pleasure of watching the young man's muscles tense, splitting some wounds that weren't touched yet. Using one dose of the potion plus-plus on smaller scratches from animals and other preying beings, he made conversation.

"Huh... this has got to be tough stuff if you're dealing with cuts like these," Groose said with a nasty snort, putting a smile on his face to see if Link would even give the effort to making him feel better.

A blank expression passed over his face, and he folded his arms under his head and faced the ground. The earthy smell made him groan in exasperation, the sweet, intoxicating smell overwhelming him. His muscles clenched under Groose's hands - right on his lower back.

Tears came to his blue eyes, thinking. "Groose... I..."

Slowly, he was pulled up and had his back pressed up against the red-head's front, legs spread out. "Shh. You must be tired. Just... chill, kid."

Link's eyes found the bloodied tunic, his knight's uniform, stained with his own blood; yet, stained wasn't the right word. If he had picked it up then, the male's life would leak out and onto the ground. A sudden flow of emotions caught him off guard and lurched him forward, a dry heave sneaking up behind him before taking him all at once.

Groose still held him around the waist, feeling his body cough and sputter, leaving him breathless and hard to keep still, but still, the red-head grappled him and pulled him even closer, hoping their bodies, his health, would seep into him.

"I'm so hot... Groose, I'm so hot..." Link pleaded, gasping. A few wounds broke open on his back, leaking out his bright red blood onto Groose's shirt.

Groose's own eyes tore away from the sight of all the blood that was lost. "You're just - you're just dehydrated."

Slowly, Link's head nodded in a jagged kind of way, and his eyes closed, falling back against the other's chest in a sleep induced by blood loss and shock.