Yay! My first Fanfic about Liddell! My story takes place years later when Liddell goes back into the dream world. I'm saying that in the game she's sixteen so in this story its two years later.

I was dreaming. I was positive. It was the same dream I had been having for the past two years and it still lingered. It seemed more like a memory than a dream but either way it kept coming back. They were voices; voices that seemed so familiar but yet seemed so far away.

'Come back when you're older', 'The boundary between dreams and reality is paper-thin', 'It's been a long time since I've had as much fun as I've had with you Liddell…' And the newest ones, 'Shall she remember or wilt away like the flower she has become; now in full bloom.' 'Seek the one with the power to transport you…'

I woke with a start. I jumped up only to find Kitty, my roommate standing above me. Her green eyes were focused on my face and she said plainly,

"Was it that dream again?" Kitty was in her pajamas and it was still really dark out.

"Yes it was," I sighed, "Why are you walking me up in the middle of the night?" I snapped. Kitty backed up looking sort of awkward. Kitty brushed her dark bangs out of her eyes.

"It is time to get up," Kitty said. I laughed and rolled over to face my clock.

"Like hell it is!" I eyed the clock and then froze. It was time to get up. Kitty gave me the evil eye and then we rushed to get ready. I wore my usual purple striped stockings and small top. It was the same clothes I always wore but hey, fashion never dies!

I let my blonde hair hang loose around my shoulders and almost left the dorm to head to class but then I changed my mind.

"Hey Kitty?" I asked. Kitty who was currently running a comb through her hair looked over.

"When you get to class tell the teacher I'm at the nurse's."

"Liddell I thought you said you weren't doing this anymore!" Kitty's mouth was partly open, "Last time you got in trouble. What are you skipping for anyway?"

"I need to talk to Babayaga again," I answered truthfully. Babayaga was this little old lady who lived in a hut just outside the school. She was so sweet; she was like my second mother to me. My first one was gone…

Kitty made sure I knew she wasn't ok with me skipping before I left; she held up her argument pretty well but I walked out the door on her.

I refocused my thoughts on those dreams. 'The one with the power to transport you' must be Babayaga so I had to talk to her to see what she thought of these new voices.

I crossed the graveyard and headed over to Babayaga's shrine. I knocked on the door for good measure, you never know what she'll be doing.

I entered and gazed around at her collection of many skulls and cursed item's. She looked as old as the Earth itself but yet still kept living. I swear she was cursed to live on or something…

Babayaga eyed me with her one yellow eye and smiled. Her lips had been stitched together at one point but now they were apart.

"Liddell, what brings you here at this time of day?" Babayaga always made me feel as though I belonged somewhere and that someone cared about me. I grinned and she gave me a pill. It was a divine pill and it would cure any ailment. I was starting to get a collection of these.

"Babayaga, I came here to talk," I began and stuffed the pill in a pocket. Babayaga pushed her silver hair out of her eyes and began to speak.

"Is it the same dream as usual?" She asked placing both palms of her hands on my temples. She was reading my dreams. I allowed her access to my brain and replayed the voices. When Babayaga pulled away she pursed her lips. She didn't say anything for a while so I did.

"That last voice said I had to find someone to transport me, and I thought that person might be you," I finished.

"Maybe, all dreams mean something. I think this dream was a call, a call for you to go somewhere. Liddell do you know where you need to be transported?" Babayaga asked.

"No clue! I was hoping you'd know," I shook my head so my blonde curls hit my face. Babayaga looked at me as if she expected something.

"I was wondering when this day would come… Liddell, your birthday's coming up isn't it," Babayaga asked. She was right my birthday was next week, I would turn 18.

"My birthday's in a week, why does it matter?" I wondered if Babayaga was losing her marbles.

"They're calling you," She whispered, "This dream is a call; I understand what needs to be done now."

I stomped my foot, "What the hell does that mean!"

Babayaga ignored my question and moved on to one of her own, "Liddell, try to remember. Place faces with those voices and think of all your past dreams."

I paused and thought about it. No dreams came to mind that could connect to this and faces with voices; how the hell does that work?

"What do you mean Babayaga?" I asked trying to be patient but came off as bossy.

"You know all those people, the voices. You don't remember them, but you need to," Babayaga placed her palms together and began to create the spell I knew as teleportation.

"Babayaga? Uh, where are you taking me?" I started to get worried because she didn't answer.

"BABAYAGA!" I shouted because she opened her eyes. All I saw was the golden shimmer of her spell and it felt like I was flying. That 'flying' feeling was really me being thrown through different dimensions.

I landed and it hurt my legs. It was a stone floor. Where was I? I had never been here and certainly didn't recognize it. I looked up and saw hook, saws, knives and other weapons. I was in some sort of castle. I looked out an arched window and saw nothing but the moon and the sea.

I backed away from the window and into something hard. It made me jump, but it only turned out to be a door. I left this room and started heading down a long hallway. I thought I heard something behind me at one point so I turned around.

Nothing was there.

I continued walking down the hallway until I heard noise ahead and backed up. I turned around only to face a cloaked figure.

He was a man guy who looked about my age. He had pale skin, dark shadows on his face and his eyes; his eyes were a dark red. Vampire! I backed away and stared at him. He had something about him that was familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it.

He walked forward and I expected him to bite me or spit blood or something but instead he came forward and wrapped his arms around me. I was too shocked to respond in any way.

"Liddell! You came back!" This voice was extremely familiar. It was one of those in my dream. I pushed his arms off me and asked,

"Um, do I know you?"

"It's me Loue, remember? You came back to help," Loue looked confused. I felt suddenly like I was part of some huge corny joke.

"Um, I didn't come back for anything and I'm not even sure why I'm here," I looked around awkwardly.

"You don't remember me do you?'

"What do you mean 'don't remember you,' I've never even met you!" I crossed my arms; this guy was ticking me off.

"Liddell you need to remember," Loue grabbed my hand and I normally would've pulled away as if someone shocked me but this time I didn't.

"Remember what?" I demanded, "Why am I here?"

"The Eld Witch has rose from the Earth," Loue stated grimly, "She is leaving destruction in her path as she heads to Lenore. She plans to kill Alice to get revenge. We need to stop her!"

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