New Story! This is not a chapter but more of what happened at the end of Prototype 2, adding my stuff in there.


But if you have played the game, in this story Sabrina isn't dead. She's a kind of agent-spy-thingy for my protagonist. Enjoy Reading!


I thought it was the end…

"Where is he?" she shouted down the phone as she sprinted past Penn Station. "Where the fuck is he, Galloway?"

"He's gotta be near, trust me… Wait! Found something, I'll send you the coordinates."

"At fucking last," she moaned, before putting her phone away. She bolted up a toppled building, contacts glowing red for a short period of time. Something fast moved past her face and her foot slipped, causing her to hit the ground hard and creating a shattered crater underneath her body. She looked up and saw an infected bird swoop down to her knee, gently pecking away at her thigh. Shooing it away, something snapped and she looked around for roaming Infected. Only seeing two nearby, she crept up behind them and forced her fists in their backs. Instantly, four large tendrils shot out of her back and stabbed itself inside the Infected. Hearing a painful screams reach painful notes, their bodies converted into biomass, and she sighed with relief as she sucked it all in.

"Miles, where are you? He's at the building next to you. Hurry! You don't have much time!" Miles grunted and got her phone from her pocket. "I'm coming!" she yelled down the phone and this time, she remembered to press the red button. Looking up, she jumped stories into the air before coming into contact with the skyscraper and racing up it. As she neared the top, she had a very bad feeling.

She jumped over the debris and saw a puddle of blood with an unforgettable footprint in the centre. It was too late; Alex Mercer is dead. Miles ran to the puddle and dropped on her knees. Her creator, her friend, her life is now blood rather than mind, body and soul. She buried her head in her hands, and broke down. She thought of all the good things they did together, even before she was who she is.

She remembered when he placed her on a building with a Brawler. She knew about combat and killed it within a minute and a half. But the tables turned when its corpse pushed her over the edge. There she was screaming his name, with her hair whipping on her face and constantly gripping at the air. She thought her time was then until within five meters from the concrete, he decided to save her from death. She told him off alright, but agreed it was both scary and fun.

Miles replayed that scene over and over until she cracked. She clenched her fists and stood up, slowly getting her portable out. "Galloway… he's dead." She heard a gasp on the other end and sighed. "I'm so sorry. I should've been quicker. If only there was a way to resurrect him." Silence has heard until a thought rose upon Galloway. "If he's dead, there's only one way to get him back."

"Divine intervention," she suggested "But right now I feel like kicking Heller's ass. Just can't believe you worked for the jerk." Hearing a sinister laugh, she grinned. "Whatever you say, Jessica."

"I'll be there in five. Just stay calm when I get there, alright?"

"Okay… I'll try." Jessica rolled her blue eyes and hung up. She looked at the splattered blood on the floor and saw Heller in his eyes. The pain, dodges and attacks he made, she felt. She stopped when he severed both his arms, and at that moment he was weak and vulnerable to even try and attack his creation again. She shook her head in disgust and when her clothes seeped out white smoke, she summoned her Brawler Pack with a shout. "Come on my little puppies. We've got a certain someone to feel my wrath."

I thought wrong...

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