I'm very excited to say that this will NOT be the end (well, actually, is it but you know what I mean). I've finally decided that I should write a sequel or something (at least inc. the characters). And I've got the perfect idea.

QUESTION! Should I publish this? Apparently, news spreads fast in my family and now, EVERYONE knows that I'm an aspiring writer and I found out that one of my close family friend's has a friend (what a mouthful) who's related to J. K. Rowling. :O

Anyway, like I said, I'm really excited about ending this. Finally get to wrap up all the drama but I'll try to save some characters in the process. Enjoy Reading! ;)

Chapter Nineteen: When Worlds Collide

"In the space of a couple weeks, you've had to fight to survive. Now you have to fight to the death... How do you feel about that?" The contact stood with their assault rifle beside Jessica, who was sitting with her feet swaying off the edge and looked at the suffering corpse of a city. "Believe it or not but I've been waiting for this time to come. A lot a fucked up things have happened in my life... I guess I can call this payback, right?"

Anwen dropped in a crouch and stepped to Jessica, saying "I'd never thought I might have to die today. But now that I've got a special gift... I think dying is off my list." Levi looked at the atmosphere, shaking his head in disgrace. "Everyone has a special gift..." Amber eyes stared at night-vision goggles. "It's just that some use theirs for granted."

Jacques' probably dead now as the tormented screaming had finally stopped. Can't believe that guy had been going on for hours; Alex really was killing him but slowly so that he felt the affliction more. Jessica had listened to the conversation they had upstairs and almost every time Alex spoke, she was thankful she had him by her side. 'I swear... I didn't mean to hurt Jessica!'

'So, why did you? What, you wanted to destroy her life?'

'No! I didn't mean to hurt her...'

'You weren't saying that a couple years ago. You were happy that happened; poor she told me everything. She could've been mentally fucked for all we know but she decided to stay strong and carry on with life.'

'Then that's good, right?'

'Maybe, Miller, but what happened still tore her life apart. When she reached the young adult milestone, her parents were caught in an explosion and when she was 21, found her sister's body in her apartment... And no, it wasn't me.' She shivered; his voice sounds so sexy when he's angry.

'How can you be so sure?'

'Suddenly, I'm the bad guy now? Colonel Rooks killed her sister; he was the last person with her. I didn't even know who Jessica was until she became the WHITELIGHT Virus... Plus, you didn't answer my question. Why did you abduct Jessica?'


'Yeah, that's what I thought. Lemme guess... Was it to satisfy your sick, twisted cravings of performing sexual acts on a 16-year-old? And you've even killed your own wife jut because she wasn't right for you... You've had a son with her, right?'

'Yeah, but-'

'So how can she not be right for you? Only idiots who love debauchery would do that... It amazes me to see that a woman who has suffered so much in her life decided to forget. Life-changing experiences are hard to forget; especially losing your virginity to some guy you don't even know... She didn't decide to end her life because she knew she had her life ahead of her. Believe it or not but she could've done lots of things... But I ended up killing her.'

'Hold on... Jessica's dead?!'

'Yeah, so am I. She died because I stabbed her in the back... If she didn't inject herself, none of us wouldn't have been here. You'd be with your son laughing your head off while I'd be screaming 'fuck you' to the world.'

'Emo shit...'

'Emo? Really? Y ou can call me emo for as long as you want but just remember it's you who's gonna die, not me.'

'Wait, wait, no! No, no! Stop! It hurts!'

'This is for touching my girlfriend.' There was a tearing noise and Jacques screamed his loudest and Jessica turned on her stomach, finding the chance and the right position on the bed to fall asleep.

Hours went past and everyone woke up, still hearing low groans from the half-alive guy upstairs and had a debate in the living room; Jessica and Anwen was sitting on the sofa, Katy and Levi were leaning on the wall and Dana was in her desk chair. Maya was too busy doing whatever and Alex was, you know,still killing Miller. Anwen wanted to go upstairs and check but she had the feeling that she might not like what she'd see. Because once you've seen it, you can't un-see it. "So," she said, breaking the silence between the girls and Levi. "What's next?"

"What's next is that Dana and Maya stay here," Jessica replied with her eyes closed and Dana's face went all distorted. "You are not leaving me here by myself!"

"Dana, are you infected?"

"Well, Uh... No..."

"Then that's that. You have to stay here. How are we meant to protect you if we're gonna be running around? How you meant to keep up?"

"She has a point," Katy agreed. "And plus there are two of you... It's best if you stay put." Dana didn't like this one bit but she gave up anyway and said "Fine! Fine, I'll... Stay here... But what if they try and find us?"

"They won't," Levi answered. "They'll be too focused on trying to kill us."

"But what if they do?"

"They won't get far... There maybe five of us and at least, what, 50 of them but that don't mean that we can't kill them all. If we adapt correctly, then we're likely to win." Alex stepped into the apartment, rippling to coat the blood, and he stepped behind Jessica's chair and leaned over her to peck her lips. Anwen fought her wrath to try not and kill Jessica and ended up diverting her attention to her hands. "It's okay now," he whispered to her. "He's nothing. I taught him a very valuable lesson not to touch the people I loved... He shouldn't bother you anymore."

"Thank you," She smiled up at him and made space for him on the sofa, closing her eyes again. "What is our new plan?" he asked, looking directly at Anwen and she cleared her throat, looking back at him. "Since there's an addition of us, I think we should just confront them but at the same time, have your abilities at the ready. Levi's here to make sure that they are in danger, not us. If something is due to happen to Maya and Dana, he will let us know and one of us will go before it even starts."

"And where are they?"

"They're moving..." Jessica said. "They're at Midtown West... Near Dana's old safehouse. Ain't that the Dead Zone?"

"It's at the brink of the Dead Zone."

"Why are they going there?"

"A diversionary tactic... The strongest are going Midtown; the others are in Times Square... On top of the National Bank."

"National Bank?"

"They want our memories to start ticking so that we turn vulnerable and are easier to kill."

"Smart ass dicks," Anwen whispered and she stood, walking to the window and looked at the sky when it clapped twice. "There's gonna be one hell of a storm."

Jessica smiled, "Time to make the weather my best friend... Wait, hold on... How long are we waiting for?"

"Until we notice a change in atmosphere... I'm guessing it won't be long."

"It won't," Alex said, standing up and everyone stared at his hazy orange eyes, Jessica too. "I can hear them... They're planning to hit us at Times Square and when we're distracted enough, they'll try and reach Chinatown." Everyone moved at light speed, Dana was unable to keep up with them. Anwen and Alex pushed the sofa to the door, stacking the desk on it too and Jessica went to every window in the house, except for the living room's, and sealed it with her infection, Levi doing the same to the front door. "Are we ready?" Alex asked as they regrouped in the middle of the biggest room in the apartment.

"We always were," Katy said and sharing determined smiles, they hopped out the window one by one, Levi sealing the window before taking off with the rest. They bolted in a bundle, all instinctively leaping and flipping proficiently over every vehicle in their way, some even blasting it away with a Palm Slap. Alex's biomass worked at his feet, streamlined body and strengthened leg muscles working faster than before, but Jessica was faster, biomass roping around her legs with every step. Katy and Levi were behind and Anwen switched to flight, repaired wings beating against the air with every swish. "How many are there?"

"At least 10, all with different abilities... It's a matter of adaption and survival."

"The triplets are there..." Katy said. "And they are not happy after what you done, Jess."

"Cryo was gonna take Dana and Maya. I had no other choice."


"They're here," Luminous said and Hydro stepped to the edge, his lips spreading in a smile. "Okay, Prototypes," he muttered, clicking his neck and rolling his shoulders. "Time to play... Geo, Pyro, let's go!" The two siblings shared sinister smiles before running off the edge, landing in front of the gang and causing a massive shockwave, forcing everyone off their feet, even Anwen. Levi was the first to recover; he flicked out his right arm, feeling it morph and grow into his blade and sprinting to Geo he swiped, feeling rock scrape the metal. Geo grinned at him before hitting him with a rock fist and went for a second, but he evaded it with a dive-roll. He jumped again, barely missing a Whipfist and changing to claws, he dug the blades in the ground, channelling his biomass underground and when it was near, erupted it upwards, groundspikes ripping through the woman's frame and blood dribbled from her mouth. Pulling his claws out, he broke into a dash, already slicing through Geo's frame and carried on until she stopped moving.

Jessica circled Hydro and laughing, his hands liquefied into water but froze and he groaned in shock. Jessica was startled herself but realised who just saved her life. "Nice try," she said, before booting him in the chest and soaring in an arc, he flipped early and managed to spray her with water and the former assassin screamed in agony, dropping on one knee. "This is getting harder every time," she whispered, just as her head was picked up by the Child. "So weak... So pathetic..." Just as he was ready to cut her face, she pounced, tackling him on the floor and making sure she was on top; her right hand sizzled with electricity while the other held Hydro by the throat. "You may be my weakness, Hydro, but electricity doesn't go well with water." She shocked him and he screamed, rain now dripping calmly on their bodies and she moaned at every drop, still pumping volts into the guy's system and his heartbeat gradually slowed down to a halt. Panting, she rolled off, clutching her right arm as if it was broken and Katy rushed to her side, picking her up. "Are you okay?"

"Not really... I've gotta get used to this."

"Evolved," Alex called out, arms rippling into his claws and as the first few charged towards him, he copied them, blades biting through their armour and flesh. Anwen joined him with her katana and a bright figure blurred from the National bank and collided with Katy, pushing her off balance. Using her hands, she rolled backwards and landed on her feet, surprised with her encounter. "Lumo, is that you?"

"Of course it's me Katy... Can't you remember me? I was always the prettiest one there."

"A bit vain, don't you think?"

"Nope," she formed light particles and forced it in her limbs, her dual blades now a glowing white. "I'm just being me." She vanished in air but Katy was able to track where she was and punched at the air, feeling bones snap and Luminous was blasted backwards, wheezing as she rolled and the former Child walked up to her. "You might be able to move at light speed because of your photons but so can I. It's really a win-win here."

"Yeah," Lumo said, wiping the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand and going up on one knee. "But let's see if you can adapt." She moved and Katy spun on her heels, claws at the ready and her instinct told her to move so she did, barely missing a thrown car. Smiling, Katy blurred and forced herself into Lumo but dropped on the floor when her claws sliced air. "Like I said," the girl said behind her. "Adapt and realise. It's the only way you're gonna win."

"Son of a bitch!" Pointing, Lumo laughed and said "What's your finger gonna do?"

"This." Jessica came up behind her slyly, covered her mouth with a hand and said "Have a good sleep, Lumo." Her free hand pierced into her back and the Child's eyes rolled back and she found something she weren't supposed to. She found a clue to her parent's sudden death: someone wanted a daughter who'd do anything to save her parents. She was meant to be in the explosion but she wasn't close enough and the bomb malfunctioned and detonated. "No..." Jessica dropped on her knees and covered her face and Katy asked "What did you find?"

Her hands moved, "I... I was supposed to be dead. I'm not supposed to be here... someone planned my parent's death... No..."


"It..." She laughed manically. "It all makes perfect sense! If I was alongside my parents, The Children wouldn't have been here, PARIAH would still have been in captivity and Heller would be the good guy. They made the Children... Because of me. I caused this mess..." She stood, white smoke evaporating off her hoodie and her eyes suddenly went icy. "And these fuckers are gonna pay." She pushed past Katy, who stared at her as she easily killed Pryo by infecting her with her strain. Poor Child just exploded, oh well...

Alex noticed Jessica's sudden change in emotion and when he finished dicing the last Evolved, he jogged towards her and tapped her on the shoulder, jolting when her hand caught hold of his wrist. "Whoa... Babe, you okay?"

"Am I okay, Alex? Am I?"


"Well then..."

"At least tell me what's up."

"I caused all this."

"What? No, you didn't."

"I did... I found out who killed my parents. I wanted to know, found the truth, wish the hell I can forget about it. But no matter how hard I try, the memory just grows."

"Who killed them?"

"They're not here but when I do find them, they're biomass... Now, if you excuse me," she let go of his wrist and walked off and Alex had to keep up with her. "I'm going Midtown West to find the person responsible."

"You can't go alone, Jess. You know they're more powerful than you."

"Then I'll try my best to not die, at least."

"You can't..."

"I'm sorry, Alex," she whispered, her tone more soothing, and she put her hood on, feeling strings interlace in her hair. Turning, she held him by the biceps, pulling him towards her and kissing him briefly, she spoke "I have to. I'm the reason for all this... I started this, I finish this. That's how I am and nobody's changing who I am."


"I'll call for you, I promise." A tear glinted behind the hood and smiling weakly, he wiped it and breathed out calmly. "Promise, you'll call for me."

"I promise," she repeated and sharing another passionate kiss, she parted from his frame and as she ran a couple steps, lightning hit her and just like that, she was nowhere to be seen and he was left there alone in the rain. Anwen ran up to him and grabbed his arm, saying "We need help... Alex, you okay?"

"What did I just do?"

"I'm not sure... Where's Jessica?"

"I let her go."

"Whadayya mean?"

"She's gone to Midtown West by herself. Apparently, she caused all this to happen... If anything happens to her, the world will suffer." His eyes shone a fierce red and his biomass curled and splashed on his arms, shaping his claws and she felt him reach the dark corners of his mind and smiled. "Ready to kill some assholes, ZEUS?"

He tilted his head to the side, sharp teeth on display. "Ready?" he smirked. "I was made for this."

With Jessica alone in Midtown West and Alex all godly, what's due to happen in the next chapter?