This story's got SAD parts. It also includes things I don't condone and do not advise you to do like- cheating, drinking, keeping secrets or mixing whiskey and rum. If you do it, I hold no responsibility.

So. Enough of that, more importantly,

This story is DEDICATED TO kurono-aijin!

This is all for you Kuro, who wanted long fics from the sentences. (Sorry it's such a crappy fic) K. Shutting up now.


#50 - Wedding

Then he felt it, that strange mixture of emotions, rage, hate, betrayal, she calmly walked down the aisle with another man.

#01 - Walk

She walked down the aisle at her wedding, frightened to death. She could feel it, the disapproving green eyes carefully watching her from the side. Yako's stomach tied up in knots.. Would Neuro-? No..but surely.. If that was true, why-? She stood in front of the priest, worried. But, as it turned out there was nothing to be worried about at all. Nothing at all. Hours later, her head in a daze, Yako smiled blankly as her new husband chattered excitedly. Her fear was gone, replaced by a strange bitter feeling that brought tears to her eyes...disappointment. Disappointment that Neuro had stood by and watched her be married, be entered into an everlasting commitment with another man, a human man different from Neuro as could be. Did she truly mean that little to Neuro, in the end? Yako smiled at her new husband through her tears, painfully aware. Her new husband loved her and adored her...but he could never make her feel the way Neuro did. Never.