Hello everyone! Here's the epilogue to the story (and for the moment this is the end). Thank you for sticking with it, and with me. Let me know if you're interested to read more, because I don't see much point of posting something no one wants to read; and I can't know you would like to read more if you don't tell me. :)



Hogwarts, September 2nd, 2021.

Dear father,

I am pleased to inform you that I was chosen as a Prefect this year. I suppose this will alleviate the sore of your eldest being sorted into Hufflepuff house six years ago. I assume Harry still teases you about this, but now you can ask him about a certain map Albus had in his possession. I can tell you that The Headmistress wasn't amused when she confiscated it from him.

You will be also pleased to learn that Katie was sorted into Slytherin. She did tell me, though, that the Hat contemplated for nearly five minutes if Gryffindor was better suited for her. I suppose you can shout "Finally!" now, while mum rolls her eyes at you. But, think of this. James was in Gryffindor, Rose and Lily are in Gryffindor, I am the Hufflepuff of the family, Katie is in Slytherin and Andrew will most certainly be in Rawenclaw. We've got ourselves the entire set. The Headmistress says that Albus, Lily and myself are a perfect example of house unity until we commit mischief, in which case we're mostly a cause of her many headaches. She says that we can't compare with our parents just yet, but that we are very close. I know you haven't told me everything you were up to while you were at school, and I bet Harry is wisely keeping his own adventures secret from James and Albus. (And speaking of adventures and achievements, why haven't you told me you were a Prefect? I was stunned to find your photograph in a Book of Prefects. I found mum as well, and mother – it was so lovely seeing her face.)

I keep thinking about grandfather. Have you spoken to him lately? I know he won't tell you that he misses Nana, just like he won't tell you that he doesn't like being alone. But he doesn't. I fear he is miserable all alone. Which makes me think of something. If I'm not mistaken I was six or even younger when Nana started insisting that you marry again, am I correct? I remember how upset it made you. I also think I remember us talking about it, and I think I understand now what Nana meant. We watched a documentary film in the Muggle studies class – as we're learning about Muggle sciences, we often watch documentaries, since last school year. Mum would enjoy them, and I think you would as well, no matter you claiming otherwise.

Anyway, I meant to say this. We watched a documentary about a lonely whale today. Did you know that whales sing? At a very specific frequency, so that others of their species can hear them and communicate with them. And they travel the seas in big families of sorts. Years ago Muggle scientists found this particular whale who sang in a frequency different than those of other whales. They haven't found out why, though. And can you guess what happened? That whale – a female – she was lonely. For all of her life. I mean, completely alone in the vast ocean, because no other whale could even hear her. Can you imagine that, being so fundamentally alone? Perhaps Nana feared that you would end up somewhat like this whale. Not that you would be in danger of nobody understanding you, but mum does have a point when she says you have to be convinced to socialize sometimes. What I truly mean to say is that I am glad that you are not alone, and I like to think that I had a role in that story, no matter how small. Please keep an eye on grandfather. You might have to convince him into socialization, even if it means having tea with you and mum. If anything he and mum can discuss politics and tradition. That's always fun. Then he can proceed to spoil Andrew just like he did with all of us.

Finally something that might amuse you. It seems that Katie has taken over my trait. I have been looking for her for an hour before I sat down to write this letter. Turns out she was distracted by the library, of all places, and was in there the entire time I was looking for her. I might set up that Lost and Found store you always threatened me with. Do not worry. I will keep an eye on my little sister. I know now how you must have felt when I was small. Rose and Katie say hi to you and mum. We all miss you two, Andrew, grandfather, Harry, Ginny, our funny twin uncles and everyone else.

Be well, father. Try not to argue with mum too much. Teach Andrew how to fly, okay? I think he's got mum's awful fear of flying, and she always says notihing helps more than facing your own fears. Don't let mum work too hard. The same goes for you as well. I love you both.

Your son, Scorpius.