This is my first time writing a Fan Fiction. Any advice would totally be helpful! I hope to stay true to the character that E.L. James created. The story picks up after he leaves Clayton's at the end of book 3. In no way do I own any part of The Fifty Shades Trilogy. I hope you enjoy!

Once I got back to my car, I called Welch. "Welch, I need a background check on everyone working at Clayton's Hardware Store in Portland. Include the owner's brother Paul."

"Yes sir," Welch replies. "How soon do you want it?"

"Just email me everything when it is done." I end the call and then call Elliot. His phone goes straight to voicemail. He is probably still with whom ever he was with last night. Will he ever stop being a playboy? I call Taylor, my go to man. He handles everything that I may want on a whim.

"Sir?" he answers. He knew I was coming down here, but did not know all of the reasoning behind it.

"Taylor, get me a room at the Heathman tonight. I am staying."

"Yes sir," is his only reply and then he is gone.

I mindlessly drive around Portland taking in everything that is going on. Am I really going to go after this girl? She is so young and inexperienced. Surely she's had boyfriends though, but why not now? It is because of her studies? She graduates in 2 weeks, is she worried about passing her finals? I should have Welch get me her academic records. I find myself in Vancouver, on her street. I didn't mean to come here, but I should see what type of living situation she has. I am impressed that she has an apartment and is not living in the dorms. Maybe that is the reason for the Wal-Mart and Old Navy clothes. From the look of her apartment, it is a two bedroom. So, she shares it with Miss Kavanagh. I guess its better than sharing it with a man. Why do you care Grey? She is not yours! You will be lucky if she doesn't tell you to go fuck yourself for stalking her.

After my encounter with her today, I want more. I want to see her beg me to touch her. I want her to beg to get spanked. God, why do I want her so bad?

I arrive at the Heathman and get checked in. By the time I am finished with dinner, Taylor should be here so I can get to work. As long as the things I want to do to her do not distract me. I am able to make it through dinner, but I can feel my body getting tense. I need to meet with Claude, my personal trainer. He will get me to relax. I have a fleeting thought as to what Dr. Flynn, my psychiatrist, will say to all of this. Oh well, we will deal with that if the time comes. I glance at my watch, its 6pm and no phone call. Maybe, I will be going home tomorrow. This thought upsets me, and I am not sure why.

Taylor has succeeded in getting me everything I needed from home. I sit down at the desk in my room, or should I say living room. Taylor knows I don't like small rooms, so he made sure that I got the biggest suite that they had. I open my laptop to get to work. Once I get started, the outside slowly fades away. When my phone rings it startles me and I look at the caller id. It's not a number I know. I contemplate not answering it, and then remember that I am waiting for a phone call from Miss Steele. I answer, "Grey."

"Er… Mr. Grey? It's Anastasia Steele." She sounds so scared when she speaks, and it makes me want to see her scared. Scared as to what I am going to do to that pretty pale skin.

"Miss Steele," I let her name roll off my tongue, it taste so sweet. "How nice to hear from you." I reply. The sound of her voice sinks to my dick. Just picturing her mouth as she speaks makes me hard.

As we set all of the plans for the photo shoot, she calls me "Sir." That one little word makes me want to drive to her apartment and teach her what she can really do for me. I smile through the phone; it's time to make her feel the same way that she makes me. I know when we hang up; my charms have worked on her. I can tell by the way she hangs up without telling me bye. I should teach her some manners while I am at it. What are you saying? She is not even yours! Yet