I'm really sorry it has taken me so long to come back here. I am not sure at this point if I will continue writing this story. I begin writing this because I couldn't find another story like it at the time. Now there are many other stories which I'm sure are outstanding, and the mentality of Christian is not one I can live in for extended periods. Also, I feel like it has been too long since I have read the books, and picking it back up would not be an easy task. I am thinking of starting a new one... Maybe just specific scenes from 50 Shades, or a whole new book altogether. We'll see. Thank you to everyone who read, commented, and even messaged me. For me, as a 1st time FF writer, that is the greatest thing ever! I really appreciated all of the support I got. If I decide to continue this story, I will obviously put it here first. I couldn't possibly think to share it with others before you all. Thank you again! Happy reading!

UPDATE: I have started a new story. It's called Anna Steele, US Marine.

This is the story of Ella, a US Marine, and her suitor, Michael. What will happen as he introduces her to his sexual perversions? Will she like it and ask for more, will his chiseled features be enough to keep her coming back, only tolerating the abuse. In this universe, there are no massive amounts of money, or red room of pain. Only a female Marine, trying to figure out who she is, and a male Marine trying to take everything he can, but losing it all.