Facciamo Pace

By Spiral Breeze

"Hurry! We must get to the Boss as soon as possible!" James exclaimed as he dashed across the hall, Jessie and Meowth running to keep up with their friend.

"James, wait, we have to do this together."

The blue haired young man finally slowed and nodded to his companions.

"You're right. We're a Team."

They slowed their pace to a brisk walk as the smiles grew wider on their faces. They arrived at Giovanni's office door and Meowth opened it slowly, inhaling anxiously and puffing out his chest.

"What is the meaning of this?" Giovanni bellowed over his cup of espresso.

"Sir, we have-"

"I don't care what you have! I did not ask you into my office!"

The trio shrank back, and James dropped their offering onto the lush Persian carpet. The cup fell through Giovanni's fingers, clattering and spilling it's contents onto his wooden desk. He crossed himself, kissing the three fingers up to the heavens.

"Santa Madre di Dio." He walked around to the other side of his desk, visibly shaking. "You did it." He whispered. "You three imbeciles actually did it."

He bent over the bundle on the floor and with unsteady fingers, hesitantly moved the crisp white sheet.

"What is wrong with it?" He suddenly questioned. "I told you not to harm it!" His voice rose dangerously.

"He's asleep sir." James explained with confidence.

Giovanni looked up questioningly.

"It's true sir, we would never-"

"Lie to me?" The leader of Team Rocket finished Jessie's sentence. "Out of this office." His voice was little more than a growl, and the trio backed away further. "OUT!"

They did not need to be told twice, Jessie, James and Meowth scampered out of the door, tripping over each other and ran down the hall. They knew better than to be in the boss' presence when he was in that foul of a mood.

Once they were gone, Giovanni rose and locked his office door. He crossed himself again and quickly picked up the bundled Pokémon from the floor. As he unfurled the sheet, his eyes filled with tears. Moving to his desk he opened a drawer and picked up an Awakening. He sprayed the Pokémon and watched in awe as it slowly opened it's eyes, yawning and stretching in his arms.

Giovanni laughed, despite himself, and a new wave of tears, tears of joy fell from his eyes, he weeped openly.

"Pi..." Pikachu yawned and tried to roll over. It came face to face with Giovanni and it became confused. It's large brown eyes seemed to question: why?

"Shh, my friend." The man murmured with a small smile. He held the Pokémon as a father held his new born son, tears glistening in his eyes, a smile permanently etched across his face. "I will not hurt you."

He hugged Pikachu closer, and nuzzled his face into it's soft yellow fur. The Pokémon did not struggle, nor did it utter a single sound. Giovanni continued to hold it, now rocking on his heels, and Pikachu knew not to be afraid.

"All these years... so long." He was sobbing now, and his hands tightened around the electric mouse as if with desperation. He placed Pikachu back against his chest, and looked down into it's big brown eyes. He moved to his chair and sat, crossing his legs, and fixing the white sheet around the small Pokémon. "All these years, I waited for you... I only wanted to be your friend."

The End