Hell On Earth

Sakura pushed her way through the crowds. Further and faster she went along until a stoplight halted her movements. Dozens of people crowded her, waiting for their chance to cross also, moving towards home or the night shift on this Saturday night. The tall skyscrapers on either side made Sakura feel uneasy. They proposed safety, off the ground from the violence, accidents, yelling, honking, and hell the city was made of.

The light changed and Sakura hurried along with the crowd. She thought that even on this level, this part of town was 'better' than where she was going. Where the glass and steel skyscrapers held fancy condominiums and businesses was left behind for rundown apartments full of countless people who barely make rent, and hardly feed themselves, and owned by slumlords. Where hundreds of alleys held lurking danger, and those people could no longer help themselves; that was where she was going. It was where she felt of some use. It was where a small group of people actually cared about those people, teen mothers let go by their families, men who lost the fight with addiction, children who had been lost in a society that no longer cared about them. Those people where all just lost children who just needed a little help up.

The crowds thinned out as Sakura went along. The buildings became less and less appealing, the ground became more and more cracked and often crumbled beneath her feet. Sakura turned a corner and met a scruffy beard, half-dead eyes, and overworn clothes. She had been startled but her anxiety faded when she recognized the face beneath the thick grey beard.

"Hello. Will you be attending dinner tonight?"

The man smiled, teeth lost to his long hard fight with the disease that had nearly consumed his life ten years before.

"Why that sounds lovely, miss Mamiya. I hadn't realized it was Saturday already."

He was well spoken, and obviously cared about his mannerisms. Sakura was reminded that sometimes bad things did happen to good people. A single mistake had changed this man's life forever. One stupid mistake was all it took; the best people are not allowed to be human. Some people are not allowed to be human, and make humanly mistakes.

Some people, however, do not even need to make their first mistake to have their life ruined forever. Some people are born into it, as Sakura would find out when she met a strange boy later that night.


This is what my firend and I came up with. There have been some murders in our town, so this was partually inspired by that.