Safe & Sound
Young and the Restless
Central Character(s): Cassidy "Cassie" Newman.
Summary: Cassie is certainly not planning to die before she knows what it's like to celebrate her fifteenth birthday. / Or, Cassie Newman learning first-hand what it's like to die.
slipped away challenge on the Lost Loves fanfiction forum.
Notes: I wanted to write Cassie, and my perception of her after death. People usually write what a character's passing would have on their family and friends on Earth, but I'm writing about going through her own experience with dying. It was going to be longer but I remembered it can't be more than a thousand words. There will be a sequel – and it will be longer called don't you forget about me and will stretch out over years.
Disclaimer: I'm just playing in CBS and Sony Pictures' arena. Okay? Okay. Title comes from Safe & Sound by The New Cities and Taylor Swift.

Cassie Newman never plans anything beyond tonight (she's only fourteen and wishing to wake up eighteen tomorrow) except for maybe getting Daniel home and noticing her all at once.

She doesn't have a permit but it's the right thing to do.

Daniel has to notice her then, right?


Cassie definitely doesn't plan powerful headlights so bright they blind her, the screeching of rubber tires against the black road, the blaring car horns that slice through the silence of that spring night and the sound of metal bending and twisting before she blacks out.


She wakes up, and it hurts to move. It hurts to breathe, and Daniel is slumped over and bleeding in the passenger seat. There are cuts all over his face and hands, and Cassie just wants to get him home.

"Daniel," Cassie tries to nudge him, her own blood wet and sticky from a gash on the side of her head. She raises a shaky hand to touch it, and winces painfully. Blood mixes into her red hair. Her voice is hoarse, and she just wants to scream him awake, but she can't. "Daniel, you gotta wake up."

More bright lights, Red and blue. Sound of high-pitched sirens. Voices. Glass shards glinting in the dark. And then Cassie is pulled under and it all goes black again.


Cassie is certainly not planning to die before she knows what it's like to celebrate her fifteenth birthday.


The first thing Cassie Newman learns after dying is that it's surprisingly quick and painless.

The second thing Cassie learns is that it's possible to cry while dying – she'll miss her little brother, Noah, more than she can say, or more than he will understand. She'll miss her family.

She'll miss her home.


Cassie dies somewhere between Dad (he's the only father in her slowing heart) singing softly – god, she wants to sing along – to her and Mom stroking her hands with gentle strokes.

"Don't blame Daniel," she whispers to Nick softly because it's getting harder to breathe and times gets shorter and shorter. "It's not his fault."

Cassie feels warm, feels bathed in an all too bright. Her heart starts to slow down and before it stops completely, she sees a flash, a snapshot of the little sister she will never meet but love anyway.

"You'll have another little girl."

She promises this. Crosses her heart.

(Faith is the most beautiful little girl in the world.)


The third thing Cassie learns as she slips away when she dies, is the feeling of peace that settles in the pit of her stomach and wraps itself around her heart like a pair of safe and secure arms.


A/N: I watched when Cassie died on YouTube for inspiration. It's short on purpose to make room for the sequel. For the sequel, it will be longer – much longer. But take that as you will. Feedback would be appreciated.

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