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Summary: Okay, so maybe Jaime got it wrong. Maybe a lot could happen in Cardiff. Sequel to Try and Stop Me!

N/A: Jaime is NOT getting together with Jack, sorry.


It was eleven thirty when Jack and Jaime left the restaurant, they had waited an hour for their table and ended up drinking the past away. Jaime wasn't drunk, not at all, she could hold her drink better than humans, and so Jack took her to the Hub, as he called it. He took her over to the water sculpture on the Roald Dahl Plass and stepped on a slab on the pavement, "Oh!" Jaime laughed, "A perception filter, right? I'm guessing it's caused by the TARDIS? Yeah?" Jack's face showed disappointment, "Oh sorry, did you not want me to guess? Okay…" She paused, "Why do you want me to get on that?" Jack laughed,

"Just get on! I knew you'd ruin it for me." She stuck out her tongue and stepped on the slab, linking her arm with Jack's. He pressed a button on his vortex manipulator and the 'lift' began to descend, Jaime pulled an impressed face,

"Very clever, Mr Harkness." He sniffed,

"That's Captain Harkness to you." Jaime pouted,

"Aww, poor baby." She giggled as he helped her off the slab, she looked around at the sewer-styled cavern that was Torchwood Three, she smiled and turned to Jack, "Nearly as beautiful as the TARDIS, and that's saying something!" Jack laughed,

"I'm glad you approve! Although, it doesn't seem to me that my crew is here…" He walked over to the computer area and checked one, "Oh, Blowfish. Interesting, you wanna come?" Jaime shook her head,

"I wanna explore…" She looked around again and Jack chuckled,

"Okay then, just don't let the weevils out, and careful of Myfanwy!" Jaime nodded, "See you later." She grinned at him as he left and walked around, taking it all in. She dropped her bag in Jack's office, not before taking out her fixed vortex manipulator, and went to look at the medical centre at all their tools and scanners before heading back up to the workstations, they had CRIMINT installed, impressive. She went down to see the weevils Jack had mention in the cells, one came running up to the glass and banged on it, she turned her head sharply, it looked humanoid, with the addition of a wrinkled face and sharp fangs. She went closer to the cell where the weevil, dressed in a boiler suit, seemed to be sniffing to her, she moved until her face was right up against the glass and the weevil sat down, Jaime copied and stared at it. She nodded to it and it hesitantly nodded back, she smiled and looked at it. She must have been sitting there for a while because the next thing Jaime heard was voices coming from upstairs, she got up and made her way slowly towards the workstation area, where a brunette violently pushed Jack into a door frame,

"You left us, Jack!" Everyone went quiet and Jaime stood, in the shadow of the doorway, listening, Jack sighed,

"I know, and I'm sorry." A lady with black hair spoke up,

"Where were you?"

"I found my Doctor." A Welshman, obviously Ianto, spoke up,

"Are you going back to him?" Jack shook his head,

"I came back for you. All of you."

"Did he fix you?" That voice was a Londoner and Jack smiled,

"What's to fix? You don't mess with this level of perfection." Jaime stepped out,

"Always the modest one, aren't you Jack?" She laughed and pointed back to where she came from, ignoring the guns being aimed at her, "Those weevils, quite calm once you get to know them! And one other thing," She grabbed Ianto's gun from him and threw it on the floor, "I, like most people, don't like guns being pointed at me, thank you!" Jack grinned,

"Team, meet Jaime." The Welsh brunette turned to him,

"Who?" Jack led Jaime forward,

"Jaime, meet Ianto Jones," He pointed him out and Jaime sighed, biting her lip,

"Oh Jack, I do love a man in a suit…" Jack laughed,

"Toshiko Sato," He pointed to the black-haired Asian lady, "Doctor Owen Harper," He pointed out the Londoner, "And Gwen Cooper." The brunette finally put her gun down, Jaime smiled at them before zipping up her jacket,

"Right, hi! Um…shall we go." Jack frowned and turned to her,


Jaime smiled, "Rift activity." Just as she finished a beep emerged from Tosh's computer, "C'mon." Jack followed after her, arm thrown over her shoulder, laughing loudly,

"Dare I ask?" Jaime shrugged as she got into the back seat of the SUV,

"I can feel it…Ooo, nice car!" It was a tight squeeze as Owen, Tosh and Ianto also had to fit in the back, "Can't say I've never been in a situation as tight as this…" She winked at Jack, who chuckled. The quickly drove to the scene where the police were and went over to the body, Jaime whipped out her sonic screwdriver, and clicked it, unlike the Doctor's blue one, this one flashed purple, "Ooo, purple!" Jack rolled his eyes,

"Tosh, whatcha got?" Tosh scanned the body with a hand-held scanner and read from it,

"Fragments of rift energy around the neck, arm and shoulders." Jaime looked up to the top of the car park,

"He was grabbed," She made a whistling noise, "And pushed. Well, that explains the residual energy cluster."

"So, there's a potential killer on the loose – bi-pedal, maybe humanoid." Owen stated, Gwen turned to Tosh,

"Any other alien tech involved, Tosh?" Tosh shook her head,

"No readings to suggest that." Jack clapped his hands together,

"Okay, let's get back and see what we can piece together." Gwen raised an eyebrow,

"Taking charge again, are you?" Jack winked,

"I was hoping for a little power struggle, resolved by some naked wrestling." Jaime raised a hand,

"I'm up for that." Jack nudged her and she stuck her tongue out as they headed for the crime scene tape, Gwen stopping for a second to talk to a policeman. As they got back to the SUV and Jack reached for the door, his vortex manipulator beeped, Ianto stepped back,

"Whoa, that never beeps." Jack nodded,

"That's what I was thinking…" Everyone gathered around him as he pressed a button and a 3-D light image of a man appeared,

"I can't believe I got the answer machine! What can you be doing that's more important than me? Anyway, you've probably traced the energy shift, found the body. All me, sorry about the mess. Bill me for the clean-up. Now…" He clapped his hands together, "Drinks! Retrolock the transmission coordinates, that's where I am. And hurry up, work to do!" He put on a girl's voice, "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!" Jaime giggled at the reference before the man vanished and Jack turned to his team seriously,

"Stay here. Don't come after me. Stay here!" He got into the SUV and Jaime banged on the window as he drove off,

"Jack! These people probably don't even like me!" She got out her sonic screwdriver and traced the co-ordinates of the transmission and turned to smiled at the team, "Um, I'm gonna find my own way. See ya later…" The four Torchwood Three members frowned at her and she turned to walk away.

"Um…Jaime?" She looked over her shoulder at Ianto, who was holding out a gun, she smiled,

"I'm alright thanks." She called before walking off down the road, as soon as she was out of sight she looked at her wrist-strap, "Jack, Jack, Jack… where have you gone? Ooo, 'Bar Reunion'?" She tapped in the co-ordinates and teleported away in a flash, she ended up behind a bar crouched down, Jack and a man drinking right above her,

"So…How was rehab?" Jack asked the man.

"Rehabs. Plural."

"Drink, drugs, sex and…" Jaime could hear the smile in the man's voice,

"Murder." Jack chuckled,

"You went to murder rehab?"

"I know, ridiculous. The odd kill, who does it hurt?" Jaime raised an eyebrow.

"You clean now?"

"Yeah. Kicked everything. Living like a priest." Jack laughed and set his bottle down on the counter,

"So, how's the Time Agency?"

"You didn't hear? It's…shut down."

"You're kidding!"

"No. There are only seven of us left now. It's good to see you; it was never the same without you." There was a pause,

"You need to go. I don't want you on my territory."

"What? Time was, you couldn't get enough of me on your 'territory'." Jaime heard the man swipe something of the counter and before she knew it, gunshots rang out shattering glass, "All right! Everybody out!" Jaime hear doors open and Gwen's voice,

"Everything alright, Jack?"

"It's okay, it's okay!" Jaime could hear the smirk in the man's voice,

"You've got a team! How sweet! Oh, pretty little friends! No blonde, though. You need a blonde." Jaime heard a bit of fear in Jack's voice,

"Where's Jaime?" That's my cue she thought and picked up the two bottles close to her and stood up,

"Smirnoff? Or Malibu?" She put the bottles on the counter and pointed at Jack with a smirk, "Was that fear I detected, Harkness?" He shook his head,

"How did you get here?" Jaime pointed at her vortex manipulator,

"You're not the only one who can bounce." She stuck her tongue out at him and sat on the counter, "Whose rehab boy? Real cute." The man winked at her,

"You're gorgeous." Jaime leant closer to him,

"Maybe late…" Jaime heard Owen mutter,

"God, they're worse than Jack…" The man turned to Jack,

"Oh, do you have a team name? I love team names, go on!" The man raised his eyebrows,

"Oh. Not Excalibur? Blizzard? Bikini Cops? No? Torchwood. Oh, dear." Jack motioned each of his team,

"Jaime, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Toshiko Sato, Owen Harper, meet..."

"Captain John Hart." Hart cut in smoothly, Jack glared at him,

"We go back." Hart scoffed,

"Excuse me. We more than go back. We were partners." Ianto frowned,

"In what way?" Hart waggled his eyebrows,

"In every way. And then some." Jack rolled his eyes,

"It was two weeks!"

"Except that two weeks was trapped in a time loop, so we were together for five years. It was like having a wife." Jack looked taken-back,

"You were the wife." Hart pointed at him,

"No YOU were the wife." Jack chuckled,

"No, you were the wife." Hart smiled,

"Oh, but I was good wife." Tosh smiled slightly,

"I bet you were." Jaime grinned and the rest of her team looked at her, "What? Jaime's not the only one who's noticed, he's cute." Jaime nodded and turned to Hart in a mock-whisper,

"They're just shy." Jack looked at him,

"What are you doing here?" Hart sighed,

"I was wondering when we'd get to that." He opened his wrist strap and punched in some numbers, Tosh frowned,

"That's the same as yours and Jaime's." Jack scoffed,

"A little smaller." Hart rolled his eyes,

"But lasts much longer…" Jaime patted Jack condescendingly on the shoulder,

"Space hoppers…" She sand before turning to the others, "Honestly! Get two Time Agents in the same room together; it's always about the size of the wrist straps!" Owen frowned,

"Ah, yes, sorry? What's a Time Agent?" Jaime frowned at Jack who averted his eyes and Hart raised an eyebrow,

"What? He's never told you about his past?"

"No, he hasn't" Gwen muttered. Jack and Hart looked at each other,

"Anyway…" He pressed another button, it beeped and a holographic image of a canister appeared, "I'm working with this woman - beautiful, clever, sexy, yadda yadda yadda - and we both get shot. And as she's dying, she begs me. She tells me about these radiation cluster bombs she'd been working on." Jaime snorted quietly to herself, and Owen gulped,

"I don't like the sound of that."

"Three canisters, contents beyond toxic, swallowed up in a riftstorm." Jaime rolled her eyes,

"And ended up here, yeah carry on." Hart laughed,

"That's the downside of this city being built on a rift in space and time. Now, left to their own devices, the radiation'll break down the canisters and then infect your people and planet. They need to be neutralized." Jack scoffed,

"What do you get out of this?"

"Dying woman's wish. Now, there's only one problem: I don't know where they are. Hoping local knowledge might help." Jaime turned to Tosh,

"Tosh, when we get back to the Hub, can you run a citywide scan on radiation surges and cross-reference that with the rift activity during that time span?" She nodded, obviously shocked with Jaime's knowledge, Hart looked her up and down,

"What are you, the brains and the flirt?"

"You know it." Jaime winked; Jack stepped in front of Hart,

"We do this, you get out of here when it's finished. Right away." Hart put his hands in his pockets,

"Does this mean I get to see your house?"


Jaime, Owen, Gwen, Ianto and Tosh were back at the hub; Jaime was looking at the blowfish, "A blowfish? Seems to be a sort of updated version of the Fish People." She laughed quietly to herself and returned to the workstation area and looked up as Hart and Jack came down on the lift, Jaime heard Hart say,

"Your taste in interior design hasn't got any better, though. What is this, sewer chic?" Jaime laughed as the lift came to a stop,

"I think it's amazing." She sat on the steps as Ianto stepped forward with a silver tray and Jack stopped Hart getting off,

"Weapons." Hart removed his guns and handed them to Jack, who placed them on the tray, and took Hart's samurai sword. He shrugged innocently, Jack held out his hand and Jaime pulled out her screwdriver, scanning him, Jack looked impatiently at him,

"And the rest." Hart shrugged again,

"Oh, you know me. I'm a two-weapon man." Jaime held up the screwdriver, looking bored,

"One pistol strapped to each leg, laser knife beneath left elbow, 17 small explosive charges in the lining of his coat." She held up the sonic screwdriver, "Sonic screwdriver, honestly, not hard." Hart removed his weapons begrudgingly,

"Slipped my mind." Jaime skipped in front of the others towards the conference room and sat cross legged on a chair, the rest followed her in and Tosh presented her findings,

"Seven hours ago we logged a minor surge in rift energy, across three locations." Jaime raised a hand,

"I could stay here and do some more scans to find out the exact location and whether they're due to break and leak radiation soon." Hart nodded,

"Then there are six of us, three locations. That's simple. Two people per canister." Jack raised his voice,

"Excuse me, I give the orders." Hart looked at him,

"Well give some, big boy!" Gwen looked at Jack,

"John's right. Sorry...um...d'you prefer John, or Captain?" Hart looked her up and down,

"With eyes like yours, call me Vera, I won't complain." Jaime looked at Ianto and rolled her eyes. Gwen just blushed,

"Tosh and Owen, take the north. Ianto and Jack go west. Vera and I will take the docks." Jack cleared his throat,

"Excuse me, not to repeat myself…" Gwen smiled sweetly at him,

"Got a problem with this, Jack?" Jack just smiled and backed off,

"Not at all." Hart reminded everyone before getting up,

"Now, given the canisters are radioactive, don't open them, eh?" Everyone nodded and walked out, Jaime stayed just to give Jack a small smile and a consoling pat on the back. She sat at Tosh's desk as the all left and began to run scans based on John's holographic evidence and her own knowledge, radioactive canisters were hard to come by and she herself had only seen one once. She put her glasses on, there was no need for them but the Doctor used them to make him look clever so she thought she would too. She had been scanning for signs of radioactivity when she frowned, no radioactivity…little liar she pressed the comm system in her ear but only static came up, she tucked her phone into her bra just in case and tried again, "It won't work you know?" A voice said from behind her, she whipped around to see Hart standing there, gun aimed at her head, "Now be a good girl and take off the vortex manipulator." She did as she was told, "No pass it to me and stand up," She did so, and he walked towards her and motioned to the tunnels with his gun, "Down we go." He led her to the cells and opened the door, quickly shoving her in it, locking it behind her, "Enjoy weevil time! I got me a canister to collect." He laughed and ran away; Jaime turned around and closed her eyes when she saw the weevil sitting in the corner, looking at her. She back slowly away and sat knees to her chest, on the stone bench, the weevil edged nearer and sniffed her slightly, before baring its teeth but moving backwards a bit, Jaime reached slowly into her top and pulled out her phone, dialing in the number for Ianto. She held it to her ear and nearly cried in relief when she heard,

"Jaime? Is that you?" Her breathing was shallow,

"Ianto, thank fuck, you gotta come and help me."

"I'm just outside where Owen and Tosh are. Owen was shot apparently…one sec, TOSH! OWEN!" She heard him call,

"Ianto," She whispered not taking her eyes of the weevil, "Put me on speaker just in case you get distracted."

"Okay, done." She heard some rustling as they helped someone, presumably Owen, into a car,

"You still there, Ianto?" She whispered down the phone, the weevil still unresponsive.

"Yeah, he's here." Owen's gruff voice answered, obviously in pain, "What'd he do to you?" The weevil shuffled, teeth bared, towards her slightly and Jaime barely muffled a scream,

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine." For now. "Where's Gwen?"

"Just searching the containers." She faintly heard Ianto shouting Gwen's name in the background, "We found her phone, but not her." She heard a container being opened before hearing Tosh call for them, "We found here…but she's not looking good." Jaime closed her eyes briefly, before turning them back to the staring weevil,

"Owen, tell me exactly what she looks like."

"Umm, pupils dilating just unresponsive stock still." Jaime gasped slightly,

"Owen, that's paralyzing lipgloss, effectively poisons. You need an anti-toxin kit." She heard them rush about before,

"She's alright, good call Jaime. We're getting in the SUV, now where are you?" Jaime laughed lightly,

"Funny story," She screamed quietly as the weevil moved even nearer, "Um, Owen, he locked me in a cell."

"Okay, and?" Jaime inhaled,

"He locked me in a cell…with a weevil."

"Shit. IANTO!" She heard him call, "FASTER! Jaime, keep talking to me."

"It's funny, Owen, I have seen so many aliens in my lifetime, trust me that's a lot, and I don't think I've ever been trapped with one I couldn't negotiate with to not hurt me. Quite an accomplishment on my first day." She heard Owen laugh slightly,

"You really are something, Jaime, hold on; we're just outside, coming down to get you…" Jaime heard their footsteps and backed away to the door slowly, just as it was flung open. She rushed out into Owen's arms, her breaths coming out shaky; she looked up at her new workmates,

"Let's go stop this bastard." They walked quietly up the stairs, towards the medic bay, Jaime stopping only to get her sonic screwdriver and stood around him, his back facing them. Jaime, he only one without a gun, watched as the four slide their gun slides back and Hart turned around,

"Okay." He held a pyramid piece in his hand, "Pretty and resilient. Is that even fair?" Gwen glared at him,

"Maybe you didn't realize. You can beat, shoot, threaten, poison and even lock us in a cage with a weevil, and we keep coming back. Stronger every time." Hart didn't look bothered,

"Well, I think you ought to know, your boss is splayed out on the..." Jack walked into the bay and Jaime smiled up at him and sat down, arms resting on the chains and legs dangling against the wall, "...pavement. Now that's impressive. Seriously, you can earn a fortune in the Vegas galaxies with an act like that. Go on, how does it work?" Jack leant against the bars near Jaime,

"I can't die." Hart looked like he didn't believe him,

"No. But, really…" Jaime laughed,

"Jack's a fixed point in time and space. A fact. That's never meant to happen. He can't die you can't kill him. No matter how many times you try. He can't die. Ever." Hart acted like he didn't care,

"But what does it cost you? Every time you have to drag yourself back here, how does it feel? All that pain and trauma. Plus, you're reborn into this godforsaken mess. I pity you." Jack shook his head,

"These people. This planet. All the beauty you could never see. That's what I come back for." Hart pulled a face,

"Well goody on you…" Jaime nodded to the piece in his hand,

"What's in the canisters, Hart?" Owen nodded,

"Come clean time, Captain." Hart threw his hands in the air,

"Yeah, all right. That woman I told you about? Had herself an Arcadian diamond."

Jaime's mouth dropped open in disbelief, "An Arcadian diamond? They're the rarest gems in the Damascene Cluster, how did she get her hands on that?"

Hart shrugged, "Just when I'd got my hands on her, she only generates her own personal riftstorm. God, I hate technological geniuses." Tosh frowned,

"You said this was a dying woman's request."

"Yeah, she was dying. I shot her. Thought my luck had changed when I found it had ended up here. So, I'm thinking 50/50? Even split, good deal. Or if anyone fancies an orgy?" Jaime raised an eyebrow and Jack led them to his office, Jaime looked at her watch, 8:30, and shrugged, she didn't need sleep. Hart brought in the pyramid piece and put it on Jack's desk, who nodded to it,

"Open it." Hart pulled a face,

"What, not even a please? Don't your manners get brought back to life too?" Jack didn't look amused,

"Now!" Hart placed the pyramid piece over the others,

"This should give us the location of the diamond." Jaime rolled her eyes from her place next to Owen. Hart put the triangle pieces, now snapped together in one piece, over the pyramid. It fitted perfectly. The pyramid projected a holographic image up on the desk. A woman stood there,

"You've traveled several galaxies for this. Well done." Hart smirked,

"Thank you, gorgeous." The woman smirked,

"Except ... there's no diamond." Jaime smirked to herself at Hart's confused expression,

"What?" The woman blinked,

"Only this." The metal pyramid opened to reveal a bright metal piece inside. The three-piece base separated and twisted. Jaime bit her lip,

"Oh Hart, you are in trouble…" The bright metal piece inside floated out and changed into a circular disc with clamps. Hart faced Jaime desperately,

"There's got to be a diamond. It's all about the diamond! What the hell is tha...?" The disc zoomed forward and attached itself to Hart's chest, the metal clamps embedding a firm hold on him. A red light appeared and it ticked. Hart staggered backwards and the woman smiled,

"It's an explosive device, which will latch on to the DNA of whoever killed me. It'll detonate in ten minutes. It can't be removed without exploding, so don't bother trying. Goodbye, lover. See you in hell." The hologram ended and Hart turned to Jaime,

"Get it off me! You know so much! HELP!" Jaime cupped her ear with her hand,

"Sorry, is that the weevil calling me back into its CELL!" Gwen turned to Jack,

"She can't be serious, ten minutes?" Ianto held up a stopwatch,

"Actually, nine minutes...50, 49, 48...always at the ready." Gwen looked at the bomb,

"Okay. How big is this explosion likely to be, Jack?" Jaime bit her lip,

"That technology, that size – big!" Owen nodded,

"So we should really get him out of the city…"

"Nine minutes 37…" Hart turned desperately to Jack,

"You've got to help me! Please." Jack raised an eyebrow,

"Why?" Hart swung his fist back and punched him in the face, then grabbed Gwen, twisted her arm behind her back and pulled her backward out of the office door. Owen pulled out his gun,

"Let her go!" Hart put her in front of him slightly,

"Get back! Back, back off! Get back!" Everyone then got their guns out and Gwen was calling out to them,

"Help me!" Hart let her go as the handcuffs snapped shut around her wrist, she looked from her handcuffed left wrist to his right, "What have you done?" Jaime got out her sonic screwdriver, Hart smirked at her,

"It's ... uh ... hypersteel, impermeable, deadlock sealed. No way to undo them. Unless you have this key." Jaime put her screwdriver away with a glare damn deadlock, he showed them the key and swallowed it, Gwen grabbed him by his throat; "You are unbelievable!" Hart smirked,

"And yet, you still find me strangely attractive. Now YOU had better find a solution pronto or she'll be blown up with me!"

"Will shooting him stop the DNA trigger?" Jaime put her hand over Owen's and gently lowered his arm,

"No." Gwen turned to Tosh,

"Tosh? The rift predictor program, have you perfected yet?" Tosh shrugged,

"Pretty much." Gwen looked at her,

"Anything in the next few minutes?" Jaime realized what she was doing,

"Gwen, no way." Hart looked like a deer caught in the headlights,

"What is she talking about?"

"If we're in the rift when that disc exploded, the city will be safe." Hart looked at her,

"How does that save us?" Gwen shook her head,

"It doesn't." Ianto sounded panicked,

"Eight thirty-two…thirty-one…" Hart narrowed his eyes,

"You're bluffing…"

"Try me." Tosh looked over from her station,

"The car park where he arrived. The crack in the rift is still active up there." Jaime turned to Owen, and nodded to the medic bay, pulling Jack down with her,

"Blood. We need blood, specifically, Torchwood blood." She opened the counter which contained blood samples and handed 'Cooper, Gwen' to Jack before pulling out 'Sato, Toshiko' and pouring it into Gwen's vial, Owen caught on an started the machine to mix the blood, Jaime pulled out 'Harper, Owen' and 'Jones, Ianto' and handed it to Jack who added it to the mixture, she handed the vial to Owen and grabbed a clean syringe and putting the mixed blood into it. Jack held it up,

"This better work." Owen nodded,

"Trust us, we're both improvisers." They headed out to a red sports car, with two seats. Jaime pointed this out and Owen shrugged, sitting in the passenger's seat, "We gotta hurry." Jaime raised an eyebrow and sat herself on his lap, shutting the door and keeping on hand on his leg and one on the door as Jack sped to the car park, Jaime shifted positions and Owen grunted, she opened her mouth to say something suggestive but he cut her off, "Don't say 'you getting excited', you just touch where I was shot." Jaime turned her head and winked at him, before nearly flying through the windscreen as Jack stopped suddenly. She hopped out of the and helped Owen out, walking towards Ianto and Tosh and watching as Jack ran towards Gwen and Hart, holding the syringe and tackling them both before stabbing the needle directly into his chest, injecting him with the blood mixture. Hart shouted something at him before throwing him off. The syringe was empty and Jack let go and backed away, he waited for a reaction, Owen turned to Jaime, "Why's it not working?" Jaime held up a finger. Gwen knelt next to Hart,

"What are you doing?"

"Trying to confuse the disc!" Owen yelled, Jack turned to him,

"Why hasn't it worked?" Jaime groaned,

"Give it a second!" Gwen grabbed Hart by his shirt and yanked him up, she looked back at Jack,

"I've gotta go, Jack." Jack reached down to help her when the disc fell clean off him, Ianto was still counting,

"Five…Four…" He pushed Tosh towards the cars and Owen did the same to Jaime as Jack picked up the disc, "Three…Two…" And hurled it into the rift, "One!" It exploded and Tosh, Ianto, Jaime and Owen took cover behind the cars. Jaime looked over the SUV and saw the explosion ripping out of the rift, forcing Jack, Gwen and Hart clear of the concrete, hitting the ground just as it turned to night. Jack stood up and looked at his watch, and Jaime ran from behind the car and slammed into him, with him picking her right of the ground, he set her down and she laughed,

"The rift's reverted to the moment he came through. Everything's jumped back to the beginning of the night. Like he was never here!" She groaned, "Urgh, now we've gotta avoid ourselves, great! Temporal displacement," She waggled her tongue, "Makes your tongue tingle, doesn't it?" Gwen turned to Owen,

"What was in the syringe?"

"Torchwood DNA." He replied, she frowned,


"DNA samples from the five of us, fused and injected into his heart. Temporarily corrupted his DNA coding, confused the disc." Jaime explained, Hart pulled a disgust face,

"You mean, there's a bit of all of you inside of me? Sweet goddesses, that's all I need." Jaime sneered back,

"S'cuse me, there's none of my blood in you, wouldn't want you to experience what it's like being me…" Gwen smiled at Owen,

"Thank you, Owen." Owen shook his head, nodding to Jaime,

"Was all Jaime, actually." Jaime shrugged,

"You're welcome." Jack turned to Hart,

"I want you gone." Gwen held up he handcuffed wrist,

"Well, we've got to work out a way to get these off first."

"Well…" Hart began, tilting his head back and reached down the back of his mouth, gagging a little, before pulling out the key, "Old Artesian trick. Keep it in the lining of the throat. Has a lot of uses. You were my passport to survival." He unlocked them, "No hard feelings. Well, not in that sense." She threw him a disgusted look and went to stand by Ianto, while Jaime and Jack went closer to him, hands outstretched. They looked at each other before Hart pulled out Jack's manipulator and handing it to him. He smiled and strapped it back on, "If you need a new team member..." Hart began.

"No." Jack replied and walked off, Jaime stared at Hart,

"And mine." He rolled his eyes and gave it to her; she shoved it in her pocket. He smiled charmingly and stroked her cheek,

"You know the weevil was a bit of fun, right?" She tilted her head and smiled, before bringing her knee up to his crotch in one fluid motion,

"Of course, darling." He groaned but stood, "And Jack doesn't need a new team member, while he's got me." Hart smirked and the next thing Jaime registered was a sharp pain in her stomach as he twisted a knife in her and wrenched it free, smirking and backing up towards the rift. He looked at Jack,

"Oh! By the way ... I meant to tell you. I found Gray." Hart stayed to see Jack's reaction before disappearing in a golden light. She heard Owen calling her name as she staggered backwards,

"Jack!" She turned, hands dyed crimson in her own blood, "You need to get me back to the hub…" Jack turned and ran to her, lifting her up and rushing to the SUV, propping her in one of the back seats, "I can hold it off, but not for long…" It was cramped in the car again as they drove to the hub and Owen assessed her wounds and looked at her sadly,

"Jaime, I can't save you. You're gonna die." She smiled,

"Just you watch me."


Hello again! There's hopefully gonna be and interlude every other chapter but they probably won't be too long! ANYWAY! JAIME NO! I thought there was a need for a bit of change in character, but don't worry, she won't be like the tenth doctor when he regenerated – tired – but more Matt Smithy – crazy. Reviews welcome ;D