Hello, this is my first uploaded drabble(not that that's any big deal.)

Chapter 50-51 Spoilers, so beware.

[I had to release all of my feels.]

Simply stated, I hope you enjoy. c:


Akise refuses to regret. Whether he's alive or dead(because Akise never fears death, just regretting) he refuses to regret.

Akise searched for the answers Yukiteru refuses to seek. He warned Yukiteru although the latter refuses to believe. Akise's fine with that, though. Yukiteru may remain oblivious, considering the one putting him in danger, Gasai, will no longer exist after Akise finishes her off.

Gasai arrives, spouting nonsense to Yukiteru. Nonsense about how Akise is dangerous. About how Yukiteru should stay away from him. Just absolute deranged nonsense.

Yukiteru fears both sides - oh, how Akise wishes Yukiteru wouldn't fear him - unsure of who to trust. Akise understands. Yuno Gasai has trained him not to trust anyone but her. 'All people will betray him' is Yukiteru's mindset. The only constant in his life, the only one he can believe seems to be Gasai. Hinata, the seer, the cop, the child, and many more have betrayed his trust. Akise had once noted that Yukiteru had still forgiven each one.

Akise wishes he had the trust he deserves.

Akise closes his eyes, taking in a deep breath. He will have no regrets.

His eyes snap open, flashing to Gasai. He will not lose to her. He will not let her have Yukiteru's trust only to break it. He will not let her have Yukiteru.

Akise swiftly dives his head towards Yukiteru, capturing his lips. He savours the feeling of Yukiteru. Dry, chapped lips, his open mouth breating into Akise's. It's unbearable that it has to end in a moment. He hears Gasai's shocked gasp, practically feeling her hatred piercing into his very being. Akise doesn't care. He knows he'll win; he'll finish her off, and he'll have his Yukiteru - his God - safe from her deadly clutch.

He hears her enraged screech and prepares his self for battle. He will have no regrets. He will destroy her diary.

Even if he dies, at least his dearest Yukiteru will be safe.

Akise rushes in, prepared to do anything to protect his love. He will have no regrets.