First, I want to thank everyone who's contributed to, or read this fanfiction. The comments and the mails have been far in excess of what I expected, or could have ever foreseen.

Usually, I strive to minimize my own personality because I feel the stories are more important than the individuals who write them. That's the theory, at least, but I think I'm doing a worse job of it with each fic I write. Either way, talking about the process that led to a story is relevant and perhaps interesting to some individuals. Complaining about it being "hard" isn't. At best, it's begging for sympathy. At worst, it changes how people see the story, and that notion fills me with dread.

Regardless, the story has been well enough received, and now that it's well into the storyline, I can say I'm glad to have written it. We're moving on.

Those who read my ANs, but mostly my editors, know I've had quite a few different storylines and ideas I've been playing with to add onto this fic once this main Artie issue has been resolved. I'm really liking the idea of writing the second half of the story in Santana's point of view, which will focus on her… let's just say problems. I have also toyed with the idea of there being a tiny miniarc focused on Snake and/or Collins and/or Trent. Which is it then?

None of the above. I'm going on hiatus for an undetermined period of time.

A while back, I promised myself I would never give people estimates, and that I would never set deadlines for myself. They are sure-fire ways to kill my joy for writing, and this promise helped me recapture much of my love for putting pen to paper—or finger to keyboard, as it were. I've always written for myself first.

It's not enough, though.

My relationship with writing has been problematic for a very long time, and it's not getting better. Some people use writing as therapy, as a means to cope, and as relaxation.

Me? I think I've written myself sick. And the number one rule for writers is to not push things out. It lessens quality, makes the author unhappy, and sours one's relationship with writing in general. And the past few chapters of this story... I've been pushing them out.

Until I can figure this out, I'll be out. I'm sorry for not responding to comments in the foreseeable future, and I'm just as sorry that if I return, my OCD attitude to comments will result in a batch of week, month or year-old comments being replied to.

Naturally, my promise not to set deadlines or give promises might work both ways. I may be writing again next week. I may be writing tomorrow and start posting chapters with renewed zest, but I find it unlikely.

I'm not saying goodbye forever, but right now, I need the peace that comes with a break.