DISCLAIMER: So, news flash: J.K. ROWLING HAS RENOUNCED FAMOUS SERIES HARRY POTTER. Now, her supporting character Ron will be lead, and the books will be written entirely out of letters and notes.

Not really.

A/N: This is a companion piece for my friend PhoenixFlameGinny67's story, Smile, Harry!
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This strictly speaking is an AU piece, and the characters might be a bit OOC. It ships Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny, but as the POV switches between Ron and Hermione, they are the big kahuna. It seems to be the only pair I can ship, most likely because of the passionate arguing that's so fun to toy with. ;) Anyway, the story's style is based off of Jaclyn Moriarty's, and all rights for her book, Feeling Sorry for Celia, remain hers. This whole fanfic is made up of notes and letters from characters, as well as from handy associations who like to pick on people.
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Key: Notes, Letters, Associations

Dear Ron,

How have you been? I hope you've been well since we spoke with each other. I just wanted to make sure we're clear on what we're telling Harry, because we don't want to say two different things, and we don't want to exactly lie. I feel like we were rather vague on instructions when we were told about this.
Anyway, I hope the rest of your summer's good, and that we talk more soon. Perhaps we'll meet sometime before school.

Happy Holidays,

Dear Hermione-

Yeah, Hermione, I've been fine. And what the bloody hell are you talking about?
Ginny just explained what you're talking about.
And told me to stop using Irremovable Ink.
Dumbledore didn't tell us to lie to our best mate! He just said not to speak about Snuffles, The Order, the Ministry, You-Know-Who, Cedric, him, us, or...
Ginny says to stop listing things.
And to stop writing what she tells me.
And to throw this away and start over.
...So, lying sounds good.
Anyway, maybe I will see you, when you aren't too busy writing to Vicky Crumb. Honestly, I think you need to give it a rest, he tried to kill Harry and Fleur last year in the maze, and he might remind Harry of Cedric! You need to think about stuff like that before you go leaping into a person's arms. Have some consideration.
P.S. Ginny's telling me I'm a git, and to stop capitalising stuff, so it's your fault I'm in an argument with my sister!

Mr. Ron,
Well, isn't that sweet? The little boy who can't figure out his feelings, and thus treats the girl he loves horribly...
NO! That is NOT sweet! That is idiotic, and such a boy deserves to be whacked with a cactus! In the face! Several times!
We suggest you pick up your act before we start giving Hermione some tips about catching that Krum. If you don't...
Let's just say the Yule Ball will become a real, recurring nightmare. That lasts FOREVER.

The Young Romance Society

Dumb-brain! On your forehead!

Hello ickle-dearest!

We've gone to the field for some Quidditch. Because you are a lazy slob who refuses to get up earlier than 11 o'clock, we will eat all the strawberries without you, and will be giving Ginny your broom.

Have a nice breakfast!

P.S. In case you were wondering, yes, that white cakey stuff around your mouth IS your own slobber.

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