Patriot-112: Hello again, everyone! Thought I'd introduce a new Naruto fic. This will be a timetravel fic in which Naruto and the other Konoha 11 go back in time to when before Naruto was born! And so, I will give you the full summary!

P.S.: I'm gonna be nice to Sakura and her family in this...just once! It doesn't change my opinion of her.

Summary:The Shinobi Alliance had won against Tobi and stopped the Moon's Eye Plan from happening. But alas, it was a Pyyrhic Victory. The Shinobi villages had lost almost 75 percent of their numbers, and all, but two, of the Jinchuriki had been killed, due to their Bijuu being removed. Sasuke Uchiha, the last Uchiha, had done the unthinkable and attacked the Godaime Hokage, Tsunade Senju, before being killed himself, and Tsunade making Naruto the Rokudaime Hokage. With the world in shambles after the Fourth Shinobi World War, and believing all the Shinobi responsible the Daimyo's had decreed that the five Major Shinobi Villages must be liquidated. Faced with Annihilation, many of the surviving ninja have scattered. Watching this unfold, and knowing the true cause of this disaster, a certain Sun Goddess has decided to send the Konoha 11 back 2 years before Naruto was born, and stop the Tobi of the past...This is where our story begins.


There is still hope


Land of Waves

Ruins of Uzushiogakure

Five years after the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War


Five years...that's how long it has been since the end of the last Shinobi World War. The Shinobi Alliance had won the fight against Tobi, his allies, and the Edo-Tensei Army. But the victory came at a great cost, as each of the five major villages had lost 75 percent of their shinobi, along with 2 of their respective Kages.

Onoki the Scale, the Sandaime Tsuchikage of Iwagakure, known for his Dust-release Kekkei Genkai, fell in battle as he stubbornly refused to leave the field after his back gave out and after killing a good portion of the Edo Tensei Shinobi. Just before he started his last stand he named his grand daughter Kurotsuchi Tsuchikage.

Tsunade Senju, the last of the Densatsu Sennin and Godaime Hokage of Konohagakure, was murdered by none other than Sasuke Uchiha, the last of the Uchiha Clan. Despite seeing the truth about Tobi impersonating his ancestor Madara, and his role in the Uchiha Massacre, Sasuke's anger for Konoha and his thirst for revenge never dissipated. Seeing his mother figure pierced through the chest by one he once called his brother, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, son of the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and Kushina Uzumaki of the Uzumaki Clan of Uzushio, went into a rage and fought the Uchiha from the village, all the way to the Valley of the End. It was there the two had their final battle.



5 years ago, Valley of the end


Dark clouds overhead rained down hard rain with lighting and thunder in the skies above the Valley of the end, where the stone statues of Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha stood. On top of the heads of each of these statues stood two lone figures.

Standing on top of the head of Madara Uchiha, was an 18 year old boy with short black hair and onyx black eyes, wearing a grey high-collared short-sleeved shirt, dark blue pants with a blue cloth hanging from halfway up his stomach to his knees with a black belt sash around his waist and blue wrist warmers. This was the last 'Loyal' Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha.

Before him, standing on the head of Hashirama Senju, stood another figure who was the same age as him, who was fairly tall, and fair-skinned and had bright blue-eyes and spiky blond hair with jaw-length bangs framing either side of his face. He wore the standard Konoha-nin uniform with two bands each on both of his sleeves, a flak jacket and a forehead protector and sandals. He also wore a short-sleeved black trench coat over his normal attire, decorated by amber colored flame-like motifs on the edges, with the kanji for "Sixth Hokage" written vertically down the back, and closed on the front by a thin orange rope. This was Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, the son of the legendary Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki.

The Blonde was glaring at his former team-mate, who he once saw as a rival, a best friend, and a brother. Now, he was his arch-nemesis, the one who killed the only family, that he knew of, he had left of his mother's side.

"Why Sasuke?" growled Naruto as he looked at the Uchiha, "Why the hell did you do it?"

Sasuke just seemed to 'Hn' at that.

"Why else Dobe?" he said in an uncaring tone, "To avenge my clan for the unjust treatment they recieved from the village, and then my brother forced to carry out the order to massacre them by Danzo, and the Sandaime's senile team mates,"

Naruto just looked at his friend his teeth bared as he glared at the Uchiha, "So instead of just blaming The Elders and Danzo, you blame everyone else?" He shouted. "Damnit Sasuke, I thought you knew better than that! And you know that the reason they ordered that was because your Father and most of the others in the Uchiha Clan were planning a Coup!"

Sasuke then sent Naruto a harsh glare "They didn't have to order him to kill everyone in the whole clan!" He said, his voice rising a bit. "My Mother and so many others didn't have a clue about what my Father was planning, but the Council saw it fit to kill them all anyways!"

"I understand that!" Naruto shouted back. "I understand that you're mad about that, but its still no reason to hate everyone in Konoha all together!"

Sasuke could only look at him like he was stupid, "And what about you? You were hated by the village just because you contain the Kyuubi in your gut!"

Naruto lowered his head at that as memories of his childhood flashed through his mind. The glares, the whispered insults, the beatings, all those days of loneliness and despair, all because of one man's insane grudge against Konoha. The same man who was responsible for the death of his parents.

"That's because despite all of the things they did to me..." he said. "There were still people who cared about me. Hinata-chan, Ayame-nee-chan, Jiji...I still had people who cared about me. Besides..." He then looked up at Sasuke "I don't hate the village for what they did...I hate the man who caused all of this to happen, Tobi. He forced my Mother to let the Kyuubi out of the seal, and forcing her on a rampage on Konoha. If he hadn't done that...things may have been different."

Inside the seal, the nine-tailed vixen Kaiya winced as she heard that, knowing that despite her being controlled, she was partly to blame for killing her current jailer's parents with her claw when she tried to kill him.

Naruto then raised his head, his eyes flashing with determination, "But that's in the past. Over and done," he said as Sasuke's eyes widen a bit, "We can't change it, even if we wanted to, neither of us can go back and change anything, all I can do now is focus on the future."

He then stared at his friend one more time "Sasuke..." he said. "I feel like I already know your answer, but I'll ask for Sakura-Chan's sake, one last time. Come back to the village, Sasuke. Its pointless for you to fight us now, with Madara and the Akatsuki gone. You have no reason to keep fighting us."

Sasuke could only lower his head, and it wasn't a second after, that Naruto heard chuckling coming from the Uchiha, which then erupted into full-blown laughter. When Sasuke managed to control himself, Naruto saw that he activated his Mangekyo Sharingan.

"You already know my answer Dobe! You've heard it many times before!" he continued laughing and Naruto could sigh in regret at this.

'I'm sorry Sakura-chan, but it looks like I have to break that promise,' he said and then leveled a hardened gaze toward the young man who was his teammate, "Only an Uchiha deals in absolutes," he said and then entered into the Gama Kata Stance, "I will do what I must,"

Sasuke just smirked as he entered the Uchiha combat stance "You will try." He said.

(Begin Playing: 'Battle of the Heroes' from Star Wars Episode III Soundtrack)

After one more moment of staring, in the blink of an eye, the two jumped up, and collided.

Sasuke delivered a fast punch to Naruto who blocked the strike and then sent a round house kick at the Uchiha. The two then went into a flurry of kicks and punches as one tried to hit the other.

The two then broke away from each other as Sasuke formed handseals, which Naruto recognized immediatley.

"Katon: Goukyaku no Jutsu!" shouted the Uchiha as he sent a fireball at the son of the Yellow Flash, however Naruto drew out a sealing scroll and opened it, and with some chakra he absorbed the flames into the seal easily before making his own set of handseals "Fūton: Daitoppa!" He shouted, and he launched a massive gust of wind at Sasuke. The Uchiha didn't have time as he was blown off and into the lake below, where he landed and used the Water Walking technique to keep him above the water. He then turned and saw Narut running down the statue.

"Not bad Dobe! Though you have to do better than that!," he said and then formed another set of hand seals.

"Katon: Housenka no Jutsu!" he shouted and smaller fireballs flew of the Uchiha's mouth at the blonde who proceeded to dodge and weave through the flaming projectiles to his target, all the while forming a set of hand seals.

"Futon: Kaze no Yaiba!" He shouted as he swiped his fingers, creating a blade of wind which assaulted the Uchiha, however Sasuke dashed to the left to avoid the attack as he tossed a trio of Kunai with explosive tags attached at Naruto. However he countered by tossing a trio of his own Kunai, and the weapons collided and the explosive tags detonated harmlessly.

When the smoke cleared the two looked at each other with slitted eyes, watching and waiting for their opponents next move.

And Sasuke was the first as he drew his Kusanagi Chokuto, and charged Raiton chakra into it. Naruto looked at the blade and a small smile formed on his face as his hand reached back into his coat where a hidden storage seal was located that had the kanji for sword.

'Two can play that game,' he thought, 'I better thank Onee-chan and Mifune-sensei for the training, and whoever gave me the sword, I never did get that guy's name.' He pumped some chakra into the seal, and out came a stainless steel katana sword with a black grip (For a lack of better discription, think of the sword Uma Thurman uses in the Kill Bill Movies.)

Sasuke rose an eyebrow at the sword, 'Hn, so the dobe got himself a sword?' he thought before grinning a bit 'Looks nice, I should take it after I take him out. It a sword worthy of an Uchiha to use, not a dobe like him.'

Naruto then took the stance that he was taught by the Samurai general, while Sasuke took the stance taught to him by Orochimaru. The rain poured on them as they each other, waiting for the moment to attack. They got their que when a lightning bolt cracked the sky and thunder boomed, and the two went at each other again.


The sound of steel against steel was heard through the rain as the two young were locked in a battle for dominance. Naruto gritted his teeth as he pushed his katana forward, while Sasuke did the same.

"That is a nice sword, Naruto!" Sasuke said, "Where did you get it?"

"Like I'd tell you Teme!" Naruto replied as he and Sasuke jumped back, but a moment later they jumped towards one another again as their blades clashed over and over again as they repeated the process, trying to get an edge over one another.

It was on the last pass at each other that Naruto finally managed to get a hit on Sasuke as his sword slashed the Uchiha's face and nicked his ear, causing him to give a shout of suprise and pain.

The two stopped as Sasuke had his hand up to his face, and when he moved it away, Naruto could see he cut from the bridge of the Uchiha's nose to across underneath his right eye, and the top part of his right ear was missing. Naruto couldn't help but grin in victory. "Got ya Sasuke." He said.

The Uchiha could only glare at the Uzumaki "You just got lucky is all!" He snarled out as he channeled chakra into his sword, and lighting began to envelop the sword which made the sound of birds chirping as Sasuke charged again.

Naruto began channeling into his sword as well as wind was forming around the blade, then he charged at the Uchiha at full speed.

The two met with a clash of blades as the two continued their duel to the death, that went on for a couple more hours until the two were far away from each other and back on the statues. Ironically, in the same spots when Sasuke defected. Both had cuts and scrapes on their clothes, bodies and faces. Sasuke was glaring at the Uzumaki with the hate he could muster, while Naruto had a neutral look on his features as the cuts on his face healed, due to the Fox's chakra.

"I've had enough of this Dobe!" Sasuke yelled as he stabbed his sword into the ground as he formed the handsigns to his ultimate attack.

Naruto, seeing this, put his sword away back into the seal in his coat and began channeling Chakra into his right arm, resulting in a ball of chakra being formed.

"This is where it ends Sasuke." Naruto said as the spiraling sphere of energy swirled in his hand.

"Yes, it is." Sasuke said as lighting coursed though his own arm. The two charged their attacks, staring at one another before they charged one last time, both shouting out the name of their attacks.



The two slammed their respective attacks against each other, fighting for dominance knowing that the first to cancel their jutsu, is the loser. Narut could only look at his rival's face which filled with so much hate and bitterness for, what he claims, the murder of his clan by the village. Knowing what had to be done if Sasuke was not stopped, the son of the Yondaime had only one thought to all of this as he pressed forward.

'I'm sorry, Sasuke,' with that, his Rasengan slowly overpowered Sasuke's Chidori as the Uchiha could only watch in shock as his Chidori was being bested by the Dead-last's own. Then, there was a massive flash of light, which enveloped Sasuke, Naruto, and the rest of the valley of the end.

When the light subsided, the rain finally stopped, and the only sound that remained was the sound of the waterfall and of distant thunder. Standing in the middle of the valley, only Naruto remained standing as Sasuke's lifeless Corpse laid on the ground. Naruto staring at it as tears leaked from his eyes.


Flashback End


That was five years ago.

After sealing Sasuke's body in a scroll, and recovering his friend's Kusanagi, he returned to Konoha where he was met by the other Konoha Eleven and their sensei's.

After being asked where the Uchiha was, Naruto showed them the scroll, and they understood what happened. Afterward and giving Sakura the scroll that contained Sasuke's body, and apologizing to her, Naruto was immediatley told by Kakashi that Tsunade wanted to talk to him, and so they hurried to the rebuilt hospital. There Naruto saw the woman he saw as a mother lying on a bed with a grevious wound in her chest where Sasuke impaled her with his Chidori.

In her final moments, she appologized for herself, Jiraiya, Hiruzen, and the Elders for not telling him about his family and heritage sooner, and with the rest of the Konoha 11 and their respective Sensei's as witnesses, officially declared Naruto her sucessor as the Rokudaime Hokage.

Not long after her decleration, Tsunade Senju Passed away. Her death was a huge blow to them all, expecially for Naruto, Sakura, Hinata and Shizune.

After her death, the Elders Homura and Koharu tried to take advantage of her death and take over the village. But were stopped by the Konoha 11, led by Naruto, and their senseis, and informed them that the Jinchuuriki was chosen to be Hokage by Tsunade herself, with said successor, his friends and their Jonin-senseis as witnesses. The Sandaime's Advisors refused to accept this and ordered the ROOT ANBU to arrest them, but were stopped by Yugao Uzuki, aka, Neko and her own ANBU team, as she was a witness to Tsunade's declaration as well, and said she will be loyal to her sensei's son.

However, the Elders remained stubborn as always, and attempted to kill them all. However this all resulted in the complete destruction of ROOT, and the death of both of the Elders and the Civilian Council who supported them with only a few exceptions. And later that same day, Naruto was officially inaugurated as the Sixth Hokage of Konohagakure.

After his inauguration, Naruto then had Yugao and her team do an thorough investigation on the deceased Elders and Civilian Council Members. What they found, infuriated the Young Hokage as he read through the confiscated journals of the Elders that they made secret dealings with Orochimaru, some radical factions in Iwa who wanted to go to war with Konoha because of his father's exploits in the third shinobi war, the Kumo Ambassador who attempted to kidnap Hinata, and Akatsuki. But one entry that really pissed him off was the one that stated that it was they (Elders), along with Danzo and a few Civilian Councilors, who betrayed his parents to Tobi when she was giving birth to him.

The reason for this? To fatten their pockets and take control of Konoha. And they were too stupid to realize that if Tobi had succeeded in his plans, he would have taken control of all of them and the world. It the end, it would have all been pointless. Naruto's whole life, of pain, suffering and loss, was caused only because of a handful of people who were too greedy and stupid for their own good.

Afterwards, he had this information made public to the whole village, and the people, shinobi and civilian alike, were shocked and angered that they were betrayed by the very people who were only suppose to 'advise' the Hokage. None were more angry than Hiashi Hyuuga himself, which he stated "Good riddance", and none could agree with him more than his nephew, Neji.

When the information went public, and as things slowly began to calm down, Naruto went out to spend a whole day with his recently aquired girlfriend Hinata. By the end of the day, Naruto, to the shock and happiness of Hinata, proposed to her, asking her to marry him. Hinata immediately accepted, and of course fainted shortly after.

The wedding was hosted in Early October, and almost the whole village was invited. Unlike his parents, who had to keep their marriage secret, Naruto wanted everyone to know he was getting married. The head monk of the Fire temple married the two and they spent their honeymoon in Haru no Kuni.

It was peaceful for another two years after Naruto and Hinata got married. They didn't had children, yet, because they wanted to wait when they were a little bit older, but it didn't meant that they couldn't enjoy the...pleasures of nature (-_o).

But, the happiness soon came to an end...

As a result of the damage and death caused by the last war, the Daimyos of the Five Major Elemental Nations had become paranoid that another war would start again, and that the Shinobi villages they host will revolt against them. Wanting to gain more favor and prestige from the Feudal Lords, the advisors fed lies into their ears, encouraging their fear.

The five Daimyos unanimously agree that the Shinobi villages needed to be 'liquidated', and prepare to send in their Samurai Forces to do so. However, thanks to the villages strengthened alliance after the end of the war, and the knowledge of a Samurai Defector who gave them information in exchange for protection of himself and his family, they caught on to their plans quickly.

However, the shinobi villages knew that they had not recovered from the damage sustained from the last war. So, the Kages of the Five Major Villages have their respective populaces leave the villages and scatter into the smaller nations and villages. The Kages of each village also ordered their Shinobi take any Jutsu scroll they can carry, and scatter.

While the villagers fled to the minor nations, their Shinobi Forces hid in other nations, mainly ones where Naruto was a hero in, who would help hide them. For example, Suna and Kiri Shinobi hid in the Land Of Waves. Kumo Shinobi either went to the Land of Ogres or the Land of Rice Paddies, after it was liberated from Orochimaru's Remnant Oto Shinobi. Iwa Shinobi went to the Land of Iron, or the Land of Birds. And Konoha Shinobi either went to the Land of Rivers, the Land of Tea, or like Naruto, the Konoha 11, their senseis, and Yugao's ANBU Team, the Land of Waves, or more formerly known as: Land of Whirlpools, in the ruins of the Uzumaki Clan's ancestral home village of Uzushiogakure no Sato.

When the Daimyos learned of this, they demanded for the nations to hand over the shinobi, but they refused. Instead one of the Shinobi came to the Daimyos and explained to them that their advisors completely lied to them, and that they didn't have the force to overthrow them even if they wanted too.

The Daimyos discovered they were being paranoid over nothing, and apologized to the Shinobi. However the Shiobi did not accept the apology, since they believed that since they had followed the Daimyos without question for years, they never should have thought they would attempt such an act in the first place. And in the words of Naruto himself, he told them to: "Fuck off,".

After that, and after losing all their greatest military assets, the Daimyos lost great favor and respect from their people. The Advisors responsible for the whole mess were either imprisoned or executed. Groups of bandits then began attacking many towns in each of the five nations, without much resistance, because the Daimyos relied on the Hidden Shinobi Villages to deal with them. And riots erupted in the capital cities causing serious damage. And the nations that traded with them, cut all ties with them.

Needless to say, it was chaos.

Meanwhile in Uzushio, the former Rokudaime Hokage Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, was standing on the roof of one of the few tall buildings in the village still standing, thinking about the events that lead to this. He sighed in regret, after achieving his dream, it was instantly taken from him all because of a bunch of fat, paranoid, Daimyos.

"Naruto-Kun?" A soft and angelic voice said, and Naruto turned and smiled at the sight of his wife, Hinata Hyuuga-Uzumaki. She was just as old as he was, and she had long waist length indigo hair with short bangs framing her beautiful lavender-colored eyes. She was one of the last things that not even the Daimyos could take away from him. She was currently wearing the outfit she wore in the war, only difference was that she was wearing a Jonin vest, and her old violet jacket that was opened.

"Hey Hinata-chan," he said with a smile as Hinata came to stand next to him, and place her head on his shoulder, "What are you doing up here?"

The former Hyuuga Heiress smiled as Naruto's arm wrapped around her shoulders.

"I thought I'd give you some comapny," she said, without a stutter. Ever since the two started dating, the once-shy Hinata had become more stand fast, more confident, and head-strong. She still does the stutter and faints whenever she gets embarassed, but overall, she was WAY different from the Hinata that fainted every time she got too close to her crush-turned-husband, "So what are you thinking about, Koi?" she asked her husband who sighed.

"About past recent events, and what my parents, Obaa-chan, Ero-sennin, and Nagato would think of the world today," he said as he continued to look at the setting sun.

Hinata sighed a bit "Well, they would probably hate it about as much as we do." She said. "But...theirs not much we can do about it."

Naruto nodded, "Ya..." he said, and the two remained silent for a minute before Hinata spoke up again.

"Well anyways, come back inside, its time for dinner." She said with a smile. "And I made your Favorite!"

Naruto smiled and gave her a kiss on the forehead, "That's one of the main reasons I love you Hime!" he said as his wife giggled and the two left the roof of the building.

Unknown to them however, they were being watched by something, or someone.

'It appears things have gotten out of hand,' the figure thought, 'The ninja have put aside their differences and sought peace, while the Daimyos became paranoid, and then this happens,'

The one who thought this was a wolf that was colored white with orange markings, red eyes, and a circular disc floating above her. This was none other than the Sun Goddess herself, Amaterasu, in her Wolf form.

Amaterasu sighed as she looked at what had happened in the elemental nations. So many people dead and displaced in the world, so much pain and suffering all because of the actions of a handful of greedy men. But the one person who was to be completely blamed for this was Tobi, and his attack on the previous Kyuubi container, Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto's mother.

She lowered her head a bit at that, knowing that if Tobi hadn't interfered that night, Naruto would've had a family who'd loved him without a second thought, and he wouldn't be subjected to such a very harsh life as an Jinchuriki.

"Nee-san," said a voice behind her and she turned around and saw her brother Tsukuyomi, the God of the moon, in his own Wolf form, where his fur was as black as night with white markings, yellow eyes, and what looked like a necklace of prayer beads around his neck, "Kami-sama is calling a meeting. Susanoo, Kuromangetsu, and Ame are already there," he said, "All the others will arrive shortly,"

Amaterasu looked at her brother quizzically. "A Meeting?" She asked. "Do you know what it will be about?" Tsukuyomi shrugged. "No, but I would have to guess it would have something to do with the elemental nation's current situation."

The Sun Goddess nodded at that, "Right, let's go then," she said and the two vanished in a flash of light.


Realm of the Gods

Five minutes later


It was a gathering of all the major gods who help keep the balance of the world intact. The Nine gods and goddesses of the world were gathered around a large table.

First, was Kuromangetsu, also known as the Shinigami. She had long silver colored hair and onyx black eyes.

Next, was Inari, the Fox Goddess. She had shoulder length light brown hair and light brown eyes, and had a pair of fox-like ears and a tail.

After Inari was Izanami, the Goddess of life and sister to Kuromangetsu, who had black hair with a bluish tint, and onyx black eyes like her sister.

Then there was Izanagi, the God of creation, and Izanami's husband, who had black shoulder length hair and a beard, and had the spiritual naginata Tenkai by his side.

Susanoo, the god of storms, who was completely dressed in black samurai armor, hiding his other features like his hair and face under his kabuto helmet and mask, although his mouth and eyes, that were a dark blue, can still be seen.

After Susanoo, was Ame-no-Uzume, the Goddess of Mirth, who had reddish brown hair, and emerald green eyes.

The last was the leader of the Gods and Goddesses, Kami, who appeared as a beautiful young woman with dark brown hair, golden eyes, and wearing a white kimono. They were all joined by Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, who had both switched to their human forms with Amaterasu being a young woman with shoulder length white hair and Red eyes with wolf-like ears and tail, and Tsukuyomi being a handsome young man with ear length black hair with white highlights and yellow eyes.

"Thank you all for coming," Kami said once everyone had arrived. "I believe you all may know why your here, the current crisis in the Elemental Nations." All of gods and goddesses nodded their heads.

"Yes," Izanami said, "Even after the death of Tobi, the other seven Bijuu freed, and the Five Great Hidden Villages finally at peace with each other, the Daimyos of each of the Great Nations assumed that the peace was a cover in preparation for a coup de'tat," she said and everyone heard a snort from Susanoo.

"Paranoid idiots," he growled, "The Shinobi Villages didn't have the manpower to succesfully launch a coup, even if they wanted to. And now because of that unecessary fear they lost their greatest military assets, who refuse to return to their homelands because of their betrayal," he said while Izanagi nodded in agreement.

"Not to mention they lost the respect of their people," he said, while Ame chuckled at that.

"I heard that they're calling that fiasco, the Year of Fools," she said.

Kami smiled a bit and nodded. "Yes, they did." She said before turning serious. "It seems to me that most of these events obviously are traced back to the Fourth Shinobi World War, and the actions of Orochimaru defecting from Konoha and Tobi to cause the Kyuubi to attack 23 years ago."

Tsukuyomi nodded in agreement. "Yes, but what is there we can do about it?" He asked. Kami could only sigh, knowing what she was about to propose will throw them for a loop.

"There is one way," she said, and the other celestial beings looked at her with curiosity, "The source of this whole mess was Tobi's release of the Kyuubi after Kushina Uzumaki gave birth to Naruto, correct?" she and everyone nodded.

"Yes, we know that," Amaterasu said, "But like Nii-san said, what can we do about it?"

"The one way we can, Amaterasu." Kami said, "The only way we can change the to change the past first."

The other gods and goddesses became confused, however it first dawned on Kuromangetsu what Kami was suggesting, and her eyes went wide. "K-Kami-nee-chan, are you suggesting we use Time Travel?" She asked, and the others' eye also widen as Kami nodded.

"Yes. And I know it's against the rules for us to intefere with past events, but at this point and time, it does not matter," she said, and Amaterasu looked at the Head Goddess in pure suprise at her words.

"H-How do you plan on changing the Kyuubi Attack, Kami-sama?" she asked, wondering what the Goddess' plan is, and became a little confused at her smirk.

"Well, my dear little Amy-chan," she said which caused the Sun Goddess to blush at the nickname, and the others to snicker, "I was thinking of sending back a certain blonde haired-jinchuriki and his friends,"

"Naruto-Kun..." Kuromangetsu whispered. "You plan on sending him and his friends back?"

Susanoo nodded "Yes, it would be for the best." he said. "And I would believe they would be more than willing to accept the offer."

Inari nodded at that, "Yes, Naruto most of all," she said, "I've watched him while I was in my fox form, and I saw the longing for his parents in his eyes,"

Amaterasu nodded sadly at that, "You're not the only one, Inari-chan," she said, "Even though it appears he accepted what happened that night, and that now he finally has someone who loves him, just as his mother did, he deeply wishes to have his parents beside him again,"

Izanami nodded "Yes, I agree with both Amy-chan and Inari-chan." She said. "He desperately needs a real family...and in all honesty he deserves one after everything he's been through." Her husband Izanagi, as well as the other Gods and Goddesses nodded their agreement.

"So we are all in agreement with this course of action?" Kami asked, and the other Gods and Goddesses nodded in agreement, "Then it's settled," she then turned to Amaterasu, "Amy, I want you to go to Uzushio, inform Naruto of our decision, and have him gather the Konoha 11, as well as the others who are with him," she said and the Sun Goddess nodded and disappeared in a bright light.

"Everyone else, you're free to go," she said and then the other Gods and Goddesses left, except for Kami and Kuromangetsu.

"You know that they will perish in the mission you are about to give them, do you?" the Shinigami said and Kami nodded.

"I know, that is why when or if they do, you will transfer their souls and memories into their infant selves. And also, you should transfer the memories of Minato and Kushina so that they'll know what's happening," she said, and Kuromangetsu nodded.

"Understood. What about the Uchiha?" she said as her eyes narrowed at the name, and Kami just sighed.

"Do what you wish with him. But personally, I rather see him digested in your stomach then making a repeat of last time," she said in disgust, "Since Naruto and his friends will be going to the past, they may have a chance to change Sasuke for the better if Tobi is defeated."

Kuromangetsu nodded "Hopefully, yes." She said, and then left in a black vapor. Once she knew she was alone, Kami sighed to herself.

"I hope I know what I'm doing, because if they fail, we will have a major paradox on our hands," she said with a shiver, and then left to get something to for dinner. Celestial Being or not, she's still gotta eat!


Meanwhile in Uzushio


Naruto and Hinata were enjoying their dinner of Hinata's homemade Miso Ramen, with steamed white rice, roasted pork and some pickled carrots. If there was anything that Naruto loved about his wife, Hinata's home cooking was one of them.

The two had taken up residence in one of the few standing apartment buildings in Uzushio. Though it was very old, it was actually rather comfortable and cozy. It was much better than the old apartment Naruto had to live in when he was a Genin. And after Hinata made some adjustments with the help of their friends, the apartment complex was the perfect place for them to live, for now at least.

"Aaaah! This food is the best Hinata-chan!" Naurto said with content, "You sure know to cook a good meal!"

Hinata giggled at that, although he matured greatly in the past five years, he still had his antics from when he was still a loudmouth kid back in Konoha.

"I aim to please Naruto-kun," she said with a smile, "And just wait till I show you what I made for desert,"

Naruto looked at her with loving smile, "I can't wait," he said. However before either of them could continue eating, they both felt a strange...presence among them, and Naruto's eyes narrowed. "You feel that, right?" He whispered to Hinata, who nodded as she activated her Byakugan.

"Whoever you are, come on out now." Naruto said as he picked out a Kunai.

However, the two heard the sound of...giggling? "Well, its good to know your skills are as sharp as ever Naruto-Kun." A female voice said, and appearing out a a flash of bright light that forced the married couple to shield their eyes, when they looked again they saw a woman with white hair, red eyes and wolf-like ears and tail standing before them.

Both Naruto and Hinata blinked in surprise at the figure before them. "Who are you?" Naruto asked, however before the woman could answer, Kaiya while still in the Seal shouted out happily "AMY-NEE-CHAN!"

Naruto blinked at the vixen's reaction.

'Kaiya? What is it?' he asked the fox with his thoughts as the fox's tails whished from side to side happily.

'Naruto, quick! Make a Kage Bunshin with my chakra!' she said, er, thought as Naruto raised an eyebrow at that.

'What are yo-' he began only to be cut off.

'JUST DO IT!' She shouted, and Naruto actually flinched at the tone, but complied as he quickly made a Kage Bushin using Kaiya's Chakra. And in a puff of red smoke appeared the Kyuubi in her Human Form, which was that of a very attractive young woman with waste-length crimson red hair, red eyes and a body many women would kill to achieve, and would have many men's jaws on the ground. She also had a pair of red fox ears and nine red tails, wearing a blood red woman's Kimono.

Not a second after being formed, Kaiya burst forward and tackled the woman to the ground in a red blur, and immediately began hugging her.

"Amy-nee-chan! Its really you!" Kaiya shouted as she hugged her. The woman was caught a bit off guard by this for a moment before she smiled and quickly began returning the hug.

"It's nice to see you too, Kaiya-chan," she said, and after a few minutes of hugging, the two got off the floor and looked to see Naruto and Hinata looking at them with stunned looks. Kaiya blinked, then started laughing sheepishly and scratched behind her head.

"Oh where are my matters," the vixen said, "Naruto. Hinata. This is Amaterasu, my adoptive older sister before I was sealed in Mito Uzumaki," she said and the two blinked, as Hinata was the first to speak.

"Amaterasu? As in the Sun Goddess?" she said, and said Goddess nodded.

"Yes, I am the Amaterasu." she said with a smile. "It is nice to finally meet you Naruto-Kun, Hinata-Chan. Myself and the other gods and goddesses have been watching you for a while now."

Both of them were absolutely shocked, standing right in front of them was one of the most powerful beings in existence in their world.

"You're kidding, right?" Naruto said, hoping this was a joke. Kaiya could only chuckle at Naruto's expression.

"It's true Naruto, she's the real deal. In fact she was the one who taught me how to shift between my bijuu fox form, and my human form, and my hybrid form," she said, to the growing shock of the couple.

Amaterasu giggled a bit "Yup, its true!" She said as she shifted to her wolf form, to the surprise of the others. "I taught Kaiya-chan everything she knows! From how to transform, all the way to how to kick ass!" She then got a bit more serious. "Anyways, as good as it is to be reunited with Kaiya-chan, that's not the only reason why I'm here." She said.

Naruto could see that she was serious and decided to ask.

"What do you mean?" he said, as Amaterasu changed back into her hybrid form.

"You understand the state of the Elemental Countries, right?," she asked and Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, Tazuna's been keeping me informed of what's happening," he said, and then a scowl appeared, "Not necessary though since I don't care what happens to them. They betrayed us, pure and simple,"

Amaterasu nodded "True, but we all know, they wouldn't have done it if Tobi hadn't of interfered in world affairs when you were born." She said.

"Ya, but theirs nothing we can do to change that." Naruto said, a bit sadly. However they were surprised when Amaterasu began chuckling.

"Not...exactly." She said, "There is one way that you and your friends might be able to change things for the better. To Prevent all of the deaths from the Fourth War, and the evens which preceded it."

Naruto, Hinata, and Kaiya looked at her for a moment.

"Amy-nee-chan, what are you saying?" the vixen asked and Amaterasu smirked, "What I'm saying my Foxy-imouto," she said, much to Kaiya's ire, and the two humans' amusement, "Is that we, the gods and goddesses, Kami included, have decided to send Naruto, and his friends back in time, two years before he was born,"

This statment threw Naruto, Hinata and Kaiya through a loop as they gawked at the Sun Goddess like she was crazy.

"T-Time Travel?" Kaiya said with wide eyes. "B-But Amy-chan, I thought you were not allowed to do that!"

Amaterasu just seemed to smile at that, "Well, only if not for the current situation we have now, and thus, Kami-sama was the one who authorized it, so, we're good!" she chirped and the three sweatdropped.

"So does that mean we're going back two years before I was born, and before my father was choosen as the Yondaime?" obviously stated, and the Sun Goddess rolled her eyes, and gave a lok that said, 'Well, duh'.

"Yes Naruto-Kun." She said. "You will be meeting your Parents two years before you are born. You would be arriving during the final half of the Third Shinobi World War."

Naruto couldn't believe what he was hearing. Sure, he had a chance to save his parents, but at the same time...

"What's the catch really?" he said, "Theirs something your not telling us."

Amaterasu sighed. "I'll be honest, Naruto-Kun." She said. "If you and your friends accept, there is still the high possibility that you and your friends may die." She then smiled a bit "However, on the bright side, if you do die, Shinigami made it so that even if you die, your souls and memories will be transmitted to your infant selves, and when you become genin your memories will awaken. And also, before I left I heard that Shinigami will transfer the memories of your parents meeting you,"

Naruto seemed to sigh at that, but inside he was still happy he can have a second chance at life with his family, "Joy. Okay, so how many of us are going actually?" he asked.

"The entire Konoha 11," Amaterasu said, "Including you two, as well as your sensei's. The same goes to them, if they were to die, their spirits and memories will be given to their past selves, and unlocked when you become genin."

Naruto we shocked by this, everyone he knew was going with him, and when or if they die, their souls and memories of their previous lives. He then began to think over the offer that was being given to him. If they go back to the past and prevent his parents' deaths, or better yet, prevent the Kyuubi attack all together, many things will change.

The prevention of the Uchiha Massacre, Hinata's attempted kidnapping could also be averted, Sasuke's defection to Orochimaru and so on.


...There were other things that could quite possibly happen as well. And not all of them good.

There was still Orochimaru, the Elders, Danzo, Tobi and the Akatsuki, if the masked bastard somehow survives their attack on him. He sighed, as he rubbed his head in mild frustration, he may over 20 years old, and more mature, but damn! Thinking about this kind of stuff hurts his mind.

Naruto sighed as he turned to his wife "Hinata-chan, what do you think?" He asked, and Hinata thought about it for a moment.

"Naruto-Kun..." She said. "This is a once in a lifetime chance where we can change the past, and save the future. Sure there are a lot of dangers but...I say we should do it."

Naruto nodded "Alright, but we should get the opinions of the others first." He said, and she nodded as they turned to Amaterasu. "We need to gather the others, and see what they think about this." He said, and Amaterasu smiled and nodded.

"I understand," she said.

Then Naruto crossed his fingers, and a group of shadow clones appeared. The former Kage then ordered the clones to get the other members of the Konoha 11, their sensei's, and Yuugao to see him immediatley. The Clones nodded, and left via shunshin to gather said people to their apartment.

It just took a few moments, and soon, everyone arrived, with Yuugao arriving first, and Shikamaru arriving last. Before they arrived, Naruto told Ameterasu and Kaiya to hide so they wouldn't spook them and cause one of them to unleash a jutsu on the two by mistake.

Kiba was the one who spoke the question on everyone's mind.

"What's the big emergency, Naruto?" he said, a little ticked that his meal was interrupted, when a shadow clone landed on his table scaring the crap out of him, "I was about to enjoy a nice dinner when your Kage Bunshin came out of nowhere and landed on my table!" Akamaru barked in agreement, while the others nodded, as the same thing happened to them, and Naruto sheepishly rubbed the back of his head, as he saw the reactions from his friends from the memories of those clones.

"Sorry about that guys, those clones have a mind of their own when I send them out to get you," he said before his face turned serious. "Anyways you guys, I called you all here because there may be a chance we might be able to change things in the Elemental Nations for the better, and I need your opinion on weather or not we should risk it."

Everyone took in Naruto's dead serious expression quickly, and they became serious as well.

"What do you mean Naruto?" Ino asked, and Naruto smiled a bit as he looked to the side "Come on out." He said, confusing the others until, out of no where, appeared Amaterasu, and Kaiya.

The others were stunned at the appearance of the two women, especially the ears and the tails that swished behind them. But the one who stood out the most was Kaiya as she displayed all nine of her tails.

"What the hell?" Kiba shouted, and the others tensed at seeing Kaiya's features. Naruto immediatley rose his hands up in order to placate his friends.

"Whoa, guys easy! It's alright! They're not the enemy!" he said, hoping to calm them down a bit.

"Naruto what's going on here? Who are they?" demanded Tenten as he got ready to unseal her bo-staff.

"Well," Naruto said as he gestured to Kaiya "This is Kaiya, though you know her as the Kyuubi No Kitsune. She's using a Kage Bushin I made out of Her Chakra so she can have a body outside of the seal."

The others blinked as they looked at Kaiya in surprise, and she began to feel a bit unconfortable under their gaze.

"The a girl?" Yuugao said, shocked, before she and almost every other woman in the room grinned triumphantly.

"YES!" They all shouted out at once with a fist pump, "THE STRONGEST BIJUU IS A SHE! TAKE THAT SEXIST PIGS!"

All the males, Kaiya, Hinata, and Ameterasu and in the room all sweatdropped at the women's actions. The reason for Hinata, is because she already met Kaiya before after Naruto introduced her to the vixen after their wedding.

"Are all mortal women like this Kaiya-chan?" Amy asked her surrogate sister who sighed.

"Unfortunately, most of them," she said. Narut shook his head at the site and coughed into his hand getting their attention.

"Right, and the one right next to her is the Sun Goddess herself, Amaterasu," he said and the others blinked at that.

"Wait a minute. Hold on. The Amaterasu?" Sakura said, clearly stunned, as she looked at the woman with the wolf ears and tail.

Amaterasu smiled and nodded "Yes, Sakura." She said. "I am the sun Goddess." She then became a bit more serious "Now, onto why I am here..." She then proceeded to explain to the others what she had told Naruto, Hinata and Kaiya. At the end, they were all speechless.

"Time Travel?" Kakashi asked, shocked.

Amaterasu nodded, "Yes. I suppose Naruto has told you the story that his mother told him, no?" she said, and everyone's faces gained a sad look at that, but they nodded. Some of them noticed Naruto turn his head at that, with his eyes closed as if he was disgusted with himself. Hinata also saw it and gripped her husband's hand in a effort to comfort him.

It worked as Naruto gently squeezed his hand in return.

"Yes, Naruto told us that a few months after the War ended," Kurenai said, as she remembered how the young blonde could barely keep himself from crying, and how Hinata comforted him.

"It was thanks to that masked bastard and those senile power-hungry Elders that Naruto didn't have any parents and a happy childhood growing up," Shikamaru said as his voice was laced with venom. Something only seen from the Nara when Asuma Sarutobi was killed by the Akatsuki Zombie Brothers, Hidan, and Kakuzu.

The Goddess nodded at that, "Yes, which is why we are sending you back two years before the night Naruto was born, and before Tobi ripped Kaiya from Kushina's seal, and used his Sharingan to make her go on a rampage,"

The others, again, blinked at this.

"Why two years before?" Chouji asked.

"Because, we will be dropping you off in the middle of the Third Shinobi World War." Amaterasu explained. "In that time, you will be able to prepare for your fight with Tobi and your future battles, as well as change a few people's fates." She turned to face Kakashi, who's single eyes slowly widened in understanding.

"...Obito..." He whispered, but Amatersau heard him, thanks to her enhanced hearing, and nodded.

"Yes, your friend from the Uchiha. One of three whom I and the other Gods respect," she said, causing the other ninja to get curious.

"Three?" Ino said, "Who are the other two?"

The Sun Goddess smiled at that, "Mikoto Uchiha, and her eldest son Itachi," she said and the others were immediatley suprised, but before they could ask, the Celestial Bein beated them to it, "The reason why is that they're not arrogant, and don't rely on the Sharingan too much, and don't think themselves superior,"

Everyone gave an "Oh" at that as the Sun Goddess continued.

"And if you accept this task, you will have to go incognito. Like dressing in an ANBU uniform, masks, hoods, cloaks, things like that. Although Shino-san is fine the way he is," she said, and even though they didn't see it, the Aburame seemed to blush under the coat he was wearing.

"Why do we have to go in disguise?" Lee asked, confused. "Isn't the point in us going to the past to warn Naruto-Kun's Parents?"

Amaterasu nodded "True, but do you honestly believe that they would believe your from the future at first?" She asked, and everyone nodded at that, understanding what she meant, while giving Lee a deadpanned look, which made the Might Gai protege rub the back of his head sheepishly.

"Honestly Lee," Neji said in exasperation, "If we told anyone that we were from the future, they would think we are insane and lock us all up in a Asylum,"

Tenten and Gai nodded in agreement with the Hyuuga, while Lee deflated at his team-mate's words. Yuugao then decided to add her two-cents.

"Yep that's exactly what would happen," she said, "Keeping our identities secret would be the best for now, though eventually we will have to tell Naruto's parents who we really are."

"So I take it you all agree then?" Naruto asked, and the others all grinned and nodded.

"Naruto, it was a given that we would go with you." Tenten said, "If we didn't, then you and Hinata would have to do it all on your own."

Yuugao then approached her sensei's son and placed a hand on his shoulder, "And you know I will never abandon you, Naru-kun. Your mother would never forgive me if I did," she said, and Naruto smiled.

"I know that, Onee-chan," he said, while Amaterasu smiled at the loyalty Naruto had from his friends, and felt that somehow, things will work out. She then coughed to get their attention.

"Right. Then everyone's in agreement. It will take three days for the Jikan Ryokō Arei no fūin to be ready, so..use this time to inform your families. But DO NOT tell them it's a mission to the past. They'll get suspicious," she said and everyone nodded.

"Well, I'd best tell Kami and the others that you accept," Amaterasu said. "And to get started with preparing the time-space seal. Until then, see you later!" And in a quick flash of light, she disapeared, leaving the others alone.

"Man Naruto," Kiba said, "It looks like you have the blessing of the Gods on your side as well,"

Naruto smiled, "Indeed Kiba, indeed," he then took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh, "Alright, those of you with family, inform them now. Tell them that we're going on a mission to Oni no Kuni. Those of you who don't... well, take this time to train and prepare,"

The others nodded as they used shunshin to leave the apartment, leaving Naruto and Hinata alone again.

The former Hokage walked over to the sofa in the condo and sat down in it, feeling mentally exhausted. Hinata came over and joined him as she snuggled against her husband. Kaiya smiled at the two love-birds, and then decided to leave as well, as she dispelled the clone and went back into the seal, giving the two some privacy.

"Man, this day just got a lot more interesting, didn't it?" the blonde Former Hokage said as his wife nodded in agreement.

"Hai, Naruto-kun," she said, and then looked at her love's face and grew concerned by the serious look on his face, "What's wrong?"

Naruto shook his head, "Nothing, just thinking of the dream I had three nights ago," he said and Hinata gave him a look of concern.

"You mean the nightmare about your parents?" she said and Naruto nodded with a grim look.

Truth was, the dream he had was indeed a nightmare. Because in it, he reliving the Kyuubi attack, but in his infant self, and as he saw his parents die right in front of him, they glared at him and said three words that will haunt him for eternity.

'It's your fault,'

The result was him screaming awake, and then crying continously as Hinata comforted him. Since that night, the self-blame he had toward himself increased, but he managed to hide it from the others, except Hinata.

"Naruto-Kun, it was all just a dream." She said as she embraced him. "Your parents would never blame you for what happened that night. They gave their lives to keep you safe, that is enough proof that they cared about you." She then smiled a bit "Besides, soon it won't matter." She said, "because we're going to change it all. We're gonna save your parents, and so many others when we go to the past."

Naruto smiled a bit as he returned the embrace "Ya, I know Hinata-Chan." He said. "We might even be able to save your Uncle, Obito, Mikoto, and maybe even stop Sasuke from defecting to Orochimaru."

Hinata nodded as she nuzzled into her love's chest, "I know, because you make the impossible, possible," she said and Naruto chuckled.

"Just like my old man," he said, and before they could continue a poof sound was heard and the couple saw a puff vanish to reveal what looked like a wolf pup, that had black fur with silver streaks, and cobalt colored eyes. Next to him, was what appeared to be a scroll with silver trim. The pup looked at them with curiosity.

"Are you by chance Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki?" the pup asked, and the two just stared at the pup for a few seconds until...

"KAWAII!" Hinata squealed as she jumped up and began hugging the daylights out of the little wolf puppy, making Naruto Sweat-Drop, and the Pup to blush furiously in both embarrassment, and the fact Hinata's rather large breasts were pressed against the Pup as she hugged it.

"I-I'll T-Take that as a 'Yes'." The little pup stuttered out, as Naruto chuckled a bit at the sight.

"Okay Hinata-chan let him go, so he can breathe," he said, and Hinata pouted a bit, but let the wolf pup go, who sigh in relief, "Now, who are you? And where did you come from?" he asked the pup.

"My name is Kokken, I am one of Amaterasu-Sama's personal summons." The pup said. "Amaterasu sent me to you because she realized she forgot to mention that since you will be going into the past, you cannot use your Toad Summons unless you resign the contract after you go to the past."

Naruto's eyes widen in disbelief at that, and sighed, "Well that's perfect," he said sarcastically.

"But my Lady has sent me so that you could sign the contract to summon my Clan, the Wolf Clan," Kokken said and Naruto was suprised by this.

"What? Are you sure? What about the Summon Boss?" he asked, and Kokken grinned.

"Why, its Amaterasu-sama herself of course. She founded the clan afterall" He said, and Naruto's jaw dropped, as did Hinata's. Not only was he signing a summoning contract made by a goddess, but said goddess was also the boss summon!

"You're kidding...," Naruto said as the pup only continued to grin.

"Nope! And she said, that during the two years before Kaiya-san attacks the village, she'll teach you our version of Sage Mode," Naruto and Hinata's eyes could only get wider at that, "And Hinata-san is also allowed to sign if she wants to,"

Hinata was suprised by that, but before she could answer, Kokken beat her to it.

"Let's just say she had been watching you for a long time, and when she saw you defend Naruto-san from Pain, and almost died, she saw the spirit of a wolf inside of you," he said.

Naruto winced at the memory of that. When he thought Hinata was dead after Nagato's God Path stabbed her with one of his chakra rods, he immediatley went beserk, and almost unleashed the then genjutsu-influenced Kaiya. That had been one day that he almost greatly regretted, but it was also the day when his feelings for Hinata began to grow.

"I-I-It would be an honor!" Hinata stuttered out, shocked that she was given the chance to sign what could be one of the strongest summoning contracts in the elemental nations. Kokken grinned "Alright then!" He said as he picked up the scroll and unraveled it. "Just sign your name in blood here, and we're good to go!"

The two looked at each and nodded as Naruto bit his thumb and let the blood spread over his fingers and wrote his name in the blank slot on the scroll and left a hand print next to his name, under another name. Hinata did the same and after signing her name, the contract glowed yellow, and the scroll rolled itself up.

"Congratulations! You two are the second and third summoners of the Ookami Clan!" he said, he said which made the couple confused, and Naruto remembered the name he saw on the scroll.

Hattori Hanzo.

Remembering that made Naruto's eyes widened "H-Hattori Hanzo signed this contract?" He asked, "As in THE Hattori Hanzo? The famous Shinobi and Samurai Warrior?"

Hinata was suprised, while Kokken grinned, "Yep. And if memory serves me right he formed the first group of non-clan ninja samurai, and they participated in the First Great Shinobi War," he said, "He was skilled in kenjutsu, ninjutsu, taijutsu, fuinjutsu, and genjutsu, but his most unique specialities were in stealth and espionage,"

Naruto nodded at that, "Yeah I remember reading that from a book, the Old Man gave me," he said, "He even told me he met the guy when he was still a Genin, and it was HE who trained the ANBU,"

Hinata nodded in agreement with her husband as Hattori Hanzo was highly revered and respected in the ninja world, even the stoic Hyuuga Clan respected him.

Kokken chuckled "Yup, the ANBU he trained could easily put ROOT ANBU to shame without breaking a sweat." He said. "Anyways, I gotta get going now. I'll inform Amaterasu-sama that you signed the contract." He then was about to leave, before looking at the two again " two wouldn't happen to have a treat or anything, would you?"

The two sweatdropped at that, but chuckled nonetheless. Kokken had reminded them of their toad friends, Gamakichi, and Gamatatsu. Hinata went to the dinner table and cut up a piece of roast pork. She then returned and offered the meat to Kokken who immediatley walked over, sniffed it, and took the pork into his mouth and proceeded to chew and swallow it.

"Aahh! That hit the spot! Thanks!" he said, and Hinata smiled as she gave the wolf pup a rub behind the ears, which he enjoyed.

"Well, time for me to go! Ja ne!" and with that, Kokken and the scroll disappeared.

"Now that was something I was not expecting," Naruto said, and Hinata nodded. The two then went back to finish their dinner, and then proceeded to bed. Knowing that tomorrow they and the others will be preparing to go on an adventure to change history, and also, hopefully, the fate of the Elemental Nations.


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