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Chapter 2

Mission to the Past


Ruins of Uzushio


Three days had passed and the group of former Konoha Shinobi had gathered at where Amaterasu said where the seal that will send them back is located. The location is in the woods where ironically, Naruto had met Haku, Zabuza's apprentice. Seeing this place after so many years since that fateful mission, in which a bridge was named after him, Naruto could pratically feel that Haku's presence still resides here.

'Haku...' Naruto thought as he looked around the area where he met one of his first true friends, 'You were the one who taught me the most important rule in my life...that if I fight to protect my precious people, I will never fail.' He then closed his eyes for a moment, thinking of all the people he lost in his life.

His parents, the Sandaime, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Sasuke. His eyes open again as tears began to leak from his eyes.

'I failed multiple times already in trying to protect those who are precious,' he thought, as he wiped the tears away from his eyes, a fierce glint of determination now taking residing in them, 'But I promise...I won't fail again.'

"Naruto-Kun? You alright?" Hinata asked as she stepped besides her husband, grasping his hand in hers. Naruto smiled a bit as he tightened his hand around her's "I'm fine Hinata-chan." He said, "Theirs just a lot of old memories here at this place."

Hinata smiled, remembering that this island was were his first successful C-rank turn B-rank, took place. But, it was also the place where he lost his first true friend. They heard footsteps behind as the others came.

Sakura was dressed in her usual attire, except she was wearing a Jonin vest, and ANBU vambraces on her arms. Her Hitai-ate still used as a hair ribbon to keep her pink hair out of her eyes.

Lee was wearing a uniform that was identical to that of Gai's, being their signature green jumpsuits wearing orange leg and arm warmers with their weight seals hidden under them, and both wearing dark green Jonin vests.

Kiba was wearing his Jonin uniform, with fingerless gloves on his hands as Akamaru walked alongside him.

Chouji was wearing his signature outfit of a red long-sleeved shirt, pants, and some bits of samurai armor, with a 8 foot long kanabo strapped to his back.

Ino was wearing her own Jonin uniform with fingerless gloves, her Hai-ate tied around her waist like a belt.

Tenten was wearing a long-sleeved white blouse with a high collar and red fastener and edges paired with a similarly colored Hakama.

Neji's outfit was a mixture of his Hyuuga robes, and his Jonin uniform, like his pants and vest.

Shino, was in his usual clothes, which included his hooded heavy jacket over his high-colored shirt.

And lastly, Shikamaru was in his usual attire when he was a Chunin, only difference was that he wearing a Jonin vest. Kakashi, Kurenai, and Yuugao were wearing their old uniforms.

Naruto turned to face them "So, you guys all ready?" He asked, and they all nodded.

It was a few minutes later, that the Sun Goddess appeared.

"Good afternoon, everyone!" She said, as the others greeted her back, "Now, if you all follow me, I'll take you to the location," she said and turned in the direction that will lead them deeper into the forest, as Naruto and the others followed her.

Not to long after wards, they came across a clearing in the middle of the forest. In that clearing, to Naruto and the other's surprise, was what looked like a small stone Uzumaki Shrine. In the middle of the shrine, they could see the time-space seal engraved on the surface, with the kanji for 'Time Travel' written down, with 15 circles surrounding it.

Also, to the others surprise, were several other figures surrounding the Shrine. And it didn't take them long to realize that they were the other Gods and Goddesses.

They saw one, who had the appearance of a young woman walk up to them with a smile on her face when she saw Naruto. And when she spoke, it was firm, but kind.

"Naruto Uzumaki," She said, "It's good to see you face-to-face. I'm Kami,"

Naruto and the others were shocked by that, but the former manage to get himself together.

"I-It's nice to meet you as well, Kami-sama," he greeted, and then another voice got his attention.

"Naruto-kun," he turned to the source, and saw another woman with white colored hair and onyx colored eyes. The woman smiled a bit "Its good to see you again," she said. "My name is Kuromangetsu, the Shinigami."

The shinobi all looked at her, amazed. "Your the Shinigami?" Naruto asked, and she nodded.

"Yes," she said, still smiling. "The last time I saw you was the day you were born Naruto-Kun,"

Naruto's face lightened up in realization at that, until it turned somber.

"Yeah, you're the one who helped my father re-seal Kaiya into me, and then devoured his soul as a consequence for summoning you," he said, and Kuromangetsu gave a sad smile at that.

"Yep, that was me," she said, "But the truth is Naruto-kun, I actually let your father pass on along with your mother, I only devour the souls of evil and corrupt beings when summoned. Your Father summoned me with pure intentions to save Konoha, and for that I allowed both of your Parents to pass on into Heaven."

When Naruto heard that, his mood brightened considerably as he smiled. "Thank you, Shinigami-Sama." He said, and the Death Goddess rolled her eyes.

"Please, just call me Kuromangetsu, or just Kuro for short." She said before she remembered something. "Oh ya, also I've got something for you." She said as she reached into her robes, and pulled out a small scroll. "I spoke with your parents before coming here, and they wanted me to give you this message."

Naruto's eyes widen in suprise as he shakily accepted the scroll from the Death God and began to unroll it. Hinata, feeling that she should be needed, moved to her husband's side as he read the message.

Dear Naruto,

Kuro-Chan has told us that you will be going to the past, to change the future, and prevent Kaiya-chan from coming under Tobi's influence. We would both like to say that we are so proud of how strong you have become, and that we both wish you luck that you succeed, and we look forward to seeing you in the past (even though we won't know it).

And congratulations in getting married! Just make sure you and Hinata-chan give us some grandkids to spoil!

Naruto and Hinata sweatdropped at that.

'Yep, that sounds like my mom,' Naruto thought.

Also, we know about that Nightmare you had about the night you were born. Naruto, no matter what we both love you, and we could never hold you responsible for our deaths. It wasn't your fault at all for what happened that night, its was all because of Tobi and the Elders. If we hated anyone for what happened, it would be them, not you. We love you to much to hate you.

Naruto was suprised that they know about the nightmare, and are assuring him that they loved him. He felt relieved at that, as he continued to read the letter.

So, we'll you soon son, and make sure you and the others are well prepared for what's ahead of you.

With love, your parents.

When the message was finished, Naruto just looked at the letter with tears slowly building up in his eyes. 'Even in parents still love me.' He though as he then felt a hand on his shoulder, and he turned to see Hinata smiling at him.

Naruto smiled back as he turned to Kuro "Thank you," he said simply, and the death goddess smiled in returned and nodded. "Your welcome," she said, until Amaterasu shouted in alarm.

"What! Say that that again?" they all turned and saw a grey colored wolf who reminded Kiba of Kuromaru, except this wolf had both his ears.

"It's true Amaterasu-sama, they're definitely from the Fire Capital, and are searching for them," the wolf said, and Naruto becane alert.

"What's going?" he said, and the Sun Goddess turned toward him.

"The Fire Daimyo had sent his elite Samurai Ninja here to find you," She said to the others shock. "Their here to bring you back to Fire Country. Their being careful to not start a fight with the Wave Village, but their heading our way and will be here in 15 Minutes."

Naruto growled a bit "How many times to I have to say 'no' until that bastard understands I'm not coming back!" He shouted, "I won't accept his apology, I won't accept his offer, I won't accept ANYTHING!"

He then felt a hand on his shoulder, as Kuro attempted to calm the irate blonde.

"Now's not the time to rant Naruto," she said in a firm tone, "What matters now is that you and the others have to get out of here,"

Naruto then took a deep breath. He knew the Shinigami was right. Turning to his friends, he gave them a serious look, one worthy of his title as the Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha.

"Right, let's go!" he said, and the Gods showed the Konoha shinobi where they should be, as they placed each member in a circle of the seal.

"Alright," Amaterasu said and then formed the handsigns for a summoning jutsu, and slamming her hand on the ground. In a poof of smoke, three brown-colored horse-sized wolves appeared, wearing pieces of Samurai which were colored respectively, blue, grey, and green.

"Amaterasu-sama," said the wolf in the blue armor, as he saw the Sun Goddesses face and immediatley knew there was trouble, "What is the emergency?"

"Seiga, Gintsume, Midoritsume," She said quickly. "A Group of Samurai Ninja are heading this way,and we are about to begin the Timetravel Jutsu. I need you three to stall the Samurai until we can send Naruto and his friends to the past. If you can, avoid killing them unless it is absolutely nessisary."

Seiga nodded "Understood Amaterasu-sama." He said as he turned to Gintsume and Midoritsume, who both nodded as they darted away.

"Will they be able to handle themselves?" Naruto asked, and Amaterasu smiled and nodded.

"Yes, those three are some of the wolf clan's most powerful summons," she said. "They are more than a match for them."

Naruto seemed to nod at that, as the other Celestial Beings went to their positions and began to go through the hand seals for the Jutsu. Soon a humming sound was sound and a white glow shone beneath the shinobi.

"Alright everyone! Don't move a foot outside the circle or you'll die! LITERALLY!" Kami warned, and a few of the ninja gulped at that.

As soon as they (the gods) reached the final hand seal they called out the name of the seal.

"Jikan to kūkan an Kaihō suru: Kako e no tabi!" They all shouted in unison as the seal glowed, as did the circles the others were inside as the light began shining more and more, before in a brilliant flash, Naruto and their friends disappeared.

"Well, that's it." Amaterasu said, "We've done it, we sent them to the past."

Everyone else nodded, but then a voice got their attention.

"No...What have you done?" they turned and saw what appeared to be a man, with sandy brown hair and aqua blue eyes, dressed in a black Shinobi uniform with red samurai armor, and a ninja mask (the type Kakashi wears). He had a hitai-ate on his head that had the kanji for fire on it.

The gods could clearly see the three scratches on his face and his clothes looked torn. He was also holding his side with one hand while the other grasped his katana.

"What have you done with the Hokage and those other ninja?" He demanded, his eyes narrowed.

"We didn't kill them, Kenshin Ichida." Kami said, surprising the Samurai Ninja that she knew his name. "We merely sent them on a which hopefully will fix the situation your Daimyo's have gotten themselves into."

The Ninja could only glare at her for that, "He was trying to repair the relationship with Naruto-sama, and the Konoha-nin! That's why he sent me and my team!" he yelled, "But more importantly, how in the hell do you know my name?"

Susanoo could grin as he looked at the Elite Ninja of the Daimyo, "We know everything about you, Kenshin-san, " he said, "Everything from your parents, your missions, and how you were one who exposed your Daimyo's Advisor's lies to him, and the evidence of the fighting strength of the Hidden Villages and the rumors of a coup being non-existant and false,"

Kenshin's eyes widened at that, since only a handful of individuals knew that it was him who informed the Daimyo's of the advisor's lies. And fewer knew about his parents, who had fought with Naruto in the Fourth Shinobi World War, and gave their lives to protect him from one of Tobi's attacks. It was that sacrifice that earned Naruto his trust and respect, which was why he informed Naruto about the plans the Daimyo's to take them out, and later on informing the Daimyo's of the truth.

"I must say, I am impressed you made it this far so quickly though," Amaterasu said. "Seiga and the others are three of my best fighters, the fact you made it here even with them holding back is quite impressive."

The Samurai Ninja's eye widen incredously at that, and then without noticing Amaterasu's appearance, motioned to himself, "You call THIS holding back? That one hairball in the grey armor nearly tried to bite my head off!," Amaterasu sweat-dropped at that, and sighed.

"Gintsume can get carried away sometimes," she admitted, and Tsukuyomi rolled his eyes "Carried away would be an understatement nee-san." He said, "You should probably warn Naruto-Kun about his...habits when he arrives at the past."

Kenshin rose an eyebrow when he said that "To the past?" He asked, before he finally actually registered the appearance of the figures before him.

He freaked when saw the fox features of Inari and the Wolf features and orange markings of Amaterasu.

"W-What the? Who the fuck are you people?" he shouted as the brown-haired woman in the white kimono approached him with a small smile on her face, and asked the Samurai Ninja one question.

"Tell me Kenshin, do you believe in the words of a Celestial Being...?"




In the desert of Kaze no Kuni, the winds were blowing softly against the golden sand dunes, causing some dust to float in the air creatin a majestic yellow haze. A horned lizard was moving across the sand slowly, minding it's own buisness as it searched for food in the desolate waistland.

Then, there came a series of flashing blasts of lightning that caused the lizard to stop and look at the flashes, before Naruto and Hinata shot out of no where as they soared through the air screaming before they both crashed into the sand, causing the lizard to run away in fear.

Naruto sat up as he coughed and spit out some sand that got into his mouth "Shit *Cough*...they should have warned us about that!" He said before he looked around "And why the hell are we in Kaze no Kuni!" He shouted.

Hinata coughed a bit too as she stood up. "I don't know Naruto-Kun." She said as she looked around "But where are the others?"

Right when she said that another series of lightning blasts caught their attention, and soon, the couple heard a male screaming and a dog howling as said human and dog landed in the sand, head first, and their legs sticking in the air, anime style.

"Kiba! Akamaru! Are you alright?" Hinata said worriedly as she and Naruto went to help the Inuzuka and his canine from the sand. When the two got their heads out, they shook the sand out of their hair, or fur in Akamaru's case.

"Ya...I'm fine." Kiba said as he beat the sand out of his ears. "But why the hell are we in a desert? Last time I checked there were NO deserts in Nami no Kuni."

"I think we're in Kaze no Kuni." Naruto said as he stood up. "I don't know why Kami-sama sent us here of all places...but it must be important if she sent us here."

"Or they messed up..." Kiba muttered under his breath, only to smacked upside the head by Hinata, "OW! What was that for Hinata!"

The former Heiress of the Hyuga Clan gave the Inuzuka a stern look.

"Kami-sama and the others must've sent us here for a reason, Kiba," she said, her having a slight strict tone, that made the Inuzuka flinch.

"Man, I'm really missing the old you," he said, but before they could continue there was another flash of light, and Choji came flying out through the air as he landed flat on the sand.

Before anyone could see if the fat-err, big boned Shinobi was alright, he quickly got to his feet, brushed himself off, and reached into his bag with a panicked look on his face as he brought out a bag of BBQ chips, and opened them. Looking inside, he sighed in relief "The BBQ Chips are A-OK!" He called out as he raised the bag in the air.

The three could only sweatdrop at that. Naruto sighed as he looked at Chouji with a weak smile.

"Only you, Chouji," he said to the Akimichi, who only smiled as he placed his chips back into his bag. The big young man then looked around where they were.

"Huh? What are we doing here in Kaze no Kuni, Naruto?" he asked in confusion, but before the blonde could answer, another series of flashes sounded as three more people appeared. Tenten, Lee and Neji appeared, Lee and Tenten landing in the sand in a similar fasion to Kiba, while Neji somehow managed to land a bit more gracefully as he landed on his feet, even though he lost his balance for a moment because of the sand.

"W-What the hell?" Neji asked as he registered they were now in a desert "Why are we in Kaze? I though we'd end up somewhere in Nami."

"There must be a reason for Kami and the others to send us here, Neji-Kun." Tenten said as she shook the sand out of her ears while Lee just brushed it off of his uniform.

"Hey! You guys okay?" Naruto said as he Hinata, Kiba, and Chouji, headed toward Team Gai.

"YOSH, Naruto-kun! Our flames of youth are still burning brightly!" Lee shouted, while everyone gave him a dead-pan look.

"Yeeaaa...what Lee said." Tenten said with a sweat drop. "So where is everyone else?"

"I don't know," Naruto said "The should appear soon hopefully..." It was at that moment that Ino and Sakura appeared out of the flash, both screaming their heads off as they landed face-first in the sand.

"I'm fine!" Ino said with her face still in the sand, "I broke the fall with my face,"

Naruto and the others quickly got them out of the sand, and after brushing themselves off, Naruto asked them if they were alright.

"We're okay, Naruto," Sakura said and looked around, "What the hell are we doing in Kaze no Kuni?" she asked and Naruto shrugged.

"That I don't know," he said, "Maybe Amaterasu or Kami can tell us once they get here,"

Right after he said that, Shikamaru appeared and landed in a spread eagle next to them.

"Troublesome...," he muttered out and everyone sweatdropped.

Then their senseis and Yugao appeared and while the Jonin/Former ANBU landed in awkward positions, the ANBU captain, like Neji, managed to land somewhat gracefully.

"Well, it looks like we're all here and accounted for." Kakashi said as he stood up and brushed himself off as did the others. "Now the question is...why are we in Kaze no Kuni?"

"No idea," Naruto said as he looked at the area surrounding them, which seemed like an endless expanse of sand. "But theirs gotta be a reason for why they sent us here..."

"You are correct Naruto-kun," everyone jumped and turned and saw Amaterasu standing there with a smirk on her, "There is a reason you are here in Kaze no Kuni,"

The others looked at her, and Naruto was the first to speak.

"What is it?" he asked.

Amaterasu's formed a sad look, "Tell me, has Gaara ever told you about how his mother died?"

Naruto thought about that for a moment "No...he only said that she died in childbirth, he said he didn't like talking about it so I never pressed the issue...why?" Naruto asked, and Amaterasu sighed a bit.

"You see Naruto, Gaara's Mother was the previous holder of Shukaku." She said to the shock of the others. "However, the third Kazekage wanted it sealed inside his son, so he had the one tails removed out of his wife, and into Gaara in a premature birth. The Premature birth, combined with having Shukaku removed out of her resulted in her death."

The others were aghast by the cruelty of Gaara's father. None more so than the women, and Naruto, who was trying really hard not to rush off to Suna right and murder the bastard for what he did to Gaara.

"How awful!" Ino said in a horrified tone.

"How can someone do that to their own child and wife?" Sakura said, with the same tone as Ino. Yugao closed her eyes as she gritted her teeth in anger.

"Power, Sakura," she said to the pinkette, "It's a poison to the mind that affects anyone. Those who don't overcome the need for power, can and will turn into monsters," Amaterasu nodded at that.

"True," she said. "Hence the reason why you are here." This got the others attention "Gaara will be prematurly born in 10 days from now, which is also when his Mother also dies. Your first mission here in the past is this: Prevent Gaara's premature birth, or at the very least prevent his Mother's death."

Everyone nodded at that, especially Naruto as his blue eyes shone with a determined fire. He knew that if they prevent Gaara's premature birth, and better yet the death of Gaara's mother, the Ichibi Jinchuriki wouldn't have to suffer a much harsher life than he did.

"Naruto," he heard his name being spoken and looked at Amaterasu who gave him a knowing look, "I know you're determined to help your friend," she said, "But first, how about you and Hinata seeing your parents in the flesh for the first time?"

Naruto's eyes widened when he heard that "R-Really?" He asked, and the sun goddess smiled and nodded "Yes, since you and your friends arrived here a bit early, I don't see why you can't pay a quick trip to Konoha to see them. Of course you'll have to be under a strong henge to hide your identity. We don't want your parents to know about you and your friends just yet."

Naruto nodded in understanding at that, and then turned to Hinata and she too nodded.

"Uhh, not to be rude here, but what are we suppose to do?" Kiba asked, and Akamaru barked in agreement. Naruto turned to them.

"You guys stay here and wait for us to come back. We shouldn't be long," he said and the Inuzuka's and everyone gave him a look that said, 'Are you fucking nuts?'.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?" Kiba shouted, "There is no way I'm statying out here in this desert while waiting for you to come back from visiting your parents! We don't have any water or shelter! How do you expect us to..."

Before he could continue, Amaterasu smiled as she pulled out a large scroll of sealing and rolled it out. The others looked on in interest as the Sun Goddess then added chakra to the scroll, and then in a massive puff of smoke appeared a large house, to the shock of the others.

"This house is large enough for everyone to have their own room," Amaterasu explained "And it has enough food and water inside to last you all a year...even for Choji."

Everyone looked at the house with wide eyes, Naruto especially, since he was a Seals expert, not on Jiraiya's or his father's level, but still adequate.

Amaterasu noticed their shocked looks, and smiled a bit "Remember: I'm a goddess," she said "I can do almost anything, but this is actually a rather easy technique. I'll teach it to you when I get the chance, Naruto-Kun."

Naruto nodded at that and then turned to his friends, "We'll back in four days," he said, "In the meantime, Kakashi-sensei, you and Yugao are in charge,"

Kakashi and Yugao nodded, as Naruto turned to his wife and she nodded, and they faced the Sun Goddess, "We're ready," the Hokage said and Amaterasu nodded.

"Right," she said and held her hands, "Grab onto my hands, and don't let go." And a moment after, the three disappeared, leaving the others to inspect their new home.



In Konohagakure


In the Hidden village of the Leaves, a woman with vibrant red hair, bluish purple eyes, and wearing a black version of the Konoha Jonin uniform, including the green flak vest, with a red clothed hitai-ate was walking toward a grocery store and planning on heading home. She just came back from a patrol with her team, and was hoping to spend the rest of the day with her 'secret husband'.

The woman then heard giggling inside her head "Do you also plan on spending the rest of the Night with him too, Kushi-chan?" Said a voice inside her head, and Kushina Uzumaki blushed a bit, but hid it well enough before anyone else could notice.

'Kaiya-chan, come on!' She thought as she continued forward while the Kyuubi No Kitsune inside her laughed in her mindscape, as the Red-head mentally glared at her tenant, 'It's not funny!'

"Oh calm down! I was just-," the Vixen then suddenly stopped talking as her eyes widen in shock. Kushina was concerned by her bijuu's abrupt halt in her speech.

'Kaiya-chan? What's wrong? Why did you stop all of the sudden?' She asked.

"Kushina," Kaiya said, using her full name to indicate how important this may be "I just sensed something...and unless I'm going crazy, its almost as if a second Kyuubi or at least something just as powerful as myself just appeared in the Elemental Nations."

Kushina's eyes widened a bit 'What do you mean by "just appeared"?' She asked.

"That's what I mean!" Kaiya said, "One moment, I didn't feel it, but the next, Boom! It was right there!"

'Do you know where its coming from?' Kushina asked, and Kaiya tried to look for the source of the power, but sighed as she shook her head "No dice," she said. "I can't get a good reading, all I can tell is that its somewhere in the Elemental Nations."

Kushina immediatley became alarmed at that.

'I better tell Minato and the Sandaime,' she thought.

"Yeah you should, but don't rush. People would think you're losing it," Kaiya advised, Kaiya advised. "Well, more than you already have." She added with a bit of a giggle.

Kushina rolled her eyes, but still smiled as she made her way back home, at a more quickened pace though.

Unaware to her, the Kaiya from the past, or anyone else in Konoha, inside one of the allyways of the village appeared Naruto, Hinata and Amaterasu "Alright, we're here." Amaterasu said. "Welcome to the Konoha in the past!"

Narut and Hinata looked around outside the alley, and could see despite a few differences, it was still their home village. They looked to where the Hokage monument is, and saw only three faces of the Hokage.

The Shodaime, the Nidaime, and the Sandaime.

"We're home," Hinata said in nostalgia.

"Ya..." Naruto said as he looked at the monument as well "Home..." After another moment or two of looking, the two decided to enter their Henge's. Hinata took an appearance where her hair took a more purple hue, and her eyes had also transformed from being lavender to a dark purple color. Naruto's appearance was that his hair took a ginger hue, and was less spiky, while his eyes turned a lighter sky blue, while his whisker marks were gone.

Their clothes also changed with Hinata wearing a purple kimono top with a long-sleeved mesh shirt underneath, black knee length shorts, and the kunoichi sandals that she wore as a chuunin. Naruto was wearing a red longsleeved turtle-neck t-shirt, blue pants, and black Shinobi sandals with white tape tide from the ankle to mid shin.

Amaterasu smiled as she nodded at the disguises, "Good disguises," she said as she used a Henge herself, which removed her wolf-like features and facial markings, and wore a greyish blue Kimono top with a short sleeved mesh shirt underneath, grey knee high shorts, and kunoichi sandals. Her hair also turned dark brown, while her eyes were a deep maroon.

"Now then!" she said, "Let's go find your parents," and with that they walked out of the alley and began their search.

'Hey, Kaiya-chan. Do you think you can sense your past self so we could Kaa-chan?,' Naruto asked the vixen, who nodded.

"Already on it, Kit. But if I can sense my Past-Self, chances are she can as well," she said, her voice serious, "In fact I might've already did, and warned Kushina,"

Naruto cursed mentally at that 'Damn, do you think they know we're in Konoha?' He asked, but he felt Kaiya shake her head "No, all I could do is sense myself, and that I am in the Elemental Nations. She won't be able to get a better reading unless you start using my Chakra, so we're still good for now at least."

Naruto sighed in relief at that, 'Okay, so no using your chakra so much. Got it,'

"Naruto-kun?" he heard his wife say and looked at Hinata who had a look of concern on her face, "Is everything alright?" she asked and Naruto nodded while smiling at her reassuringly.

"Yeah hime, everything's alright. Just realized I can't use any of Kaiya's chakra here without being detected by her past-self," he said. Amaterasu's eyes widened a bit as she cursed "Damnit, I forgot all about that!" she said. "I should have known the Kaiya of the past would have sensed her future self!"

"Hey, its alright." Naruto said. "Besides, Kaiya said that her past self would only be able to tell that we're in the Elemental Nations, she won't be able to sense exactly where in the Elemental Nations we are as long as I don't use her Chakra too much."

Amaterasu breathed a huge sigh of relief at that, "Good, I don't want us to be confronted by your parents and the Sandaime along with a detachment of ANBU Black Ops any time soon," she said and Naruto and Hinata pictured what she meant by that, and knew that they would be in a awkward position.

"Y-eah, we don't want that to happen right now," the Former Hokage said, and the three continued their casual walk through the village.


Meanwhile, with Kushina


The future mother of Naruto was was making her way back to her and her husband's house near one of the training grounds. She had to tell Minato what she was just told by Kaiya, and also that they can inform the Sandaime.

"Hey! Bugai-sha(1) !" shouted a voice she recognized and Kushina groaned in irritation as she turned and saw a Konoha Chuunin. But this was not just some regular Chuunin, as this particular was one of the many bullies from her childhood. However she would always tease him back in the most amusing way she could think of.

" are?" Kushina said as she looked at the Chuunin, who glared at her while Kaiya giggled in her mind scape.

"You know damn well who I am Kushina!" The Chuunin, named Toshi shouted.

Kushina put her finger on her chin pretending to think, "Hmmmm, let's see, where have I've seen you before? Hmmmm," she said, and Kaiya's giggles turned into snickers at the Chuunin's face as it changed into a burning, angry, red. "I seem to recall an annoying little brat back at the academy who would try to pick on me, keyword being: try," she said with a grin, "But me and Minato-Kun would just ignore him, so I can't remember his name."

Toshi gritted his teeth in anger, "You bitch!" he yelled as he charged toward her with the intent to cause her pain, "I make you eat those words!"

Kushina sighed as she prepared to fight off the bully who is an insult to bullies everywhere, before a voice said "You know, I don't think attacking a lady who's just trying to go home is very nice."

Then a red blur slammed into Toshi who was halfway to Kushina, and the Chuunin slammed into a tree. Kushina blinked when she saw a man dressed in a red long-sleeved turtle-neck t-shirt, blue shinobi pants and black sandals, and was as tall as her husband, with dark brown hair, with Teal colored eyes.

"Now...are you going to apologize," Naruto said as he cracked his knuckles "Or am I gonna have to teach you another lesson buddy?"

Toshi managed to stand back up onto his feet, albeit a bit shakily, and glared at Naruto "Who the hell are you?" He shouted.

Naruto chuckled a bit "You may call me Arashi," he said, using the alias that he created to hide his real identity.

Toshi then brandished a Kunai, and attempted to enter a combat stance as he continued to scowl at the interloper.

"I don't who you are or where you came, stranger," he growled, "But you messed with the wrong person!"

'Arashi' just rolled his eyes "Please," he said "I could beat you without even trying. I've dealt with scumbag's worse than you."

Toshi just growled more "Who are you calling a scumbag!" He shouted as he charged, only to be in the face and sent into another tree.

"He means you, baka," said a woman that Kushina didn't recognize, who had dark purple hair, like one of her students, Yuugao, dark purple eyes, and was her height. She noticed the clothes she was wearing were a purple Kimono top with a mesh shirt underneath, black knee length shorts, and Kunoichi sandals. Kushina blinked in suprise as she didn't notice her coming.

'Arashi' pouted at his wife's entrance, "Harumi-chan! Why did you do that? I was about to have some fun with this douche-bag!" he whined using his wife's alias, as said woman giggled, while Kushina sweat-dropped.

'Ooo-kay, this is a weird couple.' She thought before she glanced at Arashi 'Though...why do I feel like I should know that guy? Arashi was it?'

"Don't ask me," Kaiya said. "Though, if you changed the hair and eyes, I guess he does look a bit like Minato."

Kushina looked at Arashi for a moment 'Hmm, ya he does look a bit like Minato.' She thought. 'Weird.'

Toshi, meanwhile, got back up from being slammed into a tree a second time, only a bit more dazed as he glared at the two people "Damnit, who the hell are you people!" He shouted.

The two looked back at Toshi and the Chuunin became unnerved when they gave him an scary grin and killing intent was focused on him making him sweat.

"Who are we, you say?" 'Arashi' said as he cracked his knuckles again, while 'Harumi' channeled chakra into her wrist and a pair of sai daggers, with a manji style guard, appeared, "We're just Nomad ninja who are looking for a place to rest, and decided to help the lady over there in dealing with Trash like you. Please, give us all you've got, its been too long since either of us had a good fight."

Toshi looked at the two and did the one thing that came to his mind...he ran away screaming and making Kushina, and the two 'Nomad' Ninja sweatdrop.

'How he ever became a ninja, much less a Chuunin, is beyond me,' Kushina thought as the Chuunin ran away.

Naruto and Hinata were thinking, 'Geez, and we thought the Konoha shinobi in this time were strong,'

"Thanks for the hand," Kushina said once Toshi had run away out of sight "I probably could have taken care of it myself though, but thanks anyways."

Naruto chuckled a bit "I don't doubt that," he said "Though I kinda do wish he stayed and fought...It's been forever since me and Harumi-chan here had a good fight."

Kushina giggled a bit at that, "I have'nt been on major missions, that involve lately either," She said, "Just random patrols with my team,"

Naruto and Hinata nodded at that, but before they could speak.

"There you two are!" They turned and saw Amaterasu (Though Kushina didn't know that) come toward them with a half stern look on her face, "Where have you troublemakers been? I've been looking all over the entire village for you!"

Naruto gave a pout at that, "Oh come on Amaya-chan!" he whined, using the Sun Goddess' alias, "We weren't causing trouble! Give us a break!"

Naruto got a bonk on the head for his whining.

"Shut up, Baka!" 'Amaya' snapped and then turned to Kushina and gave a polite smile toward the red head.

"I'm sorry you had to see that, but these two tend to go off and do crazy things somethimes," the disguised Goddess apologized, while Kushina waved her hands in front of her.

"Nah, it's okay, ya know," she said, while cursing that verbal tic, "In fact I was just thanking them for helping me out,"

The two smiled as they nodded their consent.

"Not a problem Miss...," 'Arashi' said, and Kushina rubbed behind her head sheepishly.

"Oh oops!" she said, "Call me Kushina. Kushina Uzumaki,"

Naruto smiled, and Hinata could tell it was a smile of longing.

"Nice to meet you Kushina," he said, until they all heard a growl, and Naruto blushed as he placed a hand on his stomach, "Eh, it appears that I'm hungry. I haven't eaten anything in a while,"

The women all giggled at the embarassed young man, as Kushina offered to take them to a place to eat.


2 Hours Later


After walking for a while, the group arrived at a large two story house. Kushina opened the door and let them inside.

"Minato-kun! Tadaima!" she called out, and it wasn't long until a man with spiky blonde and blue eyes appeared, and gave the woman a warm smile.

"Welcome home, Kushi-chan!" Minato said as he gave his wife a kiss, "How was the mission?"

Kushina smiled at her lover, "Nothing much. Just a simple patrol, nothing interesting," she said, and Minato chuckled, before noticing they had guests.

"Who are they?" he asked as Kushina headed into the kitchen with the grocery bag.

"They're some people I met in town today. Helped me out with one of my biggest 'fans'," she said, and Minato blinked before he smiled.

"Hi! Please to meet you. My name is Minato Namikaze," he said, as the group nodded and introduced themselves with their alias'.

As soon as they were done with the introductions, Minato showed them the living room and asked them to sit down, and began to talk. Naruto explained how they were a group of Nomad Ninjas who moved from country to country in order to avoid any violent entanglement with the other villages.

"Wow, I didn't know those type of ninja exist," Minato said, greatly surprised.

Naruto chuckled at that, "Well, it beats being aligned to one of the major villages," he said, "We have more freedom than them, and don't have to worry being marked as Nuke-nin,"

The future Yondaime Hokage nodded at that, "Yes I see you're point," he said, but before he could ask questions, he heard Kushina calling him from the kitchen and excused himself. Naruto sighed tiredly as he leaned back against the couch, clearly exhuasted, as Hinata held his hand in concern.

"Naruto?" the former Hyuuga Heiress whispered in concern, "Are you alright?"

The former/future Hokage nodded, "Yeah...but it's hard fighting the instinct,"

"Embrace them," Amaterasu finished and the former Rokudaime nodded.

"Yeah," he said, and the Sun Goddess nodded.

"I understand what're going through Naruto," she said, "But try to be strong. Not just for yourself, but for Hinata and your parents,"

Naruto nodded at that, "I know, hurts," he said softly, "After I first saw them, only for them to disappear forever, I always craved Tou-san's praise, and my Kaa-san's hugs. It sounds childish I know, but still...,"

Hinata embraced her husband, knowing that this was hard for him. Just as they were talking, Kushina and Minato were talking in the kitchen, about what Kaiya sensing a powerful presence.

"Are you sure about this Kushina?" Minato said, his face full of surprise as his wife nodded.

"I'm sure Minato. If I know Kaiya, she's never wrong when she sences another presence," she said, "Especially if it's powerful like her,"

Minato face then turned into a frown as he held his chin in thought.

"We have to tell Hiruzen-sama about this," he said, and Kushina nodded in agreement.

"My thoughts exactly. But let's inform in the morning," she said, and then smiled, "Besides, I'm making your favorite tonight,"

Minato returned the smile as he gave a quick but passionate kiss.

"That's one of the many things I love about you," he said, and Kushina giggled as she prepared the meal for themselves and their guests. After they had dinner, Minato allowed them to spend the night in guest rooms. For Naruto, he was happy that he got the chance to sleep in the house that could've been his childhood home.


Patriot-112: And done! I hope you all enjoyed that! Sorry if it was a tad brief. As you can see, despite being a strong young man, and a competent ninja and a Kage at that, Naruto is still a child inside

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