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Chapter 1 : The return

Strong, heavy raindrops were falling onto the ground. The mud around the wounded body was now dirtier than ever and was beginning to stick on the violet coloured jacket which was in most parts shredded. The sky falling white fluid began mixing with the red one dripping out of the body. How many months had passed? Or years? At the beginning nothing seemed to change, no matter how much the body overexerted itself, no matter how much it got wounded, scratched, beat or was even dying. Even after being so strongly abused, each time a new blow came to open a new wound, the body just became stronger and stronger, getting used to flesh wounds. Lying on the floor, looking at the sky with blurry eyes, the body's hand began to move. A kunai was being held by the right hand and the grip around it tightened to feel if the fingers were undamaged. They weren't harmed but just tired. Finally, having made sure the hand could still move, not more than three seconds passed as the kunai was already being thrown to the near lying tree.

The kunai landed on the upper part of the huge sized oak tree that had been pierced by many other kunai thrown by the same person. It wasn't long after that the last kunai infected the tree with a faint amount of chakra which had been placed in it by a certain someone. Soon after, the weakened tree left his brownish clothing to darken into a shade of black colour. The rain continued to pour down with as much intensity as it once started. With each raindrop that fell on the body, it felt like a needle being pierced into it. The tree began to rotten away and as expected, died in a short amount of time.

A smile of satisfaction being shown on the lips, the body began to slowly drift into sleep, knowing it could not stand due to the harsh training and abusing it has been going through. Before entering into the dream world and fearful nightmares, a realization came to mind. It was finally time to return over there. It was finally time to start and change things, many things.

In the hidden village of Konoha, the streets were bustling with people. Vendors were selling their items and the talented customers were making good deals, receiving the item at a half-price while the more "weak" ones where paying the full price or the double, as they weren't smart enough to know that a few stands away was the very same object just cheaper. Neji Hyuga was wandering in town, searching with his pure white eyes an object he could give as an offering to the next heiress in line. He couldn't forget Hinata's face the day his father made her lose the right to be the Hyuga clan leader. She was calm and composed, but he knew that inside her she was fighting against the urge to run away and cry in the darkest corner, blaming herself for failing to live up to her father's expectations. Well at that moment, he didn't care the less about her. All he could think was that she deserved it; he was full of hate and despised her the most for having been the person that caused his father's death. But after the Chuunin's exams he finally knew that even a caged bird could one day, flap its wings and fly to freedom.

He stopped at a plain looking stand, his eyes set on a beautiful blue marine necklace with a butterfly medal at the centre. Not willing to fuss any more about the question if it would or not please her, he gave the right amount of money to the vendor and then, stuck the purchased item into his pocket. Walking away with no destination in mind, he began to look up at the sky and just think about his life. It has been a long time since he didn't do it; he just began with this little activity about two years ago when she went missing.

It was on a cold night, he remembered him shivering to the bones with only a thin cotton blanket wrapped around him. He had wanted to take a stroll around and maybe hoping to feel asleep, but for some reason his body seemed affected by some sort of adrenaline and extra energy as if he had drunk a litre of coffee. He was walking down the outside halls, catching the cold and freezing winter winds when he suddenly spotted a shadow making its way out of the compound to the front gate. Not wanting to take any risk on it being an intruder who took what it wanted and then flee away, Neji ran at full speed towards the front gate. Running on the light snowy ground he clutched his teeth to resist the cold sharpness he felt against his bare feet.

As he approached the shadowy person, he could make out the form and noticed that it belonged to a woman with long blue darkish hair. When he was close enough he made a high leap to the sky to position himself in front of the person. Landing onto his two feet he looked at the person ahead of him and widened his eyes in surprise. It was the last person he thought of seeing this late at night. Hinata Hyuga.

"Hinata-sama, may I know why you have the bag you carry when you go to missions and why you're heading out of the compound this late?" Neji questioned her and giving her the stern look he always gave when he was expecting a convincing answer.

"Neji-nii-san…" She looked at the ground, fidgeting with her both index fingers as she always did when being nervous. Neji kept his gaze on her, he wasn't going to budge one feet until she answered him even if it meant freezing all of his ten toes, he had already endured much greater pain compared to that in the past, this was nothing.

"Uhmm, I…" The blue haired girl now looked into his eyes, looking more determinate than ever. "I-I decided t-to go on a j-journey to t-train."

Neji narrowed his eyes in confusion. What her cousin just stuttered out were words he never thought of hearing from her. Why the hell would she go on a journey to train and alone? Wait now that he noticed nobody stood at the gates waiting for her. Then again, they could have said that they'd meet at some other place.

"Are you going alone Hinata-sama?" Even so he felt the need to ask, he was assigned to protect her and even if he wasn't so much pleased by the idea, it was his duty as a mere branch member to serve the main house members, especially Hinata.

After shivering from the wind that howled into the night sky, Hinata straightened herself, parting her index fingers and laying them against her sides. "Y-yes."

"Is it really true? If yes then why do you want to go on a journey this late at night and without anyone knowing? I suppose you haven't talked with your father about it am I right?" By the "I got caught" look that she gave, Neji knew that he had hit right. He still couldn't understand why she suddenly wanted to go on a journey and train. It seemed so strange… After all, he couldn't let her go; he was assigned to protect her and what will the main members say when they'll know about it?

"P-please Neji-nii-san, I h-have to g-go! This i-is something I d-decided m-myself." She tried as hard as she could to look as determinate as ever, but her stuttering made it hard for Neji to believe it actually was.

"Out of the question. I won't let you leave on your own for such a foolish reason. Now come I will accompany you to your rooms." He took her by the arm and began leading her back to the main house as she softly whispered under her breath. It was barely audible, but he did catch the most important part.

"I'm s-sorry Neji-nii-san." With that Neji felt a pain behind his neck and fell into the ground, his face sideways into the coldness. Hinata had just hit him in the back of his neck which paralyzed his body completely. The last thing he remembered was the sound of her gentle footsteps, rushing away out of the Hyuga compound and out of the front gate. The next day, he was brought back to his room by other branch members who were strolling down the hallways late into the night after a long round of Blackjack among branch members. By the smell on his clothes he had noticed the strong alcohol and cigarettes scent emanating from them and he suddenly felt ill.

He had caught a cold and the need of wanting to throw up wasn't entirely because of the disgusting scent escaping from his clothes, but because of his 39 degrees fever. When later on, some branch member woman who served the main branch came looking if everything was alright and he felt himself opening his mouth against his will to ask if she had seen Hinata around the main house. Thus, this led him to explain the maid everything about the night before and as he expected from the maids face, he knew that the alert of Hinata going missing had already been given. What he didn't know was that Hinata's father wasn't the one that gave out the alert as he sooner found out. Being healed from his cold, he directly went to Hiashi to inform him personally about that famous night.

The clan leader was training the next heiress to be and didn't look at him a single time while he was reporting to him. It didn't bother Neji to be outfaced by him, but what he couldn't understand was the fact that even if Hiashi saw in his eldest daughter a failure and a weakling, he was cold enough to say that it didn't concern him what his daughter did anymore. She went missing and he didn't even give a hint of concern nor did he look worried. All he said to end the conversation was a simple detestable sentence, one Neji would say back on the days where he still had the hatred feelings towards his cousin, not that it all entirely blew away though.

"As frail and weak as she is, she will eventually come back and I won't guarantee that we'll see her alive."

He broke free from his thoughts when he felt someone bumping into him. "Naruto! Can't you look where you're going? Apologize to…" The big green eyes of the pink haired girl met with Neji's white one's and immediately widened in surprise. "Neji-kun?"

Naruto, who had been sniffing the sweet aroma of the ramen escaping from the bag he held, wasn't listening to his team-mate until she mentioned Neji's name. "Neji? Whatcha doing here?" He shouted in the middle of the road, getting all the attention of the nearby passers-by.

Sakura, obviously embarrassed by the curious looks, mentioned for the two to follow her in a quiet place. Arrived at a quiet corner of the village, Sakura sat down on one of the benches displayed here and there, but not after having punched the attention-drawing blonde boy.

She sighed before looking up to Neji from the bench. "Sorry about this idiot's behaviour. Even though he is already eighteen, he didn't change one bit!" Sakura glared at Naruto, emphasizing her words so he could her them loud and clearly.

This time it was Neji's time to sigh, what was he actually doing here with this complexed couple? Anyone could see that Naruto's once longing and now lustful glances towards Sakura and Sakura's annoyed facial expression whenever he did so, could just mean one thing. Everybody knew of Naruto's unrequited love, but it slowly turned to a mutual one when two years ago he finally confessed for the seventy fourth time, yes he had been counting every single one of them. They were going out for two years and they were exactly like the time when they were still kids, the only thing that changed was the fact that they went out together more often. Of course, Neji didn't know what they would do at night and truthfully it didn't concern him the least.

Seeing how they now fought and argued together, Neji almost felt his lips turn upwards for a smile. "This is one odd way to show love." He nearly chuckled at the thought, but no he restrained himself of doing so, Neji. Did. Not. Chuckle. Neji wasn't a person with a large history of love experiences. The only time where he had to deal with love was when one day his female team-mate came up to him to confess about her until now locked feelings. He refused, of course, why accept when he himself never felt the least of passion towards her? Well, there are people who are just as able to use this opportunity for intimate purposes.

Once again, the Hyuga let out a sigh, seeing how their argue would probably never end. He decided to wait and take every chance of distraction between the two love birds, to slowly tiptoe away. He didn't get that chance; Sakura had stopped the useless fight and now approached Neji with a worried look. He did already know what she would say next; everyone who wanted to ask the famous question did exactly the same.

"Neji-kun, I probably already know the answer, but have you got any news of Hinata-san?" Neji closed his eyes in an attempt to choose a different answer. The village had been shocked by the disappearance of the once Hyuga clan heiress and the Hokage gave the alert that if anybody had seen her, he had to report it as soon as possible. Naturally, rumours started to spread and not all were nice ones. Rumours were always a lead to lies and misunderstandings and the people who spread it were mainly people who hated the Hyuga clan. Nothing was said about Hinata, but all the rumours were about her father, that he probably made her disappear because she wasn't needed anymore. The rumours continuously spread during the first three weeks, and then it started to lessen all the more until nobody talked about it anymore and the villagers followed their natural flow of life like nothing ever happened. All the people who knew Hinata personally gave up the search after a few months, hoping she will eventually one day come back. The two more concerned were her team-mates, Shino and Kiba. Even today they didn't give up the search when they went on missions.

"No, nothing new was sent to the Hyuga administration and I took a look at the scroll of the recently deceased people in different areas and nothing was found." Sakura looked down at the ground in disappointment while Naruto showed a hurtful look on his face. "That's what everybody does when I answer them…It's getting slowly irritating to be the bearer of no news." At every occasion Neji had, he always went looking into the scroll of the recently deceased people and every time he hoped not to see her name on it. He did it not because he was asked to, but he did it out of simple duty and a part of him would always tell him, despite the fact that he still felt some resentment towards his cousin, that he over these few years thought of her as a friend. As strange as it may sound that was what he felt right now, and someone always told him to listen to his heart in such times.

Naruto gripped Sakura's hand firmly in his and to Neji's surprise, she didn't back off but returned his grip with one of her own. "Well there are times when they look like a couple…interesting." Not wanting to disturb the moment he decided to go back to the Hyuga compound.

Leaping from one roof to the other, Neji thought of why he actually bought a present for the new heiress. Today was the celebration to make her officially the new heiress in line for the Hyuga clan and because Hanabi requested a present, he had gone out to fulfil whatever the heiress desired. Hiashi had talked with him and asked if he could be Hanabi's protector, the little girl was delighted as she took a liking on her nii-san, but Neji refused. His father had wanted him to protect Hinata and so he did and will always do even with her not present he would still protect her from afar, starting with breaking down all bad rumours that could spread any time about his cousin. However, the answer did not please the clan leader and so he was assigned to just guard his younger cousin in case something would happen.

The cold mid-November wind started to kick in and like every cold wind that brushed against Neji's warm cheeks made him remember that famous night. Will she ever come back? And if so, will she return alive?

At the Hyuga compound, a little figure was waiting for him by the front gate. As soon as she saw him, she ran with all her morning energy towards her cousin.

"Neji-nii-san! Come in, I can't wait for the party to start!" The girl jumped on the spot and was gripping his clothes anxiously.

"Calm down, Hanabi-sama. The celebration will only start at noon." He gave her one of his genuine smiles and Hanabi blushed lightly.

With a hand still gripped on his forearm, the young heiress guided him into the Hyuga compound and towards the little garden filled with maintained flowers spreading all around in rainbow colours.

Watching the girl play around the flowers, Neji felt himself tired out; children were a lot to deal with. He was already past the age of marriage and proposals of all kinds of families, including Tenten's were sent to him and here again, he declined them all. When they had asked him why he always declined it, he would always tell them that there was already somebody waiting for him. He himself didn't know who it was; destiny would tell him when the time comes.

The carefree atmosphere around Hanabi made Neji remember how Hinata used to play like this a lot when she was still a child. "Hanabi-sama, may I ask you something?" Strangely, the memories of childhood days made him want to ask a question he'd wanted to ask months ago.

"Sure, you can ask anything! And if it's about marriage then I can wait until I'm eighteen." She beamed at him and Neji just sighed her last sentence away. He knew that the little heiress had become much attached to him for these last two years, to a point where he asked himself if it was just brotherly affection or if she was actually in love with her cousin. Either way, he decided to continue with a serious tone on his voice.

"Do you miss Hinata-sama?" Hanabi's expression didn't change and instead of being sad, she narrowed her eyes, nearly resembling a look of disgust, what surprised Neji the most.

"No, I don't. Father says she's a traitor to the Hyuga clan and that she ran away to tell all the secrets and techniques about the Byakugan to bad people. That's why I am chosen to be the next heiress of the Hyuga clan. With my strength I'll do anything to keep the Hyuga legacy as great as it ever was, regardless of what my sister did or is going to do. I despise her the most for what she's done to us." Her words pierced into Neji's mind like words of complete hate. The way she said these few sentences were the one's that should never come out of a mouth belonging to an innocent child. Her father was putting his hate towards his older daughter into his young one. All that in order to build up a powerful machine with no feelings, no weakness and no reasoning from a child's body. Everything that Hinata couldn't do or wouldn't do was now transmitted to her sister.

Neji was utterly shocked, but kept his straight face even though mentally everything he knew about the Hyuga legacy was slowly crumbling together.

Noon was approaching and Neji held onto the necklace he bought for Hanabi in his right pocket. Everyone was gathered in the huge room in the Hyuga compound, it was always displayed and ready to use for common celebrations. Out of all the people, Neji recognized the elders sitting together and discussing the clan's future, a few branch members gathered at the back of the room as they weren't allowed to be up front, other branch members, maids this time serving the tea and appetizers and lastly he found Hanabi wearing a fine butterfly printed kimono, sitting on what resembled a little throne. It was really odd, how the foolish little desires of the heiress was so easily executed.

Neji started to walk up to her, when he heard the harsh sound of a spoon touching a half-filled glass. He gritted his teeth at the irritating sound and looked to the person which deserved to meet with the killing glare Neji was about to give. Hiashi had been the one making the sound, catching everyone's attention in the room. With everybody silent, Hiashi began his formal introduction to Hanabi's official nomination to heiress.

With a silent sigh and a roll of his eyes, Neji sat down on one of the chairs displayed in the room and started to listen to the long speech to come. When finally Hiashi was coming to the end of the speech, Neji lifted himself from the chair, rubbing his back which itched to be straightened by its owner. As soon as he had lifted himself he saw a person with a black cape around his shoulders, passing through him at a quickened pace. The mild wind the person had left trailing behind contained a scent of lilac perfume that Neji knew all too well, but where had he smelt it before?

"And so, I am honoured to proclaim my daughter, Hanabi Hyuga, as the new hei-" "Allow me to interrupt this fascinating ceremony, but I have an announcement of high importance to make." Hiashi was cut down by what seemed to be a woman's voice. Everybody in the room looked towards the same person and Neji widened his eyes, it was the same person who had just passed by him. Just who was this mysterious someone?

Hiashi gave the person in front of him a cold glare and began fuming with rage. "Who are you and don't you feel ashamed of interrupting this important ceremony? Show yourself and quit hiding under that hideous cape!"

The person smirked under the cape's hood and suddenly leapt onto the giant sized table placed at the centre of the room. "Do you not recognize me? Humph, I figured as much. The important announcement is going to be said in this moment. Listen carefully; I am not going to repeat myself." The hooded woman's voice echoed in the room and more Neji heard the frequencies of the voice, more he was approaching to get the person's face, but it was still difficult because of the deep feminine intonation of the voice.

Hiashi faced the unknown visitor with eagle eyes and at every moment Neji was sure he'd call the security, but strangely so, he didn't. "Quit playing games! Tell us who you are!"

"I guess I have no choice then…" Her hand rose up and with one swift movement revealed the body that had been hiding under the shadows of the cape. "I am your daughter, Hinata Hyuga!"

Neji felt ill. It was just nearly a few minutes ago that he like anybody else saw the missing Hyuga's clan leader's daughter, Hinata. "Hinata-sama." He mumbled her name under his breath, not stopping to make comings and goings in the hallway. Hinata was locked inside a room with her father and Neji still couldn't believe the person inside those paper walls was really the real Hinata. She still had those mesmerizing lavender eyes which matched her long dark blue hair perfectly and long luscious lips curves around her mouth, but something changed about her…attitude. Her voice was deeper as it showed more self-confidence and her attitude was far from a shy nature one.

As far as Neji could think, he didn't see Hinata speak without at least stutter one or two words out, nor did he ever see her act on an impulse like jumping on a table, gathering all the attention and above all, trying, no, stopping Hanabi's nomination completely. Could it be that during her training, she was able to change? More importantly, did she become stronger as she always wished she did?

All this thinking was making Neji's head hurt like wild, as if it wasn't enough Hanabi had hung to him, protectively showing her sister that he somehow belonged to her now. While seeing this Hinata did not twitch and said almost emotionless, "If I were you, I would keep my little fingers away from what does not belong to you. For all I know, he is still my protector." After hearing these words, Neji's body stiffened under the little girl's, now hesitant grasp. Hinata was considering him being her possession, as strange as it sounded, he couldn't keep his eyes away from her. This was the worst that could happen, seeing how another twelve year old Neji was being reborn.

Minutes seemed to flow like hours, and the more Neji waited the more he asked himself what could be happening inside those walls at the moment. Then, a sudden shudder came interfering with his more or less calm thinking. What if Hiashi was punishing her for having disappeared? He shook frantically his head and sat down next to the sliding paper door, legs crossed in a lotus pose. So many questions floating and he didn't even catch the most important one, why did he even care to know what would now happen to her?

Hard imposing footsteps were making their way to the sliding door and Neji got up and straightened his posture to look as if he just got there a few seconds ago. The door slid open and Hiashi came out, brows knitted together and a confident smirk plastered on his face.

"I am curious about what the outcome will be. This will be a match to remember." Hinata followed Hiashi out of the room with her usual graceful steps, not even blinking one time between her words.

"Of course, I meant what I said. You will see what you lost when giving my position to some midget whom I am ashamed about calling her my sister. It's on you to keep the end of the bargain." Neji furrowed his brows in confusion. "What are they talking about? Is Hinata-sama maybe going to fight Hiashi-sama? And what bargain?"

Without having any time to think of it any further Neji was called at by Hinata's father and he diverted his gaze back to him. "Neji, go get me Hanabi. We are going to assist to her sister's shameful defeat."

Hinata snorted at the clan's leader and countered his comment. "Bring it on!"

He didn't know how or when, but he found himself with many other main members of the Hyuga clan's compound's training grounds. Hiashi gave the order that all important members of the Hyuga clan, including the elders, must assist to the ultimate disgrace of his eldest daughter. After Neji had brought Hanabi back as ordered, he noticed the tiny little bump on his pocket. The necklace was still there, lying warmly instead of being around his little cousin's neck.

Hinata was standing on the training ground, around her was a wide field filled with grass. There were places where the herb was shaved short or even bare with dirty sticky mud on the ground, and then there were circles sketched too, probably created by the many attempts to master the famous "Kaiten", which was naturally under their league.

While waiting for the elder's decision on who will have to face Hinata, Neji made, for the first time, his way to her on the grounds. Hinata, however, didn't move one limb nor did she turn her head to him when he was approaching her. Neji was about to open his mouth but the ex-heiress beat him to it.

"I understand that you have many questions to ask and I will gladly answer them after this match is over. You are dismissed." She said sternly and narrowing her eyes to the elders grouped a little further away. Neji couldn't help, but feel as if the last part of her first sentence was meant to be sarcastic and in some way it maybe was, seeing how she pronounced the "gladly" with annoyance.

Neji was about return back to his initial place when he heard the soft whispers of the woman behind him. "I'll make you feel the worst pain you've ever felt, just watch me!" He stopped instantly as these words came flying out of Hinata's mouth to crush themselves in his ears. Thinking maybe these words were directed at him, he turned around and noticed that her opponent, already chosen, was making his way into the grounds.

Still shocked by her choice of words, Neji slowly returned to his place to start watching the so called "humiliation of an ex-heiress live". This person wasn't Hinata anymore; it had to be someone different. As hard as he could possibly think, she was different in all kinds of aspects, her voice, her expressions, her personality and even her clothes. She had gotten rid of her thick jacket and had a simple net shirt with the plain blue-navy Bermuda pants; she had kept which reached to her knees. He just couldn't keep but thinking this was a different person and it seemed as if he was the only one who was affected by her sudden change. Everybody looked surprised at her sudden appearance at Hanabi's ceremony, whispers had made their way from mouth to mouth too, but no one ever wondered what had happened to her during her time out of the leaf village.

The only thing that kept annoying Neji was the fact that her sudden change was affecting him more than anything. Seeing how she was being more and more like the young thirteen year old Neji, was making him lose his usual serious composure. Truth is, she was making him look weak by being the ultimate Hyuga-famous non-emotional human being which the Hyuga clan leader craved to have.

The two opponents were facing each other and Hinata was piercing the man before her with her narrowed eyes, a smirk designed on her lips. Neji recognized the man as one belonging to the main members in the Hyuga clan and as uneasy feeling came emerging into his chest. If Hinata was able to change her whole personality like this was she also able to become stronger? And if yes, was she stronger than…him?

Hiashi gave the alert to start the match and Neji prepared himself for what was about to come when strangely just the man had gone into the Hyuga fighting stance. Hinata was still standing and not a limb had been moved. Seeing as, obviously he was going to win anyway the man decided to activate his Byagukan to finish the match with the greatest impact.

"Humph, are you really going to use that to fight me? Pathetic! I wouldn't waste my energy and chakra for that but seeing as you're going the hard way, I might as well use it too." Hinata said, amused by her opponents choice of weapons. She made the adequate finger signs and she in turn actived her Byakugan, but still not lowering herself to go into fighting stance.

Her opponent, rather annoyed by Hinata's mockery, began to run towards her in full speed. Neji rapidly looked at Hinata and noticed that she still didn't budge and probably never was going to do so. "What is she doing? If you don't want to get killed then move!" Neji's thoughts screamed inside his head as if they wanted to reach the person they were addressed to, knowing that it could never happen, he just closed his eyes and hoped for the best.

As soon as he had closed his eyes, the gasps coming from the audience made him open them again, only to discover that Hinata had magically vanished. Her opponent was standing with his arm stretched and had, as Neji assumed, just been beating the air. Throughout this match, Neji had been observing with the corner of his eye, Hiashi standing three people away from him. At every reaction Hinata had done until now, Hiashi had put his stoic expression on and naturally his smirk hadn't faded away. He was certainly waiting for her to be crushed down and for the worst, be killed.

Only seconds after her vanishing, Hinata appeared behind her opponent, catching him off guard. Whispers were heard and by the movements of Hinata's lips, he figured these whispers belonged to her. He strained his ears to be able to listen what was actually being said and seeing as he was the younger one of the audience with the exception of Hanabi, he could still listen as well as he ever had.

"Always watch your back." Those words said, Hinata quickly raised her two arms and with one swift movement, put her hands on top of each other, chakra emanating from both of them and pushed them behind her opponent's neck. It didn't last long for him to be literally thrown away in the air and then fall about seventy feet away from the place he had been ejected from.

It was clear that her opponent was knocked out and wouldn't stand again, not after having flown that high that's for sure. Neji was stunned. She had vanished and appeared at such a great speed to knock a person so hard that he would spend his next few weeks in bed. Not only did she change her attitude completely, but she even managed to get stronger. Somehow he felt relieved, she was stronger, yes, but she couldn't possibly surpass him and for the first time since her return he felt unthreatened.

Hinata made her way to the clan leader known as her father with slow, yet powerful steps on the fresh afternoon grass. She stopped a decent distance and observed her father with confident eyes in silence. He, in return, did the same, but Neji noticed that the leader was straining him to not show his frustration at his failed attempt on his daughter. Thus, he managed to keep a wavering smirk on.

The silence broke when a middle-aged main member ran towards them and started panting heavily before reporting to his leader. "Hiashi-sama, Hirou is badly injured! His neck bones are completely broken and if we don't do something he won't be able to breathe right as the trachea is severely affected!" Neji directed his eyes to where the man was pointing and saw a group of main and branch members grouped together around what seemed to be the so called Hirou's body.

After a moment of thinking Hiashi narrowed his eyes into the direction of the injured man, "Herou, bring your brother to the hospital and make it quick. Maybe it was a bad idea to let a weak member fight against my useless daughter." Hinata clicked her tongue in disgust. "Tsst, letting me fight with the weakest member of the main branch? Humph, no wonder he got so easily crushed." She smirked at Herou, who obviously wanted to at least preserve his brother's pride.

"Do you not realize what you did? He could have died!" He shouted at her, but the Hyuga head hushed him and with a sign of his head into the injured man's direction made his orders clear. Herou addressed a last angry look at Hinata that he would soon regret as she threw a kunai with incredible speed towards him, missing him purposely by cutting a strand of his hair. After having had the worst fear of his life, Herou ran up to his brother in the distance more determinate as ever as if the grim reaper himself was running after him.

"Seeing as you spoke to me with that hateful tone you always used against me can just mean one thing: you aren't satisfied with what I've done. It is always not enough for you; everything is not enough for you in this world. So, how about I fight you to show how much I changed from your useless daughter into the human machine you always wanted?" Hinata said confidently enough to not breathe a single time between her sentences. Hinata was right about Hiashi, this Neji knew. Even though she showed everyone how easily she had crushed a middle levelled main member, it wasn't enough for Hiashi. Nothing was ever enough for him, and that point, Hinata knew it all to well.

Hiashi scowled at her, for a moment Neji thought, he was about to agree with her about her powers, but his snap of the fingers to call a servant and whispering some orders, deleted that possibility. After a few minutes two servants came holding a long wooden stick, two feet of thickness, with a straw stuffed training manikin attached to it. The two men put the manikin deep into the ground and without anyone telling what she had to do, Hinata slowly made her way towards the manikin, knowing exactly what she had to do. Suddenly she stopped midway to address a last comment over her shoulder to her father.

"Watch closely, I wouldn't want you to lose a single detail of what I am about to do with those weak eyes of yours. Aging only goes forwards and never backwards." Turning her head back to her next target she continued in her tracks, leaving a slowly fuming clan leader behind. In the way of how Hinata was speaking to her father she was surely declaring war and a big one at that.

Keeping herself at a good distance from the manikin, Hinata activated her Byakugan and went onto her fighting stance. She closed her eyes for a brief concentration and then reopened them, this time a circle was being drawn under her feet, known as the Eight Trigrams circle. Neji furrowed his brows, her thirty-two palms technique was nothing new, and seeing as Hiashi smirked at the scene made it clear that this attack would not change his vision of Hinata any better.

Before Neji could think of all the ways Hiashi would punish his daughter, in case she failed to show her powers, the circle widened until reaching the access to another more powerful technique. "One Hundred twenty-eight Palms…No, she couldn't possibly..!" Neji's breathing speeded up as Hinata began to rush towards the manikin.

"Eight Trigrams One Hundred twenty-eight Palms!" With every chakra release from her hands the puppet began moving forwards and backwards at every move and soon lost all the straw it contained. When she reached the end of her technique the thick stick holding the manikin had broken off. Before the manikin could fall she threw it to the sky with one powerful punch and Neji knew that she hadn't finished yet and that another thing was yet to come.

Everybody was now holding their breaths and with one observing eye, Neji spotted Hiashi's brows slowly fading from an angry form to a confused one. Noticing how the doll was coming down, Hinata turned with a wonderful grace around herself.

"Kaiten!" As soon as these words appeared on Neji's thoughts, they were spoken out by Hinata herself. "Kaiten!" The blue light appeared around her at the same time the manikin reached the exact distance. The technique faded away after a few seconds, revealing a completely cremated manikin on the ground. The doll was still steaming when Hinata took hold of it and threw it at Hiashi as proof.

Hiashi, however, clearly not pleased by the result, looked down at what didn't resemble a manikin at all, but instead resembled dark burned cloths. Closing his eyes in defeat, Hiashi slowly began walking away from the audience, Hanabi following behind. Keeping a secure distance from his eldest daughter, he slowly began announcing the words Neji never imagined to hear.

"In accordance to our pact, I declare that you are to be the next heiress in line." Even though Neji could sense the frustration in Hiashi's eyes, none of it was shown through his words and this made Neji believe that even though the Hyuga head was entirely displeased with the situation, he was sure already scheming something.

Hinata smirked and turned to leave as suddenly a little girl's voice rose above the elders' fake congratulations to the new heiress. "Father, how can you make this traitor the next heiress? What about my intentions on restoring Hyuga's reputation and strength?" Hanabi pulled on her father's robes while he just outfaced her in silence.

Upon hearing her younger sister's pleads, Hinata rotated around and looked at her with eyes of a snake capturing her prey. "Why would he want a little useless midget like you if he already has the powerful being he always wanted?"

Those words reached Hanabi's ears like bombs exploding in the midst of a battlefield. Hinata slowly started to walk away again as Hanabi rushed in front of her, widening her arms, blocking her older sister's way. "I will not let you do what you please! Give me my title back by fighting me. I will show you that I am more powerful than you!"

Even with her yells of challenging words, Hinata didn't stop one time. Instead, she just continued walking past the little girl. Not quite accepting being ignored, Hanabi ran up to Hinata and positioned herself in front of her again. Hinata stopped to let a sigh out, but continued walking this time in Hanabi's direction.

"Out of my way you pestering insect." Hinata growled, emphasising every word and with a push of her hand on Hanabi's shoulder, sent the girl flying to the side, freeing the way.

Neji rushed past Hinata with a knot on his stomach and kneeling beside his little cousin checked if she was unscathed. "Nii-san." Hanabi muttered inaudibly before fading into sleep. He held the girl on his arms and noticed a pink bruise starting to from on her knee, slowly beginning to bleed. Hinata certainly went easy on her sister, if she were in the mood to crush another person, she could of have easily broken a bone of her sister with a push. Hearing Hinata's steps stopping again, he dared to look back, wondering if she could have thought otherwise and this time hurt seriously her sister.

He saw her look at him, ignoring the fact of him holding Hanabi in his arms. "Neji, I want you to be in my room after whatever business you have with my lowly sister, understood?" His heart skipped a beat at the way she addressed him. Neji? This was certainly new, he was always addressed as her nii-san, but now she was truly calling him like anybody else and he felt something disappearing from inside him. He simply nodded as response and saw her walking to the main compartment of the compound.

Before he, himself began to walk away, the last whispers of the elders and the clan leader came flying to his ears and carefully he began walking away, but keeping an ear open at the same time.

"Do you have any idea what you did Hiashi-sama?" An elder raised his tone at the leader, but clearly kept the respect at the same time. "Don't worry, I have a plan. We shall use her when the time comes and when the time has finally reached the limit, I will play with my strings and make of her the Hyuga's clan new puppet. After all, I cannot deny how strong she has become. She will be of great importance in the future."

Neji shivered at his words, but it was great information. Somehow the feeling of being threatened was emerging into his chest again. Will he still be the Hyuga genius as he was always called?

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