It was no secret that Leo played favourites with his sons but no-one had ever anticipated what was to come after Wyatt went a little too far in teasing his brother and powers were used and furthermore what it would trigger in the man they call Dad...

Set in unchanged future.

WARNING: this is an abuse story of sorts so if you don't like that kinda thing I would advise you to not read it.

It was a quiet afternoon in the Halliwell manor well, by magical standards. There had been no demon attacks all day but there were two boisterous and energetic pre-teens.

"Wyatt! Give me back my journal! It was under my bed for a reason!" Chris shouted as he chased his 12 year old brother through the manor. "ooo let's see what secrets you hide! Who's Sara? Does Chrissy have a crush?" Wyatt quizzed and taunted his younger brother while giggling and flicking through the pages.

"Mom! Wyatt won't give me back my journal" whined Chris as he chased his brother around the kitchen, the aroma of his mothers cooking filling the air. "Wyatt honey give your brother back his journal before I ground you" Piper warned him in a sweet but firm voice as she carried on cooking but Wyatt was too busy running, trying to read his brothers journal to find anything he could tease him about to heed his mothers warning.

Leo orbed in amongst the chaos from a meeting with the elders just in time to see what happened next. While still running after his brother Chris had been getting more and more annoyed and frustrated and in an attempt to retrieve his journal he flung out his arm to try and use his telekinesis to get the book out of Wyatt's hand but instead had thrown him into the nearest wall, smashing one of his mothers vases on the way down. Hearing the crash Piper quickly ran to where the boys were, hands at the ready to blast any demon who'd dare harm her children.

Leo was healing his eldest sons injuries which weren't too major just a cut to the head, possible concussion and a few scratches here and there, while Chris stood in the corner crying from the shock and the guilt of what he had just done to his brother, hoping Wyatt felt how sorry he was through their bond.

"What the hell just happened!" Piper cried wanting to know why one of her sons was unconscious while the other in tears. "Your son just decided to throw his brother in to a wall" Leo exclaimed through gritted teeth, clearly incredibly angry at what the 10 year old had just done.

"I didn't mean to" Chris sobbed "no but you did it. Can't you ever behave?" Leo spat at his son as he'd only really seemed to ever notice Chris when he'd either misbehaved or when he'd done something clumsy. Whenever he was around that is.

"Leo, honey don't-"

"no Piper" Leo interrupted "he clearly misused his powers for personal gain! And could've killed his brother" the man shouted. Piper stood shocked at the level of anger emitting from her husband.

"dad it was an accident I didn't mean...I'm sorry, I...all I wanted was my journal back" Chris finished as he began to sob harder.

"is this what is going to happen every time you want something? Hmm?" He challenged with emphasis on the want. "no dad you don't understand It ju-" and with that sentence Leo's rage tipped over the edge "oh don't I?" He interrupted as he grabbed the sobbing child by the arm and dragged him upstairs with Chris' feet barely touching the floor.

When they reached Chris' room Leo kicked open the door that was slightly ajar anyway and threw his youngest into the room with ease and brute force Chris hit the floor quite hard and turned to his father in horror fearing what would happen next. Leo raised his hand to strike the boy but hesitated when he heard Pipers footsteps running up the stairs so instead pointed his finger at the boy and shouted "you will stay here and think about what you've done until I decide what to do with you!" And slammed the door behind him.


After watching her husband man handle her youngest son up the stairs Piper shook herself out of the state of shock she was currently in and ran over to Wyatt to see if he was ok and told him to go watch tv in the living room while she went upstairs, then ran up the stairs to prevent her husband from doing something he'll later regret. She'd not seen ed her husband this angry since his mentor and friend Kidnapped Wyatt when he was 2 and attempted to kill him. She reached him just as he slammed the childs door.

"honey you need to calm down you're acting as if a demon attacked Wyatt" Piper said very concerned.

"with the damage that was done it might as well had been a demon attack!"

"Leo he's just a child he doesn't have complete control over his emotions and powers yet" Piper said trying to get him to see reason and calm down.

"which is why he shouldn't have used them" Leo spat back at her.

"it was a big mistake which he obviously regretted as soon as it happened, you didn't need to be so hard on him" Piper stated and as he went to reply she interjected "listen I think you need to leave the house until you cool off"

"what about Wyatt?" Leo asked

"he's fine now, I don't think you should be around either of the boys while you're like this" and with that he orbed out. Piper stood there for a moment trying to process the events that had just happened, she looked at Chris' door and contemplated checking on him but decided to leave it til a little later, he needed space right now. If only she knew later would be too late for her little Peanut...

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