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Hello there, my name is Yugi Mouto, if you ever looked at me you would probably think that I'm just a regular kid who looks like they gelled and dyed their hair. But to be honest, I'm anything but ordinary, you see, I have this friend of mine who used to be a spirit who lived inside of me. And I have two friends who had the same issue, except one of them had a spirit who wanted to kill the one living in me and the other had something that was close to a spirit, but was actually just a person who was created out of his emotions. You can also add the fact that the three of us can now use Shadow Magic like our ex-spirit friends to the list of things that makes us different from your ordinary group of kids with strange appearances.

My hair is tri-colored and looks like a star, the color black takes up most of my hair and the edges are outlined with a purple color and my blond bands frame my face. My amethyst colored eyes shine with excitement, and you would probably have to drag girls away to get them to stop looking at them. An there's also my size, see, even though I'm eighteen, I look more like I'm fifteen. Remember that spirit that I mentioned earlier? The one that I said who used to live inside me? His name is Atemu, but we like to call him Yami, it helps him fit in more instead of his Egyptian name anyways, and he also has Shadow Magic, which makes sense since I received my own Shadow Magic from him. He looks a lot like me, only his hair is outlined in crimson and his face has sharper features than mine.

And he doesn't live inside me anymore, a few months ago, Shadi, a reincarnated Egyptian Priest, came to my friends and I and told us that our spirit friends could finally have their own bodies. I was the only one out of the three of us that was excited, but they agreed to let them have their own bodies. And once they had their own bodies, we turned to our friend Seto to ask him to create birth certificates for the three of them, saying that they were our twin brothers. Of course they all insisted that they be the older twin.

My friend Ryou is like me, he had a spirit living inside of him and it wasn't a very nice one. He kept trying to destroy my friends and I, so I could understand why he would be so hesitant to agree to letting the spirit have his own body. He's an albino, and so is his spirit counterpart, Alkeifa, but we call him Bakura to make him fit in easier, besides, he prefers that name to his previous one. The only difference between the two of them is that Bakura's hair is spikier than Ryou's and his looks are sharper than his too, however the two of them have identical pale skin. Over the course of time that Bakura had been inside of Ryou, he kind of turned him into a little innocent devil, so Ryou's kind of a prankster, but he's still kind.

Malik is the other friend of mine who had a spirit inside of him, but he was made out of his emotions. At first, we called him evil Malik, but after he became good (somewhat) we decided to call him Marik. The two of them have sand blond hair and tan skin, and like Ryou and I, the only difference between him and his counterpart was that his hair and face had softer features while the other had spikier hair and rougher features. When Marik had been evil, he took over Malik a lot, and he was as crazy as they came, and like Bakura, he wanted to destroy me and my friends, as well as Yami. So he too was hesitant to allow Marik to have his own body, but when Marik proved his change for real, Malik allowed him the freedom of a real body

After the spirits/emotions got their own bodies, we were faced with the problem of where they would live. So I talked to my grampa and asked him. He agreed to letting Yami stay, we filled him in about the whole 'Yami-is-my-long-lost-twin-brother' gig and he agreed to play along. After talking about where we could find jobs to raise money to buy apartments for the albinos and sand blonds, my grampa said he'd let them stay at our place. Just as long as they didn't threaten him, his family, or try to take over the world again. After cleaning out two spare rooms, we began moving furniture into the rooms so they could sleep in them. However; Bakura and Marik were doing a terrible job at helping.

"Hey Bakura, Marik," Ryou yelled to the two who were trying to get on top of the bed post that Yami and I were currently holding "These rooms are going to be your rooms you know, so you might as well help or you're going to be sleeping on the floor for a month once the rooms are finished." Bakura looked at his Hikari and put on a pouting face.

"But Ryou, my legs are in pain and my arms hurt from sending that guy to the Shadow Realm." he said in a whining voice.

Ryou looked at Joey who was standing behind him and nodded. Joey grinned before he raised his fist and brought it down on Bakura's head.

"Owww," he jumped to his feet and turned to Joey and grabbed his shirt. "I SWEAR ON RA'S NAME THAT I WILL SEND YOU TO THE SHADOW REALM!" Joey grinned in victory and pointed behind him.

Bakura turned around and saw Ryou grinning, Bakura turned back to Joey, who was trying to escape from his grip, he growled and let the teen's shirt go. Then he turned to Ryou, who was

grinning like he just kick the ass of the biggest asshole in the entire world.

"I hate you Ryou." Bakura said glaring daggers at Ryou.

"Well, now that your arms and legs are healed, you can help us move the furniture." Ryou walked up to Bakura and pulled him over to where he had set down the box he had been carrying and pushed the box into Bakura's hands.

Bakura growled in defeat, but willingly carried the box into their would-be room. I heard a chuckle from my room doorway, I turned to see Yami standing there. I knew that he had just witnessed the scene that had just been played. I sighed at him and turned towards the stairs to get the rest of the two sets of twin's stuff. After what seemed like forever (and after Malik had managed to get Marik to help) we finally finished moving the furniture. The six of us collapsed in the living room, Ryou and Bakura had occupied the couch while Malik and Marik had somehow managed to squeeze into the two-person armchair, and Yami and I had taken the comfy, soft, two-person armchair.

While we were waiting for our energy to return to our bodies, we were waiting for my grandpa to get the new games that he had gotten not too long ago. He told us that the games were given to him by two men, the first was almost as tall as grandpa himself, and the second was a very short man, I mean grandpa told me that he was even shorter than me from three years ago! He told me that he had placed the box of items in the attic and completely forgot about them until the other day.

Bakura and Marik were twitching impatiently for grampa to get downstairs, Ryou and Malik were trying to keep their Darks under control, Yami and I were just sitting. Well, I was just sitting, Yami kept casting glances at the Tomb Robber and Tomb Keeper to make sure that they wouldn't use their Shadow Magic. But after an hour of waiting (and trying to prevent the two ancient-chaos-eating boys under control), my grampa finally showed himself, and Marik and Bakura weren't in a very good mood.

"Sorry about the long wait, the box wa-." my grampa didn't get to finish because I had to use my SM to pull him out of the way of a crazy pair of psychos that looked like they were about to strangle him.

(A/N: I'm going to abbreviate Shadow Magic as SM from now on, okay?)

"Are you ok grampa, your not hurt are you?" I asked him as I set him down, meanwhile Ryou was holding the troublesome two upside down. (with his SM)

"Yes Yugi, I'm fine, but I still have to get used to the fact that my grandson, my adopted grandson and their friends posses an old magic that will probably get you all into another 'save the world' mess." I turned to Ryou, who was still holding Bakura and Marik upside down.

"Ryou, you can put them down now, I'm sure that their heads have cleared by now." Ryou nodded, releasing his SM, the two fell on the floor. Well, more like their heads, Yami turned to grampa.

"So grampa, what's in the boxes?"

I walked over and took one of the boxes while Malik took the other. Once we got the boxes opened, we saw whole bunch of weird gadgets, I pulled out two phone-like devices and noticed that one of the two had the Egyptian symbol for 'Yin' engraved above the screen. The other had the Egyptian symbol for 'Yang' engraved above it's screen, Yami looked over my shoulder and raised an eyebrow at the gadget with 'Yang' engraved on it and grabbed it out of my hand. Ryou grabbed two that caught his eye. One of them had the Egyptian symbol for 'Robber Yin' and the other had 'Robber Yang' on it, Bakura swiped that one out of his hand and began to examine it, Marik swiped his hand through the box and pulled out two gadgets that had 'Keeper Yin' and 'Keeper Yang' engraved on them.

Malik reached into the box which he was holding and pulled out a belt that had small red and white balls attached to it. Marik stuck his hand in the box and pulled out his own belt with the balls attached. I grabbed two other gizmos that looked like the strange phone devices, above the little screen they had the symbols which read 'High Priest' and 'Four-walker', Seto and Joey came to me when I read that. Joey grabbed the ball out of my hand and blushed when he read what the symbol on the ball read.

"What could possibly be making the mutt blush this time?" everyone looked up as Seto walked in. Yami just grinned and pointed at the device in Joey's hand.

Seto walked over and looked over Joey's shoulder and burst out laughing. Okay, now that was a scary thing to see. Because the CEO never, and I mean never laughs. Seto Kaiba chuckles, he doesn't laugh.

"Ok, this may seem like an awkward question to ask, but why does all of this stuff seem to belong to us?" he asked to none of us in particular.

"I second that, but I have my own complaint!" Malik cried annoyed.

"And what would that be?" Ryou asked, quite annoyed with the sand blond himself.

"What in the name of Ra are we suppose to do with these weird gizmos!?" he was obviously saying that this was probably another call to save the world, or something like that.

"Ya' got me." Joey said with a shrug of his shoulders, meanwhile I was thinking to myself about all of this.

*Why does all of this stuff seem to belong to us?*

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