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How Do You Lose Yourself In Someone, And Never Lose Your Way?


Ja ne



The next couple of weeks flowed in a similar pattern, though sometimes instead of asking each other questions, Sarah would bring her homework and they would talk while she worked on it, or Jareth would get his paperwork and lower himself to joining her as she got comfortable sprawled out on the rug in front of his fireplace and work together in comfortable silence, broken by work related questions on both parts. Sarah's usually about her homework, (and her father was glad her grades had risen even farther than before.) Jareth's usually about the correct use of modern slang. He enjoyed fitting it into his official letters to confuse the other rulers of the Underground.

Kelandra and Sarah had worked some miracle on her father two weeks prior and she had spent a holiday weekend at the Castle. Her family had gone to visit her step-mother's family and Sarah was not welcomed there. So she and Kelandra had made up a Thanksgiving feast and Sarah had arrived in the formal Dining room with it. Kelandra's magic drawing his immediate attention.

He had teleported to the room, his angry outburst stilled on his tongue when he caught sight of her. Kelandra must have picked her outfit out, because she stood there in a gown very like the one from her ballroom dream years ago. This time however the dress was of the darkest black satin, a Silver Star motif covered the front of the bodice and the skirt's darkness was broken by glints of light when she moved, and he would bet that it had real gems sewn right into it. Her shocked face as she twirled in it just confirmed his thoughts, only Kelandra would have the gumption to dress the Labyrinth's Champion without her permission and in his own colours. Something Sarah did not know.


"AH! Jareth! You scared me!"

And she did seem flustered, though more from what she was wearing for him, then him actually being there he was sure.

"You are surprised to see me in my own Castle?"

"I . . . well . . . Yes, I'd thought Kel was going to invite you to her shop to ask you about having dinner with both of us. So . . . umm Happy Thanksgiving anyway. Sorry to have invited myself, but I did bring lots of food."

"So I can see. You are always welcome here Precious one, you need no invite from me. Though I am glad for the food, some of the things that get made in the castle's kitchen for this Holiday are not fit for anything but goblins to eat."

He stopped to actually look at what she had come with. There was of course turkey and ham, mashed potatoes and turnips, corn and carrots, cranberry sauce and gravy and two kinds of pie for dessert.

"I think you may have brought too much for just the two of us though."

"Well, we thought there would be lots of mouths to feed. I figured the goblins would have been here at least." She told him.

"They have their own families in town to spend the Holiday with, why would I force them to spend it here?"

"I thought they would want to spend it here. I know I would."

"And so here you are, and with such delicious looking food, I am sure we can find people to feed, Didymus and the Yeti he adopted, if no one else, though I am sure Hoggle will follow them here and hide behind you. Squint has wanted to meet you since he got along with your brother so well and I am sure he would love to spend an evening with the Lady."

"Oh but I wouldn't want to interrupt their holiday. We could eat it just you and I, then I could leave you the leftovers to enjoy with them later."

It was a tempting offer to have her all to him self, but he would not ruin this for her. If her own family had seen it fit to abandon her on this very important Holiday, then he would collect the ones that meant the most to her.

"I have no doubt that Didymus would be quite vexed with both of us if we did not extend an invitation to him and his 'brother', as for the dwarf . . . well I would not be the one having to listen to his complaints at having been left out. Squint, well Squint will not care where he spends it."

And so saying he conjured three crystals and tossed them into the air where the vanished with a popping sound.

"Now, if you will help me set the table while we wait, it should all be in readiness for when your company arrives."

"And here I thought you would just wave your hand and place them there, or call in a couple of goblins to do it." She said with a smile.

"I could do so but sometimes it is a nice change to do things manually, and the dish cupboard is not far from here." He took a moment to dress himself in a modern suit to contrast with her old-fashioned dress before holding his arm out to her. "Walk with me, Lady Sarah?"

She blushed scarlet at the unusual formality he had been showing all evening, but with a nod took his arm anyway.

They had all come and the six of them had enjoyed the meal the two women had put together. The pies had turned out to be apple and pumpkin, tradition Sarah had told him before she had asked him to send her back to Kelandra's, where she was spending her long weekend, helping the dwarf with the work in her shop while her family was away. And that brought him back to the problem at hand, these two weeks later.

He had gone to Kelandra's this night only to find the curtains draw and the unglamoured dwarf standing on a ladder hanging sprigs of mistletoe from the ceiling.

"Lady Kelandra?"

Her head spun carefully to see him there, and she smiled in welcome, quite use to him showing up unannounced.

"Jareth. What are you doing here so late in the evening?"

"Wondering why you are hanging poison from your ceiling."

She gave a small chuckle as she finished hanging the one in her hand before climbing down the ladder to stand in front of him.

"I have been trying to decorate for Christmas. Care to be the first to try the homemade eggnog mix I'm going to serve in the store?"

Without waiting for his answer she went through the door to the back that she had propped open with a chair and came back a minute later with two mugs. One a regular ceramic mug and the second in an earthenware cup that she had wrapped in plastic to avoid touching.

"For you, so you don't have to have teenage thoughts stuck in your head. Sarah tells me that you gave her quite a party on Thanksgiving. Thank you for doing that for her."

"But why the poison?" He asked knowing the dwarf was storing away everything he said and not wanting to get caught admitting to anything before all was in place.

She laughed and pointed up to the ones she had over the public doors and some of the smaller tables.

"Aboveground there is a tradition that when two people stand under it they have to kiss. I'm surprised you've never heard of it."

"No, but now that you have been kind enough to tell me I think the Castle will have to be decorated with several. I actually came to ask you two questions."

She nodded like she had been expecting him to arrive and already knew what to tell him.

"Please do ask."

"Sarah will be staying with you again for this Holiday as well?"

"She stays with me for most of the holidays; her mother often comes to see her during their holiday break and to bring her a present. This year though she had to send it with her condolences as Sarah's step-father is in the hospital with pneumonia."

He nodded as most of the answer, he had been expecting, though he would have to check in on this hospital thing.

"Do you know what she wants for Christmas?"

Her obvious amusement at his question made him want to fidget like a child, but he fought the reaction down. It was an unacceptable for a King to fidget, and more so to worry over what a mortal would think. Most women would be happy with whatever he brought.

"No crafty plots for a present in motion then? And here I thought you would have been almost done with whatever you were planning already. Sorry to tell you but no, I have no clue what she wants. I bought her a couple of new books and some gift cards to her favourite stores. I assume you want something more personal?"

"If at all possible. My time is quickly running out." He said.

Her eyes darkened at the reminder that hung over his head every day and she began to swear under her breath "She's a no good, power hungry, selfish little bitch. And he should have shown her the door when he had the chance."

"Which helps me not at all, Lady."

A sigh heaved out as she set her mug down and started to pace in front of her, trade off book shelves, heat from her anger radiating off her in waves. Sarah had explained the idea to him once. You could take a book so long as you left one in its place for someone else to read.

"Play to your strengths. You are teaching her music, write out her music for her and teach it to her."

"Yes of course, because weaving her own song helped my case so well the last time. She tossed a chair through the illusion and gave me an awful headache."

"You have already woven her song?"

The incredulous tone set his teeth on edge; it was not as if he entertained women all the time at his Castle. In fact most took one look at the state of constant chaos it spent most of its time in and went right out the door, a fact he was glad for normally, but sometimes it left him amiss on proper manners and current interests of young mortals, when he did want to be bothered with them, and with Sarah he wanted to be more then bothered, he wanted to succeed. Failure could not be allowed to happen. So, during the dream, he'd giving voice to the words and melody that had been echoing in his head since he'd seen her that first time; curled up crying and nearly broken in her little park.

"You have an objection to that, Lady?" A cold, biting question as his temper flared and the drink in his hand froze solid, a waste of a perfectly good drink.

"Oh please, get over yourself. She was fifteen when you met her, for the sake of the Goddess, so YES I have an objection to you weaving her song for her when you were still her enemy and before she even knew your name! You must have startled her something awful when the bond snapped into place and your feelings washed over her. So the broken illusion and headache are your own damn fault for scaring a young girl like that."

He stood in one graceful motion, all power and anger, when the door burst open.


His Sarah stood framed in the door, her voice shaking and full of a fear that he had never heard in it or managed to put in it. Her shirt was gapping open over her bra as the buttons had been broken off and her jeans covered in dirt.

"Sarah what on earth-?" Kelandra managed to get out.

The girl took a look around the room and when she saw him some of the panic eased out of those eyes. A quick dash to him from the door and he found his arms suddenly full of trembling, frightened teenager. Her tears were already soaking into his shirt as she clung to him as if he was the last safe thing in her world.

"Send him away. Please I'm begging you . . . please."

Their questions were answered as the door way was suddenly filled again. This time with a male that Jareth did not know. Maybe 6 foot 2 with curly blonde hair and a swimmers body, drunk from the way he was weaving.

"Th' fuck ya think you're doing? Ge' over here so I can take ya home like I'm s'posed ta, you fucking cock tease."

He foolishly ignored the other two in the room, as he marched forward with the obvious intent to pull the girl away from him. She gave a small gasp of fear as her arms tightened around his waist. A swift motion had him passing her off to Kelandra and placing his body in between hers and the threat.

"Get outta my way man I jus' wanna collect my girlfriend and get home."

"I AM NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" Sarah yelled from where Kelandra was pulling her behind the counter.

"Ya right, according to our fathers you are, so le's go."

"I do not think she will be going anywhere with you. Not tonight, in fact not ever, and if you wish to still be breathing come morning I strongly suggest that you forget you ever heard the young ladies name."

He summoned two of his own knives to his hands, one tossed into the table on the young man's right before the child could even register that his opponent was now armed. Eyes widening at the sight of the blades the teen raised his hands and stepped back toward the door, a little more sober then when he had first arrived as he eyed the, now glowing man in front of him.

"Holy fuck man. I'm gone okay? No matter how hot she is, no sex is worth this shit. Have the cold bitch if you want her. I'm fucking done with this. My father can date her if he wants the connections that badly."

A second later the door banged closed as Jareth let his temper slip and the child was tossed out the door and into the telephone poll outside, a curse, from the irate King, to always have to show his true nature to the world wrapped tightly around him. This left the three of them in blissful silence.

"Oh Sarah honey, why would you ever agree to go out with a boy that you already had to punch to get your point across?" Kelandra asked lowering the girl into a chair and using one of the table napkins to wipe at her tears.

"My father said I had to give him a chance or I would have to find a way to pay for my own schooling." She managed to get out between sobs. "It's too late now to apply for one of the grants, and he knows that. What else could I do? I need to do well in school if I want out of there."

"Honey, I will loan you the money if it comes to that. Never do something like this again. If someone makes you uncomfortable you have the right to say no. Now come up stairs with me and I'll find you a shirt to wear, then you can join Jareth and I for eggnog. I was just trying out my new recipe."

A short nod from the girl as Kelandra lead her up the stairs and he found himself left alone in the shop. A deep breath to rein in the rest of his temper before he moved to get his knife from out of the table, filling the gap it left as he did so. His next move was to the door to make sure it was locked and barred to the outside and adding his own magic to the barriers already set in place. Defences taken care of for the moment, he headed into the back room and got another cup of eggnog for Sarah from out of the pot and re-warmed his own before heading back out to await the women he now had in his life.

He didn't have to wait long, as he set the cups down a watery laugh came down the stairs announcing the arrival of the two women. Sarah must have clothes still left here from her stay during thanksgiving; because she was come down the stairs in . . . he had to double check because he was sure he was correct, because it looked like she was wearing the same outfit she had worn during her Run. She caught his stare and shrugged.

"It's my lucky outfit. After all I had gone through wearing it; I couldn't just throw it away."

"Ah, of course. A reminder that what you had been through had been real."

"Yes." She turned to Kelandra and smiled. "It's too bad that you guys didn't have cameras back then, I would have loved to see a picture of him when he was little. Was he a cute baby?"

The question told Jareth who they had been discussing while they were upstairs and he felt a small bit of pity for Hoggle, who was about to be embarrassed completely by his mother.

"He was adorable, but still just as full of mischief as he is now." Kel said, with a smirk creeping onto her face. A fact he noticed when he realized her answer made no sense. Hoggle went out of his way to avoid trouble, so who were they talking about? She raised her eyes at his confused expression before continuing. "One time, during the Mayday festival, he dressed up as a peasant and spent the whole day without his caretakers. I was sure his father was going to cancel the whole thing and send everyone out to find him. Lucky for him, someone had given him a warning, though he would not say by whom."

"Lady, your wish is in danger of being revoked." He managed to grind out through his outrage. Sarah spun to him instantly her hands coming to rest on her hips and a scowl to match his own turned in his direction.

"Hey! I asked her to tell me, so if you want to be mad at somebody then you can just be pissed off at me. I didn't think it was such a big deal, your Kingliness. Since we're supposed to be friends now!"

He stormed over to her and was surprised when, for the first time, she shrunk back a little from his anger. He took a deep breath and reminded himself that she had been scared enough for one night, he held it before letting it out on a soft sigh, before spinning away from them towards the door.

"My past is my own Lady Sarah and I decided who is privy to it, not the Lady Kelandra. It is a dangerous thing to know, and if there is something I think you should know, I will inform you of such. Lady Kelandra, Precious, I bid you a good night. The question I came to ask has been answered and I have much to do tomorrow."

Edict given he started to go when a small hand tugged on his sleeve. His eyes met uneasy green as she seemed to be working her way back into the panic she had been in when she had burst threw the door.

"Can I stay at your Castle tonight?"

"I beg your pardon?" He asked incredulously, sure he had heard her wrong.

"I don't want to go home tonight and I don't want Kel to get in trouble, this way when my father sends the police here, they won't find me. So please?"

"Precious . . ."

"I won't get in your way tomorrow I promise. I will spend most of the day practicing on your piano and go home later in the evening when the neighbours come over for dinner."

He had intended to tell her no, till he realized she was afraid to go home. She was worried she would only be hurt more by the people who were supposed to protect her, with their accusations and their lectures. He sighed, headache already forming, along with the plan he had in mind.

"You may come with me, though we will not be staying at the castle and I will be informing your father as to your whereabouts. Though I promise, you will not have to go home till you wish to." He dropped into a bow and held his hand out to the girl, who stopped to think about the conditions he had set, before gingerly placing her hand inside of his. Giving a nod to Kel as he rose, he drew her close to him, before teleported them.


It felt like she was being held safe in a warm hug and it was over before she could get too use to the feeling. Opening her eyes showed that they were now standing the entry way of, what appeared to be a house.

The front room had an open lay out between the kitchen, dinning area and the living room behind them to the north was the front door and a glass wall to the south directly in front of them, showed what seemed to be a dark yard with the moon glowing off water, a pool or a pond maybe, though it was too dark to see clearly. The east and west side each had a hallway off them and was too dark to see much more them that.

A tug on her hand drew her attention away from her inspection of her new surrounding as she followed him into the kitchen and over to the phone.

"If you would dial your home, I will talk to your father."

A nod as she did as he asked her before turning to take in the kitchen. It felt like a show room and had very little on the surfaces. She was willing to bet not much got made in the room. It was done in dark marble and stainless steel, and Sarah wanted to start baking in it.

"Mr. Williams? Good evening. This is Jareth Marquis. I am calling to inform you that your daughter is at my house, and was in no condition to travel home, even if she had wanted too, which she did not. So I offered to let her stay in my guest room and I will bring her home tomorrow evening after our regular lesson."

She tried to hear what her father said but his answer was too hard to make out, though whatever it was did not make the Fae in front of her very happy.

"You may certainly call the cops but it will do you no good sir, as a diplomat from another country the land my home stands on does not count as American soil and they would be inciting an international incident for no reason, because the last time I check 18 is considered an adult here and she can choose to stay where she wants. Now I bid you good night and I will see you tomorrow."

The phone was slammed back on to its cradle and when he reached out to take her hand again and the warm safe feeling swept through her.

"Your father has to be the most insufferable human I have ever had the displeasure of meeting."

"I know I have to live with him."

"Do you? Hmmm. In any case come with me and we'll get both of us settled for the night. The maids come through once a week so I know everything well be in order. There should even be shampoos and other such things in your rooms' privy if you wanted to wash up."

So saying he opened the door on the left side of the darkened right hall way and there was only two doors that she could see in the hall. The one he was holding open and the second one was across from it.

"Is that your room?"

"When I stay here? Yes, that is the room I use."

A nod of acknowledgement as she slipped into the room past him and he closed the door for her softly allowing her privacy. The click seemed too loud in the sudden silence and she was suddenly cold and afraid.

"I won't lose." She whispered. She was better then this. One pathetic boy was not going to be allowed to change her. With the though in mind she moved to take in the room she found herself in.

It was painted a pale blue and had a bed and a dresser and a vanity all painted white with a flower motif on them and two plain white doors. One opened up in to an empty closet and the second lead into heaven. The bathroom was huge and done all in white and black marble. A shower took up one wall with water streams that seemed to come from both sides of the strangely long shower and the counter and additional vanity and mirror took up the shortest wall and the wall opposite the door held the biggest bathtub she'd ever seen. It could easily hold three people and had jets set into its side and seemed to have its own heating setting to keep the water warm after you filled it.

"Oh my God! I've died and gone to my favourite paradise. Wow . . . Just wow. Don't get too use to it Sarah Williams, your only borrowing it." She reminded herself sternly, before reaching out and turning the water on to fill the small piece of heaven she'd been offered.


He allowed himself a small smile at Sarah's reaction to the bathroom before moving on to the now numerous things he had to put in place in the next week. The first being a call to Kelandra to ask her to preserve the clothes Sarah had been wearing when she'd arrived at her shop that night. He then had to ask her if Christmas could be held at her place rather then at his castle. His next call was to the police to report the treatment of his Heartmate and after promising to arrive the next day with the clothes and to give his statement, he set about readying the present he now knew to get for the girl he found himself irrevocably bound to. When a soft voice singing interrupted his thoughts he was startled by the sound for a second, the house was normally as quiet as a tomb. Sarah, for she was the only other person in the house must have been singing while in the tub because he could, if he strained his rather acute hearing, hear small splashes.

In the quiet time of evening

When the stars assume their patterns

And the day has made his journey

And we wondered just what happened

To the life we knew before the world changed

When not a thing I held was true


But you were kind to me and you reminded me


That the world is not my playground

There are other things that matter

And what is simple needs protecting

My illusions all would shatter

But you stayed in my corner

The only world I know was upside down

And now the world and me, I know you carry me


You see the patterns in the big sky

Those constellations look like you and I

Just like the patterns in the big sky

We could be lost we could refuse to try

But we made it through in the dark night

Would those lucky guys turn out to be

But that unusual blend of my funny friend and me


I'm not as clever as I thought I was

I'm not the boy I used to be because

You showed me something different, you showed me something pure

I always seemed so certain but I was really never sure

But you stayed and you called my name

When others would have walked out on a lousy game

And you could've made it through

But your funny friend and me


You see the patterns in the big sky

Those constellations look like you and I

That tiny planet in a bigger guy

I don't know whether I should laugh or cry

Just like the patterns in the big sky


We'll be together till the end is nigh

Don't know the answer or the reason why

We'll stick together till the day we die

If I had to do this all a second time

I won't complain or make a fuss

When the angels sing that that unlikely blend

Of those two funny friends


...That's us


It was . . . Not a piece he would have expected a young girl to sing. There was no grunting noises and no mention of sex that seemed to fill the songs most teens listened to. He had to admit though that he thought it fit them and he greatly hoped that what she sang would some day come to pass.


It had been a simply hellish week for poor Sarah. The police report had giving her father a sympathy vote from the public but lost him the other lawyer's support for the up coming vote. She was still "getting over the metal shock" for another 3 weeks and he father had called Jareth and told him point blank that the experience had left his daughter to traumatized to be alone with any male and that she would no longer need his help for lessons.

"It's not fair." She told her mirror, which had been frighteningly blank during the week leading up to Christmas and she had seen neither hide nor hair from any of her Underground friends, Jareth included. Had her father's dismissal undone the deal they had brokered? Was the last time she was to see him when he had delivered her to her parent's home at her own insistence?

"Sarah. We're going, grab you bag and we will drop you off at Kel's on the way." Her father's voice broke her ruminations and with a glare at her bedroom door she grabbed her suitcase and headed down to the only part of her "punishment" she was looking forward too, half her period of grounding would be spent locked up at Kel's for Christmas.


As the door shut behind her father Kel pulled her into a long hug.

"Are you okay hon? Really?"

"Other then going stir crazy I'm fine Kel really. It's not his normal style to hurt me; bruises can be recorded and shown in a courtroom. Though he's decided I'm too mentally scarred to go to university this year."

"Oh honey."

"Don't worry about it. I don't want to think about it for the next little while. I'm going to enjoy this holiday and I'll worry about it afterwards, okay?"

An unhappy look from her friend before she nodded and started to tug Sarah toward the kitchen, where the food they would use to make their holiday meal was arranged.

"Thank God. I am so looking forward to this. I haven't left my bedroom except for school in a week and my mirror won't let me talk to the people I most want to see."

"He's been busy . . . With Royal commitments on the other side. He has been nagging me to find out how you are every day but . . ."

"But since my dad didn't let me talk on the phone to anyone how could you know?" Sarah finished for her, glad at least that he wasn't vanishing from her life and had cared enough to ask after her.

"Right. No worries though. He's coming here for dinner tomorrow and wanted to know if we would wait for him to open presents."

"Presents -! Oh no KEL! I never got to go and order my present for Jareth! I don't have anything to give him . . ."

"I'm sure he'll understand that you were stuck at home, honey. Just tell him he'll have to wait a little bit for his present. Honest, it won't be a big deal. Okay?"

A sad nod before they settled into get the meal ready.


Sarah was woken up Christmas morning when the bed she was lying on shifted underneath her. Opening her eyes showed her, Jareth of all people, lying on his side watching her. He was dressed in tight red leather pants and a white poet's shirt. In fact the only allowance for the holiday were the tiny bells he now wore through his delicately pointed ears, which she could see easily for once because his hair was gathered in the back by a black leather hair thong.

"Jareth." she breathed out in a happy Call, more glad then she wanted to say that he was there. "Merry Christmas, I missed you." she offered honestly in a sleepy murmur.

"Merry Christmas, Precious. I am sorry to disturb your sleep but I wanted to confirm your good health with my own eyes."

"Hmm." she hummed as the warmth that always seemed to surround him, began to seep into her and had her snuggling into him and the covers. "You always feel so warm and safe to me. Wake me up when Kel starts to get breakfast going okay?" she told him before the part of her that had been slowly freezing in his absence unclenched and she dropped back into a sleep, her body unconsciously melded along his lean one.

He stayed absolutely still, freezing the moment into memory, her choice to trust in him while she slept and acknowledgement of her need of him, giving him back some of the power over her that he had lost. He wrapped his arms around her and smiled a little at the soft sigh she gave.

It had been a simply hellish week. With royal meetings and planning for the upcoming new year ball he had, had no time to check in on Sarah, as his absence would have been noticed quickly and he would rather keep her safe from his world for as long as possible, regardless of the cost to himself. He had slowly gotten very cold and weak without her and his worry over what could have happened to her had caused him many sleepless nights. For all that she claimed the man never tried to hurt her, Jareth knew it was only a matter of time.

His only reassurance had been that she had not had to wish for him. She had called, him and several of the others many times, but to keep her safe he had closed the portal in her mirror and been forced to leave it blank.

"Sarah." He whispered the name out over her hair, filled with all the emotion he was forced to hide from her normally. A soft sweet sound to match the reverent way she'd whispered his own name when her eyes had slid open.


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Artist: Sting

Song: My Funny Friend and Me

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