My name is Ann Gordon and this is my story, it's not a regular story because the simple fact that it's my story now I am 14 years old I am starting middle school, I live with my mother in Gotham and we are doing ok she is not in the house a lot she is often goes out with her best friend Dinah I don't know much about my father the only 2 things I know about him is that he used to work with mom and he leave to Bl├╝dhaven before my mother could tell him about me.

However it not about him it's about me. My mother is not the mother type of person that suits for being a mother but she didn't have a choice but after all she is a good mother not the best one but she is my mother and I love her although she is a bit over protective she doesn't let me to go out with friends she is afraid just because somebody wounded her back it doesn't means the same thing will happen to me now she can walk again but her full strength never came out again now she is damn strong I can't imagine how strong she was back in the days.