So another author's note. I bet your thinking ugh just upload the next chapter already. Well here's the problem. I've lost my inspiration. See my inspiration was coming from someone I like. He doesn't know I like him, but we're friends. Anyways he moved two weeks ago. It was sudden even to him. So, I need all of you guys reading this story to help me. Write a little review or pm me some ideas or something you would like to happen in the story because I WILL NOT give this story up for adoption and I WILL finish this story. And I'm guessing you all you who are reading this know I don't have a regular update day and my updates are going to be irregular. You might not get an update for weeks. So if your reading this just know that I have a busy schedule and you may have to go back and reread things.

P.S. I'm going to finish this story!