Ouran High School

A\N: this is one of my first fan fictions. So if it sucks, try to go easy on me.

I do NOT own Ouran High school or its characters.

Chapter 1 the Strange Hack

"Damn it!" Kyouya yelled banging is fist on the table in front of. Everyone stared at him, shocked by his sudden outburst.

"Kyouya, what's wrong?" Haruhi asked in concern.

"Someone's hacked my laptop!" he exclaimed, everyone stared in shock at what he said.

"B-but how is that possible?" Tamaki asked, "I don't know!" Kyouya said in frustration throwing his hands in the air. "I've never seen Kyouya show this much emotion before." Haruhi whispered to Tamaki. "Hey can't you just track who's hacking it?" The twins asked in unison. "I'm doing that as we speak." Kyouya said, only to have a confused expression 5 minutes later. "So what-" Hikaru started, "-Did you find out where it's coming from?" Kaoru finished. "The 1st library.", "Well let's go then!" Tamaki declared pulling Kyouya after him with the others in tow.

A/N: So how was it? The next chapter is going to be much longer, and it will certainly have the main character in it, and more.