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"Loki!" Tony screamed; his entire frame suspended on the faltering strength of one arm. Loki vaguely took note of a dozen or so creatures gathered in a semi-circle, doing what looked to be a ritualistic dance. The spears were linked together in a jagged archway that resembled a row of metal fangs, and they swayed in unison from side to side, chanting quietly in somber rhythm. Not hesitating a moment Loki dashed through the wall of skeletal beasts and crouched besides the human. Grabbing his arm with measured gentleness Loki started pulling him up. However just as it looked like Tony could lift himself up the rest of the way, one of the creature stabbed Loki on his metal rear, and shoving with a squeal of effort, toppled the unsuspecting trickster over the edge. Tony, still clinging to his arm for support, never stood a chance.

To the uproar and accompanying cheering Loki held Tony closer against himself. 'Well' he thought, 'we had a good run.'


"What", he tried to scream through the visor, completely forgetting about the mental link in his panic. Tony broke one arm free from the vice like hold and gestured wildly at his face. Taking the hint the raven tried every button in the vicinity of his face until the visor popped open.

"Press the green button, press it! Press it NOW!" Tony screamed looking down at the fast approaching river of black acid. Loki searched and quickly spotted a green button on the right side of the suit. As soon as he pressed the glowing switch the suit tremble a moment, jerked hard and hung suspended in mid air as if held up by invisible strings.

"Good," Tony sighed, "very good. Now see that leaver next to the button you just pressed?" Loki nodded and moved Tony into a better position against himself, so that the other man had a clear view of the interior through the opening.

"Ok now push it upwards towards me. Gently, gently now we don't want this baby to launch like a rocket now do we? Atta boy!"

Loki abhorred being referred to as a "boy" by a human less than one hundredth of his age, but suppressing the urge to roll his eyes, did as instructed. The suit began to ascend upwards, towards a round window of pallid grey skies.


Loki tried desperately to avoid the other man's eyes. He busied himself with exploring the interior of the fascinating machine while Tony made every attempt to catch his gaze.

"That was a stupid thing you did," he finally said in an effort to anger the god enough to at least glare at him. Loki snorted but continued to avoid his gaze. They spent a few moments in silence until the fidgety god whispered quietly into the suit panel.

"That was a brave thing you did..."

Tony smiled and reaching up with his one fee arm, grabbed the other man by the chin and stretching with some effort, pecked the pale lips.

"I…" Suddenly the machine jolted and the suit, mindless of its precious cargo, shot like a rocket. The air rushed passed them in a roar, and Loki pressed the human closer against himself, one metal hand protectively cupping the head in a gentle vice.

They broke through the hole with a whoosh. Loki thoughtfully turning the suit in time to shield Tony from a rain of spears finally thought to press a nondescript black button that was in no way representative of its "Emergency Stop" function. While they hung suspended in the air trying to shake of the jitters and alleviate the lightheadedness, Loki was once more processing the most viable course of action.

"I don't think we can leave tonight, not with how you're currently exhausted and I'm one machine less. We should circle the planet and find another mountain cave to spend the night."

Tony nodded and hummed in contentment, hands tightening around the metal neck.

"But we better switch places first before I finally run out of luck and press the wrong button."

"Pfft my baby has no 'wrong' buttons. She's perfect like her daddy"

Loki made a face, but inside cheered in earnest. The subtle word play set things back to the way they were, the way they should have stayed. Like those three little words were never uttered, never bought to light. Guiding the suit northwards, he gently kick-started the engine and glided to a cliff-edge on a neighboring mountain. Dropping with little fineness on to the stone floor, Loki could honestly say it was sheer will power and a touch of magic that had stopped the machine from toppling forward. But being the god of lies gave one remarkable flexibility with the truth. Therefore, when the suit unfolded around him, the demi-god stepped out with outmost grace, before helping Tony down from the still outstretched, metal arms.

"There's an easier way to do this you know?" Tony grouched when he tripped over his own feet and fell hard against the other. Loki swallowed and gingerly pushed the mortal back by the shoulders, giving them a gentle pat.

"Yeah? You can show me later. Now hurry up."

Tony smirked, but stepped into the suit and quickly adjusted himself inside. He picked up Loki bridal style and flew off before the demi-god could so much as open his mouth in indignation. They flew for what felt like hours before landing, at Loki's command, in a well-shielded alcove, just under 800 miles from the creature's nest.

"Put me down," Loki said as soon as the iron feet touched the ground. Tony smirked and tossed the demi-god in the air, easily catching him mid-fall.

"Say please…" he sing sang.

"Put me down Stark, right now or so help me, I will not be held accountable for my actions." Loki hissed, voice cold and tempered; he meant business. Tony made to exaggeratedly swallow and set the fuming demi-god down.

"Easy there chuckles."

Loki took a moment to flatten his tunic with both hands while Tony stepped free of the suit and made a move towards him. Just as the smaller man drew up an arm, to envelop the other; Loki lifted his head with a glare, took a step back and smacked the mortal man hard across the face. Tony flew to the side, hit the wall and fell heavily on his knees, tearing the jeans and scrapping the flesh raw. Falling forward on to his arms in order to keep balance, the human remained silent, a small trail of blood leaving the corner of his mouth. Loki just stared passively at the fallen man, hands clenching and unclenching into fists. Wide and watery eyes observed the other with external coldness and suppressed fire that threatened to overwhelm the glimmering orbs and break free in twin rivulets. Finally broken laughter gurgled free from the injured man, growing into a boisterous chorus. Lifting his head from where it hung, facing the floor, Tony leveled the demi-god with trembling, betrayed eyes. He forced a crooked smile.

"Exactly where I'm supposed to be right?... In every sense possible."

Loki recoiled as if struck, grimacing before he could school his expression. He dropped his gaze to the side to hide the descent of his tears. The pain from the words unrivaled to anything he's ever felt before. The entrance to the cave displayed a barrage of snow.

"No," he finally said, never tearing his eyes away from the magnificent display of nature. The human didn't know how much he had come to mean to him in so short a time. How much he corrupted his stoic and reserved personality. He all but broke down the wall Loki had spent years perfecting. The wall he build to keep everyone out, to prevent himself from being a target for prejudice and abuse. For false flattery and insincere kindness. If he had never been granted this time alone with the human philanthropist, he would never know what it was like to be truly cared for and protected. To be selflessly defended at another's expense. He would never have know what it was like to be …

"No," he screamed into the snowstorm and turned sharply towards the crouching man on the ground. Loki ran the short distance, dropped on his knees and embraced the mortal, pressing his mouth against the other's own, tasting blood and yet still that dash of something purely Tony.

Tony didn't hesitate to return the affection, grabbing Loki around the waist with his right hand and tangling the left in the loose, raven locks. Loki moaned and rubbed the palms of both hands overzealously, against the stubble on Tony's cheeks while pressing the mortal hard against the cave wall. Tony growled and used all his strength to spin the raven onto his back.

Comfortably straddling his thighs and keeping himself suspended on one arm, he started pulling at the tunic; popping half the buttons and tearing the rest. Loki couldn't care less. He was too busy running his palms over his lover's cheeks, down the neck, chest and abs, finally reaching the heat between his thighs. Giving the weighty mound a little squeeze he deftly unbuckled the leather belt with nimble fingers. The whole time they remained attached at the mouth like they needed each other to keep breathing. Tony groaned when he felt the press of cool fingers against his bare shaft and rolled his hips into the tentative hand. Encouraged Loki wrapped a loose fist around the velvety hardness and hesitantly began to move his hand, forcing Tony to tears their mouths apart and sag against him, almost loosing any strength he had to hold himself up.

"I can't…stop…Loki…"

Loki smirked but slowed his stroking until he stopped all together, index finger and thumb holding the mortal back. Tony sighed.

'Quick on the up take, who said beauty and smarts don't match' he thought and smirked cheekily back at his lover.

'I learned from the best,'

Tony leaned down to kiss Loki's sealed lips open.

'Gold star.'

Loki smirked and moved his hands to the front of his own pants, untying the laces with expert ease. Tony just sat back on his hunches and watched as the god of mischief quickly shimmied out of his clothe, leaving himself blissfully naked and open for Tony's hungry eyes.

"Lay back," he managed to rasp out, and jumped to his feet to quickly step out of his own jeans and boxers, tossing his shirt to the other side of the cave. He all but fell back to drape over Loki and immediately proceeded to bite and lick down the side of his neck to the clavicle, were he left a row of small purple hickies on alabaster skin. Tony let his tongue travel down the naval, dipping into the concave stomach towards the black fuzz surrounding his swollen prize. The glorious pale shaft was pulsating softly between two milky thighs.

Settling comfortably between Loki's legs, Tony bend down to lick a wide strip with the flat of his tongue all the way up the length. The Demi-god moaned and arched his back, head thrown back in pure ecstasy.


"No sweetheart. We're not doing that again," chided Tony and made to dive down, when he was painfully stopped with a jerk to his hair.


"No means no Tony. I don't want you to do that…"

"What the hell is your problem?" Tony all but yelled in frustration, "it's not like it's your first time. You only get one of those."

Loki frowned.

"I don't want you to do 'that', I want…" he bit his lip and a moment later spread his legs. Tony's face cleared and he just stared blankly at the faintly blushing demi-god who was pointedly avoiding his gaze and staring at the wall like it held all the answers.

"Hell yes!" he exclaimed and dove down. Loki panicked.

"No Tony, I said you could…ohhhh!"

Loki jerked and almost came at the sensation of being licked in the most revealing way. He tried to push Tony's head from between his raised buttocks.

"Tony, stop! That's dirty! Tony!"

Stark grinned, and pointing his tongue pushed his way inside, thoughtfully taking a hold of the base of Loki's shaft. He slurped noisily and Loki blushed and attempted to jerk away with renewed fervor, mindful of controlling his strength around the mortal.

"Stop," he pleaded

Tony finally succumbed to Loki's struggling and let the buttocks rest again on the cold stone floor. Damn, why didn't he think of this sooner?

"Loki stretch some furs, it will be more comfortable for you."

"I'm fine,"

"Ok you got me, it will be more comfortable for me."

Loki stared a moment, knowing with out a doubt that the mortals only concern was him. He silently summoned his tunic and withdrew the small pouch of mouse skins, stretching out a couple of the thicker ones and levitating them to lye beside them. Tony grinned and wrapped his arms around his lover, rolling them over and atop the soft bedding. He quickly drew up on to his knees and pulled Loki's feet, one after the other, atop his shoulder's. Leaning forward to let the naturally flexible legs support his weight.

"I need lube. Can you like summon butter or something?"

"No you idiot, I cannot summon things from nothing, and I abhor carrying butter around in my pocket. This might surprise you but it tends to melt."

Tony groaned and sagged in defeat. Loki smirked but looked shyly around the cave.

"Good thing I don't need 'lube'."

Tony snorted, "Yeah and that will make you the first and only virgin in the history of virgins who wouldn't need lube."

"I'm a frost giant Tony, our biology is different from yours. When I say I don't need lube, I meant my body prepares itself." He grabbed both sides of the startled face and lifted himself up to plant a soft kiss on the disbelieving mouth.

"Enter me," he whispered, before letting himself drop back against the furs. Tony smiled and leaned down to nuzzle the side of his lover's neck. He positioned himself with one hand and started to slowly push forward, surprised by how little resistance he met. Loki's eyes widened and he gazed at Tony like he was seeing him for the first time. While the other was looking, just as lovingly, back into his eyes; one hand reaching up and stroking the side of the pale face in blatant worship.

"I love you Loki," Tony whispered and held his breath at the very possible prospect of rejection; but none came. Loki simply kept gazing up at him in adoration and eventually let his lips stretch into a gentle smile. Drawing up he kissed the nervous man and moved his lips to whisper in his ear.

"I know."

Tony let his breath out in a giant whoosh. For now that was enough. Realizing he had been still inside the other for some time, Tony pulled back a few inches to slowly thrust into the yielding channel. Loki moaned and let his head drop back. He wrapped both arms around the humans' neck and let him set a slow rhythm that left him breathless with every thrust. His body shook and he felt an unnatural heat overwhelm him. The excess of feelings was so strong it momentarily stupefied the demi-god. The thought that such a raw mix of emotions could damage his self control and make him loose his glamour, almost flagged his arousal. Just the idea that he could inadvertently kill this man, caused an unbearable ache deep inside him. Tony as if sensing the unease leaned down to press a kiss.

"Just let go."

"I can't, what if..."

"You won't hurt me."

And Loki believed him, for the idea that he could ever hurt this human again was just as unfathomable as the idea that he would shift during climax. Letting out a groan of pleasure, Loki tangled one hand in the thick locks of his panting partner and jerked him down for a hard kiss, whispering against his lips.


Tony smirked and lost control, thrusting with all the vigor he's been suppressing since they first woke up in that nest of furs together, all those nights ago. Loki made an appreciative sound. They continued at an almost brutal pace until Loki, unable to control himself any longer, came with a violent cry of Tony's name; the human followed but a second later with an animal-like grunt of unimaginable pleasure.

Sinking heavily into his partner's arms, Tony let the panting Demi-god hold him. One hand gently cradled the back of his head, soothingly brushing through the knots in his sweat-mated hair. He didn't remember falling asleep, and when he woke up he barely registered the soft crackling of a fire, his attention stanchly focused on the lack of a presence beside him.

"Awake I see."

Tony startled and spun around to face a smiling Loki, fully dressed and sitting beside the fire. What looked like a pot of tea was quietly waiting to boil above the flame.

"Oh man, déjà vu. We've so been here before."

Loki frowned, and took the steaming pot of the fire.

"I know you have, but I can say with concrete certainty this is a first time for me."

Tony snorted, "yeah I know, I meant... oh never mind." He scratched the back of his head sheepishly before slowly pulling of the furs and stretching his arms high above his head. Loki watched with new interest, the body he once found pitiable now held a strange attraction for him. He wanted to touch that skin, to trace the protruding abs with the point of his tongue until Tony begged for...


"What?" Caught of guard Loki frowned at the other man like the concept of food in the morning for beyond his comprehension.

"You know the most important meal of the day, didn't your mum teach you that?"

Loki snorted but obligingly began digging through his pocket pouch.

"No I believe I skipped that lesson, having deduced early on its irrelevance to the state of my physical health, seeing as I am, you know" Loki made a vague, circular hand gesture, "immortal."

"Ha ha ha you're a crack-up, in fact when we get back to earth you should try your luck at stand-up."

Loki frowned, nodded like he knew the meaning of "stand-up" and began to prepare a light meal of oats and dried fruit. Tony could tell the subject was still sore for the demi-god, though he was clueless as to why it would be. It wasn't like he wanted to stay on Fell for ever, then again he was a frost giant maybe these conditions were ideal for him.

"No Stark, although the frigid temperature on this planet is harmless to me, it is neither ideal nor desirable, since I was raised on Asgard and thus acclimatized to a warmer environment."

"Then why are you…"

"I'm not planning to stay on Mid…earth," Loki spoke gently, reaching out with a bowl of oats. Tony growled and seized by uncontrollable irritation, slapped the offered meal aside. Sending the small clay dish flying across the cave and against the wall, announcing its unfortunate demise with a sharp crack and a wet splat. Loki followed its ill-fated journey with his eyes. Tony on the other hand had eyes only for Loki.

"Why," he yelled standing up. "Why do you want to leave me?"

Loki frowned.

"Tony, I don't…"

"Yes that's all you ever talk about, going away, finding Sygin, leaving me…"

He sagged somewhat into himself and turned away from the other man. Crossing his arms over his chest he hung his head.

"Am I not even worth a try?"

Loki gapped open mouth at this astounding show of emotion. He never knew the extent of the other man's feelings for him. Sure he was kind, flirty and charming. But that was just his most basic characteristic, the playboy persona he used on everyone. Even though he admitted his love for Loki, and Loki for once was honest in his reply. He believed Tony but the fact that the love was true didn't mean that it was permanent or even that it was truly heartfelt. After all had he not read in many a book how declarations during copulation were much effected by the physical ecstasy and in essence often meant nothing?

"Tony I didn't realize…"

Spinning around the human glared angrily at the crouching god.

"So you lied, when I told you that I loved you last night and you replied that you knew, you lied? You never believed me, did you?"


"What must I do to make you understand? How must I declare my feelings, in writing, through song, over a fucking loudspeaker at an NFL final? What do you want Loki? Because I'll do anything!"

"No Tony I believe you…"

"No you don't, stop lying! I know its only natural for you but…"

"Will you shut up!" Loki yelled over the human's rant, and shot Tony a glare that clearly said, 'if you don't shut up right this minute, I will use my magic and help you out'. Tony fumed but swallowed the rest of his verbal attack.

"I believe you…now," Loki finished lamely. Before Tony could interrupt he sped ahead. "What I'm trying to say is, I had my doubts about your declaration yesterday because, well, the timing was a bit suspicious. We were in the middle of consummating our mutual attraction," Tony snorted at his choice of wording, "and I was concerned that having finally achieved what you wanted from me all along impeded on your judgment of clear though. After all it's easy to love anyone when you're intimate with them."

Tony tried to jump in but Loki held up one hand in platitude and continued like nothing happened.

"I believe you now because as a professional liar," Loki smirked at Tony's struggle to suppress a smile, "I can appreciate how genuine your display of emotions was just now. You can't fake that, because I can't fake that, and if I can't fake that no one can."

"So you believe me now," Tony broke through hastily, looking both hopeful and cautious at the same time.

"Yes Tony, I believe you."

Stark sighed and moved across the cave to sit beside his crouching lover, wrapping both arms around the slim shoulders and drawing the pale man into a warm hug. He moved back long enough to place a kiss against the pale lips. Loki sighed and returned the affections. Finally pulling away for air, Tony smiled and tried to go in for anther round but was stopped halfway by a firm palm against his reactor.

"But I can't stay on earth."

Tony glared

"What?", he whined like a petulant child.

"Use your head Tony, I'm a wanted terrorist. There is no way the humans will allow me a fresh start. SHIELD will capture me and my brother will take me to Asgard to face my father and the high court."

"No" Tony said although everything spoken by the demi-god was terribly accurate. "We'll tell SHIELD that you will work with us and..."

"They won't believe you Tony, not after the amount of damage I've caused."

"Fuck them, you can stay with me and I won't let them take you."

Loki smiled, but it was a sad effort at letting the human down easy.

"You would take all the avengers on your own? I have seen you fight my brother and I have no doubt you can easily fight off Natasha and Clint, but the Hulk will walk right through your house Stark like it is made of jelly."

Tony hung his head into the crook of Loki neck and inhaled his minty scent, absorbing every aspect of the other into his memory. If this was all he'll ever have of him than he'd better take in as much as he can before Loki's gone. It was not enough. It would never be enough. They must find a way. They had to. If they parted he will be lost. After all this shit, he'd be damned if he's letting the best thing to ever happen to him go without a fight.

"I'm not letting you go," he mumbled into the cool skin, "if they take you, they'll have to take me too. But they won't because I'm the guy who pretty much runs the new army weaponry division and designs all the new artillery. The US government would never risk losing my support and SHIELD will do anything to keep me one of the good guys. Since you're the only thing I want, and losing you will undoubt cause me to go rogue …" he trailed off and took another deep inhale, reaching with one hand to grab the other side of the neck and push in deeper. Loki moaned at the side-of-painful scratch of stubble against his sensitive skin.

He hated to admit it, but Tony made a valid point. SHIELD would do anything to keep Tony; he wouldn't be surprised if Midgard was in peril at this very moment what with the avengers being one member short. Perhaps if they approached this delicately, Loki could migrate to earth with little interference. Especially since he no longer held the urge for world dominations or the retrieval of the tesseract. In fact after everything he's been through since his fall from Asgard, he didn't have much desire for anything, except a quite life and perhaps a library to keep him thinking. He was certain now, that if he set those conditions, Tony would meet them eagerly, anything to keep him on earth. It was such a strange yet intriguing power trip, this love business.

"I suppose I can come with you to earth. Just for a little while mind you…"

Humming in passive contentment, the philanthropist let out a long whoosh of air against the silky neck. Loki ran his fingers through the matted locks.

"Now let me go so I can fix you another bowl of porridge, and entertain myself watching your besotted self, perform graphic fellatio on the spoon."

And Tony smiled, lips stretching lazily into a Cheshire grin, teeth nipping playfully to tease the pale flesh red. And Loki giggled, arching his neck and jerking vainly on the nest of dark curly hair. Outside the snow was dancing on puffs of playful wind, spinning in zestful clouds of fat fluffy snowflakes to the tuneful echo of crackling wood and joyous laughter.

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