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~Jane The Killer~

It was a nice, sunny, Friday morning in eastern Wisconsin. Jane Mariah, a junior at Gostgrove High School, was walking to school like she did every morning. She felt happy, upbeat like she did every Friday, but something felt….Odd, like that feeling you get when you get lost in the neighborhood with your cousin (Don't ask), like something was about to happen. Though, Jane just dismissed it as nothing.

When Jane got to school, she walked to her homeroom to find class was already starting; the teacher was already there and up in front of the class. She looked at her watch and saw that it was ten minutes earlier then when class was supposed to start. Jane felt like an idiot, but she asked the teacher what was going on and if she was late. She heard a faint sound of laughter coming from the back of the class, being sign to Jane that it was a stupid question.

"Oh no, not at all Jane! I'm just introducing a new student now, take your seat." Miss Heralds said. Embarrassed, Jane walked to her seat and sat down.

'..Now, as I was saying we have a new student joining us today, I want you to give him you outmost respect. Come in, son." Miss Heralds motioned him to come in. A boy with long brown hair and dull grey eyes shuffled in to the classroom, nervously. He looked at the class, took a deep breath then said "Hi, I'm Jeff," as wide smile spread across his face. Jane had to admit that he was pretty cute but at the same time, a little creepy. Jeff told the class, "I have a brother Liu, but he's in a different grade, we just moved here so...Um" He nervously laughed, trying to shake it off. Miss Heralds stared at Jeff, raising one eyebrow. "Okay… Jeff you take that seat next to, Jane," she said pointing at the seat next to Jane. Jane's eyes widened, she knew this wasn't a cheesy high school drama that has like, five episodes each season, but still, why her? Jane thought to herself, Just shut up Jane, this is just a coincidence, so just shut up!

When Jeff sat down in the seat next to her Jane blushed and squeezed her fingers, like she does whenever she's nervous. Jane heard a voice to her left that said "Hi, Jane is it?" It took her seconds to figure out who it was, and ten more to respond with only a high pitched, "H-hi" Jeff was about to say something but just then Miss Heralds shouted "Go to your other classes, homeroom is over." She then motioned Jeff to her desk saying "Jeff could you come here?" Jane watched as she handed Jeff something that looked like a schedule. Jane smiled. Yes, yes! She thought that she could show Jeff to his classes and FINALLY make a friend around here. Well her plans were thrown off when Katie Dawson, the "Popular Girl" already walked up to Miss Heralds' desk

"Miss Heralds, could I show Jeffery to his classes?" she asked, batting her eyelashes

Miss Heralds agreed and sent them out the door. Jane was the only one left in the classroom staring in disbelief at what just happened. Jane then got a feeling in the pit of her stomach, like she had to do something. Jane put it in the back of her head, carrying on with the school day. Of course as if the weather changed with her emotions, it turned bright and sunny to cloudy and rainy. Jane ran home trying to avoid the rain. Of course when she got home she was soaked. Her father walked in moments after she walked in the door. "What the hell is your problem? Getting the house wet! Do you even have half of a brain?" he yelled. Jane got that feeling again, this time it was, stronger. She had common sense not to answer her father and stomped up to her room. As she lay on her unmade bed, staring at the ceiling she asks herself,

What is this feeling?

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