Sorry this is kinda short. Hearts From KIRA!

"Felix. Please. Let's rest."

Sylvanas was loosing steam after five hours of going in circles. Felix had to be at his edge too.

"We're not making any progress."

Felix didn't want to admit it, but she was right.

"Okey." Felix finally agreed. Picking a random room, Felix pushed the door opened. It was a bedroom. Alot of them in this hallway were. This is where they would rest tonight.

Putting Stephano on the dressing table, Sylvanas flopped, face-first, into the soft matress. Felix smiled at her goofy antics. In the short time they had been together, she'd grown on him. Always trying to joke about the 'Bro's' and various body pieces they'd seen. He knew she was terrified, he was too. But if she could put on a brave face, then so could he.

Sylvanas was like a best friend. Funny how near death experiances do that to you.

Said red-head flipped over to lay on her back. "We can sleep in intervels, if you'd like."

Felix was just about to agree, when a French-man beat him to it.

"Actually, you wouldn't want to do that."

Sylvanas sat up, looking at the bronze statue. "Why not, Stephano?"

"It would be a never-ending cycle of who is wide awake and alert and who is tired." Stephano said. Sylvanas's brows furrowed.

"I guess I get it." She said, sounding unconvinced. Sylvanas sighed, streching. "Then, how do we sleep, oh Wise one?"

Felix snickered. She was a spitfire.

"You should sleep together. I'll wake you if anything happens."

Sylvanas didn't know what to say. She was thankful for the dimly lit room, it hid her growing blush.

"That works for me." Felix answered oblivious to her. He almost immidately began undressing, stripping right down to his boxers.

"A little warning?" Sylvanas said blowing out two of the farthest candles, leaving the candle by the bed softly glowing.

"Why'd you blow those out?" Felix asked, burroring under the soft conforter.

"Two reasons." Sylvanas said, closing the door. "One, to keep the Bro's from seeing it, and coming in here. Two, to keep you from seeing me."

With that, she blew out the candle next to the bed. Sylvanas quickly dug through her bag for the spare pair of boxers she had found in another room. She stripped off her top shirt and pants, then pulled the boxer shorts on.

Even with no lights, Felix could see her clearly. She had a beautiful shape, he'd give her that.


I watched as Sylvanas groaped at the bed. Once she found the top of the blanket, she pulled it back. She was quiet amusing, really. She mumbled to herself, making various faces. Finally, she got into the bed.

"Asculta aici, idiotule.." Sylvanas spoke in quick Romanian. I translated in my mind: Listen up, idiot. Well something to that effect. I didn't exactly pass my forgien language.

"This," She drew a line inbetween us. "Is an invisable barrier. We don't touch, okey?" Sylvanas blushed, rolling onto her back.

"You don't want to know what I'd do to you if I woke up to you being too close."

I couldn't help but smile.

"Sounds sexual."

Sylvanas's eyes twitched, blushing deeper. "Oi, Felix. Don't test me." Her voice seemed to want to falter.

Without warning, I wound my arms around her midsection, pulling her to me in an innocent act.

"But, Sylvia!" I cooed, childishly. "I'm a snuggler!"

This felt weird. Marzia and her were completely different shapes... but it was similar somehow.

"A-and I'm a s-stabber." Sylvanas seemed to stutter out. "Let go-!"

I cut her off by pulling her as close as her form would allow. She squeaked quietly in responce.

"Nope." I started, closing my eyes. "We're sleeping like this."

I felt her back vibrate against my chest... She was growling. I stiffled a laugh.

"Goodnight, Sylvia."


'I hate my life.'

I stayed quiet as Sylvanas mouthed those last words to me, before accepting her fate, and going to sleep.

I watched the whole scene play out. There was something between them, neither one would admit. Not now, at the very least.

To me, those two must have been built for each other.

They'll be together one day.

Sure as my name is Stephano.


"Nope." Click. "Natch." Click. "Eh.. Fine."

Sylvanas flipped though her channel listings, finally setting on G-4. It was a gaming network that she had streamed from America.

This was her one day off. No school. No work. Sylvanas could finally relax. She sighed dreamily, relaxing into the plush, black couch of her large living area.

No sooner was she dozing off...



The crystal blue eyes of Sylvanas snapped open just in time to see her little sister running in the living room, forcing a newspaper in her face.

"Who the hell is that?"

"What?" Sylvanas mumbled to Vanessa.

"I can't read Swedish yet. What does this say?" Vanessa said, impaitently, sitting next to Sylvanas.

"'Swedens own YouTube Star! Introducing Felix Kjellburg.'" Sylvanas read the headline, looking over at Vanessa. "What about him?"

"What else does it say!"

Sylvanas narrowed her eyes at her sister, before bring them down to the first paragraph.

"'Famous for his initial reactions to various horror games, such as Amnesia, Penumbra, Oni, and The Calling, Felix-A.K.A. PewDiePie- Is making a fine dream become reality.'"

Vanessa smiled wide. "Felix! I should have known!" Vanessa pointed to the picture. Sylvanas's eyes widened. She'd seen him around her campus. Who knew he was so well known? Sadly, she had no classes with him.

"Oh, that's cool." Sylvanas said quietly.

"Don't you remember?" Vanessa started. "When we still lived in Bucharest, all I did was stay on the internet."

"That's all you do now." Sylvanas interrupted. Vanessa rolled her eyes at her.

"No, idiot. That guy, that looked alot like him!" Vanessa pointed to the picture again.

It finally hit her. Sylvanas shook her head.

"Oh! The guy that screamed all high-pitched and what not!"

Vanessa nodded enthuiastically. "Yeah!" She then stood up right, walking to the stairs. "I'm going to save this newspaper. It's too cool!"

"Then, go back to classes after!" Sylvanas yelled to the preteen that was running up the stairs.

Smiling and turning back to the T.V., Sylvanas layed down on the couch and went to sleep.


I felt Sylvanas jolt awake. She sat upright, glancing around the room. There was light seeping in now.

"What is it?"

She jumped at my voice. Her icy eyes found mine, and she blushed moving away to stand up.

"Felix. Felix Kjellburg, right?"

I sat up rubbing my head. I nodded slowly after.

"I just remembered. You, you're famous." Her eye widened, smiling. "Man, Vanni is going to be so jealous."

"Who?" I asked, curious.

"My baby sister." Sylvanas said, sitting on the bed again. "She's a fan of yours."

I looked over to Stephano. "You're quiet this morning." I said, changing the subject.

"Well, I was thinking."

"About what?" Sylvanas asked him. Stephano cleared his throat.

"Are acest drept de sunet, Sylvanas?" (Does this sound right, Sylvanas?)

Sylvanas was stunned, I was too. Stephano spoke Romanian?

"Foarte bine, de fapt. Cand ati invatat sa vorbesc limba Romana?" (Very good, actually. When did you learn to speak Romanian?)

Sylvanas waited patienly for a reply, Stephano seemed stumped. I know I was.

"Ma simt i-au cunoscut dintodeauna." (I feel like I have always known.) Stephano sighed, becoming serious. "Pot sa va pun o intrabare?" (Can I ask you a question?)

"Da." Sylvanas answered hesitantly. I knew that meant 'Yes.' And they say I didn't learn anything in Forigen Language.

"Iti place Felix?" (Do you like Felix?) Silence followed after Stephano asked that. I knew he asked something about me... But what?

"D-de ce solicita un astfel de l-lucru?" (Why ask such a thing?) Sylvanas managed to studder out, glancing at me breifly.

"Nevermind." Stephano said, switching back to English. "From your answer, I know enough."


Finally! We're finally getting somewhere!

Me, Felix, and Stephano finally made it out of the center building. Currently, we're trying to find our way into the outer castle, to get home.

"Can I have another drink of water, Sylvia?"

I stopped at Felix's voice. Turning to him, I nodded briefly. We acted sparingly with out food and water. I handed him the half full bottle of water.

It had been four days since I found Felix, and we're just now believeing we can make it.

After his short swig, Felix handed the bottle back to me. I stuck it back in my messenger bag.


"Did you hear that?" I whispered, standing back-to-back with the blonde male. I heard him hesitate. "Yeah."

Felix unconsiencely gripped Stephano tigher, and pushed back into me.

I forced my hands to stop shaking. I couldn't very well shoot anything with these jitters.

And then, it appeared. Sprinting at us.

"Felix! Run!" I yelled, grabbing his free hand. I was pratically dragging him, til his feet caught up with his mind. Now, It was his turn to drag me.

"Fucking bro!" Felix managed to scream out in anger. Then he glanced down at me, formulating a plan. I didn't know how much longer running around the inner castle would work.

"If I can distract him, for a second, can you kill him?"

My eyes widened at Felix. He had never sounded so . . . So much like a leader.

I could only nod, but it was firm. He smiled lopsided at me. Then he did the most stupidest thing I could think of.

He dropped my hand, and began running towards the white monster.

Not a second after, his roar of pain rang out through the courtyard.


"Don't stand there!" Felix hollered, taking another blow. "Shoot this mother fucker!"

All the voices in my head went silent, and time seemed to slow. I took in everything.

The Bro was going in for a third swipe at Felix, who could barely stand as it was. He was tilting slightly, bleeding from large gashes on his upper torso and leg.

My eyes narrored in rage. He was hurt.

I armed myself faster than ever and shot precisly though the monsters brain.

As it's lifeless body fell one way, I rushed to catch Felix, who was falling the other.

His head landed in my lap and I looked down at his twiching face. Tears ran down my face, as I feared for the worst.

"No! Felix!" I cried. "Idiotule! Why would you-! No! Don't close your eyes damnit! You have to stay awake!"


His eyes slid shut.


"Fuck this, fuck that, fuck Mr. Tesill. I hate my god. damned. life!"

Felix stared questionably at the red haired female who had just come from one of Mr Tesill's Trigonometry classes.

"Wow! She's a feisty one, eh, Felix?"

Felix gave a side glance to his close friend Cosmin. They had just gotten out of art class, and the campus grounds weren't nearly as crowded as they usually are.

"Do you know her?"

Cosmin shrugged his shoulders. "Not really." He scratched his head next. "She's in my Ecology class. Pretty quiet, most times. Gets a mouth with Gibson though." Cosmin seemed to laugh at something, pointing over at the red head.

"Speak of it..."

There was Gibson, a classmate of theirs, bugging the redhead yet again.

"Fuck OFF, Gibson." She screamed punching him in the face. "I don't want to deal with your mouth ever again!"

Gibson stumbled slightly, before smiling. This was a game to him. He'd come back even stronger.

"Wanna go out sometime?"

"Yes!" She screamed. "To a morgue! I'll take you there right now!"

Before she had the chance, a white haired female came and scooped up the red head, like she weighed nothing.

"She's Romanian. The red head." Cosmin started. "I wonder if they're all that angry."


Sylvanas stared at the lifeless Felix. She had tended to his wounds to the best of her ability, even changed him in a fresh set of clothes. Sylvanas did find a way into the outer castle and was currently in one of the bedrooms. She was sitting next to the bed Felix occupied. She was tired from carring him, and the rest of the events from today.


Her head hit the desk, faster than Stephano could call out. She shot back up instantly. Tired, watery eyes slowly scanned around the room.

"No one is here, Stephano... Please, can I rest?"

Stephano was confused. She was pleading. A tone Stephano would never have guessed she was capable of.

"Alright, i'll alert you if something happens."

Those where the only words she needed. Her head slumped back to the desk, and in seconds, she was out.

Stephano watched her sleep, feeling ever so nervous.