Lightning danced across the steel grey sky as the clock struck midnight. Thunder rumbled and the rain pounded the lush green land. In one of the dark and forbidding towers of the building, a woman uttered a final cry of pain before a child was brought into the world.

Hundreds of miles away, a priest watched the hand of the clock slip past midnight. He knew the significance of this time. He was surrounded by an array of papers and books, they sprawled over his expansive desk, onto the highly polished floor and even crept up the walls. The clock's tick tock was the only sound in the library. The priest picked up his pen and returned to his note taking; he had even less time to rest now.

In the eerie light of the lightning, the child's eyes sparkled like sapphires, as it was placed in the gentle hands of its father. With overwhelming love, the father gazed at his newborn child, stroking back the damp tousled hair and tracing the tiny features with his fingers. "You are going to change the world," he whispered.