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prompt - Gohan teases his father's educational skills.

characters - Gohan, Goku


With golden hair askew and green eyes flashing with overwhelming concentration, Gohan balanced his pencil above his pursed upper lip and snatched the green math booklet that decorated his desk, jamming his pointed nose into the confines of its pages.

"Gohan?" came the familiar voice of his equally golden-haired father, his turquoise eyes focused on the 11-year-old boy sitting relaxingly in his wooden chair.

Said boy leaned back in his seat, peeling the book from over his face and revealing a pencil that surfed below his nose with widened limeade eyes. "Yeah, Dad?"

Goku raised an eyebrow at his son as he strode up next to his seat, Gohan's ultramarine eyes still trained on the 6-ft tall man before they gravitated towards the contents of his studies.

"And here I was thinking you were studying," Goku chuckled, placing a careful hand on the back of Gohan's chair (he certainly didn't want to cause another accident again; broken furniture and tableware were enough for one day). "I was gonna see if you wanted to head out for some ice lollies."

Gohan hummed quietly to himself, his green eyes skirting from his booklet to his father before falling back to his work again, particularly to a word that he had stumbled across since opening the contents of his College Algebra book.

"Sure," he answered absentmindedly. "But could you help me with something first?" he asked, suppressing an incoming giggle.

"Of course," Goku replied, bending over whilst Gohan jabbed a powerful finger underneath the words that held his attention.

"How do you solve this?"

Goku stared for what felt like an eternity and Gohan watched, his blue-green irises flashing with hidden mirth.

His father finally stood up and not once did Gohan advert eye contact until his father said, "Sure beats the heck out of me, but hey, I'm sure if your mother baked some pie, you'd figure it out."

Gohan laughed.

Goku stared, seemingly confused by his son's sudden outburst.

It wasn't often that he was given the chance to tease his father's mathematical skills (or lack thereof) and he chose to bask in it while he had the chance.


My attempt at challenging myself to write no more than 500 words. It wasn't that bad, was it? I'll write more; whatever comes to mind. I'm trying to rid myself of writer's block; maybe this will help.