prompt - Gohan would make sure to remind his mother to take him to the eye doctor.

characters - Gohan, Goku, Chi-Chi, hints of Goten


Gohan half-wondered why he was always put into such awkward positions.

It either resulted in him turning tail and running for his dear life or pleading for his life, both of which he'd done in the past.

However, this case could be deemed as both frightening and awkward. In the past, he could recall bits and pieces from his memory where he'd seen his parents engaged in physical contact. Both of them were very private people, unless they were both highly emotional. Their reunion on the Lookout after the defeat of Majin Buu was a testament of that.

Everyone was momentarily blinded, their cheeks flamed an indignant pink at the scene that played out. When husband and wife reunite after seven years a part, it really showed. They were like praying mantises, practically gouging each others' faces off; at least, that was what Goten kept saying every time he saw his parents engage in physical contact.

Suffice to say, Gohan didn't think it was that bad, although a bit inappropriate, for the simple fact that Goku and Chi-Chi had swapped saliva in front of everyone, including the Guardian of Earth.

He had seen his mother gush about his father on more than one occasion, majority of the time blocking out everyone present as she relished in the past. When he was younger and saw them kiss, his mother and father, particularly his mother, would tinge red in embarrassment and scurry off, or she'd shoo him off in hopes of continuing whatever it was they were doing.

He'd never had the privilege of seeing his father encourage physical behavior with his mother. Ever.

So he couldn't help but be a little taken aback when he entered the kitchen after a bit of roughhousing with Goten in the backyard.

His heightened hearing - thanks to his father's alien genes - allowed him to hear even the faintest of sounds. Goten was straggling behind, so it left Gohan all alone to the wonderful sounds of Goku and Chi-Chi during one of their infamous, if not hidden, make-out sessions, and to say that it made Gohan want to puke his spleen out would've been an understatement.

Gohan wasn't blind; far from it, but at that moment, he wish he were.

"Hey, Goha-"

And before Goten could finish his sentence, Gohan clamped a hand over his little brother's mouth, earning himself the attention of one very passionate Goku, who peeled an eye open after a particularly steamy kiss given to Chi-Chi. Gohan thrust his other hand over Goten's eyes as Goku pointed a finger through Chi-Chi's hair, jamming it in the direction from whence his sons came.

Gohan didn't need to be told twice and he ushered Goten back to the outside world, his ears burning, his cheeks flaming, and his eyes scorching!

And to think he was going to the kitchen all for a glass of water!