Allen Point of view

"Okay, Allen, I'm off! Wish me luck on my mission!" Lenalee yells at Allen.

"Okay. Bye! Good luck on your mission!" I yell back.

She kisses my cheek. I'm blushing like crazy! Lenalee's looking at me like I'm an idiot.

"Allen! You look like a tomato!" She says laughing.

"H-huh?" I ask. I was busy staring at her beautiful dark, long green hair.

"Hahaha. Bye, silly"

I walk to my room and see Lavi standing in front of my door.

"Dude, move!" I shove Lavi.

"Wait. Did you tell her?" Lavi asks.

I know what he's talking about. It's like he's a broken record. He talks about all this love crap. I just pretend I don't know what he's talking about.

"Tell her what?" I play along.

"Well, that you love love her and want to spend your life with her." Lavi says with an evil smirk.

I hear the love crap going on.

"Lavi, I don't like Lenalee, that way." I say coolly.

"How do you know I was talking about Lenalee? I specifically said 'her' not Lenalee. So does that mean you DO like Lenalee?" Lavi asks.

Dammit, I got caught. I'm blushing again.

"I'm sick and tired of you always talking about this love crap! Just mind your own business!" I almost scream. I am so annoyed at Lavi right now. I just push him out of my way and lock myself in my room with Timcampy. I just sit in my bed, thinking, thinking about my friends and my love life. First, my friends. I just think how sorry I am, for being so rude to Lavi. I could've just reasoned with him. But still, I'm kinda annoyed that Lavi is so nosy about my love life. Then second, my love life, if I really do like Lenalee. I think I do. My heart pounds so fast every time I see her, it feels like it's gonna come out of my chest. I also blush every time I see her. I'm thinking why I like her in the first place. Hmmm…. She's pretty, nice, kind, caring, generous, brave, responsible, wait! What am I thinking? Remember, you DON'T like Lenalee that way, you even told Lavi that! Wait no! You really do like her! Great, now I'm having second thoughts. -.-"

Lenalee's Point of view

"Ahh.. we're here, in Singapore!"

"A monster over there!" Yells one man.

"Help!" says another.

Whoa! A level 3 akuma! Innocence, activate! I fly into the air,kicking the akuma. It's no use, it's too strong. I change my innocence into level 2. I kick again and again, still no use. No one told it'd be a level 3! The akuma knocks me upside the head. I can't move.

Allen POV

I hear someone yell. I rush outside my door. It's probably Komui in the science division. I hear him yell.

"My dear Lenalee, Is she alright?"

Oh no!, I think. I rush to the science division.

"Komui! Is Lenalee alright?" I yell at him.

He sobs. "I-I don't know! S-she's in the hospital! We all need to rush to Singapore, that's where she is. People, pack your bags, we're goin' to Singapore!" orders Komui.

At a Singapore hospital..

"L-Lenalee, are you all right?" I ask.

"W-where am I? W-who are you? W-who am I?" she asks.

"H-huh? You don't remember me? I'm Allen! And you're at a hospital! Stop playing with me, Lenalee" I say with a smile.

Komui just finished talking to the doctor. He starts crying really loud.

"A-Allen, Lenalee, sh-she has amnesia, and I don't k-know how long she'll have it." He says.

"Y-your're kidding right? Your just kidding!" I start twitching.

"No Allen, she really d-does." Komui won't stop stuttering.

I run out the door to the outside. I really do like Lenalee. I should've told her I loved her before she'd gone.

"DAMMITTTT!" I yell really loud.

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