Chapter 10- Torture

Allen POV

I found Lenalee's head buried in my chest. I quicky, but gently, tried to get out of that position, but her head just ended up in my lap. She woke up. Shit, I thought. She scratched her eyes.

"G-good morning Allen." She said yawning and scratching her head.

"Good morning." I replied. Lavi then woke up.

"S-stop flirting so early in the morning." Lavi said still tired.

"W-we were NOT FLIRTING. We were just greeting eachother, isn't that right Lenalee?" I said.

"Y-yeah." She was looking to the side, holding her face. I could tell she was blushing. Oh Lenalee, don't hide your face, I thought. There goes my weird thoughts. I was trying to remember last night (or early morning). I only stopped the game for Lenalee's sake. If I went on, she would be nude. She would probably hate me for that. If it was only Lavi and I, would've went on.

Lavi POV

I'm pissed off because of Allen. I WANTED TO SEE LENALEE NAKED! TT_TT –cries- (A/N- Lol, Lavi you selfish pervert.)

-few minutes later-

Lenalee POV

"WE'RE HOMEEEEEEEE!" I yelled really loud. I see the boys sweat-drop. I run all the way to my room.

Allen POV

I go to my room. I lay in my bed and try to sleep because I didn't have enough.

"Hey Timcanp-" I stopped. Where is he? I thought.

3 rd person POV

Allen, I think I can answer your question. Timcanpy is flying over to the Science Division, where Komui is.

(A/N- Uh oh.)

"..? Tim, what brings you here?" asked Komui.

"A hologram? Of wha- HOLY JESUS, DAMN THOSE 2 BOYS!" Komui yelled furiously. Komui ran to both boys' rooms and grabbed their hairs.

"Owww.. What the hell Komui?" both boys screamed in pain. He took them to the Science Division and trapped them to chairs.

"You boys, how could you, DO THIS TO MY LENALEE!" Komui yelled.

Allen POV

How did he know?

"Here Tim, have a treat." Komui gave Timcanpy a treat. (A/N- LOL, he's treating Tim lika dog.)

"WHAT THE FUCK TIM! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US!" I said and cried a little. I saw Timcanpy cry a little too.

"You're lucky I'll always love you." Timcanpy cried even more. I saw Komui getting a chainsaw out. Me and Lavi both looked at eachother with terror. Right before Komui sliced us, Tim chewed the belts that made us stay on the chair. Lavi and I both looked back and waved at Tim. Tim was busy biting Komui head.

"Tim! Get off!" was what we heard from Komui.

Lenalee POV

I saw Lavi and Allen run past me. I flew after them.

"What's wrong?" I asked when I caught up to them. They were panting for air.

"Komui *pants * knows *pant* played *pant* str-*pant*-ip poker." Lavi said.

"Is he torturing you?" I asked. They caught their breath.

"No, we escaped him. But I know he's running after us." Allen says worried.

"HE'S COMING, WITH HIS CHAINSAWWWWW!" Lavi screamed. The boys ran again.

"Lenalee~!" Komui said.

"Brother, why are you being mean to the boys?" I asked.

"Well actually, I know why you're being mean. But please, don't hurt them! We were playing Strip Poker, and well, it's my fault for being bad at poker. That's why I had to take my clothes off." I explained.

"Fine, these boys are off the hook, but I'll get them someday." Komui left.


"You guys were lucky, if you didn't run in my way, you guys would've been toast." Lenalee said.

"Tim~!" Allen said with joy.

"Thank you, Lenalee and Tim." I was heading to my room, when Allen grabbed my hand. I started to blush.

"Oh and Lenalee, I just wanted you to know," I looked his way and I saw bright red stained on his face.

"I only stopped because of you." He released my hand and walked away, looking at the ground. I put the hand Allen held againstmy cheek.

End of Chappy 10 :D