Rosie decided that instead of going home after school she went back to the same black top where she had first watched Roger play ball with the Jets, when she got there it was completely empty.

"Well if it ain't Little Miss Anybodys,"

Rosie looked around for the source of the voice, "up here kid!" She turned to face the fire escape and saw A-rab descending smoothly. He casually walked towards her, "why you hangin' round us all a sudden? Can't you leave your brother alone?" He asked.

"I… I…" Rosie stammered as she looked at A-rab.

"Listen Anybodys ain't you got friends?" He asked.

"No…" Rosie felt embarrassed, she also didn't understand why he called her such a funny name, "why do you call me that any way?"
"Call you what? Anybodys?" A-rab smiled a cheeky smile.

"Yeah…" Rosie just watched him, there was something effortless about him and she couldn't place what it was.

"Little Miss Anybodys, always gotta' be in anybody's business can never just mind her own!" A-rab recited in a sing-song tone.

"Could I ever join the Jets?" Rosie didn't even know where the question came from, it just so happened that she asked it. Perhaps the tempting thought of having a family, a group of people who cared for her besides her mother and Roger was what made it occur.

A-rab just stared at her for a moment before beginning to laugh loudly, Rosie's face reddened. "I girl in the Jets?" He laughed, "Unthinkable! Riff or Tony would never allow it!"

"Why not?" she asked sternly.

"I'd love to see a girl fight but it is a policy of mine to never hit women," A-rab said with a smile.

It was as if something inside Rosie snapped, she flung herself at A-rab and started pounding at his chest, but in reality she was doing barely any damage to the older boy. Someone grabbed her by her waist from behind and pulled her away from A-rab. When she was set back on the ground she found herself face to face with Roger.

"What the hell do you think you are doing? Get outta' here!" Roger snapped, Rosie huffed and walked off towards home.

"See ya' Anybodys!" A-rab called as she walked away.

Roger glared at A-rab and hit him on the back of the head, "'Ey what didja do that for?"

"Leave my sister alone, alright?" Roger frowned.

"If all it takes to be a Jet is to be a boy then fine," Rosie grumbled as she went into the apartment, she went into Rogers room and started rummaging through his dresser for clothes she had rarely seen him wear. Once she put that in her own room she sat down on the couch where she saw on an old end table sat her mother's sowing scissors. She picked them up and looked at the blade, at that moment deciding that she was no longer Rosie, she would simply be Anybodys. All she wanted was friends, if it meant pretending to be a boy and cutting off her hair she would do it.

She waited until Roger came home and her mother was asleep before she got up and started hacking at her hair which pooled at the floor. When she was done she knew it wasn't a very good job, it was uneven and choppy its longest points just barely going past her chin.

When Action was getting dressed that morning he started rummaging through his dresser unable to find the shirt he was looking for. He was about to see someone, a boy? Come from Rosie's room wearing his tee-shirt. "Who the hell are you?" He asked, he didn't take him long to realize that it was Rosie.

"Rosie? What have you done?" He felt the uneven ends of her hair and looked at her in shock.

"I wanna be one of you!" She explained, "I wanna be a Jet!"

"What did she say?" Riff gave a confused look to Action.

"Wants to be one of us…" Action grumbled, "A Jet…"

A-rab started laughing, "Shut it A-rab this ain't funny!" Action snapped at the younger gang member.

"Action, slow down buddy boy," Tony commented, "look I know it's your sister but I think you get heated up to quickly." He put his arm on Action's shoulder.

"But she wants to be one of us!" Action repeated, "I can't let her!"

"Listen Action," Tony looked him straight in the eye, "Riff and I will take care of this alright?"

Action took a deep breath, "fine."