Let me describe myself a little first. I'm nowhere near average, not even close. I'm a bit overweight, I keep to myself, and I'm a little… insane, for lack of a better word. Now, I'm not wanting-to-kill-everyone-in-sight insane. I'm just insane in the minds of other people; I'm not normal.

I like to read. Not just books, but any work of fiction, if it interests me. The "insane" part comes here: I don't just like to read books and imagine the scenes playing out in my mind, no. I like to insert myself into those books, into those stories, and think about what would happen if I myself was in one of those works. I imagine myself being the hero, the one who saves everyone and is loved by everyone.

Because, let's face it, I don't have any friends. It's not because no one tries to be friendly, but because I don't really like being around people. They think that they're my friend, and on the outside, they are, but I know that deep down there's no real connection between us. I don't have anything in common with them, and they just sort of… took me on as their friend without asking me. I know it seems a bit rude to talk about friendly people in this way, but it's the truth. I just don't feel anything. I think of friendship as a much more delicate thing. I'm a bit of a "romantic" when it comes to friendship; I think friendship means doing anything for the other person, and willing to die for the other person. That also means that my view of "love" and "relationships" is… much more than that. I'm one who believes in "soul-mates."

I've never dated anyone before, and that's probably because of two things: One, I don't like being around people and I don't think of people as friends, so I'm not really that "likeable," and two, I think of relationships being perfect; you only have one shot to get it right. Even though you can break up with someone if things don't work out, you never get that "first try" back again. Just like your virginity. You have to be careful as to who you trust and who you let in. I want to be absolutely sure of who the right person is before letting that person get close to me.

And speaking of relationships… there is one person who I like, one person who I actually think that he might be the right person. Yes, he. I'm gay. So what? Anyways, I've had feelings for him ever since I first met him; I know that "Love at first sight" is such a cliché and usually never works out, but it hasn't worn off yet. I've told him multiple times, and he's always rejected me, but in a nice way. I think that's one of the reasons I like him. He's nice. I don't know him personally, but on the outside, he's nice.

But I never think of him and I being together for the rest of our lives. Which kind of contradicts the whole, "I want to be absolutely sure of the right person." I don't know… love's irrational and completely illogical like that. Which is one of the reasons that I like who I like, and actually do see myself being with this person for the rest of my life. If we ever meet, that is. You see… he's a fictional character. While I do like this person in real life, I don't really "like" them… I think the only reason why I "like" them is because the logical part of myself thinks that since he's real, I actually have a chance, and that since the other guy's a fictional character, there's no chance in hell that I have with getting with him. But, my heart still believes that there's a chance that I'll eventually meet him and have a chance. And that's what I truly believe in. It's not something that I'm saying I believe in, but it's something that I truthfully, and honestly, do believe in.

And I guess this brings us to the actual story

I take walks late at night. This is when I usually do all of the "imagining myself as the hero and saving everything." I take walks to both help lose weight, which hasn't really been doing much lately… and to clear my mind and let myself just… think. Thinking helps me clear my mind. Sometimes, I just need to drop what I'm doing and get out of the house, get into the fresh air, and just stop and think about whatever. I like walking late at night, when the sun's just setting, and also much later at night, when it's midnight and no one's around. My parents don't like me walking at that time, because they're scared that something's going to happen to me, but I live in a pretty safe neighborhood, so the chances of something like that happening are slim to none.

My mom says that I should walk our dogs sometimes when I go out. I always say no. This is due to the fact that they bark at everything in sight. I like quiet. Peace, and quiet. No noise. Except for my music. Usually I think to my music; fast-paced music, fast-paced thoughts. Slow-paced music, slow-paced thoughts. Romantic music, romantic thoughts. Action music, action thoughts. So on and so forth.

Why am I telling you this? Well, it's because that's the night everything happened. It sounds a bit cliché, like a lot of things in my life do, but it's true. I was just walking one night, when it happened. What happened, you're probably asking, and I'll tell you. Pokémon.

Pokémon, to most people, is a children's game. Or, at least, a game that people played as children and have continued to play as they grow up. People think that it's something cute and nice and all kid-friendly. I think of it more seriously than that. Pokémon has been my obsession ever since I first started getting into it when I was three or four years old. Speaking of obsessions… when I get obsessed with something, I'm obsessed. I can't stop thinking about it for days, weeks, maybe even months, and in Pokémon's case, years, at a time. I can't stop thinking about it at any hour of the day, and it consumes my mind.

Anyways… Pokémon. Yes, that's what happened to me. Pokémon. One of the least likely things I have ever thought to happen to me. I've inserted myself into different games, such as fantasy games and action games; games where you have to kill to survive. I have never once thought of inserting myself into a Pokémon game, or even the anime. Because, let's face it: The anime is child-like and kid-friendly. Whenever I see people writing stories about Pokémon, I always think to myself, "How the hell can they write something about Pokémon?" That is, at least, until I found out about the manga.

When I say that I take Pokémon much more seriously than the kid-friendly Pokémon most people know about, I'm talking about the manga. I fell in love with it ever since I first came across it. I read it, and couldn't stop reading it. And the person who I was talking about earlier, the "fictional character" that I fell in love with, yeah. He's in it. He's Red. Obviously I had to fall in love with the main character. Although, there are multiple main characters… but obviously I had to fall in love with the first one. I love him even more than the person who actually exists. My mind doesn't believe that Red could ever be real or ever exist, so that's my explanation as to why I still have feelings for this guy while still loving Red. My heart loves Red, my mind loves the guy from school.

Now… back to what "happened." I was, like I said, just walking, like I normally do, when I turned around to see if any cars were coming. There weren't any. So, I was about to turn back to face forward when I bumped into something and fell over. The thing I bumped into fell over as well. I guess I really have to say the "person" I bumped into, rather than the "thing" I bumped into, because in reality, it was a person, not a thing.

At first, the only intelligent thing I could come out with was a long "Owwwwwwwww…" because I was caught completely unaware and didn't think that this kind of thing was even possible. I always thought of it happening, but I never thought that it was actually possible.

After a little while I recovered, and when I was form words after the shock, I spoke.

"Are you alright?" I know I'm alright, but I have no idea if this guy's alright. It's only natural that I ask.

"…" Was the only response I got. No words, not even a sound.

We both got up after the short exchange, and now I can actually see the person. Before, it was just a shadow, but now I can see that it's a he.

The person… I have the strangest feeling that I know him from somewhere. It's like… a weird connection. I have no idea why I feel like I've met this person before, but… I just do. He's a boy, obviously, who doesn't look much older than myself. He has short, jet black hair, the likes of which is actually uncommon in these parts. Where I live, most people have brown or blonde hair; few have black. His clothes were much more normal, although the vest… I've actually never seen anyone wear a vest before, outside of suits and tuxes. Underneath said vest is a black shirt, and under that are normal jeans.

"I'll ask again: Are you alright?" No immediate response, but eventually he speaks.

"So… you can actually see me? Hm… I actually never believed her story; seemed to far-fetched. But, if you can see me, then that means she must've been telling the truth." The guy says.

"Of course I'm able to see you! Why wouldn't I?" I ask, confused.

"If I were to tell you, you probably wouldn't believe it. Hell, I didn't even believe it until I bumped into you. Although, what's believable nowadays?"

"Could you just tell me what's going on? I'll be the one who decides whether something or not is believable." He merely laughs. I don't like it when people beat around the bush.

"Fine, fine, I'll tell you everything. She wants me to, anyways, so it's not like I have a choice. You probably won't believe me, like I said, but who knows? First off: Do you know who I am? I know you must have an idea in your head."

I've been asking myself the same question… he looks familiar, but us being shrouded in darkness doesn't really help me that much. I can see the basic outlines of everything, including the colors, but not really many features of his face…

"You seem familiar, but I can't really put a name to you…" I say.

"Let me help you out. Does the term 'Pokémon' mean anything to you?"

And then it hit me. Well, it probably would've hit me when I first bumped into him if we were in broad daylight, but still. It hit me. He looked exactly like him, really. Although, the attitude… is completely different from what he's portrayed to be. He's definitely not this rude. Or, I hope he isn't…

"You're… Red, aren't you?" I ask. He nods his head.

"Good. You know who I am. That's another thing it looks like she was telling the truth about. It makes this entire thing easier. But, I do have one question… Why aren't you surprised? Shouldn't you be fainting by now?" Good question. I should be fainting by now, because this is something that my brain has always thought to be impossible. I guess the reason I'm not is because I've been preparing myself basically my entire life for something like this, with all of my imaginations and thoughts of me being the hero, or me being sucked into some different world or alternate dimension.

"I should be… but I think the shock will hit me later on." I respond.

"Alright. What's your name?"

"Philippe." I answer.

"Alright, Philippe. Now, even though you're not fainting, you must think that I'm not real and that I'm just a figment of your imagination, correct?"

He's sort of right… even though I'm pretty sure that this is all happening, the logical part of myself, my brain, is telling me that there's no way that this could be happening, and that I'm just imagining all of this or that I'm sleeping. But… my heart tells me that it's real, and that he's really here. That the person I love is really here. Although… is he really the person I love? He's acting nothing like the person I know Red to be. But, then again, he could really be different, and the Red portrayed in the manga could be a wrong depiction of him.

"Sort of… My brain's telling me that you're not real and that there's no way that you couldbe real… but my heart's telling me that you're real, and that you're actually here. The only explanations that my brain's giving me that are possible are that I'm either hallucinating, or I'm dreaming, and both seem farfetched to me."

"Again, you're correct. All of this is real. Now, do you have any questions before I continue?" I have one…

"just one… where's everyone else?" I know that everyone should be with him; Green, Blue, Gold, Crystal, Ruby, Diamond, Platinum, Black, White… everyone. I know that everyone should be with him, so… why aren't they?

As soon as I ask the question, I can feel the air immediately drop a few degrees.

"I knew you'd ask about them. You see, they're actually the reason I came here. They can't be here right now. There was… an accident. Something happened to them, and they can't be here. I can't tell you exactly what the accident was, because I can't seem to remember it myself. Maybe it's my brain blocking it from my memory? I don't know. All I know is that she told me to come here and find you, and that it'd help me and them." He explains.

"If you can remember that something happened, why can't you remember exactly what happened? Could it be selective blocking?"

My only thoughts as to what could've possibly happened are that it had to have had something to do with him; he's always with them, or at least, most of the times is with them, so it probably occurred with him. Why's he the only one who's here, though?

"Yeah, it could be selective blocking. You see, even though I can't remember what happened, I do know one thing about it, because it's the thing that she told me. She said that I was the one who caused the accident, and that it really… wasn't an accident. I did it on purpose. I can't remember what, and if I could, I'd probably regret it, so I'm thankful in that way that I can't remember." I'm shocked to hear that he was the one who did it… what could he have possibly done?

"Aren't they your best friends? Why would you do something if you're that close to them?" I ask.

"I don't know! I already told you that I just know that I did something; I can't remember what it was that I did, or why I did it. I just know that something happened, and I was the cause of it."

"Alright… I'd like to change topics," He nods, "Who's this 'she' that you've been referring to all this time?"

"Oh… her. 'She' is my savior. Well, at least if what she's told me is true. She told me that I was on track towards my self-destruction, and that's what caused the accident to occur. She told me that I had continued, I would've eventually destroyed myself, just like I had destroyed those who I cared about."

"How exactly did she save you?" I'm more curious now as to who exactly "she" is…

"Well, she hasn't technically saved me yet. She's only given me a way to save myself. She told me that the only way to save myself is to start over, and that you are the key. You're the key to saving myself, Philippe. She didn't tell me why. She just told me that you are. It may seem cliché, but you're the only one. I don't know any more than that, so don't ask. She told me that I had to find the one person on this planet who could communicate with me. I was starting to think that I'd never find that person, but then I bumped into you." He explains.

Yeah… my life is becoming even more cliché than ever, now. I used to think of myself being the hero, and the only one who's able to save everyone. Now, I actually am the hero… well, not yet, but I have the chance to be, and I'm the only person who can save Red. I don't know how… but I know that I'll try my best. Because I love him. If the path he was on is the reason he's like this… then I'll do my best to make sure he doesn't end up like this.

My only remaining question is… why me? Why am I the only one who can save him? Why can't it be anyone else? Not that I'm complaining, but… why?

"Yes, well, even if I am the only one who can save you, I still have another question: Why me?" I ask. Red sighs.

"I've already told you, I don't know. All she told me was that I need to find you and bring you back with me to my childhood. I need to go back in time, bring you with me, and have you start from scratch, where it all started to go wrong. Back when I was eleven and started my journey. She told me that everything else would fall in place from there, and that this me would start to fade away the more you worked and the closer you got to freeing me from this destiny." You mean… the Red I'm talking to now would disappear forever? Well… if he's willing to do that… then I guess I have no choice but to help him. I just need to be sure…

"Are you sure? You'd be giving up this life for a life you know nothing about! You don't know what could happen; it could end up being even worse than your current life!"

"You're wrong. Nothing could be worse than the life I'm currently living. I don't know anything about the life I'm living, anyways! All I know is that I did something I regret, and that I probably would kill myself because of it, it was that bad. If I don't do anything, then nothing will change, and I'll probably eventually remember it and that'll happen." Kill… himself?

"I guess you're right…"

"Alright. Now that everything's out of the way and you know what's needed to be done.. sort of, are you ready to get started?"

"Get started? What do you mean, 'get started?'" I ask.

"Well, we do have to go to Kanto, right? I mean, that's where my journey and all of this started, isn't it?" I… had forgotten.

I had forgotten that Red comes from a different planet, a different universe entirely, and that… I'd have to be teleported, somehow, to that world, and that I'd be leaving Earth entirely. Not that I'd miss it… at least, not at first.

"So, how about it? Just take my hand, and we'll be on our way. I don't know how… she just said that once we made contact, after the initial bump, she'd teleport us there."

"Alright… let's do this."

I take his hand in mine, and true to his word, I immediately lose consciousness, the sensation of falling being the last thing I feel.