Title: Keeping Aya-Chan

Authors: Sybil Rowan with WingedPanther73

Pairing(s)/Characters: Crawford x Aya-Chan, Schuldig x Sakura, Nagi x Tot, Farfarello x Sally

Rating: M

Summary: This is an idea we had for Schwarz kidnapping several of the "girls" from the episode. We're writing this in parallel, with me writing the guys, and WingedPanther73 writing the girls. Don't ask why, but we both felt that was the natural way to write it.

Warnings: strong language, psychological/physical torture, probably more. (My bunny wants to go dark, I'm more of a comedy writer, so we'll see how this goes) I strongly urge you to also read the flip side story, Kept Aya-chan, by WingedPanther73.

Disclaimer: Weiss Kreuz, its names and characters belong to Koyasu Takehito, Project Weiss, Marine Entertainment and Animate Film.

Beta Reader: WingedPanther73 with Sybil Rowan

Date: May 5, 2012, 9:00pm

Chapter 1

Crawford smiled when he saw the last Eszett member draw their last breath. His goal's ultimate conclusion was drawing to a pleasing end. He heard a sudden cackle burst forth from Farfarello along with a distant thunder clap. "Get rid of them," Crawford order the two door guards. They complied instantly.

"Only a matter of minutes," Schuldig said, hoisting the sobbing Sakura to her feet by the hair of her head. "Time we go greet the One."

"Yes. Let's," Crawford agreed. As they walked down the hallway to the sacrificial chamber, he had a premonition. That girl Schreient was still alive and about to confront Schwarz for the destruction of Schreient. She'd be alone and full of spite. He smirked at her tenacity and and Nagi's truly astounding talents. Yes, it would benefit Schwarz if the girl was forced to join them. Nagi would be more loyal if given a plaything.

On cue, she came crashing through one of the skylights with a howl of rage and a rather large gun. Her hands didn't tremble as she panted. Millions of small cuts covered the girl, her eyes fierce. "Tot will kill you!"

"You don't say," Crawford said in open mocking. "Put the gun down, Tot, before I have Farfarello spank you again."

"You killed Daddy and Tot's sisters! Tot will make you pay!" Crawford heard Sakura whimper somewhere behind him.

"Nagi, since this is your doing, you fix it," Crawford said, glancing at the youngest Schwarz.

He lowered his head and shook it, as Crawford knew he would, and then addressed Tot with another plea to put down the gun. Tears streamed down Tot's face. The gun wavered and then flew from her hand into Nagi's.

Crawford felt as though he should reward Nagi. He said, "Bring her."

Farfarello was the one who grabbed Tot. She struggled in vain against the Irish madman, screaming for Nagi to help her. And then cursing Nagi. Thankfully, that drowned out Sakura's weeping.

They finally arrived to the dais where Aya lay, being watched after by followers on bent knees. Crawford held up his right hand and announced, "The time of Eszett is over! Long live Schwarz! Long live chaos!"

"All hail Schwarz," the crowd chanted.

"Time to resurrect the One," Crawford announced. In the large, overhead window the moon turned from a pinkish color into a dark angry red. More distant thunder. Crawford glanced over his shoulder to see Sakura was now in Schuldig's arms, unconscious. Tot was staring, wide-eyed, at Aya. He looked back over at Aya. His heart fluttered seeing the girl's fingers twitch. Her hand drifted upwards towards her face. Her eyes fluttered open and then she murmured, "Ran."

Schuldig glanced up from the girl draped over his arms, upward. The moon was no longer the dark, blood red that Crawford had talked about. The humidity in the storms seem to be abating, too.

A buzzing in his head caught his attention; he looked over at the girl on the stone slab as she feebly attempted to sit up. Surely the transfer had worked. Why, then, did he sense confusion from Crawford? That certainly wasn't like the American clairvoyant.

The girl murmured, "Rock?" Schuldig flashed a smile when he watched Crawford help the girl sit upright. Crawford then became focused on the task at hand. She asked, "Where am I?"

"You're in the chamber of resurrection, my lord," Crawford announced.

"Did I die? I remember squealing tires. How would I be resurrected?"

At this, Schuldig could feel Crawford's confusion heighten. And then Brad thought clearly for Schuldig to read, :Is this the One or the girl?:

Schuldig stretched his mind forward and only could glean the memories of gold fish, earrings given by a brother, and a first kiss from a classmate. :It's the girl, Brad.:

Schuldig suppressed a gasp as he felt his mind shoved from the girl's with a powerful push. :What the fuck? Did she...? She did!:, Schuldig though in amazement towards Crawford.

:What happened?: Crawford snapped mentally.

:She expelled me from her mind as if she were a Talent. How did she...?:

:No matter! She is a Talent. One very narrow one. We still need her. We'll figure it out as we study her and use her to create the chaos we crave.:

Schuldig looked over when the girl asked, "This does seem like a good place to to resurrect someone. How long have I been dead?"

"You misunderstand. You have merely been asleep. You were in an accident, and have been in a coma for these past two years." At Crawford's explanation, she looked around the room of kneeling drones in confusion.

"So you 'resurrected' me from a coma? But this doesn't seem like a hospital. Where are the doctors? The nurses? Where's Ran?"

Schuldig shuddered with Tot's annoying, high pitched screeching, "Your brother was very bad! Tot had to punish him, but these people killed Tot's Daddy, and now they'll kill us all!" Thankfully, Farfarello clamped a hand over her big, fresh mouth.

Schuldig glanced back at the girl. She seemed to be getting her strength back. He couldn't read her anymore, but had to judge her body language. She was becoming more and more uneasy with her surroundings. It was when her eyes flickered towards Farfarello she panicked. Before she could bolt, Crawford caught her wrist and dragged her off the alter.

"Tot has quite the imagination. We're not going to kill you, and your fears of imminent death are unfounded. We will, however, be keeping a close eye on the three of you until the situation becomes more clear."

Crawford yanked her to her feet and lead them all out of the cavern. They tossed the girls in one cold, dank cell. Hopefully, it would scare the girls into bending to Schwarz's whims.

"Well, well, the young ladies are getting to know each other," Schuldig said, with that Cheshire smirk.

"Oh? I thought you said Aya could drive you out of her head," Crawford said, pacing aimlessly around the throne room of their usurped headquarters. Nagi watched Schuldig drape across an ornate chair and fixed him with a warmer smile. "Your little girlfriend is coming in quite useful for eavesdropping."

Nagi didn't take the bait. Crawford slammed his palm on a side table, rattling the vase of violet flowers. "What is it with Aya Fujimiya? She should no longer exist, except as a vessel for the One. What went wrong? Why didn't I see..."

"She just some Mundane girl, Brad." Then Schuldig looked at Nagi, gloating, and said, "Just like Tot."

Nagi felt a stab. He knew where his first loyalties should lay, but he couldn't shake the guilt from the hurt in Tot's eyes. He had betrayed her trust, and now Schuldig was toying with him, trying to get him flustered.

"Stop!" Crawford ordered Schuldig. "You go get the books from Eszett's room. Everything. I want to know what we missed and how we are to unlock any potential within Aya. There must be something under the surface besides simple healing."

"Sure thing, Brad," Schuldig said, hopping off the throne. He gave Nagi one parting shot. "You know, you helped make her into more my type of girl. Endless regeneration with a penchant for self abuse..."

"What?" Nagi demanded, but like lightning, Schuldig disappeared.

To be continued.