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Summary: Requested by The Brazilian Spider-Man… A different tale of how the Fangface gang met… only as kids. It'll be similar to my story "The First Mystery", almost.

And you all know I don't own Fangface, so lets just get on with the story, alright?


Kim's POV

At my last school, I fit in with a lot of the kids, and had a ton of friends. When my dad got a promotion that involved us having to move to a new town, I was a bit nervous. I was happy for my dad, he had worked hard at his job to earn it… but I felt anything besides happy for myself. Moving meant I had to say goodbye to my friends, go to a different school, and live in a different home…

And I had no idea how our new neighbors would react to us.

You see, my parents are an interracial couple. My father is black and my mother was white, and even though everyone in our town didn't mind at all, I knew some people did. My parents had told me about racism in society and how to deal with it, and assured that not everyone cares about the color of one's skin, that God created us all equally and I had nothing to worry about after we'd move.

Today was my first day at my new school, and I was drop-dead nervous, but it wasn't just because I was the new kid and didn't know a single kid… but it was also my first year of Junior High, and it was a lousy way to start. A few kids gave me looks as I passed by, others took glances but when on their way… and one kid kept staring at me.

I finally made it to my first class, math. A couple redheaded girls were whispering behind me. "Is she new?" one of them, who wore a blue headband, whispered.

"Duh, we would have noticed her earlier if she wasn't…" the other replied.

I sank down in my seat a little, looking around the classroom. "Hey," a voice whispered, and I looked over, seeing another girl… who had dark skin! "What's your name, new kid?"

"Kim," I answered. "What's yours?"

"Valerie. You new in town?"

"Yeah, how about you?"

"Nah, I've lived here for my whole life. My older sister, Dee Dee, is in high school. You seemed pretty nervous when you came in,"

I gave a relieved chuckle. "I was just worried I'd stand out,"

"In Coolsville? You have nothing to worry about, girl. …Though, you may want to watch yourself around Misty." she pointed over at a girl with long blonde hair, wearing all-pink. "She comes from the upper-class part of town, and ain't too nice around others,"

I looked over at Misty, who gave me a look and a sneer, then turned away. I turned away from her… seeing that that same kid from the hallway was staring at me again. Catching my eye, he quickly turned away, letting out a gasp.

The teacher came in just then and class began. Throughout the lesson I tried to concentrate, but that other kid kept sneaking glances at me.


Biff's POV

My older brother, Mark, was a year ahead of me in Junior High, and told me that the first year was nothing to worry about. I wasn't nervous… I just knew I was going to miss recess. The only thing that didn't change was how the girls always smiled at me, along with a few other hansom guys in our class, and always wanted to hang out with me. I never really found myself to be a ladies' man, to tell the truth, especially since girls always judged by looks first… At least, that's how it always seemed to be on television. I never really paid them that much attention, trying to get them to understand that I'd like to have a girl friend, but not a girlfriend.

Of course, once I entered my first year of Junior High, that feeling changed… right after I saw the new girl. She had lightly-dark skin, wore a purple T-shirt with burgundy shorts, and her hair was tied up in a high ponytail. She gave me a glance as she walked by, but hurried on.

"Hey, Biff, did you see the new girl?" one of my friends, Alan, asked.

"Huh? Oh, yeah." I answered, snapping back to reality.

"Quite a looker, isn't she?" Freddy said, walking up… then paused, looking at Alan. "Al! Are you serious?"

"What?" Alan asked, confused.

"You copied my style again!" Freddy pointed at a red ascot around Alan's neck, then pointed at an orange one around his neck. "I thought we agreed to NOT try to look alike?"

"Hey, I'm sorry! Ascots are all the rage… and I thought it would catch Josie's attention,"

"I can't believe it… First day of Middle School, and we walk in looking like twins…"

"Oh, calm down, Fred. It's not like it'll go on forever…"

I shook my head and walked on, entering my math class… where the new girl was sitting. She was talking with Valerie, and I noticed Misty gave her a glare. It wouldn't surprise me- Misty always felt she was above all… and it disturbed me how she had a crush on me- at least that's what my cousin, Larry, had told me back in fifth grade. Maybe she grew out of it…

A wink from her in my direction was enough to prove otherwise, but I was too busy looking at the new girl to notice it much… though I did see her give the new girl a glare then turn away, and I had a feeling it wasn't going to end-

Oh, crap! She caught me staring!

I quickly turned away, blushing a bit and hoping she didn't notice. The teacher came in and welcomed us, then started our first lesson. As the class went on, I kept looking at the new girl… and I had no idea how to stop.

Then the bell rang. I walked into the hallway, the new girl walking beside me. Say something, you dope. I told myself… but nothing came to mind. When I turned to say hi, she had already gone to a different classroom. I sighed and walked on to my English class…

Where I saw that the teacher was absent, and that bully, Luther, was causing trouble.

Luther was a brutal kid, some say he even started to shave at age five… all I know is that he liked to pick on other kids. He'd pick fights with the guys and would insult girls until they cried, and was known to steal whatever out of anything that didn't have a secure lock on it. Right now he was messing with a kid in a red jacket and torn jeans.

"Teacher's coming!" one of Luther's stooges called, and the bully dropped the kid and went to his seat in the back of the room, where he'd have a good shot at shooting spit-balls to the back of someone's head.

I sat down next to the kid he was teasing. "Hey, are you alright?" I whispered.

The kid said nothing.

I shrugged and turned away. I knew that kid well enough to know that he never talked to many people, and he always hung out on his own. I tried to hang out with him, trying to be a friend, but he only told me to leave him alone, not wanting to hang out with anyone, so I finally laid off… though I still try once in a while.

After all, Puggsy can't go at it alone forever… especially in Middle School.


Puggsy's POV

Back in third grade, everyone started choosing sides. The popular girls hung out with the other popular girls; the pretty-boys hung out with the other pretty-boys; the nerds hung out with the nerds; the snobs and bullies hung out with their own species… and I was the odd-one out. Hey, I HAD friends. Tall, lanky guys who hardly showed any backbone and always hid behind me for protection… but I guess they figured I'd turn out to be a jerk too and started to avoid me.

That, or they heard about how I decked a kid at recess and didn't want to get clobberized next (in my defense, though, he started it).

I was always a loner, anyway. I live in the lower-class side of the neighborhood, my parents working two jobs and only having Sundays off, coming home late in the evenings on weekdays. My dad's a cop and my mom works at a kick-boxing gym as an instructor for women's self-defense- not many people take her career seriously, but she keeps saying it'll catch on.

So I always have the house to myself while they both work, and not many people come over, namely because I live almost on the edge of town, near the country. The only house that's farther than mine is Lane 1224, an old cottage close to the countryside, close to the wildlife… I know this because Shaggy has the house on his newspaper route, and claimed he heard a few coyotes howling nearby. (To this day, the kid chucks the paper from ten feet and scrammifies like his life depends on it).

Back to the original subject. As soon as Middle School began, I was on my own completely, while everyone else had their own peers to hang out with. I didn't let it get to me though… I just wish that Biff kid would stop inviting me over to his house, like what he had been trying to do all last year. Don't get me wrong, I know he was trying to be nice, but I highly doubt the other pretty-boys wanted to hang out with a guy they'd be afraid would give them a nose-bleed.

The only guy they feared more than my bad attitude was Luther… and just my luck I had him in my second class, English. He decided to start the year off by grabbing me by the shirt collar and hoisting me up in the air. "Got any lunch money to hand over?" he asked. "I'm a little short, and I'd hate to beg."

"Got any breath-mints?" I retorted. "It's making the paint peel off the wall, and the custodian would hate to have to redecorate."

He raised his fist, ready to pound me. "Teacher's coming!" one of his stooges cried, and he dropped me and went to his seat, sitting there acting like an innocent choir boy.

I climbed in my seat, brushing myself off. "Are you alright?" Biff whispered to me, probably one of his attempts to get me to join in on a conversation.

Like always, I ignored him. The teacher started the class, acting all cheerful and welcoming us… and I just stared at the clock, wondering when this day was going to end.


Sherman's POV

I was on my hands and knees, pleading like I've never pleaded before. "Please, Mom? Can I PLEASE go to school this year? Please?" I begged.

"Not this year, Sherman." she replied, and I groaned.

Ever since I was in kindergarten, I had been begging to go to school. I had been home-schooled my whole life, and it wasn't much since I wasn't allowed to have any kids over and my mom had to work at the grocery store and my dad was a lawyer and was always gone most of the day and all my other relatives lived in another town and we lived clear out in the country and I wasn't allowed to leave the yard. I wanted to go to school, despite how many shows I watched where kids complained how boring it was and how they wished they didn't have to go- I never went, so I didn't know much about it, only that you had to do homework and how the teachers would give you detention if you caused trouble and how there were bullies most of the time. …I still wanted to go.

Hey, if you had been locked up in a house for 13 years and weren't allowed to go anywhere without one of your parents taking you, you'd fell the same way. I didn't have any friends to invite over, I had watched every TV show on every channel, read every book in the house… I got so bored, I even started to collect dirt! (which, actually, isn't as boring as you'd think).

I guess my parents don't want me going to school is because I have this 'problem'. I black out a lot and often come to in a different place with no idea how I got there. I'm sure the school would have some sort of counseling for that, right? It's not like I'd be the only kid who had a problem like that, is it? If Mom and Dad are so worried about it, why don't they just take me to a doctor and get me a prescription for some medicine to take to prevent it? How come, huh? Huh?

Maybe my mom just has empty-nest syndrome, since I'm her only child. I had tried asking for a baby brother or sister, but she said it was a complicated process and wouldn't tell me about it until I was older.

"What if I went to school for just a month, just too see what it was like?" I suggested, crawling on my knees as I followed my mom to the front door. "Or a week? Maybe even a day? Two hours? How about five minutes?"

"Sherman, I said 'no', and that's my final answer." My mom replied, sternly. "We'll talk about it after I get off work. Right now, I'm running late. There's food in the fridge, and call me if you need anything, got it?"

I sighed. "Yes…"

"And remember-"

"Don't go anywhere on your own," we said together.

"I know," I sighed.

She stroked my face. "Oh, sweetheart, don't worry… We'll let you go one of these days," she gave me a peck on the forehead and left the house.

I sighed once more. That was what she said LAST year.

I walked into the living room and turned on the TV, watching an episode of The Brady Bunch that I had already seen a hundred times before, being stuck in the same routine once again.


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