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This story assumes you at least know the plot of the Gurhal-based Phantasy Star games and unmarked spoilers are within. Read at your own risk.

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Early Years

My father and I, never really got along well. From an early age, he was constantly working at the expense of not seeing us. I don't have many memories of my childhood with him in it. I despised him. So many moments in which we all could have shared as a family, he missed. I stopped getting my hopes up of him coming home when I was seven. My mother, bless her. She tried to make me think differently.

In an attempt to, she turned me to piano.

Even though I was lacking social aspects, I was still a bit boyish at heart. Since my father was never around, I took the responsibility to do most of the male roles in the house. The idea of piano came from the aspect that my mother wanted me to learn something "lady-like". We thought through all aspects. Baking was a no from the start.

Don't get me wrong, I can cook. Food to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But I can not make pastries or sweets to save my life. Some might consider that a weapon in itself.

Considering that, we decided on arts. I can't do visual arts that well. So I turned to the performing arts. My timidness ruled out drama. So music was the only other choice. I had decided to try and learn piano. Piano music always seemed to calm my nerves.

It seemed right to learn it.

The early years of my academic life, was interesting. To say the least. Everyone was intrigued with the Human with vivid blue eyes and hair. With intrigue, came ridicule. It became easy with my timid nature for it to continue.

But I never told my mother. No, she remained hopeful that my father would be home to complete the family she wanted. I didn't want to worry her over this. It would be hard to explain that in some fact, it was Father's fault for the way I am. He wasn't there to help keep her strong. I have to take that responsibility.

Looking back on it now, I was stupid. Socially awkward or not, I should have punched a few people.

I never had many friends. I was deemed as "that quiet weird kid" when I was in school. I was alright with that too. I never really had much time for friends when I was younger. Helping Mother around the house and practicing piano.

Don't misunderstand. I never had many friends. Not any.

Kiri Hikari and I were in the same class together in sixth grade. She was one of the few who really liked who I was. In a way, I admired her. She wasn't popular, no. But she had that personality that brings everyone together. It was also her who suggested I grow my hair. When I was younger, I insisted my hair be kept short. When it had gotten long, kids started pulling on it.

"You don't look mean when you keep it long."

Did I really look mean?

I thought about that for a while.

Sure, I wasn't the easiest to be around, but I didn't think I was mean-looking.
I mean, I was only 13.

My mother was ecstatic when she found out Kiri and I became friends. I have to give my mother credit. She was a lot more perceptive than I thought. But then again, she is a mom. When talking about it a few years later, she said she had a feeling she knew what was going on. But she was never worried.

"Because I have faith that you would work things out on your own. You may not like to hear it, but you have your father's determination."

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