Warning:: Slightly OOC Dean…

Sleep did come easy that night. And when it did, dreams were odd and confusing.

"This can't be real...This is a dream right?"

"Just because it's a dream doesn't make it any less real Dean." The voice belonged to a petite blonde with green eyes wearing a smurfs night shirt and a pair of boy shorts.


"Hi Dean."

She was sitting on the edge of the bed she'd shared with Sam at Stanford looking at him with a sympathetic expression that had him feeling like an ass.

"I'd say you should feel that way, but you didn't know."

"What are you-"

"I think you know what I'm talking about Dean."

Yeah, he knew. But why was he having this conversation with his brother's dead girlfriend?

"Because I'm an outside observer and you need perspective."

Okay, how did she keep-

"I'm in your head Dean. This is a dream, I know your thoughts. That's how."

Well then...

"Dean, it was always you."

He sank to the chair in the corner of their room and frowned, "What do you mean?"

"Dean, look at me. Blonde hair, green eyes." His own emerald orbs swept over her and the frown on his lips deepened. "I'm the spitting image of a female you." He looked her in the eyes now, "It was always you."

Dean sighed and leaned forward, elbows resting on his knees and face in his hands.

"Now, do you want the rest of it all? Do you want to hear everything that's been hidden under everything?"

He was a bit lost now.

"You never knew that all you had to do was ask. You forever thought that you couldn't have what you really wanted and then along came innocent Castiel and your affections changed to him. Because he was safe. Because he was better than pining after the brother that you thought was straighter than you were."

Could she blame him? Sam'd been set on marrying Jessica for Christ's sake!

"Be that as it may, you never asked. And when everything was said and done and the two of you settle down and put up the hunting mantle he's ready to tell you. Ready to tell you everything that he loves you in ways a brother shouldn't. He's ready to do just that but he walks into the last motel you two ever stay in and there you are. Having your brains fucked out by your beloved Angel."

That last line sounded wrong coming from Jessica's mouth...

"Poor Loving Sammy. Just had his heart ripped out and you didn't even know you'd done it."

Dean didn't know he'd been crying until Jessica's hand touched his cheek to wipe away tears as they streamed down his face.

Dean found himself moments later on his knees with his face buried in Jessica's shoulder her arms holding him as he cried.

It was several minutes later before Dean could pull himself together long enough to form sentences. "And that's why he's with Gabriel?"

"Yes. They help each other through this. Gabriel knows exactly how Sam feels."

Dean's eyes turned down. "I'd be too late then."

"What makes you think that Dean? Sam still loves you. He told you so himself. He's not in love with Gabriel. Yes he loves the arch angel, but it's not the same."

Jessica made Dean look her in the eyes, "It's never too late. You just need to make sure you're ready for that."