Chapter 3 Shugo Chara, Vongola, Singing, and X-eggs to X-Chara!

~~Sora's POV~~

I yawned happy. I tied my hair into two small braids before walking to the balcony. I leaned against the railing and I closed my eyes content. The breeze felt so nice right now. I closed my eyes and I heard something "Huh..." I opened my eyes to see Amu in front of me. I yelped falling backwards onto the ground "Ow...Amu! What are you doing? Do you want to get caught?" I hissed pulling him onto my balcony "Sorry, sorry, it's just I wanted to talk." He said scratching the back of his head awkwardly.

I crossed my arms with a frown "What did you want to talk about?" I asked "I say we just make him wait until morning." Skye said floating above me 'SKY!' I screamed mentally. I watched him fall over into the tree and I smiled at Amu "So, what is it?" I asked again "...Aren't you confused? I mean, about everything that happened today." Amu said "A little. I'm actually a bit scared of the sudden change." I said leaning against the wall "Hey, Sora..." Amu said.

I looked at him tilting my head to the side "What's up?" I asked "Do you normally wear that to sleep?" Amu asked pointing at my bunny pajamas "These were a gift! I'm embarrassed enough having you see me like this!" I shouted tossing my slipper at his face. I walked out the room heading downstairs. I walked back into my room carrying two bottles of milk. I handed one to Amu "Here, take it." I said holding it out to him.

Amu looked at me then he took the bottle "Thanks." He said opening it. "...I'm scared..." I said sipping my milk "What?" Amu asked looking at me "I'm scared of what's to come." I said "Huh?" Amu asked confused "Something bad will happen, I don't know when but it'll affect us greatly. We'll feel sadness, regret, and...anger..." I said. I started chugging my milk "That won't help your breasts grow." Ikuto said coming out of nowhere.

I took a spit take and Ikuto got out of the way before it hit him. I coughed and I held a fist at Ikuto "Damn it! Where the hell did you come from?" I asked "You got milk dripping down your chin." Amu said wiping it away "Huh? Ah, aren't you surprised, Amu? He just suddenly appeared out of nowhere!" I shouted pointing at the teen "He said he wanted to apologize and he came to my house. I brought him here." Amu said shrugging his shoulders.

I put the bottle down calmly "And he is here, why?" I asked crossing my arms "Here, take it." Ikuto said holding out a plastic bag. I took it and I peeked inside "Snacks? Why, Ikuto...Huh?" I asked confused "This is for you. 'To repay the debt,' he says." Yoru, Ikuto's Shugo Chara, said popping out from behind him "He felt guilty for making you cry, isn't that nice?" Amu asked smiling. I elbowed Amu and I looked at Ikuto as he looked away seemingly bored "...These snacks and the tarts aren't the same." I said "Really, they're basically all the same." Ikuto said "They're different, these are snacks while a tart can be considered dessert." I said puffing out my cheeks "Sora, you look like a marshmallow." Skye said laughing.

There was a knock at my door and I grabbed the curtains pushing over the glass hiding the two boys "Y-Yes?" I asked giving the bag to Amu before heading back in. Dad opened the door and he smiled at me "Sora, do you have a minute?" he asked walking in "Yeah, what is it?" I asked "I want to talk to you about something." Dad said sitting down on my bed "Something? Does it have to do with Vongola or something?" I asked curious "Sora...You knew?" Dad asked a bit surprised "Well sometimes I see the word a lot on your papers, I don't know what is exactly but you're a CEO or something, right?" I asked.

Dad laughed nervously "No, no, nothing like that." He said " that?" I asked confused "Sora, you met Hikaru, right?" Dad asked "Yeah." I said nodding my head "Well, what do you think she does for a living?" Dad asked smiling "Uh...I don't know." I said poking my chin "Sora, do you know what the word mafia means?" Dad asked still smiling "Mafia...eto...They're an underground crime organization mostly stationed in deal with stuff like weapons and drugs...and something about pro-pros-something." I replied "Sora, the last word, you're not allowed to know until you're in high school." Dad said smiling scarily.

I nodded my head quickly 'Scary!' I thought "Damn, didn't think he could be that scary." Skye said behind me "Now, what I'm going to tell you is a very important secret." Dad said standing up "Secret, what kind?" I asked taking a glance at the closed curtain "Vongola isn't a company in fact it's a mafia famiglia. Now it's not a bad one, I assure you. It's actually quite good." Dad said walking towards the curtain. I covered my ears ready to hear him yell at me when he slid it open and Ikuto stood there calmly with no Amu in sight "Amu went home. I think he's scared of your dad when he's angry." Skye said calmly 'Thank god for that.' I thought.

Dad only smiled at me "Your friend can know, it's fine, but...who are you, young man?" Dad asked. I could practically see the electricity between the two "D-Daddy, I-Ikuto-san is my friend. He helped me out a few times, you're not angry are you?" I asked wide eyed "Not at all, he actually reminds me of Gokudera." Dad said laughing "So...why are you still releasing a scary aura?" I asked nervously. Dad only patted my head and he offered to let Ikuto inside. I was dragged down stairs and I grabbed Ikuto's arm before he could get away, I'm not getting lectured alone.

I sat down next to Ikuto at the dining room table and I laughed nervously as Mom smiled at me. Dad and Ikuto were still in a staring contest and I hit Ikuto's leg with my foot getting his attention "Knock it off!" I hissed "Sora, I don't mind having friends over...but please don't let them come by so late." Mom said smiling "Mom...he only came by to apologize..." I said "Eh, so you made my daughter cry?" Dad asked his eyes narrowing a bit "Tsu-kun, stop it. You can't say you weren't like that in high school. You broke quite a few girls' hearts." Mom said giggling "I'm with mom on this!" I exclaimed.

Ikuto chuckled and I looked away with pink tinted cheeks "So, Ikuto-kun, is it?" Mom asked smiling "Yeah?" Ikuto asked calmly "What's your relationship with my daughter?" Mom asked "Enemies, probably." Ikuto said shrugging his shoulders "Don't tell her that, you idiot!" I hissed pulling his ear "Enemies? But why would...are you also part of the mafia?" Mom asked "He's not!" I shouted "She might have something we want." Ikuto said pulling my hand off his hear "Something you might want?" Dad asked "...Daddy, do you believe in something you can't see?" I asked "Happens with Hikaru all the time. If it's something like that you don't have to explain, let Hikaru deal with it. I might not like it but she could probably see a lot more than I could." Dad said shaking his head.

I blinked "Then...she wonder I felt something off about her." I said understanding it a bit "Now then, Ikuto-kun, I hope you can watch over my daughter from now on. She's a bit of a problematic child so she'll be a handful, also feel free to come over whenever you like." Mom said smiling "Sora, your family is odd." Ikuto said looking at me "Just be glad I'm not as scary as my dad." I said back "Ikuto-kun, I was wondering, if you'd be able to do something for me." Dad said smiling "Uh-oh..." I said seeing where this was going.

~~Next day~~

"I hate you, I really hate you." I said next to Ikuto as we walked "Not my fault." He said his hands in his pockets "I can't believe you accepted it so easily. The mafia isn't all fun and games, I didn't even know until now. Damn it!" I shouted ruffling my hair "Calm down." Ikuto said "...Ikuto, you have a wish, don't you? I wanted to ask yesterday but you already went home." I said looking up at him. He glanced at me, he stopped walking, and I did the same. I tilted my head up "Do you really want to know?" he asked "Yeah..." I said nodding my head.

He gave me a small smile, or was it a smirk "Then, lend me your ear." Ikuto said leaning down "Huh, what for?" I asked a bit red "Just do it." Ikuto said placing a hand on my shoulder. I turned my head and I felt his breath on my ear 'This is so embarrassing.' I thought shutting my eyes "What! What the hell are you going to do? Don't you dare do it!" I heard Skye shout. I opened one of my eyes slowly "I-Ikuto?" I asked. I felt something wet pressed against my neck and I screamed pulling away "P-pervert!" I shouted holding the spot he licked "Yay, I tricked you." Ikuto said walking away.

I blinked then my anger came back full force "You idiot! Why did you do that?" I asked running to catch up to him "I was considering biting you but it looked more fun to get you angry." Ikuto said not looking at me "I swear I'll get back at you for this." I said crocodile tears in my eyes "I'd like to see that." Ikuto said "Sora, stop fighting..." Skye said laughing "...I'll see you later." I said stopping at the corner "Whatever." Ikuto said walking off. I grabbed the small box from my pocket and I threw it at him, he caught it without even looking "Dad said to give it to you, don't lose it. We'll need it after school." I said heading the other way.

~~No one's POV~~

Sora stared at the scene in front of her "What...are you doing?" she asked watching Kukai and Amu run around. Amu moved underneath the rope towards Sora "Sora, you're okay, right?" he asked "Yeah, why?" I asked "About last night..." Amu said looking at the guardians behind him "It's fine. Can you walk home with me tomorrow?" I asked "Huh, yeah sure." Amu said nodding his head "Great, by the way, if you want to run away no one will hate you for it." Sora said walking off "Huh, Sora? Sora, what does that mean? Sora!" Amu shouted chasing after the girl.

Yuuki licked Sora's cheek staring at her worryingly "Sora..." he said "I'm fine, don't worry." She said patting his head. Flonne flew around Sora's head and she stopped landing on top of her head "We'll get through this..." Sora said ignoring Amu's shouts of stop "Sora! Come on, wait for me!" Amu shouted grabbing her shoulder. Sora looked back at Amu small tears falling down her cheeks "Sora, you're...crying?" Amu asked surprised "Ah...sorry, it's nothing." She said rubbing her eyes.

Amu looked angry when she said that "It's not 'nothing' if you're crying!" he shouted "...Amu, you won't hate me will you?" she asked rubbing her eyes "Why would I hate you?" Amu asked "What do you think of the mafia?" Sora asked "Mafia, what's that?" Amu asked confused "Mafia, an organization that works with the darker part of the world." Sora replied "Darker...part of the world? Sora, why...?" Amu asked confused "I'm afraid, okay! I'm afraid I'll lose all my friends because of this!" Sora shouted holding her head.

She turned and ran ignoring Amu's shouts of concern. He was about to chase after her but Yuuki and Flonne stopped him. They flew in front of him with their arms spread out "What's with you two?" Amu asked "Sora...she's in pain right now. The flowers that blossom in her heart are starting to wilt." Flonne said sadly "Her playfulness is disappearing, she's sad but she has to figure this out herself." Yuuki said "Even if you two disappear?" Ran asked surprised "...We'll never disappear if she believes in us. If you leave her alone, she'll figure it out herself. She can't be protected forever, her heart flowers will never be in full bloom that way." Flonne said "" Amu asked.

Yuuki nodded his head "You could say the power within her, she's strong but if she's protected forever she'll never grow." He said "But..." Amu said "It's fine, we'll watch over her." Flonne said flying off "Wait!" Amu shouted "Amu, you shouldn't go after her." Mikio said "What but she's my friend." Amu said "If those two say that...there's no way we could interfere." Susumu said shaking his head sadly "But..." Amu said "She'll feel better, I know it." Ran said. Amu looked in the direction Sora ran off in "Sora..." he said.

~~Sora's POV~~

Ikuto next to me, I can't believe I had to recruit him...Dad is evil. I looked at Dad fingering the small ring in my hand "So...what are we doing again?" I asked placing it on my finger "How should I know." Ikuto said leaning back on the couch. I glared at him but he ignored it. We were currently in a large building, something about a public building for Vongola. I sighed when I heard something being slammed open "RETARDS! All of you! I told you repeatedly not to mess with my weapons! Do you listen! NO! GO DIE IN A DITCH!" we heard. I was shaking in fear, this person was scary. The door slammed open and I saw it was the girl from before, Ariel.

Her gaze fell on me and I saw her eyes were bright red. I noticed the staff she had resting on her shoulder "Sorry about that, it just annoys me when someone touches my weapon." Ariel said scratching the back of her head "So it was you shouting?" I asked surprised "Nah, it was my fault!" we heard. Ariel glared behind her and a small black haired Shugo Chara with light blue eyes wearing a black button up shirt with a red tie, black shorts and shoes, on his back were black bat wings "Nice to meet cha. The name's Kou, Ari-chan's Shugo Chara." Kou said winking at us.

Ariel's eyes turned back to normal and she sighed "Really, stupid bug." She said shutting the door with her foot "I'm not a bug! Listen to me!" Kou shouted flying around her head. I covered my mouth to suppress my giggles and Ariel glared at me making me freeze up "Okay, I'm only here to teach you how to release your Dying Will Flames." Ariel said sitting on the opposite couch "Dying Will Flames..." I said remembering it.

Ariel lifted her left hand up to show us a silver ring with a black gem on her middle finger "First you need a ring. Next is to light it. Think of what you want to protect or what you want to complete, a dream or a wish if you will." She said. She closed her eyes and purple flames erupted from her ring. The ring broke after a second and she opened her eyes clicking her tongue "Shit, used too much again..." Ariel said picking up the broken pieces "Does that...normally happen?" I asked.

Ikuto glanced at her seemingly interested "No, this is just a low ranked ring. They break if too much power is put into it. The rings you guys have are B-ranked." Ariel replied "So...something we want to protect..." I said looking down at the ring. I closed my eyes focusing on what I want to protect 'My family...Flonne...Yuuki...I want to protect them all. I don't want to lose my friends!' I thought "Stop!" Ariel shouted. My eyes snapped open and large flames were coming off my ring in various colors "I...can't stop it!" I said scared. Ariel jumped over the table grabbing my hand.

My eyes widened when I saw her hands being burned when she pulled the ring off "Are you okay? Oh god, I'm so sorry." I said grabbing hold of her hands "It's fine. I' back in a moment." Ariel said walking out the room "OI! Where the hell is a healer!" I heard "Now I feel guilty..." I said sad. Dad came in and I looked up at him with wide eyes "Daddy..." I said close to crying "It's fine, Ariel-chan has a...slight condition." Dad said scratching his cheek "Am I dangerous?" I asked staring at the ring on the ground "Not at all. Don't worry about it." Dad said patting my head.

I glanced at Ikuto and he stared at his ring. Bright purple flames came off and I heard dad chuckle "I guess you're like Hikaru, an alley cat." He said "How did you know that?" I asked curious "Hikaru also has cloud flames. She's...somewhat of a cat and she can turn into one. She's scary so don't get her too angry." Dad replied patting my head "...Will I hurt someone again if I light my flames. If I do then...I don't want to use it." I said standing up "Sora." I heard "Sorry, I'm...going home. I'll see you later." I said walking off.


I sat on the swing pushing myself back and forth lightly "I'm...dangerous, aren't I?" I asked "You're not, Sora." Yuuki said flying in front of me "You need to believe in yourself more." Flonne said tapping my nose "Yeah..." I said smiling "Sora, stop putting yourself down." Skye said sitting on the pole above the swing. I remained silent and I heard him sigh above me.

Skye floated down so he was upside down staring at me "Cheer up, come on, follow me." Skye said floating off. I chased after him a bit curious and we ended up at the edge of the park overlooking the town. He looked a bit too solid to be a ghost right now so then he's using our flames to keep himself solid. I looked down at my watch to see a timer, which was counting down from 60 minutes "Skye, why..." I said looking at him.

Skye smiled and Flonne smiled understanding what he was doing. Yuuki grinned too and I looked between the two "What are you-" "Sora's heart: Unlock!" Flonne shouted "Skye's heart: Unlock!" Yuuki shouted. Bright lights clashed and I shut my eyes. My white wings sprouted from my back before turning black, my clothes changed into a blue long sleeve dress that ended at my knees, a white apron, my Aquamarine turned into a Lapis Lazuli and black shoes. There was a blue and white flowers headband on my head. I spun around then curtsied "Chara-nari: Flower Gem." Flonne and I said giving a smile.

I looked at Skye, his hair was the same but he had cat ears on his head and a matching tail swinging behind him. He was dressed in a sleeveless dress shirt with a loose black tie, slacks with a belt and combat boots on his legs. His hands had fingerless gloves with a skull and bones on them, his pupils were slit and he grinned at me "Chara-nari: Nyanko no Reaper." He said sticking his tongue out.

I puffed out my cheeks not amused at his teasing "Here, let's start." He said taking my hand moving me up to some stairs. He stayed down three "Let's start." He said his hands on top of a black keyboard with skulls all over it "What, why do you have a keyboard?" I asked "This is my weapon, using your power." Skye said holding my cheek in his hand. My eyebrows were knitted together in confusion and he only chuckled. The song he was playing sounded familiar. I closed my eyes taking in the song. My wings spread out until they were the same size as I was wrapping around me comfortingly.

"All of these, are my feelings

I can only express my feelings in words

I love you, but it's heavy

Is it only because of that?

Who is it that loves who?

How much time do we have left?

Disappearing, unable to be seen

Even though, I can still touch it

I tend to forget about my disappearing reflection

'If it's true then that's okay'

Is what I say because I'm just a coward after all

Let's discuss our little contract

If it happens I know I would fall for you once more."

Skye continued play and I smiled at him feeling a bit better. He grinned chuckling and I laughed before spinning on my feet jumping into the air. I flew few feet above the ground and I landed on the railing spreading my arms out wide. Skye changed the song and I looked back at him a bit surprised. I laughed realizing it was another song I know.

"Hey, Mr. Music

Spread your arms out wide

Hey, Mr. Music

Lately, it feels as if

My heart is off beat

I surround it by ice

But I still cannot move forward

I turn back to look at the

Good days when we were kids

Then I forget about the happiness

I was supposed to be finding!

When plain old days begin to overlap,

My instincts began to rust and it dulls

It's hard to live

Not needed

And lacking

It seems like I'm not having any fun!

Hey, Mr. Music

Spread your arms out wide

Hey, Mr. Music

Stand up and let's dance

I want to feel your hands in mine!

It was you that gave me

The courage to dance!

Even all my worries and hesitations

Floats to the surface

They gather within my heart

And it throws me off beat

My hope was just like the red string of fate

And it slowly disappears in the distance

I won't lose it

Erase it

Or stop it!

I will not give up on myself!

Hey, Mr. Music

Help me stop time

Hey, Mr. Music

Give me a smile

Show me the dream that

Seems like the start of a new love."

I looked at Skye and he grinned at me. I felt a bit better singing. I jumped standing behind him and I leaned against his back closing my eyes. My wings stilled spreading out wide. Skye knows me the best, he knows that singing will always help me calm down and feel better.

"Hey, Mr. Music

Hey, Mr. Music

Hey, Mr. Music

Hey, Mr. Music

Because all of us

(Hey, Mr. Music)

Even the weakest of creatures

(Hey, Mr. Music)

We shed tears of sadness

Hey, Mr. Music

Spread your arms out wide

Hey, Mr. Music

Stand up and let's dance

I want to feel your hands in mine!

It was you that gave me

The courage to dance!

Hey, Mr. Music

Help me stop time

Hey, Mr. Music

Give me a smile

Show me the dream that

Seems like the start of a new love

I want to feel your hands in mine!

It was you that gave me

The courage to dance!"

I was panting a bit and I turned around grabbing hold of both of Skye's hands. I smiled pulling him along as we flew into the sky. I laughed and he laughed with me. Skye let go of my hands landing on the ground easily without injuring himself and I flew down. My wings spread out before scattering the Chara-nari disappearing letting me return to normal "Thanks, Skye!" I exclaimed hugging him "Anything for you, Sora." Skye said ruffling my hair.


I jumped on Amu when I saw him. I laughed at his surprised face and I got off him "What's up?" I asked grinning "Sora, you scared me." Amu said sighing in relief "Sorry, sorry. Hey, can you still come today after school?" I asked "Huh, yeah sure." Amu said staring at me. I smiled at him and I giggled before running ahead. After thanking Skye we sang another four songs having a lot of fun, I'm still feeling hyper.

My excitement went to irritation when I saw the poster of Amu and I facing each other while I was crying. Above it in bold letters said 'Jokers fighting?!'. I grabbed it ripping it to pieces "Feel a bit emotional yesterday and people think I'm fight with you!" I exclaimed walking off "Well, I guess someone would have spotted it, eventually." Amu said laughing nervously "We're friends, we might fight but they posted something totally personal without even asking us for permission to even print it!" I exclaimed crossing my arms.

We went into the classroom and I had a bad feeling when I saw a girl fighting with her friends. She ran off calling them liars and I gripped my stone feeling uncomfortable. Skye looked at me and we spotted an X-egg "X-egg...Ah! What are we doing! We got to follow it!" I hissed snapping Amu out of his daze. He nodded and he ran ahead only to bump into a teacher. I sighed before running ahead "Catch up later! I'll find her!" I shouted looking over my shoulder. I jumped down the stairs two at a time hoping to catch up to her.

I ran outside a bit confused and I went towards the forest hoping to spot her "Should we chara change?" Yuuki asked "Or maybe you should fly?" Flonne said looking around "No, we can't. If we fly someone might see us and I don't think a chara change will really help here." I said as I continued to run. I tripped over a tree root, I attempted to stand up but I fell over grabbing my ankle in pain "It hurts!" I shouted in pain "Ah! You sprained your ankle!" Flonne shouted in worry "Are you okay? Wait here, I'll find someone!" Yuuki shouted flying off.

I stared at my ankle and I felt my eyes water "I'm useless, I hurt Ariel-chan yesterday...I caused Dad to worry...I can't be a Vongola Boss!" I shouted "You can." I heard a male voice "That's right, just believe in yourself." A female voice said. The Vongola egg wiggled out of my pouch flying in front of my face. It snapped in two showing two Shugo Chara instead of one. The girl had short green hair tied in a high ponytail with amber colored eyes, she wore a red suit with a black tie and there was the Vongola Symbol on the back of her coat. The boy had short green hair and amber colored eyes as well, he had a black suit with a red tie and the Vongola Symbol was on the back of his coat too.

The girl flew in front of my face smiling at me gently "I'm Tenshi, that's my brother Akuma." Tenshi said floating back a bit "Angel and devil?" I asked "That's right. We'll make you into a fine Donna." Akuma said smirking "First let's deal with that broken ankle." Tenshi said "That's right, you have Sky flames meaning you can use the others as well. Place your hand over your ankle." Akuma said ordering me around "But...yesterday..." I said "Don't complain, just do it!" Akuma shouted kicking me on the forehead "Akuma! Don't pick on her!" Tenshi shouted "We know what happened yesterday, you just lost control, you want to get better right? Well then now's a good time to learn!" Akuma shouted pointing at me.

I nodded my head determined to get this right. I pressed my knee against my chest holding my ankle with both hands closing my eyes "Focus on bright sun colored flames." I heard "Sun...yellow that sparkles..." I said seeing it among the others in my mind "Bring it out...slowly." I slowly pulled it apart from the others "From your heart, move it through your arms to your hands and out." it moved slowly hesitantly "Don't hesitate, don't hesitate, calm down, calm down." Tenshi said rubbing my cheek "Calm...I'm calm..." I said "Okay, just a bit more...okay, stop the flow." Tenshi said. I opened my eyes and I slowly stood up no longer feeling pain.

I cheered jumping up and down "I did it! I did it!" I shouted "Sora! I couldn't find-ah, you can stand." Yuuki said surprised "I did it! I used my flames without it going out of control!" I shouted happy "Now's not the time! Come on, we got to find Amu and the X-egg." Skye said grabbing my wrist now solid. I was dragged heading towards a large hidden building. I could hear something inside and I ran in to see Amu dodging the black energy left and right "Amu!" I shouted "Sora? Great timing!" Amu shouted getting out the way of another attack.

"Sora, use me." Tenshi said "But..." I said "It's okay, you did it before you can do it again." Akuma said nodding his head "Okay, let's go." I said nodding my head. I looked at Skye, no longer solid, and he smiled at me reassuring me "My heart: Unlock!" I shouted. Tenshi smiled at me gently going into her egg before flying into my chest. My hair flew around me and it was pulled up into a high ponytail. I wore a red suit with a skirt and black shorts peeking out underneath. Long knee high combat boots covered my feet and black fingerless gloves covered my hands with the roman number for 11 on the back. I spun around on my heels spreading my arms out wide letting a pair of revolvers appear in my hands along with the brown belt that held the hoisters, my gem changing into a bright red garnet. My arms lay limply at my sides "Chara-nari: Vongola's Red Gem." I said with a soft smile.

I looked at the revolvers in my hand and I glanced at the X-Chara before smiling brightly. It froze in fear and I pointed the guns at it "This won't hurt a bit, okay?" I asked smiling innocently "S-Sora...You're kinda scaring me." Amu said staring at me. I ignored the comment and I started shooting rapidly at it "Wait! You'll destroy the-You're not destroying anything." Amu said "The bullets that are fired off right now are Lighting Flames. They're mostly used for defense but Sora can use them to paralyze her enemies." Akuma said. One of my bullets hit and it was paralyzed. I fell to my knees exhausted the Chara-nari undoing itself as Amu got the X-Chara.

I almost fell forward onto my face but Kukai managed to catch me "I'm tired." I said struggling to stand up "Sora-chan, I'm sorry for the trouble I caused you. I'm very sorry." The little stewardess Chara said winking at me "It's fine. Don't worry about it." I said leaning against Kukai just so I can stand up "You're a very cute girl. Why don't you dress up like one more often?" she asked smiling "I might but it's more fun to mess with people's heads, ne, Skye?" I asked glancing Skye "I agree, it's funny to see people's reactions when they hear you're actually a girl." Skye said nodding his head "Hn? Well then, see you again." The stewardess said disappearing in an egg and flying off. That's one Shugo Chara saved but how many more are there?

We went to where the girl from before was. She woke up and I helped her stand up "Are you okay?" I asked a bit worried "I'm fine..." she said "You know...Change isn't that bad." I said my back to her "Huh?" I spun around smiling brightly "I realized that the change in my family...and the change in myself can be a good thing. It's not as scary as I thought." I said "...It's not that scary?" she asked "No, because I realized...there are people who will stand with me through thick and thin. People support me making the change possible." I said holding her hands in mine "People who support me..." she said looking at our hands "I like English a lot. It's a fun language and I love songs from America." I said still smiling "E-Eigo (English in Japanese)..." she said surprised.

I smiled and she returned it "S-Sawada-kun...I-I want to say something to you." She said "Hai?" I asked smiling innocently "M-My name is Hatoba Yuki...P-Please go on a date with me before I leave for America!" Yuki said blushing like mad "D-Date?" I asked in shock along with everyone else "I almost forgot about this part." Skye said with a sweat drop "I-I really respect you, Sawada-kun...I may never come back to Japan that's why...I want to leave with a smile..." Yuki said looking away with a blush "U-Um...Sure, I guess." I said smiling stiffly "Wait, you can't!" Amu shouted "Eh, why?" Yuki asked looking at him with a tiny blush "Because you-" Nadeshiko covered his mouth smiling at us "He's just kidding, don't worry about it." she said smiling.

I sighed "I'll take you on a date during this weekend. Also, give me time and date when you plan on leaving for America." I said smiling "O-Okay!" Yuki exclaimed nodding her head. We heard the bell ring and I released a surprised shout "We're going to be late!" I shouted running while I held Yuki's hand "Wait for me!" we got to the classroom with me slamming the door open "S-Sorry we're late." Amu said panting next to me "Huh, isn't that the teacher you bumped into?" I asked staring at the messy haired male. He gave me a slight feeling of unease "Yes, I'm Nikaidou Yuu. It's nice to meet you, eto...Sawada Sora-san, right?" Nikaidou asked "That's right." I said nodding my head.

He smiled and tried to walk towards me but ended up tripping dragging me down with him "That's gotta hurt." Skye said wincing "Sora!" Flonne shouted "Are you okay?" Yuuki asked worried "Oh, dear." Tenshi said sighing "We got a lot of work to do." Akuma said shaking his head "Sorry..." Nikaidou said "It's fine just please get off." I said. I helped him up "Right, why don't we start home-wah!" Nikaidou shouted before falling over once again "He's worse than Dino-san and Dad." I said shaking my head. I pushed away that feeling of unease, no way such a clumsy guy can be dangerous.

~~After school, Vongola Corp.~~

I looked back at Amu with a small smile "Welcome, to Vongola's 'public' side if you will." I said leading him by the wrist to the elevators "Are you sure this is okay?" Amu asked looking around worried "Ah, Sora-sama, Tsukiyomi-san and Ariel-san are waiting for you upstairs." A lady said smiling at me "Thanks, and it's fine Amu." I said pressing the buttons on the elevator "She said 'Sora-sama'...don't tell me..." Amu said "Your Dad owns this place?" Ran asked excited "Yeah." I said nodding my head "Do they have any good art like they did in the lobby?" Mikio asked "They have a bit on every floor, just a few paintings." I replied smiling "You said Vongola's public side, why?" Susumu asked tilting his head to the side a bit confused.

I only laughed "Because, Vongola is a mafia family and Amu...I want you to join." I said "M-Mafia?" Amu asked "You don't have to answer it right now but I'd like you to at least train a bit to protect yourself." I said "When do I have to?" Amu asked "...When we're in middle school, answer at any time. That's the time Dad started." I said smiling "By the way who are we-" Amu asked "You're late!" Ariel shouted once she saw us "You!" Amu shouted pointing at Ikuto "Yo, Sora, Amu." Ikuto said waving his hand at us lazily " actually the first member of my famiglia..." I said laughing nervously "Him? Off all people he's the one who attacked us, remember?" Amu asked pointing at him.

I puffed my cheeks out "Then why'd you bring him to my house that day?" I asked "Well...he wanted to apologize and I...felt guilty too for...making you cry." Amu said looking away embarrassed "Cute." I said deciding to tease him "Enough talk, here catch." Ariel said tossing a ring at each of us. I caught mine and Amu fumbled with his just a bit "A ring?" Amu asked confused "Rings are used to light flames." I said putting mine on. I took in a deep breath remembering what happened today. Sky, I had to accept all and watch over those I love 'Let me protect them to the best of my ability.' I thought "Sora! You're doing it!" Yuuki shouted. I looked down at the bright orange flames and I jumped in joy.

"So you can do it, after all." Ariel said nodding her head "Ariel-chan, I'm sorry about last time. Forgive me." I said bowing my head to her "No problem, it's fine. So, pinky, what is it you want to protect?" Ariel asked turning to Amu "I thought you said she was nice." Amu whispered to me "I said she seemed nice, I didn't talk to her much before." I said smiling "Hey! Listen, what is it you want to protect, answer me!" Ariel shouted her eyes going red. Kou was snickering behind her and I only shook my head amused "I guess..." I didn't notice the side glance Amu gave me as I was more occupied to see if I could light the other flames. I looked at Amu and I saw gentle green flames along with soft white ones "So you're a wind and snow user, not bad." Ariel said nodding her head.

I stared at her "I didn't know there were other flames..." I said "They don't appear often but once in a while someone has it. I heard this once...These flames only come out when they're needed the most. Everyone is born with the ability to use them but can't unlock them." Ariel explained. Skye flew above me and Ariel turned to him when he suddenly turned solid behind her "You!" she shouted about to hit him "Do I know you?" Skye asked confused "...No, never mind." Ariel said looking away.

I smiled innocently as Amu started questioning me about Skye. I walked to the taller boy's side hugging him surprising everyone "Skye~, thanks for yesterday." I said smiling "No problem. You need a break every once in a while." Skye said ruffling my hair "What do you mean by yesterday? Sora!" Ariel shouted. I smiled spinning around out of the way as she attempted to grab me. Skye laughed at us and I hid behind Ikuto as she hissed at me. I smiled at her and her anger disappeared before everyone started to laugh, Ikuto even chuckled a bit at us. I liked the feeling right now, it's like...I already have a famiglia and it's almost completed. I exchanged a look with Skye and he grinned and I smiled back at him 'I love this feeling.' I thought as Yuuki flew towards me content.

Me: Tired, dying now...

Sora: Cat-san...? Cat-san! Don't die!

Me: I need more sleep...and more fish...and more bacon.

Haku: -shakes head- really what's with your obsession with bacon lately?

Me: At least it's not as bad as my love for flan, it's good.

Haku: -sighs- Sora, can you please?

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