"Megan!" Peter cried as he dashed through the crowd.

"Peter don't worry shes going to be alright" Sam said.

"Who would want to hurt her?" Peter asked.

"No one wanted to hurt her." Kate replied.

"Then why was she shot by a sniper?" Peter retorted.

Just then a FBI agent came rushing in.

"FBI agent Emily Collins" Emily said.

Why is the FBI here?" Peter asked.

Peter knew he was asking a lot of questions but he didn't care.

This was Megan the person he loved and maybe just maybe she loved him back.

"Wasn't this just some drunk psycho?" Peter questioned.

"Unfortunatly it might not be so.

Her dad David Hunt commited suicide.

Everyone had shocked looks on their faces.

They didn't know this about Megan maybe thats why she was so tough they thought.

"We recently discovered that he didn't really commit suicide.

He was murdered.

We also think that the sniper or whoever is behind this.

Is trying to take out the Hunt family." Emily said.